Scum on the head

The pimples on the head of the penis in men - the phenomenon is incredible and often associated with various sexually transmitted infections. The very appearance of any rashes on the genitals of many representatives of the strong gender is horrified or despondency, because it is known that in 90% this is the STD.

Acne or, as some of them are called, pumerals on a penis are several types:

  1. Small, grouped pimples on a member head with transparent content very often are a sign of herpetic infection.
  2. Acne on a sexual member with yellow purulent contents that appear mainly on the skin of the body of the sexual organ and the extreme flesh, they speak of mercury disease caused by staphylococcal or streptococcus.
  3. White, bodily colored pimples on a penis can be quite harmless, being the result of hyperplasia of the gland gland glands, the so-called Fordais granules, which is considered an option for the norm.
  4. If white, and sometimes red pimples on the head in men appeared after contact with a woman suffering from chronic candidiasis of the vagina or thrush, then it is certainly a candidomic balanopostitis, resulting from the lesion of the skin of the penis genruple of the candidate type.
  5. White verses on the head of a member, resembling papillomas, is nothing more than Condylomes caused by 6 and 11 Type of HPV. It is often commonly found by the Association of Papilloma of Man's Papilloma, when, along with these types of virus, oncogenic, leading to the cancer of genital organs, papillomomiruses are found.
  6. Large pimples on a member head, with a dense cartilage infiltrate at the base, painless, can be an initial sign of primary syphilis. Further, these infiltrates are ulcerated, and a typical syphilitic ulcer appears - solid chancre.

In general, the scum on the head of a member may appear in many diseases of the genitourinary system in men and even with endocrine pathology.

The reasons for the appearance of acne on the penis:

  1. STIs. At the same time, the causative agent can directly affect the skin of the head, as it happens when candidiasis, syphilis, gardnerellosis, genital herpes, condylomatosis. And may initially cause urethritis, that is, inflammation of the mucous membrane of the urethra, and then the release of the urethra with a large number of pathogen is annoyed, praise the skin of the penis head, which is why acne appear on the penis.
  2. Prostatitis - mucous and purulent discharge from the prostate gland and urethra containing an abundant bacterial microflora accumulate under extreme flesh and cause pimples on the head head.
  3. Infecting by conditionally pathogenic bacteria of the skin of the penis head and its extreme flesh as a result of unprotected oral and anal contact.
  4. Sugar diabetes contributes to the appearance of acne on the member head due to abundant reproduction of the fungus.

What if the member of the pumens appeared?

The answer is simple - urgently call the clinic and recorded on the reception to the urologist or dermatovenerologist. Only a doctor may understand the problem that has arisen, to properly take analyzes from the focus of rashes, from the urethra, prostate, blood tests.

We often come patients after self-treatment with various ointments, antibiotics, antifungal drugs. Why do they seek help? Because after the wrong diagnosis, from which inadequate treatment follows, they acquired chronic balanopostitis (inflammation of the skin of the head and extreme flesh with constant exacerbations) and a mass of complications. The pimples on the head of the member turned into ulcers, erosion, appeared swelling, phimosis (narrowing of the extreme flesh), cracks. All this was accompanied by itching, pain, thoroughtry. Sometimes I had to trim the extreme flesh. This I am not talking about lately revealed and not treated syphilis, which also happened.

Only an experienced venereologist or a urologist knows how to remove pumerals on a penis. Treatment is usually integrated and follows from the established diagnosis and data of laboratory diagnostics. This can be both outer therapy with various solutions, creams, ointments and the systemic use of antibiotics, antiviral drugs, antimicotics inside and in the form of injections.

In the treatment of pimples on the head of the penis caused by Papillomiromius, they have to be removed using liquid nitrogen, laser, radio wave apparatus. Jews are opened and processed by antiseptics with the imposition of special dressings. Our clinic has developed a unique method of treating such processes, which allows not only guaranteed to cure, but also reduce the formation of post-block scars on the skin of the penis.

As you understand, the pimples on the head of the member in men occur often, the reasons for their appearance mass, the diagnosis is made individually after the detection of the pathogen. Treatment is based on the obtained analyzes taken with acne and from the urogenital tract. Only a specialist is guaranteed to cure, an urologist, a venereologist.

Doctor clinic "Private practice" dermatovenerologist, urologist Volokhov E.A. Talks about pimples on the head of the penis.

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Volokhov Evgeny Aleksandrovich

dermatovenerologist, urologist-andrologist with the highest medical category

Red rash on the head of a member during herpes

Pullings on the head of the member appear in many diseases: dermatological, infectious, allergic.

Basically, this is the result of inflammation: bacterial, viral, autoimmune, allergic, less frequently proliferative process.

Let us discuss the main reasons why rashed on the head of the penis may appear.

Palming on the head of a member with sex infections

The first thing will think about the man, seeing small rashes on the member head, is a venereal disease.

With a high probability it will be right.

Because one of the most frequent reasons for the appearance of a member's head on the head is indeed the STD.

They are extremely common in the world.

More often there are only respiratory and intestinal infections.

At least once during the life of the venereological disease, every second person is sick.

For most of them, the primary damage of the urethra is characterized.

But some also cause red rash on the head of the penis.


Syphilitic infection affects genitalia in the primary period.

Approximately a month after infection in the field of entrance gate, Papula appears.

It increases in size and is ulcerated for several days.

The result is the formation of erosion or ulcers.

Red rash on a member head during syphilis

It appears on a dense base.

It is more often a single, less often - multiple.

Usually the diameter of the formation is 1-2 cm.

But there are also very large or small rashes.

Distinctive features:

  • Seal under the element of the rash cartilaginous consistency;
  • an increase in inguinal lymph nodes;
  • erosion is completely painless;
  • top covered with gray raid;
  • Does not fall below the skin level.

With or without treatment, an ulcer disappears in a few weeks.

In the case of a natural course, this speaks of the transition of the disease into the secondary stage, when bacteria are spread throughout the body.

Syphilis is better treated as early as possible because it gives heavy complications.


White rash on a member head can be associated with herpetic infection.

In the classical flow of this disease, bubbles appear on the penis.

They have different sizes.

Veinsicles are small diameter.

In this case, they resemble fine white rash.

There are more bubbles.

Sometimes they merge among themselves.

Features of the disease:

  • rash causes pain;
  • quickly revealed to the formation of individual erosions or extensive erosive surfaces;
  • After the formation of erosions, exudation often continues, dry peels in top;
  • Inguinal lymph nodes increase and hurt;
  • A few months after the first episode, the disease can recur, with the same symptoms that are less pronounced and are faster.

The first episode of herpes usually lasts 2-3 weeks.

If treatment is scheduled, symptoms may pass in 1 week.

In the future, rash on the head of the penis periodically appears again.

This phenomenon is called the recurrence of herpes.

They often happen in patients with a weak immunity.

Usually, with the appearance of herpetic shallow shawl on the head head, situational treatment with acyclovir is applied.

But with frequent recurrences, additional treatment with immunomodulators or vaccination is often required.


Red rash on a member head in combination with edema and white raids is often due to fungal microflora.

It is sexually transmitted, and if the infection occurred for a long time, it develops as an endogenous infection.

Red rashes on the head of a member at Candidiasis

Starting factors and reasons can be:

  • antibiotics therapy;
  • immunity shortage;
  • HIV;
  • diabetes;
  • Insufficient genital hygiene;
  • phimosis;
  • Increased sweating.

Fungi grow rapidly in a warm and humid environment.

Their population increases significantly, which leads to inflammation of the skin.

Men appear red rash on the head of the member and the foreskin.

These are stains, papulas, and with severe flow, erosion, spacing, cracks that cause severe pain are possible.

White raids are formed on top.

Could feel sour smell.

Most patients have symptoms fully pass after treatment.

But some are formed chronic or recurrent candidiasis.

This usually happens if the predisposing factors are not eliminated.

Contantagious mollusk

At the contagious mollusk, elements of ravis on a penis, pubis, in the crotch appear.

This disease is striking skin cover.

The elements of the rash in the form of nodules are formed.

rash with contagious mollusk

They are red, in the center there is a deepening.

It is distinguished from it a semi-liquid mass when pressing.

With microscopic examination of this mass, mollusk tales can be detected, which are the basis for establishing the appropriate diagnosis.

The infection is not dangerous, but unpleasant, as it causes psychological discomfort.

She can pass without treatment.

True, it happens very soon - after a few months, and sometimes only after 1-2 years.

If the patient does not want to endure the red and white rash for a member head so long, he can contact the clinic.

The doctor removes rashes quickly, without pain and scar.

Because the nodules are located in the epidermis - the upper layer of the skin.

Usually several dozen elements appear simultaneously.

But against the background of HIV, the contagious mollusk proceeds especially hard.

Giant nodes are formed, their quantity is calculated by hundreds.

Spontaneous recovery does not occur.

Moreover: pathology is constantly progressing, the number and size of the nodes increase.


Papillomaviral infection leads to the emergence of a guard on the genital organs.

In shape they can be flat, pointed, filamentous.

Some look like stains, others are protruding on a thin leg.

Dimensions vary significantly.

More often appear small elements with a diameter of several millimeters.

Small rash on the head of a member at HPV

But in some patients there are giant condylomas that destroy soft tissues and the life-threatening life of the patient.

Condylomes are usually not dangerous.

In some cases, they can be reborn into cancer.

To understand whether the formation of a threat is to make a PCR analysis.

The test allows you to determine the type of virus.

If it is lowly alcoholic, it is enough to delete a deep laser or other way.

If a highly alcoholic virus is detected, antiviral therapy is carried out, and the patient is monitored until its recovery.

In the case of the development of precancerous processes, they are cured by excision or destruction of pathologically changed sections of the epithelium.

Penis Cancer meets infrequently.

Oncogenic viruses are more dangerous for women, since they cause cervical cancer.

Lobkovy Vershi

FTIRIAZ causes insects, which are called pubic in lobs.

They parasitize on genitalia, less often - armpits and eyelashes.

There is a suitable hair here.

On the head, the pubic lobes do not live, as their body is not adapted for fixing on such hair.

There are no hair on the head of men.

But they are on the skin of the body of the penis.

Therefore, in these places can be detected pubic lice.

Reveal them by characteristic rash.

These are usually blue spots or breaks resulting from itching.

With a detailed consideration in the magnifying glass you can detect small nits.

Insects themselves can be revealed rarely, as they are located at the root of the hair.

They are almost impossible to detect on the pubic.

But on the penis, insects are more noticeable, since here the hair is not so thick.

This insect is transmitted not only in sexual path, but through general underwear.


The main symptom of the disease is itching.

In this case, the rash is not always detected.

If it is, then there are several dozen papules.

Possible secondary elements of rashes, resulting from combing or bacterial infection.

After infection, local itch appears.

Red rashes on genitals during scabies

After a few weeks, it begins the whole body due to an allergic reaction.

Pathology is easily cured.

Chesoccal ticks are destroyed by permethrine, less often benzylbenzoatom (it is cheaper).

Allergic reactions

Another frequent cause of the rash is allergy.

If the manifestations are available only on the penis, with a high probability of an allergic reaction due to direct contact of the skin with an allergen.

Less often, this is fixed erythema.

It is manifested by the formation of a red spot in response to the reception of some medicines.

With direct contact of the skin with an allergen, the reaction may flow differently.

Sometimes it is an immediate type allergy (contact immune urticaria), in other patients - a delayed type reaction (contact allergic dermatitis).

What can cause the appearance of a rash:

  • lubricants;
  • topics;
  • soap for intimate hygiene;
  • condom;
  • drugs that possess patient partner in the form of vaginal candles;
  • lingerie;
  • spermicides.

With the first contact with the allergen, the reaction does not occur, because the body is not yet sensitized.

Therefore, a person can use certain lubricants, soap or condoms a few weeks, months or even years before the first rashes appear.

After sensitization, they will appear with each contact with the allergen.

Rash on the head of a member with allergies

The longer sensitization passes, the later after the contact appears symptoms, and they are weaker.

Example of exposure to strong allergen on penis:

  • Sensitization lasts a few days;
  • The reaction is manifested several minutes after contact with the allergen;
  • Symptoms are heavy, spread far behind the skin contact zone, remain for a long time.

An example of the impact of weak allergen:

  • Sensitization lasts several years;
  • The reaction is weak, manifests itself only to a small redness and itching;
  • It occurs in a few hours or even days after contact with the allergen.

Features of allergic inflammation of a member:

  • The rash appears in the contact zone and slightly extends to its limits;
  • subjectively felt itching;
  • The rash invariably occurs with each contact with the allergen (if the contact with the substance was, and there is no reaction, it means that the alleged allergen is in fact not);
  • The fact of the appearance of symptoms and their severity does not depend on the dose of allergen.

Usually acute contact dermatitis of allergic origin is manifested by redness of the skin.

Then there are papules at this point.

They turn into vesicles that quickly open.

Corks are formed, after the removal of which hyperpigmented leather opens.

Plumbes on a member during allergic dermatitis

With a long period of chronic allergic inflammation, thickened areas of the skin may form, which lost the characteristic skin pattern.

Chronic allergy is usually due to a long-term exposure to the skin of weak allergen.

Other reasons for rash on a member head

Other possible causes of rash:

  • psoriasis;
  • lymphangit;
  • neules (moles);
  • injury;
  • streptodermia;
  • red flat deprived;
  • Scleroatrofic Lichn;
  • Malignant or benign tumors.

There may be a lot of reasons.

For their clarification, analyzes are often required.

Diagnostics of Pulls on the Member Head

Often rash looks equally with different diseases.

Therefore, assays are required to establish the cause of this symptom.

Diagnostics begins with a patient survey and its inspection.

He tells the doctor about his complaints.

The doctor clarifies a number of questions: when symptoms appeared, with what events or situations the patient binds their occurrence, whether unprotected sexual contacts were.

During the examination, the doctor determines which rash is: Papula, Vesiculi, stains, etc.

It clarifies where the morphological elements are located, which sizes are.

The doctor carries out dermatoscopy and can inspect the rash under the Wood lamp.

Then he takes tests:

  • Maza-imprint from a penis for a microscopic study;
  • scraping with rashes and urethra for PCR on sex infection by gender;
  • blood on syphilis, HIV, carbohydrate metabolism (glucose, glycated hemoglobin);
  • Blood on indicators of allergic inflammation;
  • MAZ for cytological research.

PCR analysis when rashes on the head

According to the testimony, the skin biopsy can be performed.

Treatment of rash on a member head

It is not treated with rash, but a disease that caused it.

Therefore, the therapy scheme is significantly different in different situations.

Sometimes enough use of ointment, which will eliminate the cause of rash or block the mechanisms of formation of spots and papul.

In some cases, antibiotic therapy is required.

Surgical operations or minimally invasive procedures are also used.

Venusal diseases are mainly treated with medical drugs.

In the case of the detection of syphilis in the primary stage, the patient is assigned a course of therapy with penicillins.

Often it is a durant penicillins.

They are introduced three times, at intervals of 1 week.

In the case of herpetic infection, acyclic nucleosides are shown.

Apply acyclovir, valacyclovir, or Famciclovir.

If the disease recurrences, the therapy is repeated until the symptoms disappear.

If pathology recurrences often or occurs hard, vaccination, immunotherapy or suppressive treatment with antiviral means is shown.

Condylomes are subject to removal.

When identifying HPV high oncogenic risk, the patient establishes observation: it gives analyzes 1 time in 3-6 months.

Candidosis is treated with fluconazole or itraconazole.

In allergies, hormonal ointments are prescribed.

Scabies or fatiriasis are cured permeter.

Where to contact when rashes on a member head?

With the appearance of any rash on the penis, it is worth contacting the venereologist.

Venereologist Lenkin Sergey Gennadevich

It is impossible to wait until the pathology passes by itself, because:

  • The rash can be a symptom of severe illness, which threatens the health and life of a man: syphilis, penis cancer, etc.;
  • rashes are often due to sexual infections that do not conduct themselves, distributed among sexual partners, cause complications (infertility, inflammation of the joints, stricture of urethra, phimosis);
  • A person without medical education cannot independently determine or at least suspect the cause of the rash, since the origin of this symptom is very diverse (even the doctor does not always understand the cause of rashes without special analyzes).

Therefore, if you have rashes, contact our clinic.

We specialize in identifying and treating inflammatory diseases of the urogenital system.

We have modern laboratory and instrumental tests.

We will quickly find the cause of rash and eliminate it.

Most of the diseases that lead to the appearance of rashes on the penis are cured in a few days or weeks.

When rash on the head of a member, contact the author of this article to the dermatovenerologist in Moscow with many years of experience.

However, when acne appears on the penis, It is important not to fall into panic immediately and do not be shy to visiting a medical staff . Little pimples on the sex dick and head of a member in men

Moreover, acne is not always a sign of the pathological process, and if they are, they require quiet and neat treatment under careful control of the specialist.

Pimples on the sexual member: causes

Little pimples on the sex dick and head of a member in menThe etiology of the occurrence of acne on the male sexual term is quite diverse. It includes both factors for physiologically normal rash on the surface of the penis that are not symptom of pathology and diseases that caused the appearance of pimples.

Among the most common options when pimples appear on sex :

  • Failure to comply with intimate hygiene , disregard for it in general, or an incorrectly selected means for care for genitalia;
  • Allergic reaction to the material from which underwear is made, or on a man used for the shower used. Possible hypersensitivity to the materials from which the contraceptive means are manufactured;
  • Non-infectious inflammatory diseases , such as Balanopostitis, dermatitis;
  • Hormonal perestroika during puberty, associated with increasing testosterone products in the body of a young man;
  • Acne In other words, the development of open comedones having a kind of black little points, and the appearance of closed comedones in the form of white pimples;
  • Other diseases like Papillomavirus infection, genital herpes, psoriasis, scabies or syphilis ;
  • Inflammatory reaction , affected by the hair follicle, in other words, folliculitis;
  • Diet structured incorrectly; most often with an excess of oily, fried, smoked and salted;
  • Diseases of fungal etiology, like Candidias or Trihoughs. ;
  • Oncological pathology;
  • Parasitic diseases associated with the advent of pubic lice or tick-borne borreliosis.

Types of acne

Options for the appearance of acne on the surface of the male penis a lot quite a lot and talk to their appearance completely different diseases Sometimes looking absolutely differently, indicate the same problem.


Little pimples on the sex dick and head of a member in menMost often have a pink shade and in the future are replaced by ulcers with dense edges and shiny bottom, Indicate the need for tests for syphilis .


Painless and not inflamed around, are Closed comedones . They arise when subcutaneous blockage of swelling and sebaceous glands .

Little pimples on the sex dick and head of a member in men

  • And if white pimples appeared near the follicle and the feeling is created that the hairs are growing from the guns, then, most likely it has joined inflammation after improper depilation Bacterial infection .
  • White furuncula In turn, there may be a manifestation of reduced immunity when avitaminosis or diabetes.
  • For more information about white acne for a penis, see the video:

Acne on the penis head

Little pimples on the sex dick and head of a member in menAcne on the penis head have a sharp tip and a bright pink shade, close sometimes even to the red, can be a sign of infection Man's papilloma virus .

And if these rashes are combined with the discharge of a white shade, then most likely this is the manifestation of the candidiasis. In the same case. If a Acne on the head of the penis Associated with the feeling of strong itching, then most likely this is a manifestation of scabies.

Small pimples on penis

Little pimples on the sex dick and head of a member in menLittle pimples on penis With a characteristic pale pink tint or close to normal skin color, accompanied by excessively dry skin, often peeling, can be a bright sign of psoriasis or atopic dermatitis.

Small pimples in some cases can be called red dots.


Little pimples on the sex dick and head of a member in men

  1. Having a black shade and not combined with inflammation around usually indicate a developed acne .
  2. This is due to the fact that it is time through which the secret of the sebaceous glands is highlighted, clogs by this secret, mixed with dead cells of the epidermis.
  3. There are also red dots and white.


Little pimples on the sex dick and head of a member in menWhich can be filled with some Transparent secret , most often small size and concluded by penis clusters may indicate Infection of genital herpes .


Little pimples on the sex dick and head of a member in menRed acne on the head of the penis often indicate the development of a viral infection, like Herpes or human papilloma virus.

They can also be a manifestation of ordinary irritation associated with incorrectly selected close underwear or with insufficient leather folds.

Can be single bright red acne, different from the usual rash with their big sizes that often arise due to fungal infection associated with triplets. But most often red rash, especially bright and almost burgundy may indicate venereal diseases.

Fighters on penis

Little pimples on the sex dick and head of a member in men

  • Fighters on penis They have a skin close to color or pale pinkish shade, often indicate a papillomavirus infection.
  • If these are bright, perhaps even white growths are not accompanied by itching, these are ordinary warts arising from non-compliance with personal hygiene rules.
  • And if with the appearance Warts It also appeared, then it is most likely that sexually transmitted infection.


Acne on penis More often have the form of small nodules, mostly white shade.

They can appear periodically and in small quantities, and they can take most of the skin of the penis. If they do not squeeze them, then more often they are absolutely painless, they are not inflamed and gradually pass.


On the penis, they are small with a pinkish tinge, more often are consequence of the bites of pubic lice They are usually located closer to the base of the penis and on the scrotum.

Fordice granules

Some men do not know exactly the exact name they are called their bumps, dots, small, white pimples or pimples.

In fact, this is Forday's granules, they are absolutely normal education and do not bring any harm.

These pimples There are white seals in diameter about 1-2 millimeters and are located on the barrel of the penis. In order to better see them, you need to pull the skin.

Regardless which rashes appeared and how they theoretically, can only be able to say an accurate diagnosis and determine the most appropriate treatment.

How to treat acne on penis

Medical employee picks up individually Suitable for the disease and its stage of drugs, among which are most common:

  • Antiseptics aimed at cleansing skin, lifting inflammation and skin restoration;
  • Ointment, cream or gel, which includes hormones to affect the glands of the internal secretion, and in particular on the sebaceous glands;
  • Antibacterial drugs, both used inside and out. Antibiotic therapy The most common component of the treatment of any rash;
  • Antifungal agents, if you need to fight against candidiasis or tricoephy
  • In viral infections, antiviral drugs are prescribed like "Zoviraks";
  • Antihistamine drugs aimed at reducing and fighting with the manifestation of hypersensitivity to anything or used in the form of additional therapy with a course of antibiotics;
  • In the case of Condyloma, the surgical treatment is most often choosing, by igniting or cryodestruction using liquid nitrogen.

You can not buy any drugs from these groups without a doctor's council, even if they previously helped another person with similar symptoms. The treatment approach is always strictly individual and incorrectly selected drugs can harm.

Capacity, at home

Treatment at home is also possible in some situations. It includes:

  • Change in lifestyle, with dietary correction;
  • The choice of underwear from natural materials and the right size;
  • Maintaining personal hygiene in the form of regular soul reception;
  • Use antibacterial soap while visiting a bath or soul;
  • Disinfection of inflamed rash with chlorhexidine;
  • If there is a hair in the pimple, it is carefully removed by sharp tweezers, trying not to damage the fabric;
  • Point use of ointments with antibiotic or gels;
  • Reception of vitamins and minerals.

All these options are quite simple and at first glance it seems that they are much easier than visiting the medical institution and the acquisition of other medicines. However, home therapy will help not in all cases associated with the appearance of rash, and the doctor's consultation is mandatory in any situation.

Prevention of occurrence

Preventive measures to prevent the appearance of acne on the sexual member are quite simple and do not require special time and strength from a man. They include:

  • Careful selection of body care, contraception and underwear to avoid an allergic reaction;
  • Compliance with the rules of personal hygiene and careful, daily care for genitalia;
  • The use of moisturizing creams for a penis, which includes Vitamins B5 and E, as well as alpha-lipoic acid, in order to prevent the skin drying and its irritation due to the wearing clothing and sweat selection;
  • Proper nutrition in combination with sporting events to support the body in tone and do not give the immune system to relax;
  • Careful selection of a sexual partner and exclusion of indiscriminate sexual bonds, the use of contraceptive means, in order to prevent the risk of infection with sexually transmitted diseases;
  • Take careful visits to public places, like the pool, saunas and public restrooms, it is advisable to go to these places only by making sure that they support sufficient cleanliness and carefully take a shower after visiting;
  • Regular visits to a medical officer, with the aim of general inspection and consultation with the slightest changes in the appearance of the penis.

The appearance of acne on the penis, despite its not aesthetic appearance and possible related unpleasant manifestations, is not a sentence for a man.

With the right approach to the prevention and treatment of the problem arising, in combination with the control over the situation of the medical staff, it is possible without any residual effects and unpleasant, perhaps even dangerous, complications, get rid of acne in the sexual penis, do not worry about them through the implementation of preventive measures.

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What can acumen talking about the penis?

Little pimples on the sex dick and head of a member in men

Acne for a penis may have a different nature and indicate the negative processes occurring in the body. Most often, such formations are harmless and not related to any diseases.

However, often acne on sexual member are a symptom of serious pathology, with which it is necessary to quickly and resolutely fight. Whatever the etiological mechanism of acne is, it should be very careful about this phenomenon, and with the slightest suspicions of pathogenicity to contact the doctor.

It should be borne in mind that the pimples on the penis often become the first signs of the disease, and the timely start of treatment is the soon way to recovery.

We are talking about acne on the men's sexual body, as a rule, there are in mind the various abnormal protrusions (bloating) on ​​the skin of the penis: on his body, head, outer and inner surface of the foreskin, at the base of the member, incl.

acne, acne, comedones, rashes, various small verses, pustulas or uluses, etc. In most cases, acne becomes a consequence of blockage of greasy ducts, improper functioning of the sebaceous glands, inflammation of the hair follicle.

However, the lesion of the skin can be caused by various infectious diseases, as well as tumor formations.

Little pimples on the sex dick and head of a member in men

In general, acne can be divided into 2 categories: unrevented and inflammatory.

Unreleased formations do not have additional symptoms in addition to the appearance and can be open (superficial) or closed (subcutaneous). Inflammatory acne appear when attaching infection.

They are accompanied by additional symptoms characteristic of inflammatory response (redness, pain, etc.). Often, such a process is manifested as a purulent pimple.

By the degree of danger, all skin manifestations can be divided into physiological (safe) and pathogenic education.

Physiological acne is due to the blocking of the exit of the sagal secret, are usually caused by external factors and are not related to pathological processes in the body.

If men develop diseases (most often of the urogenital system), which are manifested in the form of skin lesions on the penis, then such acne are considered pathogenic and are a symptom of pathology.

When identifying pathogenic manifestations, special attention should be paid to the characteristics of acne and the presence of related symptoms.

The determining parameters of the skin formations include the following characteristics: size (small, medium, large); Form (nodes, papules, condyloma, etc.

); consistency (dense, elastic, soft); Filling (purulent mass, water-bearing liquid, blood impurities); Coloring (white, yellowish, brown, with redness, black); Quantity (individual, multiple, rash).

Little pimples on the sex dick and head of a member in men

Physiological formations may have a different appearance. The easiest option is the comedon, which represents a pimple high of no more than 2 mm with a characteristic black point, which is easily cleaned when extruding.

When blocking the ducts, a hasty secret can accumulate under the skin, forming a white pimple - subcutaneous fat. It is not amenable to extrusion, but safely, if not accompanied by an inflammatory response.

You can still highlight Miliums or deceased - small verses with a size of no more than 1-2 mm white shade. They arise, as a rule, when impaired intimate zone hygiene.

Little pimples on the sex dick and head of a member in men

Inflammatory acne has the chief distinctive feature - redness on the bloating or in the form of a halo around the hearth.

Such eels can have the following external forms: papula (small elevation with redness or multiple bloat - rash); Pustula or an affectionate (Education with suppuration with red halo on the periphery); node (red eel with a seal of increased size); cyst (characterized by deep germination inside the skin with a small outer exaltation; it usually has liquid filling); Furuncul (great formation with redness, significant elevation over skin, purulent filling with the content of infectious pathogens). Some diseases can show other forms of acne characteristic of these pathologies (for example, syphilis).

The most common non-hazard fusion on the skin of the penis is white subcutaneous acne. Statistics says that every tenth man has such an abnormality, and in adolescence, the number of such manifestations increases even more. The mechanism of their appearance is associated with the overlap of the rigorous ducts located on the body of the penis.

The pimples do not show themselves and do not make any danger. After 40 years of age, they pass by themselves. Another thing is a psychological factor. The presence of such defects scares the man himself, causing insecurity of sexual terms, and the partner of sex can cause panic.

It is these circumstances that sometimes cause the need for therapeutic procedures.

Little pimples on the sex dick and head of a member in men

Why appeared white acne? Song ducts and channels of the hair follicle are filled with extreme epithelial cells, skin fat, dust, mud, and if the viscosity of the hasty secret increases, then the stagnant zone occurs, where the secret is accumulated.

The following factors are becoming provoking reasons: improper nutrition, stress, effect of extreme temperatures (especially supercooling), microtrauma, hygiene disruption, wearing close linen, increased sweating.

One of the frequent causes becomes excessive drying of the skin, which is happening with the unsuccessful choice or unnecessary use of detergents.

The surest way to prevent such education is the observance of the norms of intimate zone hygiene and the reception of the bath with the addition of medicinal herbs.

It is often possible to detect rash due to unsuccessful hair depilation or rustling of hairs in the skin. If such sites are treated with a disinfecting lotion or cream, then you can not worry about the consequences. Irritation caused by microtrams will soon pass without causing problems.

It can be considered as a physiological process and inflammation of the hair follicle, if infection has not joined. The inflammatory response may occur as a result of a number of external influences, and is most often safe if to adopt prophylactic measures. The defect itself looks like a pimple around the hairs with redness at borders and white filling.

Sometimes such a manifestation can cause pain. Everything will be held very quickly after taking a bath or soul, removal of the hairs using tweezers and subsequent treatment with tetracycline or erythromycin ointment (you can apply Dalacine gel). To exclude such manifestations, it is recommended to take vitamin complexes, fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins.

Little pimples on the sex dick and head of a member in men

Especially often the formation of white acne on the penis is observed in adolescents during puberty. During this period, the development of androgens as a result of the hormonal restructuring occurred is sharply.

Hormonal imbalance leads to the loosening of the skin epithelium, while the sebaceous glands are not enough enough. It is quite natural that everywhere where there are glands and hair follicles (including the sexual organ), the active birth of acne occurs.

Teenagers at this age should be understood that such a process is considered normal, and acne will be held. It is impossible to extrude them.

Most often, acne is due to physiological reasons, but it is impossible to relate to them. Their appearance can be associated with various diseases of the infectious and inflammatory nature. The following reasons can be distinguished:

  1. Furunculosis - infectious inflammation of the row, hair follicle and surrounding fabrics. The main pathogens are glotting bacteria, in particular golden staphylococcus. Provocative reasons: non-compliance with hygiene, improper nutrition, metabolic disorders reduced immunity. Externally, the furuncle is manifested in the form of a single umnik (pustula) of a significant size with a redness around the hearth. Such formations may arise on the body of the member and on the head.
  2. Fungal invasions. Characteristic manifestation of lesion: red pimples or stains. One of the common diseases is candidiasis or men's thrush. This pathology leads to the secretions of the urethral opening of a white curl composition. In addition, other symptoms are observed: pain in the lower abdomen, itching. Another common pathogen is trico.
  3. Parasitic lesions. From the bites of parasites on the body, scrotum, small red dots are formed in the area of ​​the groin. Fights strong itching. After combing the focus of the lesion, crusts are formed.
  4. Pointed Condylomes (warts). Such dry convexities are caused by human papilloma virus. The most common way of infection is sexual contact. The beginning of pathology is often manifested as red pimples on the head or a penis body, then they dry out and become outwardly similar to cauliflower.
  5. Allergic reaction. The rash on the skin of the sexual organ, as a rule, is accompanied by similar manifestations and on other parts of the body. Allergen can serve a grease condom, detergents, synthetic linen, means used by a woman.
  6. Genital herpes. This disease is generated by a 2-type herpes virus. The main way of infection - sex. The activation of the pathogen occurs when the immune security is reduced. Characteristic manifestation - pimples on the sexual penis in the form of bubbles filled with a water liquid with a large concentration of the virus. Such a rash is kept on the skin for 5-8 days, after which the bubbles are bursting, ulcers appeared covered with crusts. After self-sustaining the ulceration at the site of erosions, pink stains remain. At the same time, other symptoms are felt: an increase in temperature, headache, general weakness, an increase in the inguinal lymph nodes. Basic therapy is carried out using acyclovir preparations, valacyclovir, ointment Zovirax, etc.
  7. Contaching mollusk. Infection occurs mainly by sexual. Characteristic symptoms: acne in the shape of papules with swelling of surrounding fabrics and itching. Depending on the degree of damage, physiotherapy methods or surgical treatment are used.

Little pimples on the sex dick and head of a member in men

Seeing acne on the sexual member, a man immediately arises panic - a venereal disease. Of course, most often, it does not correspond to the truth, but there is a basis for anxiety until the final diagnosis is raised. The fact is that red acne on penis can be a symptom of any venereal disease, as they all have a similar sign.

The most dangerous disease that can provoke acne in the genital organ - syphilis. Its manifestation depends on the stage of development of the disease.

Initially, a single solid Shankr can be formed on the penis - rounded ulcer with raised edges and a solid glossy bottom.

This formation is localized on the site of the primary introduction into the body of the causative agent - pale spirochetes. Most often, the focus of the lesion is located on the head and extreme flesh.

Little pimples on the sex dick and head of a member in men

The second stage begins with the manifestation of syphilitic rosela - clearly defined spots. Subsequently, Papulse rash is formed on them. An important sign of syphilis - its skin manifestations do not possess itching and painful syndrome. At the last stage, the place of the damage is covered with nodules and compacted swollen.

What to do when the appearance of acne on the penis? As mentioned above, it is not necessary to conduct special treatment.

Physiological acne will be held independently when making preventive measures: ensuring thorough hygiene genitals, optimization of nutrition and lifestyle, consumption of products with high content of vitamins, wearing laundry from natural tissues, the use of anti-inflammatory and antiseptic gels and creams, the use of only quality detergents. Special attention to such measures should be given to adolescents during puberty. An important principle in sexual relationship: thoughtful sex without random ties and sexual contact using barrier contraception.

When the first signs of pathology, it is necessary to refer to the urologist, andrologist, dermatologist or venereologist as quickly as possible.

Only a doctor may prescribe treatment after conducting differentiated diagnostics. When prescribing treatment, the basic disease, the degree of its neglence and stage of development, the age of the patient, the individual characteristics of the body are taken into account.

Little pimples on the sex dick and head of a member in men

Treatment is aimed at eliminating the main disease, in parallel with solving important tasks: symptomatic treatment, in particular the elimination of skin manifestations; Immunity; exclusion of relapses; Normalization of hormonal balance and exchange process.

Most often, treatment is carried out by therapeutic methods, and, depending on the severity of the disease, system or local (outer) means (ointment, cream, solution) can be used. In some diseases, surgery becomes the only method of treatment.

Such pathologies include condyloma, tumor manifestations, fuunculese in severe form.

Acne on sexual member belongs to very unpleasant and alarming phenomena. In order to assess the need for treatment, you need to definitely diagnose. Treatment should be made only by appointment of a doctor.

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Red acne on the head

If a man has red acne on a member head, then this is the cause of anxiety, self-satisfaction and bad mood. But in this case you do not need to panic, as well as avoid the hike in the clinic.

In addition, the rash does not always indicate the pathological process. And if it happens, then you need careful and calm treatment under the control of the doctor.

Causes of rash

Little pimples on the sex dick and head of a member in men

Red acne on the head in men often appear due to allergies. The fact that the allergic reaction was manifested in the form of rashes in a particular place, says that the irritant acted directly on the head of the penis.

For example, a person applied a condom or lubricant of poor quality. Sometimes rash occurs due to allergies to washing powder or means for intimate hygiene.

Allergy is detected by the following signs:

  • Small rash appeared on the skin in the intimate zone;
  • In this place, the skin blushed;
  • Acne appeared along with itching.

This discomfort passes independently, without the use of medicines. If a man has discovered such a reaction, it is recommended to carry out a hygienic procedure with clean water of a comfortable temperature, but not to use certain means.

The advice from the dermatologist ... Itching, the rash and peeling of the skin signals that the body is entirely shouting about problems. What these symptoms say, we asked Sergey Vladimirovich's chief doctor of Rykov ... Read more ...

You also need to think what caused allergies. After that, you need to take care of the skin from contact with this allergen.

Other reasons

Little pimples on the sex dick and head of a member in men Little pimples on the sex dick and head of a member in men Little pimples on the sex dick and head of a member in men Little pimples on the sex dick and head of a member in men

Other reasons may not be so harmless. In some cases, such rashes are talking about the disease. The most popular option is thrush. After all, it happens not only in the beautiful half of humanity.

The thrush is treated simply. But so that there is no repetition, it is recommended to carry out treatment and prevention, both in the man and the partner. Sexual contacts are not recommended until treatment is completed. Qualitative means will help to cope with the disease for three days.

Such signs are also a signal of herpes that appeared. In this disease, the pimples are located several pieces at a short distance from each other, they resemble the bug, spots.

These rashes are very squeezed, bursting, the liquid is poured, and ulcers with uneven edges appear instead. A few days later, nothing remains from the yasels, only clean skin. To combat herpes, the doctor will appoint ointment ointment.

Signs of developing serious diseases

Little pimples on the sex dick and head of a member in men

If acne appeared on the head of a member and extreme flesh, then this indicates serious diseases. For example, such signs are characteristic of the second stage of syphilis. But for the diagnosis, the presence of acne is not enough. The person rises the temperature, lymph nodes are becoming more, the rashes are peeling, etc.

If a person is worried about the listed symptoms, he must immediately contact the clinic.

Acne for a penis may appear due to many diseases. Urgent advice from the doctor require chlamydia, mycoplasmosis, ureaplasmosis, etc. With some rash diseases, there are without itching and pain, and other diseases are accompanied by pain, swelling head, scabies and discharges.

With the listed features you need to urgently seem to the doctor. It is not recommended to engage in self-medication and try to find out on your own - what is this disease. Although there is a lot of information on the Internet, a person will easily be mistaken. And the price of the error is too high.

Sometimes kondylomas are accepted for acne. They do not cause severe discomfort, but need mandatory removal. If you delete them early, then the whole process will pass easily and quickly.

From Kondil, it is necessary to get rid of the following reasons:

  1. They gradually increase in size and apply even to healthy sections.
  2. Cells can be reborn in malignant education.
  3. Great probability infect partner.
  4. The urinary system is also susceptible to infection.

The removal procedure is simple. There are several methods of a painless solution to the problem. The most popular is the removal of a laser.

The pathology determines the doctor on the basis of development. If the rashes did not become greater, the acne did not increase and the liquid is not standing out, but it became pale and itching has passed, it means that it was just an allergy.


Little pimples on the sex dick and head of a member in men

To learn how to treat acne on a child's head in a child or an adult, you must first turn to the doctor. It will prescribe medicines suitable in each case.

Usually the doctor prescribes the following drugs:

  • antibiotics in the form of ointments or tablets;
  • antiseptics to remove inflammation;
  • means for outdoor use, which includes hormones;
  • means against fungus;
  • Antiviral tools, if we are talking about a viral infection;
  • Antihistamines.

It is impossible to acquire drugs at their discretion only because they helped with a similar disease to another person. Especially in self-formation of diagnosis is easy, and unearthly damage will be applied.


It must be remembered that the occurrence of acne on the head of a member (although they do not have an aesthetic appearance and deliver discomfort) is not a sentence for a man.

Doctors warn! Shokytiktika - YCTAno, thoroughly, 74% of the maintenance is a detachment - there is a napazita, giardia, tokcapa).

Glycts are called the use of the OPGNIZY, and the definition of the NAHA Immunnium, which is a detailed one of the options.

If you correctly approach the problem, be under the permanent control of the doctor, really get rid of trouble, as well as unpleasant, dangerous complications. And at the initial stage, even serious diseases are much better treatable.

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Acne for a penis: Top treatment and prevention methods

The rashes in the field of genital organs always make a person worry and invent themselves the worst diagnoses. In fact, acne for a member most often appear on a harmless reason and quickly eliminate.

However, in the absence of therapy, the rash can go into a heavy stage and cause serious complications.

It is strongly recommended to turn a man to a dermatologist or a venereologist, depending on the type and place of acne to find out what it is.

What can cause rash

Painful rash on the skin of a penis can for various reasons, ranging from non-compliance with personal hygiene rules, ending with dangerous pathologies.

One of the most frequent factors that provokes a problem incorrectly selected water procedures. They cause an allergic reaction manifested in the formation of various rashes, edema and itching.

Experts identify the following causes of damage to men in genitalia:

  • neglect of personal hygiene rules;
  • Allergies to underwear cloth, soap or contraceptive means;
  • inflammatory processes of skin, for example, balanopostitis or dermatitis;
  • violations of hormonal background, especially in adolescents during puberty;
  • acne rash caused by blockage of the sebaceous glands;
  • supercooling or overheating of the body;
  • infectious diseases - scabies, syphilis, human papilloma virus, herpes;
  • Inflammation of the hair follicle - folliculitis;
  • fungal disease - candidiasis or trico;
  • Malignant member tumors in men;
  • parasitic infection of the organism with pubic lies, ticks or worms.

Little acne may appear due to unbalanced or irregular nutrition. With a shortage of vitamins, the entire body suffers, which is immediately reflected in the state of the skin.

Eating fatty, smoked and fried food contributes to the development of acne.

It is necessary to refer to the doctor, regardless of the cause, since in rare cases it is possible to get rid of pimples without qualified assistance.

Types and Localization of Ps

The rash is infectious and unsuccessful, but it is very difficult to identify it on its own. As can be seen on multiple photos, it differs in size, color and place of education. Many are interested in such a question "Are there additional symptoms?".

Occasionally, red spots do not hurt and do not bring any changes in well-being, but more often the man is experiencing an unpleasant feeling. By type of acne, it is possible to determine the disease, but it is not worth treating at random.

Often, several diseases are characterized by similar signs, therefore laboratory studies are required.

Red dots

Most often, red acne in the genital organ is formed after sex without using a condom. They indicate the development of fungal disease, herpetic infection or parasite infection. The disease causes the swelling of the skin, strong itching, pain when urine.

If only one inflamed pimple appeared on the penis, then this may mean the beginning of a furunculese. Furunculas are formed near the head or on the pubis. Tempere an increase in body temperature, redness of the area around damage and severe pain.

In advanced cases, furunculus achieves large sizes.

White rash

Multiple painless white acne on a member head are closed comedones. The cause of education is the blockage of the stal glands and insufficient cleansing of the skin.

If the guns are localized around the hair, cause pain and burning, this is a sign of attaching a bacterial infection. Often there are acne on the member after shaving, but they usually pass within a few days.

White head furuncules are a manifestation of weakened immunity, a shortage of vitamins, diabetes or autoimmune disease.

White acne on sexual member can also mean papillomavirus infection. The neoplasms do not emit pus or blood, have a strange form and small sizes. In the absence of treatment, it is capable of growing up to 1 centimeter in diameter.

Little pimples on the sex dick and head of a member in men

Acne white color

Jumping rash

Small watery acne on a penis with transparent content inside are considered a manifestation of genital herpes. It transmits from an infected person after unprotected sexual intercourse. The rash is striking almost the entire sexual organ, moving to the pubis. Soon, the guns are bursting and dried, leaving the ulcers with a crust.

Remove on the surface of a member easily different rashes: there may be a subcutaneous big pimple on a penis or a few small on the surface of an intimate place. In addition to those described above, the following damage is often diagnosed:

  • Acne is small acne on a white or gray dermis, a strong pain and output of a white head are noticeable.
  • The bumps under the skin - the nodules are formed on the barrel of a member, pubis or scrotum, most often occurred after bitees of lice or ticks;
  • Pyryshki - are the first sign of syphilis, replaced with ulcers;
  • Red acne on the head of a member - education does not cause painful sensations, but itching and peeling, they speak about the development of dermatitis and psoriasis;
  • Fordais granules - noticeable seals of the whitish shade, are detected only when tightening the skin.

Larger formations are growing near the base or pubis, the smallest are located on the head. White acne is considered relatively safe, who do not start and do not hurt. Red and purulent acne on a dermis with additional symptoms require a speedy appeal to the doctor. They can cause serious inflammation and deterioration.

Little pimples on the sex dick and head of a member in men

Rugged rash

Signs of various pathologies

The manifestation of various venereal diseases begins with rashes on the skin of a penis. Almost always they are accompanied by unpleasant symptoms: itching, burning, tingling and pain. In rare cases, patients complain about temperature increase and an increase in lymph nodes. In infectious diseases, it is possible to deteriorate the state, chills, weakness and breakdown of sleep.

To tell about the inflammation of the hair follicle can such symptoms as painful seals near hairs. When touched or rubbing, the lump causes burning.

Health hazards do not represent, but require treatment, otherwise there is a risk of developing the inflammatory process.

Before getting rid of acne on a penis that arose because of the folliculite, it is better to visit the dermatologist and pass the tests. Symptoms often coincide with other pathologies.

Venericual diseases have characteristic features. A man is experiencing a strong pain, notes purulent acne on a penis (almost always they are located on the head or extreme flesh, may have gray or black color).

The thrush causes curly discharge from the urethra. More serious illness - syphilis. The first symptoms are manifested for three months after infection.

You can see the chancre solid on a penis (ulcer with dense smooth edges), which periodically passes and appears again. Pathology is able to quickly progress and worsen human health, causing irreversible consequences.

If you jumped the pimple on a penis, which causes severe pain during sexual contact or urination, then this is a clear sign of chlamydia. It is characterized not only by unpleasant sensations, but also ulcers on the organ.

The human papilloma virus contributes to the emergence of the anal opening of various formations on the genital or region.

If the bumps came out on the penis for this reason, they do not hurt and do not deliver discomfort, look like a small seal of different colors. Often coincide with a touch of the skin, but they can darken or brighten.

Sometimes grow up, reach several centimeters and resemble a cauliflower.

Herpes on a member in men is manifested in the form of bubbles that have a shiny look and liquid inside (it is contagious, so you can not open blisters).

Water rash spreads, bursting, and then dries. Pigmentation splasmen remain. The virus causes an ailment that is impossible to cure to the end.

However, this does not mean that you can do anything. Get rid of rash should be sure.

Little pimples on the sex dick and head of a member in men



As already mentioned, it is impossible to engage in self-medication. For qualified assistance, you need to know what doctor to contact.

If red acne is moving to the pubes, groin and buttocks, then a dermatologist should be visited. With an acne on the head of a member, it is better to choose a venereologist.

In some cases, when the disease is caused by violations in the work of the internal organs, consultation of the endocrinologist, a urologist or infectious system is required.

As a diagnosis, patients are prescribed at mandatory procedure for the total blood test (as well as HIV, hepatitis and syphilis), urine and strokes from the urethra. When contacting a dermatologist, the doctor discharges the direction on the scraping from the affected dermis in order to detect skin pathologies. After receiving the results of the survey, the doctor prescribes a diagnosis treatment.

Treatment of rash on the genital organ

The therapeutic scheme depends on the diagnosis and condition of the patient. Is it possible to squeeze acne on the skin? Crush, open or comb damage strictly prohibited! Such actions lead to the injury of the epidermis, and also contribute to the development of the inflammatory process.

The basis of treatment is the processing of affected places by antiseptic. Miramistin and chlorhexidine are considered the most effective, which do not cause adverse reactions and quickly heal the wounds. Appoints drugs only a specialist, to use them independently undesirable.

Therapy is based on the following principles:

  1. Hormonal preparations and antimicotic drugs are used to get rid of skin pathologies. They are produced in different forms, such as cream, ointments, candles or pills. The duration of use is up to 14 days, then a break or a change of medication is needed.
  2. Various infections are eliminated by antibacterial or antiviral therapy. They are used externally (apply to a wound or solid acne on a penis) or in the form of tablets (for oral administration).
  3. With an allergic reaction, antihistamines are prescribed in the form of tablets or gels. They are also required when treating antibiotics.

Serious pathologies (such as syphilis or launched herpes) require therapy under the supervision of the doctor. For this reason, the diseased person is hospitalized and carried out by penicillin preparations, immunomodulators and vitamins.

What if the pimple jumped up, and the doctor does not have the opportunity? Apply drugs from venereal and infectious diseases can not be independently. They possess not only positive, but also a negative effect. To remove inflammation to a visit to a specialist, it is recommended to adhere to simple rules.

First you need to exclude all sexual contacts for the therapy. First, irritation on the skin member hurts very much, any touch is even more discomfort. Secondly, some diseases (for example, syphilis, thrush, herpes and others) are transmitted by sexual.

Experts insist on the treatment of both partners when identifying infections. It is important to take a shower 2 times a day, avoiding too hot water and aggressive skin care products. Change underwear follows several times a day, and you need to choose loose products from cotton.

How to remove acne on a penis with the help of traditional medicine? Apply methods of alternative medicine is undesirable, as they can provoke irritation. After the bath, it is allowed to rinse the body with a decoction of chamomile, calendula or oak bark. Herbs have medicinal properties and can accelerate cell regeneration, as well as destroy bacteria.

Preventive measures

After treatment, it is worth paying attention to the way of life, perhaps it was he who provoked the development of subcutaneous acne. Prevention prevents re-formation of rashes, it includes:

  • Regular hygiene using suitable soul tools;
  • the right choice of underwear and contraceptives;
  • changing the diet;
  • the use of moisturizing creams for the skin with vitamin B and E, which restore the affected epidermis;
  • Refusal from indiscriminate sexual ties, you need to choose one sexual partner (after all, rashes are formed on a member after sex);
  • Attentive approach to the choice of pool, bath or sauna.

Pass prophylactic inspections from a specialist must be necessary at least 2 times a year. If a member's rash appeared on the skin, then you should not tighten with a visit to the doctor. The earlier the problem was revealed, the faster it will be possible to get rid of it.

The rashes on the genitals are not uncommon for many men, but not everyone is in a hurry for help to the doctor. Some of them are not dangerous and able to go on their own. In most cases, the consultation of the venereologist is necessary.

For treatment, various drugs are used, but it is impossible to use them without destination. Preventive measures will help protect themselves and prevent recurrence.

It is important not to just cure the ailment, but to find out why acne appears on the penis.

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If suddenly you have red pimples on the head of the penis - this is a reason for anxiety.

The most important thing in the current situation is not engaged in folk treatment or self-treatment, and immediately contact a specialist.

Any delay is an additional bonus that you give infections.

And it is not only about your health, but also about the health of loved ones, relatives and even about the health of the future kid.

Red pimples appeared on the head of the penis

What can be "red specks" on the head of a member

In most cases, when the head of the penis takes the red color or comes in red spots, it is about such a disease as the Balanit.

This is inflammation of the head of the penis.

Balanit may be due to bacteria, viruses or fungi.

Red spots on the head in men: reasons

Factors may be infectious and noncommunicable.

Most often redness in the genital organ arise due to the following reasons:

  • mechanical lesion of a member head;
  • allergic reactions;
  • irritation by chemicals;
  • reception of drugs;
  • defeat by sexually transmitted infections;
  • malignant neoplasms;
  • dermatological diseases.

Another reasons for the appearance of the rash on the penis is neglect of intimate hygiene rules.

Red spots on the head with a thrush

The thrush at the male part of the population is less common than women.

This is due to the fact that men are less susceptible to this type of infection.

It is possible to manifestize the disease after the course of antibacterial therapy or against the demolition of immunity.

Do not ignore this disease.

Candidiasis can be diagnosed in conjunction with other pathogens.

The presence of an isolated infection is not excluded.

Provokes the appearance of red races on a member of the fungus of the genus candidate.

This type of fungus is a conditional pathogenic flora.

It can be in the human body and not provoke pathological processes.

Under the influence of various factors, microorganisms begin to multiply intensively and cause milk.

Activation of fungal flora occurs due to decrease in immunity.

Fungi love to be located in a warm and wet place.

That is why most often the thrush is diagnosed on the genitals.

In men, the thrush may appear under the influence of the following factors:

  1. Reception of hormonal drugs.
  2. Stresses and fatigue.
  3. Drinking alcoholic beverages.
  4. Reception of poor-quality and harmful food.
  5. Sex acts without means of barrier protection.
  6. Systematic reception of antibacterial drugs.

In addition to the urogenital system, mucous points are affected and skin covers.

The first symptoms of the candidiasis is redness of the head and the extreme flesh.

Red specks begin to form on the head.

There are strong itchy sensations and burning sensations.

As a result, edema appears on sexual member.


In case of untimely treatment, the stains merge, significant areas of the affected mucous membrane are formed.

They appear white raid.

In the thrush, there are characteristic curls with an acidic odor.

In case of complications, the infection applies to other organs and systems.

With independent removal of a white plaque, a bleeding wound remains.

Then it is possible to attach additional infection.

Red spots on the head with allergies

The most common cause of the appearance of red dots is an allergic reaction.

Any part of the human body may be attacked allergens.

As a result, various manifestations on the skin and mucous membranes are noted.

In addition to lesions, painful sensations arise in the intimate area.

On the penis there are many nerve endings.


When the spots appear as a result of allergies, treatment should begin.

Therapy is appointed only by the doctor after the laboratory research passed.

The causes of allergy's commands are separated by several.

The most common are the following:

  • the use of non-suitable means of intimate hygiene;
  • poor-quality linen from non-natural fabrics;
  • reception of drugs;
  • Diseases of fungal etiology;
  • Contraception: lubricants, condoms.

When the first symptoms of allergy should certainly visit the specialist.

To do this, you need to know how allergic is manifested on the penis.

A characteristic symptom is the formation of peeling and redness of the skin in the intimate area.

The appearance of pigment spots is possible.

In addition, blisters with liquid can be formed.

When opening such elements, erosion is formed.

A characteristic symptom for allergies is a small-point rash for a penis.

Because of the ferrous, a penis swelling appears.

Incompretation of therapy may result in complications.

Antihistamines are used to treat allergies.

Head of the penis red with STPP

Redness on the penis can be a sign of its infectious damage.

Red spots with genital infections appear as a result of an act with an infected partner.

This applies to Chlamydia, Gardnell and sexhesticer.

Depending on which the pathogen penetrates the body, various STDs can develop.

Some causative agents of diseases can circulate in the blood for a long time.

They are manifested only with a decrease in the protective functions of the body.

A characteristic symptom is skin hyperemia.

But there may be different other signs.

They are an integral link in diagnosis.

Consider some sex infections, because of them a red rash appears in the groin.


Appears as a result of the infection of pale trone.

Infection occurs primarily sexually.

The first symptoms of the disease are celebrated after 6 weeks after infection.

It is possible to reduce the asymptomatic period.

This occurs in the presence of concomitant infectious diseases.

Syphilis leaks in three stages.

Primary Syphilis is distinguished by the presence of solid chancra.

Such formations have a smooth surface with a deepening inside.

The edges of Shankra are smooth.

Local lymph nodes increase.

The genital organ becomes dense and ethnic.

Secondary Syphilis begins to develop only a couple of months after infection.

It can last for several years.

At this stage, rash appears.

Polymorphic rashes are located on a penis and other parts of the body.

The rash does not peel and does not cause discomfort.

Tertiary Period occurs with a long absence of treatment.

It may begin after 5 years or more.

In this case, gumms appear.

There is damage to the internal organs and various systems.

Bone tissue is destroyed.


Provokes the emergence of such a disease of bacterium - Gonokokk.

It can penetrate the body not only at sexual acts, but also through household items.

The asymptomatic period in such a disease is short enough.

Ranges from 2 days before a couple of weeks.

The infection is acute.

Initially, their sexual intervention appears.

It is noted for the presence of a peary of a whitish shade with a stench odor.

Sex acts become painful, and difficulties in urination are noted.

In the absence of therapy, the gonococcal infection extends to other plots of mucous membranes.


This disease provokes the virus.

The cause of Hollow Herpes is a human herpes virus.

It falls into the organism by household or sexual way.

When penetrating blood, it is able to persist.

It manifests itself only with immunodeficiency.

The main symptom is a rash on the penis.

It appears not only on the head of the member, but also on the scrotum, extreme flesh and crotch.

At the beginning of the rash contain a purulent fluid.

After pus-filled elements are open, ulcers are formed.

After some time they heal, forming scars.

Such a disease can lead to relapses.

This is due to the fact that the virus is completely not eliminated from the body.

Under the influence of certain factors, the disease may appear again.


Appears when infected with chlamydia.

The disease begins acutely, but can move into a chronic form.

First, the penis head is inflamed.

A small rash appears on the genital organ.

With urethra begin to appear badly smelling selections.

Perhaps the development of phimosis.

Therefore, it is important to proceed with treatment on time.

Red spots with Reiter syndrome

This syndrome is a serious complication of many genital infections.

Most often it appears after gonorrhea or chlamydia.

Such a pathological process can be observed by the genital organs, joints, conjunctivations.

In addition, other organ systems are affected.

This marks redness of the genital head.

Without therapy, the disease leads to disability.

Developed by syndrome, as a rule, a couple of months after transferring infection.

During emptying, unpleasant sensations may occur.

There is an increase in urination.

The outer hole of the urethra becomes hyperticated.

At the bottom of the abdomen are observed pain.

Red spots are formed on the skin, they have a view of tubercles.

The presence of such a syndrome serves as a signal to appeal to the clinic.

Red spots on the head in the gardnerellosis

Infection in men is happening directly when sex with an infected Gardnelli partner.

Therefore, representatives of a strong floor, this disease is manifested often.

The first symptoms appear a few days after penetration into the urethra.

Sometimes Gardnernellas may die, but not provoke the process of inflammation.

A frequent reason for the appearance of Gardnerellosis is a reduced immunity.

The first symptoms can leak imperceptibly.

This greatly complicates the diagnosis of the disease.

There are cases and manifestations of signs of illness.

There is discomfort during emptying in the form of burning and itchy sensations.

It is possible difficulties in urination.

Sometimes there are mucous membralls with admixture of pus.

In addition, highlighting a greenish shade may appear.

They will have the smell of fish.

But most often the symptoms are minorly noticeable.

Red spots on the head with diabetes

The pathological process appears due to violations of the endocrine system.

Insulin production is disturbed.

This hormone helps to split glucose entering the body.

When reducing the number of hormone, hypoglycemia develops.

Sugar diabetes is the first and second type.

First - insulin-dependent I. second Insulin-dependent.

In the first case, the production of hormone is completely discontinued.

Such a case requires the mandatory injection of insulin in the form of injection.

Without the introduction of such a means, the life of diabetics becomes impossible.

At second Insulin form partially stops being generated.

In this case, it is recommended to adhere to the correct power.

In the early stages it is possible to maintain the body without using medication therapy.

Characteristic symptoms of diabetes mellitus is:

  • Frequent urge to urination.
  • Irritability.
  • Fast fatiguability.
  • Strong thirst.
  • Worsening vision.
  • Weight loss.
  • Numbness of the limbs.
  • Itching in the groin zone and anal hole.
  • Razk on the skin of a member.
  • Problems in intimate life.
  • The process of inflammation of the extreme flesh.

It should be remembered!

With the above-described symptoms, it is necessary to immediately appeal for medical care and begin treatment.

The absence or incorrect treatment sometimes becomes the reason for such a complication as phimosis.

This may require surgical intervention.

Red dots with zircycinal balanopostite

This is an acute form of balanopostitis.

It manifests itself in the form of a red point, erosion on the penis.

When merging the erosive plot, large foci of lesion are formed.

Such a focus has clearly defined borders.

Burning and soreness may not appear.

The appearance of such a form of balanopostitis provoke microbial infections.

Treatment in this case will be carried out directly depending on the type of pathogen.


Men often face the appearance of acne on the penis. Regardless of whether this phenomenon is harmless, or it is a sign of the flow of dangerous pathological processes in the body, in any case, acne is delivered to discomfort both due to an inesttic appearance and by physiological inconvenience.

To reveal the exact cause of the skin formations can a urologist, an andrologist or venereologist after inspection and receipt of all necessary analyzes and research.

The following possible causes of acne are distinguished:

● inflammation of the sebaceous glands or folliculitis, dermatitis and other non-infectious diseases;

● Allergy;

● non-compliance with intimate hygiene rules;

● Ingrown hair. A rather frequent reason, especially in people who remove hair on the genitals. In the locations of the skin of the member in the pubic skin, some angle is formed, the hair bends, grows into the skin, redness and itching appears.

● sexually transmitted infections;

● change of hormonal background men;

● fungus (micaosis) on the penis;

● Pliers and pubic lice. Infection of these parasites is not always connected with sex contact, they can also be purchased in public places such as a sauna, swimming pool, changing room.

Types of rash

Depending on the reason that caused the appearance of this pathology, the rashes have different sizes, shape, painting and are accompanied by various symptoms.

White acne

Most often, men are found precisely with white-colored rashes. In most cases, they are safe. White acne on a penis may appear due to the disregard of intimate hygiene, under the influence of stress or due to increased sweating in hot weather.

The young people in the puberty period often notice white acne on the trunk and under the head of the member. These formations are called Forday's granules, are an absolute norm and pass on their own.

When using some hygienic, lubricants or contraceptives, an allergic reaction is possible, which is also accompanied by frequent white rash and itching.

Red acne

The appearance of a sick red acne on a penis can be associated with banal irritation. You should not try to remove it yourself, since when extruding an open wound is formed, wherein the infection will fall and cause even greater complications.

However, if, in addition to red pimples, there is a burning sensation, itching and swelling, it can be assumed that this manifestation is caused by the presence of infection transmitting sexually or fungal lesion.

● human papilloma virus (HPV). With this disease, education can look like a pimple, but in fact it is a small wart of red or bodily color, which is a consequence of the contamination of a person's papilloma virus.

● Gonorrhea. This disease is accompanied not only by changing the skin of the penis, but also the presence of discharge with unpleasant odor and painful urination.

● Syphilis. The emergence of small and very painful ulcers on the genital organ, subfebrile temperature and general malaise may indicate the infection of syphilis.

● Machine (candidiasis). Small scattering of red acne on the head of a member occurs during candidiasis. Men also note the presence of white curl discharge.

Purulent acne

The acne can occur not only on face or back, but also in the genital organ. This is due to the clogging of the pores, which is why the natural fat, which produce the sebaceous glands, can not stand out on the surface of the epidermis, pores are inflamed and caught up, a purulent pimple for a member is formed.

Purulent red rash can be caused by a barite. This disease provoke infections transmitted by sexually, the aggressive effect of hygiene components, dermatological diseases, including skin cancer.

Watery rash

A large number of small pimples with colorless or yellowish content indicates the presence of herpes virus. These formations do not bring painful sensations, but after some time they burst, the liquid comes out and there are small open yasers in their place. These wounds deliver strong discomfort, hurt and itch.

Also in this way on the skin of the penis, an allergic response to the means of contraception and lubricants is manifested. This condition does not require special treatment, it is enough to remove the allergen and the symptom will be independently.

White blister may appear when wearing an uncomfortable, rubber underwear or when injured the skin with a lightning trouser.

Single pimple

One pimple may appear due to the inflammation of the hair follicle on the site of an ingrown hair or as a result of injury to the skin during depilation. Also in adolescence, single pimples often occur. With sufficient compliance with hygiene after 1-2 weeks, this education is held by itself, without special treatment.

Acne on the sexual member

Acne on the sexual member

This alarming symptom in a child can talk about a simple traveler. In the hot season, due to increased sweating, gentle children's skin is annoyed, because of what small pimples appear.

A more dangerous cause is the intestinal micaose. Also, this manifestation is characteristic of a very infectious disease - a chance. Only a doctor can identify a specific reason, so first of all the child needs to show a specialist.

Prevention of rash

In order to protect yourself from the occupancy on the penis, it is worth sticking to a number of rules:

● It is very important to comply with personal hygiene rules, periodically take souls, use exclusively individual hygiene accessories, often change underwear;

● Do not allow diarmity to accumulate sweat in groin;

● Select suitable underwear;

● use special moisturizing creams, prevent dryness of the groin area;

● when visiting public saunas, baths, pools, gyms try to minimize contacts with public items and walk only in those places where the sufficient level of sanitation is supported;

● eliminate indiscriminate sexual bonds and use barrier contraception tools;

● keep a healthy lifestyle, eliminate bad habits balanced;

● Regularly undergo a prophylactic examination for diseases and infections.

Treatment methods

Do not try to treat rashes on penis yourself. If this is caused by infection or illness, there is a risk that incorrectly chosen medicines will give a lubricated clinical picture and, later, will lead to the chronicization of the disease. Therefore, when this pathology is detected, the only right solution is to appeal to a specialist.

Before making a treatment plan, the doctor will prescribe a patient to pass the necessary laboratory tests - blood test, smear, scraping. According to the results obtained, the doctor will be able to choose an effective treatment method - drug or surgical.

Medicase therapy includes:

● receiving antibiotics in infectious diseases;

● Local use of antifungal ointments and receiving appropriate tablets with fungal lesions;

● If the virus occurs, antiviral medicines and ointments are used;

● In the case of an allergic reaction, contacts with allergen are excluded and antihistamine preparations are taken;

● Violation of the root glands can be corrected by special ointments.

Often, for the period of treatment, it is recommended to refrain from sex contacts. If it is the itching and burning, reduce the symptoms will help the warm bath 2 times a day. During bathing, antibacterial hygiene products should be used.

If solving the problem is not conservatively possible, surgical methods are used. Most often it concerns the pointed wings. In this case, the operational resection is complemented by the reception of immunomodulating drugs.

The effects of refusal

Self-treatment or refusal of therapy is able to lead to serious complications. The appearance of pimples on singing in itself is not a disease, but may indicate a man in the body of dangerous pathological processes in the body. Having found this symptom, you should immediately contact a specialist and identify its true reason. Otherwise, the negligence attitude to their health can lead both problems in intimate life and to the violation of fertility.

To which doctor to contact

Determine the cause of pathology and compile a competent treatment plan can a urologist. In a private clinic, "Dr. Anna" is taking a reception of patients experienced urologist, who will conduct all the necessary laboratory research and analyzes, will select effective therapy, consults on all exciting issues and will give recommendations for the prevention of this pathology.

The cost of services of the urologist in the clinic "Dr. Anna" Price in rubles.
Reception of a urologist primary doctor, medical and diagnostic 1950.
Reception of the doctor of the urologist repeated, therapeutic and diagnostic 1750.
Medical treatment of penis under the Balanopostite 1000.
Condyl removal (one element) 1000.
Peppermaster plastic (with anesthesia) 5000.
Breaking bridle break 6000.
Plugging Yachka 5000.

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