Delete preset applications in Windows 10.

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Windows 10, like Windows 8 is installed with a specific set of universal or modern (UWP) applications. Weather, OneNote, People, Money, Windows Store, Your Telephone, Groove Music, Camera, Office, Skype, Calendar & Mail, Calculator, Alarm Clock, Cinema and TV, Dictaphone . This is an incomplete list of applications installed in Windows 10.

When you first log in, Windows 10 sets these applications for your user account.

Some of the pre-installed applications, such as Calculator, weather, mail Needed for most users, while others do not represent any value. Applications such as People, Sports, Photos иPaint 3D Absolutely useless for most PC users, since there are available and best alternatives. For example, classic Photo Viewer. (View photos of Windows ) for many better than a new application " Photos" .

You may have noticed that there are applications that cannot be deleted using the control panel or settings in Windows 10. To delete these applications, you need to use PowerShell or third-party utilities. If you do not need UWP applications or you use your set of programs, here's how to remove them.

How to delete applications in Windows 10.

To delete applications installed by default in Windows 10, you need to open PowerShell on behalf of the administrator.

Step 1: Open the menu " Start" (click WIN. key on the keyboard) and enter PowerShell. . In the search results, select "Run on the name of the administrator" . Or you can click Ctrl +Shift. +ENTER To open it as an administrator. Opening PowerShell on behalf of the administrator is important, otherwise the execution of the team will fail.

PowerShell opening

Step 2: Let's see the list of all installed universal applications for the current user account. Enter or copy insert the following command:


You will receive a list of installed application packages.

PowerShell list of installed application packages

Step 3: For convenience, you can save it to a file, the command output is as follows:

Get-AppXPackage | SELECT NAME, PACKAGEFULLNAME> "$ ENV: UserProfile \ desktop \ apps_list.txt" 

The list of applications will be saved in the file - Apps_list.txt , on the desktop.

The list of applications will be saved in the file - apps_list.txt

Step 4: Now you can use this list to delete individual applications using the following command:

Remove-AppXPackage "PackageFullName"

For example, I will delete Minecraft. With the help of the command:

Remove-AppXPackage Microsoft.mincraftuwp_1.0.700.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe 

Remove Minecraft using the command

You can also use a combination of cmdlets Get-AppXPackage. и Remove-AppXPackage In one command to delete the application without specifying its full package name. Instead, you can use templates. The next team does the same as the team above but it looks much easier:

Get-AppXPackage * Minecraft * | Remove-AppXPackage 

A short list of commands that you can use to remove certain applications in Windows 10.

Delete 3D Builder

Get-AppXPackage * 3DBuilder * | Remove-AppXPackage 

Remove the alarm and watches

Get-AppXPackage * WindowsAllarms * | Remove-AppXPackage 

Delete App Connector application

Get-AppXPackage * AppConnector * | Remove-AppXPackage 

Remove Asphalt 8: AirBorne

Get-AppXPackage * Asphalt8AirBorne * | Remove-AppXPackage 

Delete calculator application

Get-AppXPackage * WindowsCalculator * | Remove-AppXPackage 

Remove mail and calendar application

Get-AppXPackage * WindowsCommunicationsApps * | Remove-AppXPackage 

Remove camera app

Get-AppXPackage * WindowsCamera * | Remove-AppXPackage 

Delete Candy Crush Soda Saga

Get-AppXPackage * Candycrushsodasaga * | Remove-AppXPackage 

Delete Facebook application

Get-AppXPackage * Facebook * | Remove-AppXPackage 

Delete application appeal for help

Get-AppXPackage * WindowsFeedBackHub * | Remove-AppXPackage 

Delete application Improve your Office,

Get-AppXPackage * OfficeHub * | Remove-AppXPackage 

Delete application Get Skype

Get-AppXPackage * Microsoft.SkypeApp * | Remove-AppXPackage 

Remove application advice

Get-AppXPackage * GetStartED * | Remove-AppXPackage 

Delete Groove Music

Get-AppXPackage * Zunemusic * | Remove-AppXPackage 

Delete the map application

Get-AppXPackage * WindowsMaps * | Remove-AppXPackage 

Delete Skype application

Get-AppXPackage * Messaging * | Remove-AppXPackage 

Delete Microsoft Solitaire Collection

Get-AppXPackage * MicrosoftSolitaireCollection * | Remove-AppXPackage 

Delete Microsoft Wallet App

Get-AppXPackage * Wallet * | Remove-AppXPackage 

Remove the application paid Wi-Fi data and cellular communication

Get-AppXPackage * OneConnect * | Remove-AppXPackage 

Remove the cinema and TV application

Get-AppXPackage * Zunevideo * | Remove-AppXPackage 

Delete Netflix application

Get-AppXPackage * Netflix * | Remove-AppXPackage 

Delete Application News

Get-AppXPackage * Bingnews * | Remove-AppXPackage 


Get-AppXPackage * OneNote * | Remove-AppXPackage 

Delete Paint 3D app

Get-AppXPackage * MSPAINT * | Remove-AppXPackage 

Delete Pandora application

Get-AppXPackage * PandoramediaInc * | Remove-AppXPackage 

Remove the application people

Get-AppXPackage * PEOPLE * | Remove-AppXPackage 

Delete phone application

Get-AppXPackage * CommSPhone * | Remove-AppXPackage 

Remove the photo application

Get-AppXPackage * Photos * | Remove-AppXPackage 

Delete Skype Preview

Get-AppXPackage * SkypeApp * | Remove-AppXPackage 

Delete Sports application

Get-AppXPackage * Bingsports * | Remove-AppXPackage 

Delete Sticky Notes

Get-AppXPackage * MicrosoftStickyNotes * | Remove-AppXPackage 

Delete Shop from the current account -(NOT RECOMMENDED)

Get-AppXPackage * WindowsStore * | Remove-AppXPackage 

Delete SWAY application

Get-AppXPackage * Office.Sway * | Remove-AppXPackage 

Delete Twitter application

Get-AppXPackage * Twitter * | Remove-AppXPackage 

Remove application 3D-view

Get-AppXPackage * Microsoft3DViewer * | Remove-AppXPackage 

Delete voice recording application

Get-AppXPackage * SoundRecorder * | Remove-AppXPackage 

Remove application Weather

Get-AppXPackage * Bingweather * | Remove-AppXPackage 

Delete xbox application

Get-AppXPackage * XboxApp * | Remove-AppXPackage 

Delete Xbox One SmartGlass Appendix

Get-AppXPackage * xboxonesmartglass * | Remove-AppXPackage 

How to remove the application for all user accounts?

To remove the application from all user accounts, change the desired command as follows:

Get-AppXPackage -allusers * PackageName * | Remove-AppXPackage 

How to delete the application for new user accounts?

Each time you create a new user, the default applications will be set to this user. In order to delete applications for new accounts, which will be created in the future, run the following command in PowerShell.

Get-AppXProvisionedPackage -Online | Where-Object {$ _. Packagename -Like "* packagename *"} | Remove-AppXProvisionedPackage -Nline 

Replace the plot Packagename. to the desired application name.

Tip: Watch our guide Short command to delete all applications in Windows 10, with the exception of the store.

Delete the application using "Parameters" and the Start menu.

Some universal applications can be deleted using the application " Parameters" . In addition, you can use this way to remove not only applications, but also classical programs.

use options to delete desktop applications

  1. Open "Parameters" By pressing a keyboard key WIN. + I
  1. Go to the " Applications »→" Applications and Features " .
  1. Find the application you want to delete in the list and select it.
  1. Button " Delete » will appear under the name of the application. Click on it to delete the application.

And finally, Windows 10 allows you to delete some applications directly from the menu. "Start".

Delete applications directly from the Start menu.

Find the desired application in the list of applications on the left or if the application has a tile, right-click on the tile or on the application in the list. And delete it using the context menu command " Delete » . It works as for UWP. (Applications from the store) and classic desktop applications.


Program deletion icon

In today's article, it will be considered how to delete a program from a computer on Windows 10. It would seem what to write about? But not everything is so simple. Read the instructions, and soon you will see for yourself. Let's not postpone, move on and deal with the affected issue.

Use Windows 10 parameters

The easiest way to remove the application in this operating system through the settings. It is implemented as follows:

  1. First, we open the "Start" menu and click on the icon with the image of the gear. It is in the lower left corner.

Windows 10 settings icon

  1. A window opens with the parameters in which we need to select the "Applications" tile.

Application menu in Windows 10 settings

  1. Here we will see a list of all installed programs. To uninstall any of them, just make the left mouse click on the name. As a result, the tile will unfold, and we will get access to the button, which is noted in the screenshot below.

Application Delete Button in Windows 10

  1. After the button is pressed, another small window will appear, in which we will be asked to confirm their intention. Accordingly, we do it.

Confirmation of the application deletion in Windows 10

After a few seconds, the program that is no longer needed will be deleted. It was the easiest, one might say, the basic, method of uninstalling software in Microsoft Windows 10.

Thus, you can delete and applications installed from the Windows Store store or some built-in software.

We work with the control panel

You can do the same through the traditional control panel. For this we need:

  1. Click on the search icon and in the string that appears, enter the name of the control panel. As a result, the article will appear in the search for extradition.

Running control panel in Windows 10

  1. Once in the control panel, first we switch it to normal. To do this, opposite the word "view" set the value "Category". Further clicking on the link that we denoted the number "2".

Remove programs in Windows 10 control panel

  1. A list of all installed applications opens. In order to remove any of them, it is enough to make the right click on the name. In the opened context menu, we choose the uninstall item.

The program delete button in the Windows 10 control panel

  1. A window will appear in which we will be asked to confirm their action. Click on "yes."

Confirm the removal of programs in the Windows 10 control panel

By the way: in order for each time you can not respond to this request, you can check the box in front of the "no longer show this dialog box".

  1. As a result, the regular uninstaller of the selected program will start. All we will have to do is wait for the completion of the removal process. In some cases, it is necessary to affirmically answer a number of requests.

Removing over Windows 10 control panel

Now go to the main thing.

Revo Uninstaller

Microsoft operating system is designed in such a way that after the removal of any program or the game is voiced above in the methods, tails remain in the OS. That is, if, for example, we made uninstallation of any program through the control panel or Windows 10 settings, it will not be able to erase completely.

Now imagine that it was repeated not one dozen times. On the disk, as well as in the system registry, a large number of unnecessary files will be collected, which will slow down the operating system and eat unnecessary space on the storage. Want not to happen? Then read on:

  1. There is a special application that deletes programs in Windows 10, and then checks the presence of some residues and erases them. The first thing to do is download Revo Uninstaller. Install the program and run it. After a few seconds, a list of all applications that are installed in our operating system will appear. We choose the one that we do not need, after which we click on the "Delete" button.

Deleting an application via Revo Uninstaller

This software has a tool for forced uninstalling. We can delete an application that is not deleted.

  1. As a result, a standard uninstallator of a program will be launched. During the deletion, we approve requests and complete the process.

Stable Uninstallator World Of Tanks

  1. The further Revo Uninstaller opens. First of all, we need to switch the scan mode to advanced. After that, launch the search process of unnecessary files.

Advanced mode Revo Uninstaller

You must run this application required on behalf of the administrator.

  1. As you can see, a bunch of tails found in the Windows registry. If we did not take advantage of this program, they would remain there forever. Let's press the "Select All" button.

Selection of unnecessary entries in the registry with Revo Uninstaller

  1. And now I click on "Delete".

Remove extra registry in Revo Uninstaller

As a result, within a few seconds, all the not removed tails that could remain in the registry and on the disk will be carefully cleaned. Immediately there is a function of removing the pre-installed software. For example, even applying photos or Cortana can be forcibly erased. We can also remove those utilities that are not in the overall list. It can even be .NET Framework and other components.

Attention: Delete any games and programs in Windows 10, we recommend only using Revo Uninstaller. It will be as correct as possible.

How to delete a program from autoload

To disable or delete an application in Windows 10 autorun on a PC or laptop, you can do the following:

  1. We produce right click on the empty place of the taskbar.

Running Windows 10 Task Manager

  1. Deploy Task Manager.

Link Read more in Windows 10 Task Manager

  1. We make the right click on the name of the application and finally turn it off through the context menu.

Auto startup menu in Windows 10

You can delete the program through the command line, but it makes no sense. In addition, you risk harvesting your own OS. If we are talking about the removal of spyware, then you are here. To use this method, an account with administrator rights may be needed.

Video instruction

Also to secure the above material, we recommend watching a learning video on the topic. The only thing we did not tell about is how to delete the folder if the system writes that it is open in another program. The fact is that this has a separate instruction.

Questions and answers

Well, friends, we can safely end our instructions. If in the process of its implementation will appear any difficulties to handle their questions directly to us. It is for this purpose that the form of feedback is slightly lower and attached.

In Windows 10, the ability to delete applications is an important feature that allows you to delete applications that are no longer needed. It can also help you get rid of harmful software, free space and eliminate problems.

If you no longer need a specific application or you need to reinstall one of them, Windows 10 includes several ways to fully delete applications using the parameters application, control panel, Windows packet manager, PowerShell, and even command line.

In this manual, you will learn how to delete applications in Windows 10.

Delete the application using the settings in Windows 10

To remove Microsoft Store or classic (Win32) applications, follow these steps:

  1. Open settings in Windows 10.
  2. Click "Applications".
  3. Click Applications and Functions.
  4. In the "Application and Functions" section, select the application (or game), (if you have many applications, you can use the search field, "Sort by" and "Filter by" parameters to find the application faster).
  5. Click the Delete button.
  6. Press the Delete button again.

Short Note: If you delete the classic desktop program, follow the instructions on the screen to complete the process.

After you perform these steps, the application will be removed from your computer.

If the application "Delete" button is inactive, you may have stumbled upon a system application that cannot be removed from the settings. You still can delete this application, but you will need to go through a more complex process using PowerShell by following the following steps.

Delete the application using the Start menu in Windows 10

In addition to using the "Settings" application, you can quickly delete Microsoft Store applications from the Start menu. To delete applications using the Start menu, follow these steps:

  1. Open Start.
  2. Right-click the application and select Delete.
  3. Press the Delete button again.
  4. After performing these actions, the Microsoft Store application will be removed from the computer.

Delete the application using additional functions

Through the "Settings" application, you can also delete system applications known as "functions on request", including applications such as Notepad, Paint, WordPad, Windows Media Player and many others. To remove additional features in Windows 10, follow these steps:

  1. Open settings.
  2. Click "Applications".
  3. Click Applications and Functions.
  4. In the "Applications and Functions" section, select the "Advanced Functions" parameter.
  5. Select the application you want to delete, such as notepad, WordPad or Microsoft Paint.
  6. Click the Delete button.

After you perform these steps, the system application will no longer be available on the device.

Deleting the application using Windows Packet Manager in Windows 10

Windows Package Manager (Winget) is a command line tool available in the latest version of Windows 10, and it has been designed to save your time and nerves, automating the search, download, installation and deletion process, updates and software settings. To remove the application using the Windows Packet Manager, follow these steps:

  1. Open Start.
  2. Locate the command line, right-click the top result and select the "Startup from the Administrator" option.
  3. Enter the following command to confirm whether the delete option is enabled, and press ENTER: Winget Features. (If the function is disabled, follow the steps below to turn it on, and continue to execute the following steps).
  4. Enter the following command to view the list of applications that you can delete using the Windows Packet Manager and press ENTER: Winget Uninstall
  5. Enter the following command to delete the Winget application, and press ENTER: Winget Uninstall "App-Name" (In the command, change the App-Name to the actual name of the application. Quotes are required only if there are spaces in the name of the application). For example, this command deletes Microsoft Teams application in Windows 10: WinGet Uninstall "Microsoft Teams"

After you run these steps, the application will be deleted from the computer. If you delete the traditional desktop application, additional steps may appear in the application uninstaller interface to complete the removal.

If the command parameter is not available to delete applications, you can use these steps to enable it and use this feature.

Delete the application using the control panel in Windows 10

In Windows 10, you can still use the control panel to delete programs, but only classic applications, and not those that you install from Microsoft Store. Remove classic desktop applications (Win32) from your computer by following these steps:

  1. Open the control panel.
  2. In the "Programs" category, select the Delete Program option.
  3. Select the program you want to delete.
  4. Click the Delete button.
  5. Follow the instructions on the screen (if applicable).

After performing these steps, the Win32 application will be removed from Windows 10. You can always repeat the instructions for deleting other applications.

Deleting an application using PowerShell in Windows 10

Although you can use the "Settings" application to delete classic and modern applications, you still cannot delete many built-in applications, such as camera, alarms and clocks, Cortan and many others, and it is here in PowerShell.

In addition to using settings and control panel, you can also use PowerShell to delete classic, modern and embedded applications and tools. To delete applications using PowerShell commands in Windows 10, follow these steps:

  1. Open Start.
  2. Find PowerShell, right-click the top result and select the "Startup on behalf of the administrator" option.
  3. Enter the following command to view all applications installed on your device and press ENTER: Get-AppXPackage. If you want to see all Windows applications installed on the computer, enter the following command and press ENTER: Get-appxpackage -allusers . At the output, you will see a long list of applications that can be huge, but you need to do it to know the names of the applications you want to delete. For example, if you want to delete the camera application, you will notice that the name of the system in the list "Microsoft.WindowsCamera".
  4. Enter the following command to delete the application, and press ENTER: Get-AppXPackage Program-Name | Remove-AppXPackage (Do not forget to replace the PROGRAM-NAME on the actual name of the application, as indicated in step above). For example, these commands remove Cortana in Windows 10: Get-AppXPackage Microsoft.549981C3F5F10 | Remove-AppXPackage

After performing these steps, the application will no longer be available on your device, but you can always reinstall it using a Microsoft Store.

Delete the application using the command line in Windows 10

In addition, you can also use the command prompt to delete applications using the Windows Management Toolkit Tool (WMIC), but only classic desktop programs, not Microsoft Store applications. Remove applications using the WMIC command line tool by following these steps:

  1. Open Start.
  2. Locate the command line, right-click the top result and select the "Startup from the Administrator" option.
  3. Enter the following command to run the WMIC tool, and press ENTER: WMIC.
  4. Enter the following command to display a list of all installed applications, and press ENTER: Product Get Name.
  5. Enter the following command to delete the program, and press ENTER: Product WHERE NAME = "PROGRAM-NAME" CALL UNINSTALL In the command, do not forget to replace the PROGRAM-NAME on the actual name of the application, as indicated in the step above. For example, this command deletes the Microsoft Edge DeV application: Product WHERE NAME = "Microsoft Edge Dev" Call Uninstall
  6. Enter YTo confirm the removal process.

After performing these steps, the program specified in the command will be deleted from installing Windows 10.

How to delete a program in Windows 10 correctly

Many users believe that it is impossible to change the previously installed interface on the PC or uninstalling the application is difficult. It really makes it, and I will prove it now! We will look at several ways to delete the program in Windows 10 and clean your trash from garbage that leaves programs when uninstated.

The main thing to understand that the correct deletion of applications guarantee a personal computer for a long and high-quality performance.

The article will help the beginners to figure out and understand where the installation and removal of programs in Windows 10 is located. You will learn how to quickly go to Windows 10 components, what steps for this must be performed. Thus, you will understand how to correctly delete applications in the Windows 10 operating system.

And protect yourself from unforeseen errors related to the installation of the installation.

Remove programs in Windows 10

If you are wondering how to delete Windows 10 from a computer, then in this thread it is worth understanding each case separately. If you compare Windows 10 with earlier OS, then it can be noted that in terms of deleting programs the system has not changed so much. Only a new version of the uninstaller interface appeared. The system also has to have a faster way to delete and change programs. You can find out about all this by studying this note.

In order to remove the application on Windows 10, you can use the specialized control panel, which is called "Programs and Components" .

How to open this app? Where is this function? The item is located in the same place as before.

Method first. First of all find the control panel. Next, open it. You can do this by pressing the right mouse button on the icon. "Start" . Select the control panel.

Control panel through the context menu

In the section called "Programs" Click on item "Delete Program" .

Location - Removal of ProgramsPlease note that you can remove any unnecessary applications installed on the PC.

In order to completely delete the program from the computer, select it, and after press the left button on the inscription "Delete" which is at the top of the screen.

Removing the program

The second way. How to delete a program from the list installed? Earlier, we have already considered how the uninstallator of programs is launched, but there is another method there to get there. The method is a quick opening of the task "Programs and Components" :

It is required to press two keys simultaneously. WIN. + Ror press the right mouse button on the icon Start . And choose paragraph Programs and components

Programs and components in the context menu

It is worth noting that most third-party programs found by the system can be removed by pressing the right mouse button on the application shortcut in the menu Start , and then you only need to select the tab. Delete .

In the Start menu, uninstallation of programs

Using this method, you can easily go to the list of installed applications to a personal computer, as well as delete the required prog.

Removing unnecessary programs in Windows 10 using the "Parameters" menu

The developer of Windows 10 has created a menu "parameters" How to replace the control panel. But since people are used to the usual control panel, it turned out to translate users. Therefore, the menu remains only an alternative PU. Using the utility, you can delete programs from the Windows operating system 10. In this section of the publication, we will tell you where this program is located on the computer and how to use it.

1First you need to open the menu by closing two keys at the same time on the keyboard. WIN. + I, You can make the same action, directly through the menu Start ;

2Next you need to go to the section called System : Click the left mouse button on it.

How to delete a program in Windows 10: Detailed instructions - 6 ways!

3Next click Applications and opportunities .

How to delete a program in Windows 10: Detailed instructions - 6 ways!

4After completing the previous step, you can watch the list of applications installed in the system.

Uninstallation is carried out by the following method:

1First you need to highlight the program. Next, click the left mouse button on the tab Delete .

How to delete a program in Windows 10: Detailed instructions - 6 ways!

2After that it will be confirmed to remove software, click Delete

How to delete a program in Windows 10: Detailed instructions - 6 ways!

The system will automatically launch a Windows installer or installer, where you need to make multiple presses.

How to delete a program in Windows 10: Detailed instructions - 6 ways!

As it was possible to guess, this option for deleting applications does not constitute something radically new. This is an ordinary functionality that allows you to delete various programs and games. And this method is identical to the first, only the removal of Windows 10.C. to the table of contents ↑

Running the program deletion from the Start menu

Another way to which you can remove the program from the list of installed or completely from the PC.

As you know, many utilities when installing create folders with labels, with which the uninstaller is started. By pressing such labels, there will be launched previously pre-installed uninstallars of any application.

How to delete a program in Windows 10: Detailed instructions - 6 ways!

How to remove a failed program? This question is asked by many users. After all, when an application is uninstalted, unforeseen errors occur, which do not allow the case to end. In this case, it will be necessary to make forced deletion, or try to restart Windows 10.Co table.

How to remove the game with windows 10?

Need to reinstall the game? Or just remove? There are two ways to solve, the first I described a little higher, and delete through the Start menu, or through the installation and removal of programs.

If you for some reason, you can't find the game, or the disinstaling process is not started. You can use a kind of way.

To execute this procedure, you must first find "Uninstallator" Programs in the root folder, mostly file to remove software has the view "Uninstall.exe or uninst.exe, etc." . Run this file, a game or program will start the removal process from the computer.

How to delete a program in Windows 10: Detailed instructions - 6 ways!To the contents ↑

How to remove unnecessary programs through the registry?

Is the program not deleted? You can use an alternative method, but I will say right away, this option is complicated in execution for novice users.

Advanced users know that simply to delete the application from the computer is quite difficult. More precisely, it is possible to make the methods described above, but a bunch of unnecessary files will still remain on the PC. In some cases, it will not even help delete on behalf of the administrator.

After all, any application reserves even after a complete deletion of numerous files that interfere with the normal operation of the system. There is only one option, with which you can save from Windows 10 applications is uninstalling through the registry.

1It is necessary to go to the registry. Write in the search bar - Regedit. (Or you can log in as follows: Open the command line and insert into it "REGEDIT" . Click ENTER .)

How to delete a program in Windows 10: Detailed instructions - 6 ways!

2Next, you must delete standard keys that are in the bush: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Currentversion \ Uninstall. Open this bush

How to delete a program in Windows 10: Detailed instructions - 6 ways!

Here you can watch many keys, they all belong to any program. If the key has the name, it is not difficult to guess what kind of application it belongs.

Next, select the desired key from the program. You need to click two times the left mouse button by parameter, and then copy the path where Uninstall software is.

How to delete a program in Windows 10: Detailed instructions - 6 ways!

After that, open the command line "CMD" , use the same search for Windows. You can also start on behalf of the administrator.

How to delete a program in Windows 10: Detailed instructions - 6 ways!

Insert the copied data from the registry office to the command line. And click ENTER .

How to delete a program in Windows 10: Detailed instructions - 6 ways!

It is worth noting that the removal process takes a few minutes, it all depends on the size of the application.

Now let's look at how to delete the program using the CCleaner. Clamping Utility ↑

Removal Utility - CCleaner

If all methods did not help, then use the specialized utility for Windows 10, which makes it easy to produce a comprehensive system cleaning.

This magnificent program is called CCleaner, which can be downloaded from the official site of the developer: make the free version of the version, this functionality is quite enough! Try to avoid downloads from unknown and not proven sources. Try to download software from official sites. Thus, you will protect yourself from mistakes and viruses!

Download CCleaner from the official site

Installing components will take a few minutes. After the application has been established, it should be launched and start the cleaning process.

There is a paid and free version of the program. The functionality that the version has a version of free, will quite be enough newbie for cleaning garbage and delete software.

In CCleaner go to the tab "Service> Removal of Programs" The list of software will appear before you, choose the desired and click Uninstallation

How to delete a program in Windows 10: Detailed instructions - 6 ways!To the contents ↑

Delete the program in Windows 10 is easy!

We disassemble several ways to produce both deleting embedded programs and third-party. If the program is not deleted, then try to uninstall through the registry. Or special CCleaner utility.

All utilities need to be installed and deleted from their laptops and fixed PCs correctly. After all, the application that has been established or deleted is incorrectly, in the future can bring to an error. And this is a completely different story.

It is worth considering that you should not delete the program you are installed. It is required to wait for the end of the download.

Thematic video:

Hello everyone expensive internet users! I am Alexey - the creator of this site.

Today we will talk about how to delete the program in Windows 10 if it is not in the removal of programs! What does it mean? This means that the program will fail to delete the standard Windows methods. All due to the fact that it is impossible to find it in the list of program deletion manager. Surely the break time of using the Windows system you visited here in such a window.

Attention! At first I will give the fastest way to solve the problem so that you are not tired reading. You can go to this item.

Removal through "Programs and Components"


Below you can observe one of the ways in slides. Scroll it. You can not read the text to understand how to solve your problem. This is my recent innovation on the blog. For a long time I am puffed ...

If the above method did not help you and is not deleted, then let's figure out with all this differently. Follow the tips below:

  1. Find out the name of the utility you want to delete;
  2. Go to My Computer and in the Search Menu (in the upper right corner of the window) enter the name of the software removed;
  3. After some time, Windows will find the folder in which the program itself is installed. True folders may be several. Need to find the necessary one;
  4. After you have fallen into the required folder, locate the uninstall.exe or unins000.exe file - these are the program deletion files. Click on the found file 2 times the LKM.
  5. The utility is launched similar to the installer. Only this is not an installer, but an uninstaller. We simply agree with what we are reported. After completion - the program will be deleted.

If you automatically drop out of the folder in which the installed software was the uninstaller deleted the folder itself. And you are now on the derricking above.

If you stayed in the folder and plus the files of the program deleted program disappeared - then the program was deleted, but the folder in which it was left. I advise you to remove it so that it does not interfere once again.

To remove an empty folder, go out on the derricking above. Then click Del. . The folder will move to the basket.

After deleting the utility, unnecessary data in the Windows registry may remain. In order to clean them out of the registry, I advise you to download and use the special CCleaner program.

Removing standard Windows 10 tools

To do this, open the Start menu. Enter the word "parameters" there. Next click on the desired.

Search for parameters

Next, we find the item "Applications" and go there.

Point of Appendix

After that, we find the necessary and delete by pressing the appropriate button.

Click the Delete button

After that, the uninstaller starts. We agree with what they offer. Click on "OK" or "yes" it all depends on the deylstal itself. After that we can observe the progress of the removal of the program. Usually all programs are removed quickly.

Now let's resort to non-standard ways to delete the program. These will be third-party applications, utilities. I want to say that they just take a list of installed from the system. Next is looking for their removal programs. In other words, deylstulators. These are famous for us Uninstall.exe. or unins000.exe. . After they run them.

Of course there is still a bunch of functions. Such as a registry cleaner. That is, not after the standard deletion go look for the registry cleaner program. Everything is collected in one place. To end everything here and now. That's all. I do not see a special advantage in these programs and honestly - I do not use them. Is that sometimes I go to Cclener and clean the system from time to time.

In general, then here:

Purely not where they clean, and where they do not grow!

Deleting a program using CCleaner

Here you have to download this program. I have somehow wrote about her by the way. You can read this creation. Link below. In the article will find and link to download.

All here: Download CCleaner

After installation - run the program. You will find here:

View of the ccluener window

Go to the "Service" Patch further "Deleting Programs".

Software Removal Window in CCleaner

After that you can manipulate software. Delete, restore, rename. The screenshot above shows the desired window.

Using Ashampoo Uninstaller 8

Download Ashampoo Uninstaller 8

We start clicking on the application label. A window appears in which you need to click here:


In this window, the application will go to another item we need. In it just choose which of the programs you want to delete.

Lists of programs that can be deleted

That's all! Ready! Next, just follow what the utility advises.

With Revo Uninstaller Pro

Download Revo Uninstaller Pro

Again - download and run the program. We see a window in which we need to again choose a remote program. And click on the "Delete" button. Screenshot below:

Choose a remote program

Next we are asked if we agree. Agree. As in the screenshot below.

Removal process

After the process of uninstallation is started. It remains only to wait a bit until the utility works.

That's all right. Quickly and simple. Thank you for reading to the end. So far!

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