Salad crab classic ingredients and recipe

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Almost all hostesses are served on the festive table of crab salad, which are delighted with an exquisite taste, appetizing appetitive appearance and satisfaction. The dish is loved by many for your juicy consistency, tender texture, but not every culinary owns all secrets combination of products for this snack.

Classic salad recipe with crab chopsticks and rice

Since the sticks came to Russia from the East (Japan and China), the best "companion" for them is rice. This cereal adore Japanese is considered very helpful. That is why it (together with the crab chopsticks) is the basis of the classic salad, below its recipe.


  • Crab sticks (or so-called crab meat) - 250 gr.
  • Sea salt.
  • Canned corn - 1 bank.
  • Onions - 1-2 pieces, depends on the size.
  • Chicken eggs - 3 pcs.
  • Rice - 100 gr.
  • Mayonnaise - to taste the hostess.

Cooking algorithm:

  1. At the first stage, it is necessary to boil chicken eggs and rice. Rinse the croup, water (1 liter) to bring to a boil, put the washed rice, salt, prevent, cook until readiness. Secret: If at the end of the cooking cereals add a bit of lemon juice, it will acquire a beautiful snow-white color and light sourness.
  2. The cooking process is 20 minutes (with constant stirring). Throw on a colander with fine holes, rinse, cool to room temperature.
  3. Boot eggs in water (salted) to the stop state (10 minutes). Eggs shift into cold water, for cooling, clean.
  4. Crab meat clean from film. Leek-repka clean, rinse.
  5. You can begin, actually cooking salad. For this, crab sticks, onions and cooked eggs cut (can be finely cubes).
  6. Canned corn open, water to merge.
  7. In a fairly large container, lay out the ingredients. Before serving the salad, it is necessary to salute, then refuel mayonnaise or mayonnaise sauce.
  8. Serve chilled. Such a salad can act as a garnish to meat, fish or be an independent dish.

Salad "Crab" with cheese

How to make crab salad: classic recipes and its variations

The unusual feeding of this salad will immediately attract the attention of your guests and households, and his spicy taste will not leave anyone indifferent.

Time for preparing: 25 minutes

Number of portions:  6


  • crab choles chilled (450 g);
  • Cheese fused (300 g);
  • solid cheese (150 g);
  • Egg chicken boiled (4-5 pcs.);
  • garlic (2-3 teeth);
  • mayonnaise (150 g);
  • Pepper black ground (to taste);
  • Salt (to taste).


  1. I clean the eggs from the shell and rub them on a large grater.
  2. Melted cheese rubbing on a coarse grater.
  3. Solid cheese rubbed on a shallow grater.
  4. Garlic clean and skip through the press.
  5. In a deep bowl mix melted cheese, eggs, garlic and mayonnaise. Solim and Pepper.
  6. Ground crab sticks carefully unfold so as not to disturb their integrity.
  7. On the surface of the deployed sticks we smear the thin layer of the cheese-egg mass. We turn into rolls.
  8. The finished rolls are laying down a slide (in the form of a cone), we sprinkle with grated solid cheese from above (see photo).
  9. Salad put in a refrigerator at least 30 minutes, then apply on the table.

We suggest you watch the video from the salad (the set of ingredients is slightly different from the described version):

"Crab" salad with prune and olives

How to make crab salad: classic recipes and its variations

The unusual and bright salad looks very festively and appetizing. The soft salty taste of crab sticks is interesting in it with the sweetness of prunes and spicy cheese notes.

Time for preparing: 20 minutes

Number of portions:  6


  • crab choles chilled (300 g);
  • prunes (200 g);
  • Solid cheese (200 g);
  • Olives without seeds (100-200 g);
  • Egg chicken boiled (4 pcs.);
  • onion on green (2 pcs / 1 beam);
  • Parsley (for decoration, 4-5 twigs);
  • mayonnaise (150 g);
  • Salt (to taste).


  1. Prunes put on a deep plate and pour boiling water. Space it for 10 minutes (for a better effect it is recommended to cover it with a saucer). After time, we drain the water, press the prunes and cut into small cubes.
  2. Chicken eggs clean and rub on a large grater.
  3. Crab sticks rubbed on a large grater.
  4. Cheese rubbed on a coarse grater.
  5. Onions clean and finely shinku.
  6. Salad form layers using a culinary ring to keep the dish well and had smooth edges. Each layer is tamped by a spoon, lubricate mayonnaise, spit to taste.
    1. The first layer is half of the crushed crab sticks.
    2. Second - eggs.
    3. The third is prune.
    4. Fourth layer - onions.
    5. Fifth - cheese.
    6. The sixth layer is the remaining part of the crab sticks.
  7. Finished salad put in the refrigerator for 30-40 minutes so that the layers have managed to be soaked.
  8. Open the jar with olives, merge the marinade from them. Olives cut rings.
  9. My parsley, we dry with paper napkins and divide on the leaflets.
  10. Before serving, we carefully remove the culinary ring and decorate the dish of the mayonnaise mesh, rings of olives and the leaves of parsley (an example of the design can be seen in the photo).

Salad "crab" with avocado and apple

The combination of crab sticks with rice, avocado and apples it turns out juicy and light, but rather satisfying, so such a salad will be a wonderful dinner for the whole family.

Time for preparing: 20 minutes

Number of portions:  5


  • crab choles chilled (400 g);
  • Rice boiled (200 g);
  • Egg chicken boiled (4-5 pcs.);
  • Apple sour (large, 3 pcs.);
  • avocado (average, 2-3 pcs.);
  • lemon (1 pc.);
  • Greek / sour cream yoghurt / mayonnaise (150 g);
  • Parsley / dill (for decoration, 1 beam);
  • Pepper black ground (to taste);
  • Salt (to taste).


  1. My apples, cut off the peel and remove the core. Rubber meat on a large grater.
  2. My lemon, cutting in pressure and squeeze juice. We add it to crushed apples and mix.
  3. Avocado is mine, cut off the skin, remove the bone. Cut the flesh with small cubes.
  4. Eggs clean, separating proteins from yolks. Squirrels rub on a coarse grater, and yolks - in shallow.
  5. Crab sticks cut into small cubes.
  6. My parsley, we dry with a paper towel and divide on the leaflets.
  7. The dish form layers, each of them lubricate the Greek yogurt, salt and pepper to taste.
    1. First layer - Fig.
    2. Second - protein.
    3. Third - apples.
    4. Fourth layer - crab sticks.
    5. Fifth - avocado.
  8. Top sprinkle with a layer of yolk and decorate the greens (see photo).

Another option of a useful and tasty salad with crab meat and avocado, see the video record:

Crab stick salad recipe with white cabbage

How to make crab salad: classic recipes and its variations


  • Cabbage - Middle Kachan;
  • dill - beam;
  • Pea is one jar;
  • crab sticks - 1 pack;
  • Fresh cucumber - 3 pcs;
  • Onions - 1-2 pieces;
  • Green onions - a few feathers;
  • Standard spices;
  • mayonnaise.


  1. It is necessary to try very thinly chopped white cabbage. If there is a special grater, then it is better to use it.
  2. Next, finely cut the main ingredient, dill, onions, fresh cucumber, green onions. We mix all in one container, refuel the sauce and add spices.
  3. Such a salad can be done to fill tartlets or as a filling for baked potatoes.

Crab salad with cucumber and corn without rice

If you want to get less a calorie result when prepared, then you can exclude fig. Of course, there will be less than not only calories, the taste will also get another.

It will be more manifed with cucumber and crab taste. And a little more will appear in the taste of sweets, it is from corn.

We will need (two big portions):

  • Crab sticks - 100 - 150 gr
  • Cucumber - 1 pc
  • corn - 150 gr, or 0,5 banks
  • Eggs - 3 pcs
  • Onion green - 2 stems
  • dill, parsley - 0.5 beam
  • mayonnaise - to taste
  • Salt to taste

For decoration:

  • Beijing cabbage - 2 sheets
  • Onion Green - 1 - 2 Fee
  • greens
  • cucumber
  • Granat grains - 1 tbsp. the spoon

This option I decided to cook today for dinner. And he will have two persons for us. Therefore, I will cook it portion, using for decoration and feed with a culinary ring. But if you wish, you can prepare it in the total dish.


  1. Boot eggs, cool and cut into cubes. If there is eggs, you can use it. With its help, pieces are obtained smooth and neat.
  2. Cucumbers cut into cubes. In this recipe, we all ingredients are cut in this way.
  3. Wands cut along two equal halves. Then grind them so that the size of the cubes was the same with other components.
  4. As the products prepared, we all fold into the general bowl.
  5. There, add a chopped green onion and lay out the corn with which the entire liquid was preliminarily accomplished. It is necessary to do this that the salad does not swear.
  6. Add crushed greenery. I decided to use both parsley and dill, for a more saturated taste. Parsley will give a thin gentle taste, and dill is an incredible aroma and appearance. How to refuse something from something?!
  7. Enter mayonnaise. By the way, I highly recommend ... A new mayonnaise with an avocado oil appeared on sale. It is slightly greenish in appearance. And dishes with him are incredibly tasty.
  8. As well as in the past recipe, it should not enter it. Do it gradually, you can always add if such a need arises.
  9. Mix mix and try. You can pour a little salt, if necessary.
  10. Then prepare two serving plates and a metal culinary ring. If the rings are two, then prepare them both. If one, then we will do a queue.
  11. Fasten the bottom of the plates with a green leaf and set the culinary ring in the center. Tightly fill it with a salad, a slightly trambus content with a tablespoon throughout the circumference. It is necessary to do this, it is especially careful if you submit will immediately. If the mass is loose, it will not hold his shape and fall apart.
  12. You can send a dish to the fridge for 30 minutes. But you can immediately remove the ring and continue the decoration.
  13. On the bows to make cuts and form branches. With cucumber to cut thin strips with the help of vegetate, roll them in half. Everything is beautifully decomposed and sprinkled with grenade grains.

And can be served to the table. This is such a beauty from us. And not only beauty, but also the dacket!

Recipe Salad from crab sticks with pineapple

How to make crab salad: classic recipes and its variations

On an amateur, because not everyone loves the combination of marine products or meat with pineapple. The taste is obtained sour and sweet and piquant. Even skeptics should try!

Main components:

  • crab sticks - 300 grams;
  • Beijing cabbage - 50 gr.;
  • Canned pineapple - 200 g;
  • Onions - medium bulbs;
  • Fresh cucumber - one big;
  • eggs (boiled screwed) - 3 pcs.;
  • spice;
  • sour cream;
  • soy sauce.


  1. Finely cut the Beijing cabbage, all sticks, bulbs, ready-made eggs and cucumber. We merge the juice from the pineapple and lay out in the container.
  2. We connect all the products, add a few drops of soy sauce, sour cream and spices.
  3. Mix well and try to taste. You have to get out the balance of salted and sweet.

Salad with crab chopsticks and green apple

From cucumber in some versions of lettuce you can refuse. And instead of using a green apple. I also know that not everyone loves mayonnaise. So do not give up to them from a tasty dish! Moreover, mayonnaise can always be found alternative. And I suggest replacing it to refuel based on sour cream.

We need:

  • crab sticks - 200 gr
  • boiled eggs - 5 pieces
  • corn - 1 bank
  • Rice boiled - 1 cup
  • Green apple - 1 pc

For refueling:

  • Vegetable oil - 3 tbsp. Spoons
  • Apple 6% vinegar - 1 tbsp. the spoon
  • Mustard - 1 h. spoon
  • Sour cream - 7 tbsp. span
  • Salt - 2 chopping

Salad is very simple. And it can be prepared both for the holiday and for everyday meal. It is clear that if you decide to cook it for a holiday, then you need to think about how to decorate it. If you cook for lunch, or dinner, then you can file right in the bowl in which we prepare it. Or shifting into a more beautiful.


  1. Boil and cool the rice in advance. If you use the usual rice, then take it in a dry form a little less than half of the glass, and you can and half. During cooking, it will double in the amount of twice.
  2. If you use stolen rice, then take it in a dry form only 1/4 cup. As I have already told, it will increase with cooking four times.
  3. Clear the apple from the skin and cut into cubes. Also cut eggs and crab sticks. Share everything in a bowl.
  4. Add corn with which it is predefined to drain all the liquid. And then chilled rice. Salt the taste and mix.
  5. Prepare refueling. To do this, just mix all components. If there is no apple vinegar, but there is a lemon, then you can add it. Also as vinegar one tablespoon.
  6. The refueling will be able to consistency as the same as mayonnaise.
  7. Fill the contents with the required amount of refueling. If the sour cream was thick, then the whole refueling will go, if the liquid, then it can remain. But it will be better to stay than not enough. And then you have to spend time to finish. It can be used for another dish. And until that time stored in the refrigerator.

Everything can be immediately served to the table and enjoy the gentle, pleasant and fresh taste.

Crab Salad Salad: Recipe With Tomatoes

How to make crab salad: classic recipes and its variations


  • Tomatoes (cream or can Cherry) - 3/6 pcs.;
  • crab sticks - 300 gr.;
  • canned corn;
  • Chicken eggs (boiled screwed) - 3 pcs.;
  • boiled carrots - one;
  • One blue bow bulb;
  • Fresh or salty cucumber;
  • main spices;
  • mayonnaise.


  1. Cut the cream tomatoes on the cubes if Cherry chose, then inad. On the average identical cubes cut carrots, ready-made eggs, sticks, cucumber. Shining onions.
  2. Now in a bowl of tradition mix all the cooked, salt-pepper and pour mayonnaise. Salad is bright, so it can be served portion in transparent glasses.

Hot crab chopstick salad without rice with red fish


  • Large crab wands - 200 g;
  • Melted cheese - 1 pack;
  • Canned corn - 200 grams;
  • Canned peas - 150 g;
  • Red fish - 150 gr.;
  • Spaghetti - packaging;
  • lemon;
  • olive oil.


  1. First you need to slightly fry the fish on a drop of oil, add spices and sprinkle lemon. When the fish cools off - cut into small pieces.
  2. On a large grater you need to lose the fused cheese. Now at the middle cubes, lie crab sticks. Put a saucepan with water on the stove to cook spaghetti.
  3. Collect the corn and polka dot, fish, crab sticks, spices, mayonnaise, and when spaghetti is boiled, transfer them to the bowl also in a bowl. Seel olive oil or slightly sprinkle with lemon juice. It turns out an entirely hot dish!

Salad of natural crab with celery

How to make crab salad: classic recipes and its variations

Salad from crabs with celery and mayonnaise is a delightful and inexpensive delicious way to enjoy a classic seafood salad.


  • 400 g of crab meat
  • 1 Lukovitsa
  • 1/2 cup mayonnaise
  • 1/2 cup celery


  1. Cut celery and crab.
  2. In the big bowl gently add all the ingredients, stirring until a complete connection.
  3. Cool for an hour before serving on the table.

With Beijing cabbage

A more tender taste compared to the original recipe has a salad with Beijing cabbage and crab chopsticks. It is easy to prepare and can be considered a dietary dish, especially if you use kefir or degreased sour cream. Sugar or black pepper can be added to the sauce (depending on preferences).


  • Beijing cabbage - 0.4 kg;
  • crab sticks - 240 g;
  • Canned corn - 250 g;
  • green onions - 3 stems;
  • sour cream - 100 g

Cooking method:

  1. Beijing cabbage is choking, salting, hand over his hands.
  2. Chopsticks cut into cubes, screaming onions.
  3. Mix all components, fix sour cream, pepper and salt.

With shrimps

How to make crab salad: classic recipes and its variations

The original Asian cuisine, which is successful on our feasts, is a light shrimp salad and crab sticks, which is accepted with warmth. The spicy spicy combination of the Chinese noodle and lime juice with avocado and parsley perfectly shakes the familiar taste of seafood. If you do not like shrimp, try add mussels or scallops.


  • Shrimps - 100 g;
  • Bulgarian pepper - 1 pc.;
  • Imitation of crab meat - 125 g;
  • Funchosis - 100 g;
  • Red onions - 1 pc.;
  • parsley - beam;
  • Olive oil - 30 ml;
  • Lime - 1 pc.

Cooking method:

  1. Shrimp boil, clean from the shell.
  2. One left for decoration, the rest are crushed.
  3. Small meat chopped, paprika choking cubes, onion by half rings.
  4. Funchoz to boil, mix with the rest of the components.
  5. Fix with oil, lime juice. Serve, decides with a shrimp surrounded by limem lime and chopped parsley greenery.


Puffy salad of crab sticks looks attractive, which will be able to prepare in just a few minutes. The secret is that all components do not require additional processing, they will only need to grind and fill the original sauce. In conditions of lack of time, classic lean mayonnaise, mixed with chopped greens and cloth of garlic.


  • Imitation of meat crabs - packaging;
  • Tomato - 1 pc.;
  • mayonnaise - 30 ml;
  • garlic - slicing;
  • Cheese - 50 g;
  • Potato chips - 4 pcs.

Cooking method:

  1. Meat with tomato cut into cubes. Garlic crush, mix with mayonnaise.
  2. Layout with layers: sticks, then tomatoes, mayonnaise sauce, chips, grated cheese.
  3. Serve immediately so that the chips do not spin.

With pineapples

How to make crab salad: classic recipes and its variations

An unusual spicy taste is characterized by a salad of crab sticks with pineapple. The acidic acid of this exotic fruit emphasizes the softness and tenderness of the main component, perfectly combined with the onions and cream solid cheese. The dish looks good and tasty on the festive table, they will be satisfied with all guests.


  • rice - 100 g;
  • Canned pineapples - 400 g;
  • Imitation of crab meat - 200 g;
  • Onions - 1 pc.;
  • Cheese - 250 g;
  • Mayonnaise -100 ml.

Cooking method:

  1. Rice to boil, mix with pieces of pineapples, crushed meat.
  2. The bulb is finely chopped, cheese is big to lose.
  3. Mix all the components, refuel by mayonnaise sauce, salute if necessary.

Good luck to you!


Salad decoration, this is a reason to write a separate article, because beautiful salads are an integral part of the festive feast, when each mistress comes up with the original decoration of salads to make a feast special.

Particularly relevant beautiful salads when there are small children in the house - the defer is interesting to observe how the mother makes the decoration of salads, and then they all so far away.

See also: Salad decoration for the holiday: recipes with photos Examples of salad decoration for the new year, on a birthday, anniversary, wedding. How to decorate salads on any celebration. Beautiful salads with description and photo

Also beautiful salads are relevant for children's matinees, and birthdays. Beautiful salad decoration This is not at all difficult as it may seem, and it is enough to show a little imagination and your beautiful salads will surprise all guests.

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Especially for readers of the home restaurant I made a photo of a selection, as you can beautifully decorate salads, which, I hope you come in handy.

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Most of the salads presented in this article are stupid, and so that they hold the form, they are best done in a detachable form for baking, wait when salads are frozen in the refrigerator, and then remove the ring, and only then begin to decorate the salads.

Festive Salad "Butterfly"

How to cook the butterfly salad with step-by-step photos you can see here

New Year's Salad "Horce"


  • Chicken ham: 1 pc. (or chicken breast: 1 pc.)
  • Fresh cucumbers: 2 pcs. (or sweet Bulgarian pepper: 2 pcs.)
  • Mushrooms: 200-300 g
  • Onion: 1 pc
  • Vegetable oil: for frying
  • Chicken eggs: 4 pcs.
  • Mayonnaise: to taste
  • Salt: to taste


Break up eggs. Cool

Chicken ham (or breast) to boil until prepared in salted water (about 30 minutes after boiling). Cool

Leek clean, wash and cut into small cubes.

Mushrooms wash and cut into small cubes.

Preheat the frying pan, pour some oil. Stay in the pan mushrooms and onions. Fry on medium fire, stirring, about 10 minutes.

Chicken meat separated from the bones and cut into pieces.

Cucumbers (or sweet pepper) wash and cut into cubes.

Separate proteins from yolks. Grate the protein on a shallow grater.

Grate yolk on a shallow grater.

Mushrooms cool.

In the bowl, connect the prepared meat and cucumbers.

Salt to taste, refuel mayonnaise.

Mix well to homogeneous mass.

Jolves connect with mayonnaise, mix well. (Bring to consistency thick sour cream.)

The flat dish (black or burgundy will look more spectacular) lay out the salad, forming a horse head with a knife. You can prepare in advance.

Yellow mixture lubricate horse silhouette. From the mushrooms to lay the mane.

The last layer is proteins. Finally form the head and ears.

Make eyes and nostrils (for example, from olives), decorate the New Year's salad at your own desire. Give Saladu in the refrigerator at least 1-2 hours. New Year's Sala T "Horce" is ready.

Salad of crab sticks "Mice"



  • 150 grams of solid cheese (melted)
  • 240 g crab sticks
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 250 gr Maoneza
  • 1 carrot
  • Green Parsushki
  • pepper pepper


1. Cheese, crab sticks and garlic rubbed on a shallow grater.

2. Carrot cut into circles.

3. Cheese and garlic connect with mayonnaise, mix well.

4. Add to refrigerator ready for 1 hour.

5. From the cheese mass to form oval molds.

6. Then rewind them in grazed crab sticks from all sides.

7. From carrots to make a ears, from the crab sticks, the stones, from black pepper - eyes.

Salad " Sakura branch «

Ingredients For salad:

300 grams of smoked chicken or pork, chopped straw;

2 small sizes of dining beds, chopped on a grater;

Bank of marinated champignons;

Yolks of eggs 4-5 eggs;

Curly cheese 200 grams;

Curly proteins.

You can add a roasted or marinated bow after the swamp.

Cooking Salad:

All layers marvel mayonnaise.

Sakura flowers are made of squirrel painted with juice, branches made of black and green olives on a shallow firing and green olives.

Stamens - from the yolk.

Registration depends on your taste.

Salad " Flower pot «

Salad is drawn up in a drop-down form for baking. If there is no such - you can use a simple tape from the cardboard, covering it in the form of a ring, and overtake the foil. In this ring lay out layers, missing each mayonnaise:

1. Chicken grill or smoked sliced ​​pieces;

2. prunes chopped straw;

3. Shampignon mushrooms roasted with onions;

4. Cucumbers cut by straw (give them before laying to stand and drain the extra liquid),

5. Korean carrot.

For decoration: Radish is used, which is soaked in beet juice.

If you want lilac colors flowers - in the juice of a red cabbage.

Salad free from the contour, lay out wallace crackers around the "pot", decorate the leaves of the greenery, which will be at hand. In the photo of the salad is decorated with sorrel.

Share flowers, the middle to arrange a yolk, and between decomposing the protein, grated on the fine grater.

Before filing on the table to keep in the refrigerator.

Salad "Pansies"

Recipe cooking salad "Goldfish" and decoration options, you can see here

Salad "New Year Clapper"

Recipe cooking Salad "New Year Clapper" with step-by-step photos can be found here

Salad "Snake" for the new year 2013

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Salad "Krabik"

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Salad "Goldfish"

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Salad "Pearl"

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Salad "White Birch"

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Salad "Tsarsky"

Cooking salad "royal" and decoration options, you can see here

Salad "Horn of Isobacy" №1

Recipe Cooking Salad "Horn of Isobacy" №1 You can see here

Salad "Violet"

Salad ingredients: Smoked ham, prune, fried with onion champignons, fresh cucumber, Korean carrot, mayonnaise.

Cooking : All ingredients for salad lay out layers by placing mayonnaise into a salad bowl, or a detachable form. Cut radish circles, and soak in the juice of red cabbage so that the petals of violets are painted in lilac color. To put the leaves of the spinach on the salad, and then make flowers from radishes circles. Mine panels make egg yolks. Crackers lay out the Salad Boca.

Salad "Fox fur coat"

Cooking salad and decoration options, you can see here

Salad "Pautinka"

Salad ingredients: Sprat, butter, onion, solid cheese, boiled eggs, mayonnaise. Fresh cucumber, black olives, ketchup, greens for decoration.

Cooking : Sprots to smoke for a fork and lay out on a plate, then put the finely chopped onions with mayonnaise. The next layer is a grated cheese with mayonnaise, then three creamy little, and at the end of the egg.

To decorate, mix 1 tablespoon mayonnaise with ketchup, and draw a cob. From the black olives to make a spider. Boca salad decorate cucumbers and greens.

Appetizer from eggplant "Peacock Tail"

Cooking snacks with step-by-step photos can be found here.

Firework Salad

Salad ingredients: Ham, boiled eggs, yellow, red and green Bulgarian peppers, tomato, mayonnaise, onions

Cooking : All ingredients for salad cut into thin flat. On a plate, the first layer lay out ham, with stripes of Luke. Further, the Bulgarian pepper of three colors, alternating them with eggs of eggs. Top of tomatoes and mayonnaise, which hide under the grated egg yolks. Mayonnaise can be served separately in the sauce.

Salad "Lady Hat"

Salad ingredients: The basis of the Salad Recipe "Venice"

Ingredients for decoration : Suligui Rope Cheese, Tomato, Black Olives

Salad "April Olivier"

Salad ingredients: Boiled eggs, boiled carrots, boiled potatoes, salted cucumbers, fresh cucumbers, boiled sausage, green onion, smoked sausage, parsley, dill, mayonnaise.

Ingredients for decoration : Radish, fresh cucumbers, lettuce leaves, curly parsley, salami sausage for roses, olives, egg white.

Cooking : Ingredients for salad cut into cubes, and refuel mayonnaise. To decorate a salad, lay the lettuce leaves on a plate. Top on the leaves lay out the salad himself. Cucumber is cut in half and cut into slices. Rediska cut in half. Lay in turns of radishes and cucumber on the sides. Top on the edges put a curly parsley. Before the preparation of salad, boiled eggs cut off a piece and in half. Halves put in a circle. In the middle put a rose from salami. It turns out very simple. Cut 7 thin pieces of salami, wrap the first piece into the tube, and the rest apply to each other and fasten with toothpicks.

Olives cut into thin slices and decorate them salad in the eggs area.

Salad "Green Rose"

Salad ingredients: Boiled chicken fillet, melted raws, fresh cucumbers, boiled eggs, oily bones, red Crimean bow, mayonnaise.

Cooking : Ingredients for salad cut into cubes, and refuel mayonnaise. Salad decorate with plates or slices of fresh cucumber in the form of roses.

Salad "Mexican"

Salad ingredients: Boiled chicken fillet, radishes, fresh cucumbers, boiled eggs, green onions, boiled potatoes, chili pepper, lettuce leaves, pickled cucumbers, lemon juice and vegetable oil

Cooking : Ingredients for salad cut into cubes, and fill with lemon juice and vegetable oil. Stay on the plate leaves of salad, and from above the salad itself. With the help of toothpicks, collect cactus from pickled cucumbers.

Salad "White Crocuses"

Salad ingredients: Boiled eggs, Beijing cabbage, canned corn, marinated champignons, green onions, fresh cucumbers, mayonnaise.

Cooking: Beijing cabbage, pickled champignons, green onions, fresh cucumbers cut into cubes, add corn and refuel mayonnaise. Share salad on a plate, and sprinkle finely chopped eggs on top.

For decoration, we take 7 -8 small onion seeds (they are sold from grandmothers in the bazaar), a bunch of green onions and 1/4 carrots. Clean small bulbs. Now we take a sharp knife and cut the cloves at the top of the bow. We take out the "insides" of the bow and with the help of toothpicks and a green onion insert the stems in the "cup-lukchi" and put on a small piece of carrots into each bulWh.

Hepatic Cake "Chamomile"

Cooking: Preparing a liver cake in this recipe. Decorating the chopped greenery of dill, from egg squirrel and yolk, lay out chamomile.

Salad "Championship"

Ingredients for salat : Green peas (young, or frozen), canned. Corn, boiled potatoes and carrots, balusters, eggs, green onions, dill, mayonnaise, quail eggs.

Cooking : chop all the ingredients in cubes and on a square plate lay out layers of laminating mayonnaise in the following sequence: potatoes, green onions, eggs, balusters, corn, carrots, potatoes. Decorate the salad with green peas, and dill greens. Marking of the field to make mayonnaise, and a quail ball soccer ball.

Salad "Snowdrops"

Ingredients for salat : Boiled beef marinated in lemon juice and sugar onions, eggs, mayonnaise, solid cheese

Cooking : Salad is laid out by layers in the next sequence: pickled onions, boiled meat, boiled eggs. Each layer is not too thickly missed by mayonnaise, including the topmost. Slightly shake. Sprinkle salad with grated cheese, make a snowdrops stalk from the feathers of the green onion, and the petals cut out of thinly sliced ​​plates radish dykon.

Cake salad with crackers

Ingredients for salat : Sewage Round Crackers, Canned Gorbushi, Sairi or Tuna, Boiled Eggs, Garlic, Green Onions, Mayonnaise

Cooking : Share crackers on a plate in a circle in the form of a flower. Further layer from eggs from mayonnaise, then a layer of crackers, then canned with mayonnaise and green onions, and the last top layer of crackers to lubricate mayonnaise and sprinkle finely grained eggs. Decorate the salad by tomato slices, halves of olives and greenery sprigs.

Salad "Vegetable with garlic"

Ingredients for salat : Tomatoes, cucumbers, garlic, vegetable oil, greens

Cooking : Cut vegetables with circles, and decompose rows on a round dish. Flipped with pressure garlic, greens, and pour vegetable oil.

Salad "Crab Spring"

Ingredients for salat : crab sticks, or crab meat, fresh cucumbers, eggs, grated solid cheese, Beijing cabbage, olives. Sauce: In equal parts, mix mayonnaise and sour cream, putting a little mustard.

Cooking : crab sticks, cucumbers, eggs, and olives cut into cubes, peking cabbage to break into small pieces. Add cheese, and fill with sauce, put in the form, and send to the fridge for 30 minutes. Get salad, shift on the dish, and decorate with green onions and colors from crab sticks.

Salad "Mimosa" with mice

Beautiful salads.

Ingredients for salat : boiled eggs, boiled carrots, boiled potatoes, onions, fish canned (saardine in oil), mayonnaise, greens

Ingredients for decoration : Slices of cheese (for ears and tilt of mice), black pepper peas (use as an eye for mice)

Salad "Aquarium"

Decoration of salads

Ingredients for salat : Sea cocktail, onions, red canned beans, pickled champignons, salted cucumbers, grated solid cheese, mayonnaise

Ingredients for decoration : Sea cabbage, red bell pepper (make fish and star), mayonnaise, several mussels to make crabs

Salad "Sunflower"

Beautiful salads

Ingredients for salat : Boiled chicken fillet, onions, fried champignons, boiled eggs, mayonnaise

Ingredients for decoration : PRINGLS chips and olives

Salad "Wicket"

Decoration of salads

Ingredients for salat : avocado, shrimp, fresh cucumbers, boiled eggs, onions, mayonnaise

Ingredients for decoration : Green onion feathers, salt straw, a piece of black bread to make a bottom

Salad "Corn"

Beautiful salads

Ingredients for salat : Boiled chicken breast, pickled cucumbers, onions, roasted mushrooms, boiled eggs, parsley and dill greens, mayonnaise, canned corn

Ingredients for decoration : Leaves of onion Side and canned corn

Salad "Hedgehog"

Decoration of salads

Ingredients for salat : Boiled chicken breast, salt cucumbers, boiled carrots, green onions, dill, parsley, canned corn, eggs, mayonnaise

Ingredients for decoration : Share a salad on the dish in the form of a hedgehog.

Throw on a shallow grater eggs, mix with mayonnaise, and deceive the hedgehog. For needles, use potato chips, and for the eyes and nose from the peel of the pickled cucumber squeeze the circles.

Salad "Crab Paradise"

Ingredients for salat : crab sticks, pickled mushrooms, melted cheese, canned corn, garlic, mayonnaise, greens

Ingredients for decoration : Red caviar, olives, curly parsley

Salad "Watermelon Dolk"

Decoration of salads

Ingredients for salat : Smoked chicken fillet, fried champignons, boiled carrots, boiled eggs, grated cheese, garlic, mayonnaise

Ingredients for decoration : Red Bulgarian pepper (watermelon flesh), olives (bones), fresh cucumber (peel)

Salad "Gift"

Decoration of salads

Ingredients for salat : Boiled veal, boiled carrots, boiled beets, boiled prunes, walnuts, boiled eggs, grated solid cheese, mayonnaise, parsley

Ingredients for decoration : Cut ribbons from boiled carrots, and decorate with parsley.

Salad "Gluhahar's nest

Beautiful salads

Ingredients for salat : Boiled chicken fillet, ham, pickled champignons, eggs, mayonnaise

Ingredients for decoration : Sliced ​​straw potatoes, fried on vegetable oil, lettuce leaves, for bird eggs: fused cheese, egg yolks, dill, mayonnaise, garlic.

Salad "Sea Star"

Ingredients for salat : crab meat, or crab sticks, canned corn, boiled eggs, weakly salted salmon, grated solid cheese, garlic, dill, mayonnaise

Ingredients for decoration : Shrimp, red caviar, salad is laid out by layers.

Salad "Hares in the garden"

Beautiful salads

Ingredients for salat : Smoked fish fillet, such as oil, boiled potatoes, boiled eggs, boiled carrots, salt cucumbers, greens

Ingredients for decoration : in the middle of making a "garden" from carrots, on the sides put bunnies from eggs

Salad "Orange Solka"

Decoration of salads

Ingredients for salat : Boiled eggs, boiled carrots, onions, chicken fillet, marinated champignons, grated solid cheese, mayonnaise

Ingredients for decoration : To lay salad layers, give the shape of the orange slice, decorate with a grated carrot and egg squirrel.

Salad »Horn of abundance» №2

Ingredients for salat : Boiled chicken fillet, boiled potatoes, salted cucumbers, canned corn, eggs, mayonnaise

Ingredients for decoration : lettuce leaves, vegetables, weakly salted salmon, greens, and cheese

Salad "Pineapple"

Decoration of salads

Ingredients for salat : Smoked chicken, boiled potatoes, boiled eggs, grated solid cheese, salt cucumbers, onions, mayonnaise

Ingredients for decoration : halves walnuts, green onion feathers

Salad "Tiger"

Ingredients for salat : smoked or roasted pork, onions, boiled carrots, eggs, grated cheese, prunes, fresh cucumbers, paprika, garlic, mayonnaise

Ingredients for decoration : Salad is laid out by layers, decorate with grated carrots, olives, olives, and egg squirrel

Salad "Grape Bunch"

Beautiful salads

Ingredients for salat : Fish canned food (cod liver, for example), green onions, boiled potatoes, eggs, grated solid cheese, mayonnaise

Ingredients for decoration : Blue grapes without bones

Salad "Male Caprice"

Ingredients for salat : Smoked chicken fillet, boiled beef, eggs, Crimean onions, grated solid cheese, mayonnaise

Ingredients for decoration : sandwich cheese for calun flowers, green onion feathers for stalks, and yellow bell pepper to make a pestle

Salad "Lovers"

Decoration of salads

Ingredients for salat : Boiled shrimps, Korean carrots, grated solid cheese, eggs, mayonnaise

Ingredients for decoration : olives and red caviar

A few more beautiful ideas for decorations of salads can be found in this video.

Salad decoration with your own hands: Simple ways with photos

Mouses from boiled eggs

When feeding dishes to the table, it is important not only what they are taste, but also how they look.

After all, any mistress will want to surprise the guest truly an exquisite treat, besides perfectly decorated.

Decorations for salads can not only make them appetizing in appearance, but also add new notes to taste.

From Yaitz

The quantity of eggs, as if casually put on top, add elegance and a little minimalism. In addition to the eggs, slices of tomatoes or halves of Cherry are used, you can add beets or leaves of greenery.

Boiled eggs are finely rubbed, and they sprinkle a dish, for this you can use as a whole egg, so separately protein or yolk. It is interesting to look and just mugs or slices, if from 2-3 do decoration from the edge.

From eggs the easiest way to do different shapes with toothpicks, it can be:

  • Cockerel (on top of a combing of carrots);
  • mouse (ears of sausage, radishes or cheese);
  • Hare (ears as well);
  • bug (a mustache from greenery);
  • Hedgehog (needles from a grated carrot or its poles).

Cockery of boiled eggs

Chamomile from boiled eggs

The shape of the eggs is most suitable for the body of the animal and is optimal for this color. Such decorations will be truly unforgettable due to their originality.

From vegetables

Roses made of cucumbers or sausages, mushrooms from eggs and tomatoes will be definitely a very elegant addition to the dish. Very much depends on the consistency of the salad itself, because its decorations can be the components themselves. Most often used alternation of large, shallow cutting and grated vegetables. With the help of them, you can upload different patterns, against the background of which the figures and composition are created. By laying out thin slices of radishes, tomatoes or cucumbers, we will get beautiful patterns or flowers to which you can make a middle or add them to something around the edges.

Flowers from vegetables

Rose from cucumber

Petushok from vegetables

From broccoli and olives, you can create lovely bars, from tomatoes and cheese (suluguni or soft cheese) tulips will turn out. In fact, there is a huge selection of what can be created from pieces of vegetables.

From Luka.

The most suitable for the decoration will be the onion torque torque, its rings are used both in cheese and pickled form. White spine onion flap need to cut and beautifully sprinkle on the edges.

Luchka from Luka.

Luchka from Luka.

Green Luke Decoration

And, of course, the easiest and most popular option, which is most often used for fur coats and vegetable salads, is a shnitt-bow. You can also cut it on your discretion, or stick his greens in the dish. If you want to use onions, then starting to open the circles from above and carefully cutting them around the edges, you will create a beautiful flower.

From mayonnaise

Mayonnaise underlies almost any sauce, but it can also be used as an independent element. With the help of sauces, you can draw any patterns, for example, a cell or simply make zigzags with a thin flowing. Sliced ​​greens can also sprinkle over the sauce.

Decoration from mayonnaise

Mayonnaise salad decoration

Souces will really be able to make a salad unusually attractive, moreover, sauces will help to give the specificity to the usual taste. The most common vegetables will play completely in a new way, in such a combination of the dish, even from the most simple ingredients will become amazingly delicious.

Salad decoration options

Consider how you can decorate various salads.

Russian salad

The most popular salad in Russia has long acquired his stereotypical appearance, but let's try to dispel it and come up with something you can decorate it. Since Olivier is one of the main symbols of the new year, then this reference can also be used in the festive design dishes.

Decoration Olivier carrots

Ornament Olivier Vegetables and Greens

Olivier decoration in the form of a Christmas tree

From sweet pepper, you can cut arrows, numbers and assemble the dial pointing at 12 o'clock. Also, with the help of dill, a Christmas tree or fir branch is easily folded, which can be decorate with bright vegetables in the form of Christmas tree toys. Salad itself can be put on the dish in a wide variety of forms, in the form of an animal, Christmas tree, wreath or large flower. However, definitely, Olivier is far from one festival, and it is not necessary to always use exactly such a design.


Mimosa is traditionally made on the basis of eggs and has a yellow color (according to the title), therefore, the most popular way to decorate mimosu: top on the smooth layer of mayonnaise sprinkle with grated yolk. In addition, you can take advantage of yellow analogs and grate cheese, it will make a taste very unusual, but it will not spoil it.

Mimosa salad decoration

Decoration Salad Mimosa Greens

Decoration of mimosa salad in the form of cells and bees

Selenges under the fur coat

The herd under the fur coat is one of the most colorful salads on any feast, but the top layer can be additionally decorated. In small pieces of carrots or herring, a beautiful pattern is laid out diagonally, which is completed on the ends ends the dill leaves. On a dark background, nuts will look.

Decoration of herring under a fur coat in the form of fish

Decoration of herring under a fur coat

Decoration of herring under a fur coat flower

Decorations for fur coats are better to do white, yellow or green. Flowers or geometric patterns can be made of onions or eggs. Very original and cute will look at mayonnaise or laid out of grated eggs. Most often all over the entire surface lay the halves of raw onion rings, which look like scales, and at the end draw eyes and mouth.


Crab salad can be sprinkled with corn from above, decorate the crab sticks or rosetos made of them with slices. As a snack you can serve crackers or snakes, there can be a poet as to casually put on one side of the salad bowl. Interesting will be the addition of seafood, for example, shrimp or a pair of pieces of red fish, but exclusively as the decor element.

Flower Crab Salad Decoration

Crab decoration of crab

Decoration of crab salad in the form of flowers from corn


Vegetable salads from above can be sprinkled with some ingredients, such as peas, corn, slices of cucumbers. The best decoration for vegetable dishes is definitely greens: from above you can put a pair of dill branches, parsley or lightweight sheet. It will be beautiful to look finely chopped greens, while sprinkling her upper layer.

Decoration of vegetable salad

Decoration of vegetable salad in the form of a cactus

Decoration of vegetable salad

The appearance will be much more interesting if you cut all the ingredients in large and add bright seasonings to them. Especially if part of the seasonings, nuts, greenery and small ingredients leave the center and mix immediately before serving. Large slices of citrus (not only lemon, but even lime) will give an unusual accent not only in the design, but also to the taste qualities of the ingredients.

In addition, the ingredients of lettuce can be symmetrically lay out from the center to the edges, and also mix the dish only before serving.

For a children's holiday

When decorating the table for the children's holiday, it is better to use simple and funny forms, for example, on top of lettuce from olives, tomatoes and vegetables, lay out a figure of a machine or a flower. Children will be very comfortable to eat canapes on multicolored skewers. In addition, with the help of spedes or toothpicks, you can create various figures:

  • Amanita (Egg - Leg, Tomato - Hat);
  • ship with sail (thin slicing of cucumber or a salad leaf, put on the toothpick in the form of sails);
  • Packed (alternation of olives and olives, radishes wings).

Children's decorations of salads Examples

Children's decorations in the form of ships

Baby Butterfly Salad Decoration

In children's holidays, fruit salads and snacks are particularly relevant, since they are much more preferable to vegetables, moreover, such a dessert will be much more useful than ice cream or cakes. Fruits are not necessarily mixed, they can be squeezed on a dish, along the edges shock ships and sweet additives, jam, hot chocolate and honey.

Decorate snacks and slicing

Various snacks and cutters themselves look very attractive if they carefully lay out in a circle or rows. But, of course, additions from small things will only add appetitality and even make delicious. Most often, products that form a delicious combination with them are used to decorate the cut. You can pour olives and olives around the edges to the meat cutting, you can take them together with the hardware, and so their taste will become much brighter. Greens, handful of nuts, sauces around the edges - all this will give the dish of elegance and new notes in taste.

Beautiful cuts on the table

Salad feed

In fact, the feed feed is its presentation, and on how beautiful it will be presented, much depends.

Choosing a beautiful saladditsa

The most beautiful salad bowls have always been considered dishes made of fine material, for example, porcelain. But also the bright ingredients will look beautifully in a glass salad bowl like an elegant shape with patterns and minimalism style. The salad bowl is better to choose a little more than the volume of the salad itself so that it does not fall out for the edges and did not bring inconvenience to anyone. Prepare it will be much easier, and the place to decorate will remain.

Beautiful salad bowl

Glass Saladian

Wooden salad bowl

Salad man with her own hands

Salad can be served in tartlets or on a salad sheet, a very non-traditional feed method, but rather beautiful, especially if you add a slices of vegetables from the edge.

For salads that are laid out by layers, for example, with roasted champignons, Mimosa, herring under the fur coat, "tenderness", there is another interesting way of filing. From a conventional plastic bottle, a cylinder is cut out, it is put on a plate, a salad is made inside it, then the form is removed and a multi-colored cylinder of a dish, in which each layer can be seen. Of course, this form is not necessary to use precisely for puff pastries, but they will look most interesting.

Salad feed in pepper

The form can be cut out of vegetables: pumpkin salad bowl or improvised tartlets from halves of cucumbers, for fruit compositions The form can be created from orange peel.

Examples of decoration of salads

Some examples of the decoration of salads at home and in the restaurant.

At home

Decorations that can be created at home are not so intricate as professional. However, they do not become less original or refined. The positive side of cooking at the fact that you can do everything to your taste and give the will of fantasy.

Beautiful sulat feed


Anytino eye decoration


Flower decoration

After all, in no restaurant will not serve a dish, decorated with a mouse of an egg or fish, but it is so great. At the same time, the decoration of salads you can trust even a child, for him there will be a wonderful occupation of the creation of animals from vegetables, and this will help the baby to love useful products.

In restaurants

Of course, in restaurants, the beauty of feeding the dish plays a much more role, as this is evaluated by manuals, guests and critics. Therefore, professionals are required to make a work of art from any dish, while quickly, simple and tasty. In restaurants, it is important not only the presence of jewelry, but also that the dish itself looked like a decoration. Therefore, it is the details, sauces and seasonings that they pay a special role in preparing.

Salad feed in a restaurant

Beautiful salad in a restaurant

Decoration for salad in a restaurant

Beautiful decoration for salad in a restaurant

Unusual salad decoration in a restaurant

The decoration is an important part of the cooking of salad, because it is an appearance that makes a dish even more appetizing. In addition, the process of creating jewelry is very interesting and not difficult at all. They can be made absolutely from all: from any vegetables, sauces, greens. It greatly facilitates the life of the hostess, and finally it will have a favorite stage in the preparation of salads for the holidays.

Like all salads, the crab is a combination of the main ingredient - boiled meat of crabs with other products with which it can be harmoniously connected. As a rule, all ingredients are crushed in one way or another, depending on the creative mood of homemade culinary. A very important conductive component of crab salad is, of course, sauce.

But as the famous proverb says: "For the absence of a stamp-eyed on a simple (we are talking about paper)" This is the fact that the crab meat is harder to acquire than popular crab sticks, which, with crabs and nearby, may have not been lying. But taste is quite good and even compete with real crab meat in tenderness and juiciness, not to mention the price and availability of acquisition.

Invented this pseudochard delicacy, as you know, in Japan, where there will be no good enough to disappear in vain, and prepare it from the minced meat of white fish. In Europe, the manufacturing technology of crab sticks was mastered by adding chopped corn grinding into the fish. And then natural dyes and flavors brought this product to such a type and taste that it will be eagerly eaten, especially in various salads.

Four crab salads and ways to serving

However, we will return to crab meat, which has its own powerful trumps against the crab chopsticks. In genuine crab meat, a powerful range of the most important vitamins of the group in: B1, B3, B5; A. In addition, the presence of a sufficiently large list of the most valuable trace elements, among which calcium and magnesium. The crab meat itself, having a saltwate-sweet taste, gentle and very appetizing.

Crab meat in boiled form is used in various salads, but it can successfully replace canned food from crabs. The difference will feel only sophisticated gourmets, especially in combination with cucumbers, corn and under a salad sauce.

In our country, salads from crab sticks or even crab meat began to do since their appearance on sale. Not long to invent, our people in all famous salads who were preparing at home kitchen, injected as the salad primary seasoning. This tradition has been fixed until now: if not mayonnaise, then the home version with various additives.

The exact number of salad recipes with crab meat or crab chopsticks, we suspect that their great set, due to the rich set of different ingredients, up to exotic fruits.

From the set of liked and tested homemade culinary practices, crab salads give the most interesting recipes.

Classic Crab Salad Recipe

The ingredient composition of such salad can be considered the basic for all its further options, which depend on your taste, the desire to diversify it and even from the presence of the ingredients available at the moment. In the dietary plan, such salads could be recognized as light, but the introduction of this mayonnaise does not do this, except that - mayonnaise will be with the minimum presence of calories. And with regard to its energy capacity, it is desirable to eat such an exorbitant in the first half of the day.

Ingredients on 4 servings of a classic crab salad recipe:

  • Crab meat or crab sticks - 200 grams;
  • Canned corn - 1 standard bank;
  • Fresh cucumber - 1 piece of medium size;
  • boiled screwed chicken eggs - 6 pieces;
  • Mayonnaise - 150 grams.

By classic recipe, crab salad cook like this:

  1. Boil the fresh chicken eggs in advance, which first cool down, and then cool in the refrigerator. Before entering them into the salad, clean from the shell, wash under the jet of water in order to avoid the tag particles. Purified eggs chopped with a knife or through modern Devils.
  2. Open canned food with corn, cast her juice.
  3. Fresh cucumbers, washed and dry, clean from the peel and cut into small cubes. Salt a little and give a track to avoid an excessive juteability of the whole salad. Although, as an option, cut the fresh cucumber directly before serving the crab salad to the table.
  4. Chilled crab wands cut into cubes and all the ingredients, placing in a salad bowl, refuel mayonnaise and mix evenly.

The cooking process itself takes no more than 20 minutes if the eggs are prepared in advance. The question of "spilling" is the matter of your personal taste. Support such a crab salad is usually chilled, but if all of its ingredients cool in advance, then you can immediately and to the table.

Recipe for crab lettuce with green apples

It's nice to change the taste of classic crab salad adding a green apple to it, which will bring a bright sour-sweet note, and the absence of boiled eggs in this salad composition will not be damaged to its overall original taste.

Recipe for crab lettuce with green apples

In order for the above-mentioned notebook turned out to be clearly pronounced, the apple needs it precisely a sour-sweet variety with a well-designed pulp so that it does not fit in a lightweight mass.


  • crab meat or wand - 400 grams;
  • Fresh green apples - 2 pieces;
  • Chinese cabbage (Peking) - 1 Kochan;
  • Lemon - 0.5 pieces for juice;
  • olive or vegetable oil - 6 tablespoons;
  • Fresh garlic - 2 slices;
  • Green onions - a small beam;
  • Fresh parsley - a small beam;
  • Salt and black ground pepper - in preference;
  • Apple vinegar - 2 tablespoons.

According to the recipe for crab salad with a green apple, cook like this:

  1. Apples wash and dry. If they are bought in the store, then be sure to remove the peel from them. Next, they cut them into 4 parts and remove the core. Clear garlic.
  2. Prepare a puree puree from 1 apple and garlic with the addition of oil and apple vinegar in a blender. Salt a little and place for cooling in a refrigerator for a quarter of an hour.
  3. The remaining purified apple, with a neatly removed middle with the preservation of the apple shape, cut into thin rings and immediately sprinkle with lemon juice so that they do not become dark, although this does not exclude their darkening after a long time.
  4. Fresh greens wash, give a track of water and having having a paper towel, chopping finely, like Beijing cabbage.
  5. Crab meat or chopsticks to cut into small cubes and combine the above-listed ingredients in a salad vase above. Everything, watering an apple garlic puree, mix evenly. Align the salad surface and decorate apple rings with parsley branches.

Of course, the crab salad in this embodiment differs from the classic already the fact that only the base remains from it - crab meat or wand. But he has a great advantage - sauce refueling without mayonnaise - and this will appreciate those who do not use mayonnaise at all.

Exotic crab salad with mango

Yes, participation in Crab Salate This exotic fetus for many is a pleasant and unexpected, but acceptable news. In addition, except for exotic notes, a tangible nutritional value comes with mango. And the full sauce will combine the ingredients of this salad in the best way, we are sure, and will please even demand gourmets.

Exotic crab salad with mango

Salad ingredients:

  • crab meat (optimally!) - 200 grams;
  • Ripe mango - 1 piece of medium sized;
  • corn, canned in the cobs (optimally!) or ordinary canned food - 1 bank;
  • Celery Cherry - 2 stems;

Ingredients for sauce:

  • Cream 30% - 4 tablespoons;
  • Vegetable oil - 100 milliliters;
  • Mustard ready - 0.5 teaspoons;
  • Tabasco sauce - 0.5 teaspoons;
  • Egg Chicken Fresh, Yolk - 1;
  • Natural ketchup without additives - 1 tablespoon;
  • Salt cook - to taste.

According to the exotic recipe, the crab salad is cooking like this:

  1. Start better with cooking sauce so that he will have to strengthen while working with Salat himself. Separate yolk from the squirrel into a small bowl, add mustard to it and rub the wedge to homogeneity, not stopping them to rub, gradually add vegetable oil. After entering Tabasco Sauce, Ketchup and the last thing slightly whipped cream. All the sauce mass, spilling to taste, stir up to the full homogeneity of its composition and put in the refrigerator for 10 minutes.
  2. The rest of the cooking of the crab salad during this time can be done, for what you should take the prepared celery stalks and cut it thinly with a barn.
  3. Washing and covered with a paper towel fruit mango fruit from the peel, remove the bone from it, sprinkle with lemon juice, then cut into centimeter cubes.
  4. It remains to cut into cubes prepared crab meat and all ingredients to combine in a lightweight vase, having stirred a lightweight mass until uniformity. Fill the sauce on top and sprinkle celery with cutting leaves.

Like all sharp salads, the crab salad needs a short cooling and impregnation of all its masses with a sauce.

Crab salad and ways to serving

Interesting way for Serving crab salad - Eliminate it on the mugs of a green apple. To do this, use a large green apple, purified from the peel, but with a solid core, leading seeds so that there is no hole in the apple mug. Apple cut into latitive circles and decompose on the portion plates. At the top of the apple mug, lay a spoonful of finished salad, and put the second on it and decorate with something at your discretion, for example, a leaf of fresh parsley.

Salad recipe with crab chopsticks

Given that the crab salad should not be long enough because of the participation of cabbage or cucumber in it, cook and serve it right before the festive feast.

You can decorate the crab salad by known samples that can be found on the Internet, or show your personal creative ability. We usually decorate most salads with sprigs of fresh greenery or figures made of boiled beautiful in color of vegetables and so on.

It should be recalled that the crab salads are organically combined with alcoholic beverages: vodka, whiskey, with brandy. Of the lighter - with white dining rooms. Crab salad Perfectly fits into any everyday or festive menu, and its options without mayonnaise do not lead to overeating.

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