All about DirectX for Windows 10

All about DirectX for Windows 10

During the installation of the game or software that works with graphics, the delivery kit includes an optional DirectX installer. What is this component? What is it needed for? How to install it? Tell about it more in this article.

Why do you need DirectX?

The product is a variety of libraries for software development that works with graphics. Mainly actively used in games to improve graphics. A kind of "catalyst" video to use all the resources of the video card.

Software developed by Microsoft. The first version appeared in September 1995. At that time, the corporation planned the release of Windows 95 system, which would have a memory protection function. Accordingly, the development of games was conducted on the DOS platform - as it turned to the keyboard, the mouse and other devices directly through the OS.

To make Windows in demand, the company created DirectX and released it together with the release of a new operating system. The following versions came out with new versions of Windows.

How to install DirectX

Starting with DirectX 10, the product is part of the OS. For example, Windows 10 comes with a pre-installed twelfth version. But regularly overlook on OS, some of which contain a new version of DirectX.

If it is necessary to establish the current version separately, we will use the following methods.

Through the official website

Web installer
Web installer
  • Choose the language - "Russian", click "Download". Indicate the path to save the file, then run it.
Installer settings
Installer settings
  • We accept the license agreement, click "Next". The following window will appear on the monitor. Remove the checkbox from the "Bing Panel Installation".
Remove the installation of the optional Bing panel
Remove the installation of the optional Bing panel
  • The installer will connect to the server and check the presence of topical versions. If they are present, then the appropriate inscription will appear. We agree to download update files, and then expect the installation end.

When the process is completed, the appropriate inscription will appear on the screen.

Installation completed
Installation completed
Important! In rare exceptions, it may be necessary to restart the workstation.

Offline Installer

Alternative option - upload a full package to a local disk and install from it.

Offline Distribution
Offline Distribution
  • Click "Download", specify the path to download the file. Downloading will take 2-4 minutes depending on the speed of the Internet.
  • Go to the saved file, run it. Next, perform steps as in the previous section.

Remarks from the author of the article: Why do I need offline installer when you can download via the Internet? Everything is very simple. Suppose you have an unstable communication channel: Used 3 / 4G modem in a remote area. Accordingly, sometimes the connection may disappear or the download speed decreases. See also: How to see the speed of the Internet in Windows 10 .

In such situations, retaining the pre-distribution of the program, we launch it on the PC. The wizard will establish a relevant version of DirectX without connecting to the Internet.

How to update DirectX

To update software, we use the standard tools for updating the operating system.

  • Open the "Control Panel" by clicking "Start" and selecting "Parameters", as indicated in the screenshot below.
Tab "Parameters"
Tab "Parameters"
  • Select "Update and Security".
Control Panel
Control Panel
  • A new workspace will open. By default, the operating system automatically checks the availability of updates and reports the result to the user. To start the scan manually, click "Checking the availability of updates".
Manual checking launch
Manual checking launch
  • If the wizard detects the current version, automatic load will begin with subsequent installation. The process will take 5-10 minutes, after which the computer must be restarted.

What problems can be encountered when installing?

During the installation or update, the user may have unexpected errors. Consider the most typical and tell me how to solve them.

Problem compatibility

Each DirectX version is compatible only with a specific version of the operating system. Suppose the user has Windows tenth version, and he decided to start a 10-year-old game, which includes the installation of the additional software - DirectX 10. During the installation of the installer, an error of the following is displayed on the user screen.

Error during installation
Error during installation

Below is Windows Compatibility Table with the DirectX component in the form of a screenshot.

It is also necessary to check the compatibility of the video card with the component. As a rule, most video adapters support the latest versions. Information is located on the official website of Vendor. As an example, take NVIDIA GFORCE GTX950.

Link to the official website:

On the page, go to the "Specifications" tab, look at the section "Features".

Video card compatibility with Direct x
Video card compatibility with Direct x

As can be seen from the matrix, the video adapter is compatible with the twelfth version of the component.

System error

Another common problem: an internal system error during installation.


Its appearance means that there are no local administrator rights on the installation of DirectX. Now let's tell you how to fix the situation.

  • Press the right mouse button on the "Start". Select the item as shown in the screenshot below.
Run CMD with administrator rights
Run CMD with administrator rights
Opinion of the author of the article: The command line is a powerful tool that is not demanding to the resources of the operating system. It has built-in help desk for all available commands. Called through Help syntax. Most operations are performed only with the rights of the local administrator.
  • The command line will be launched with the rights of the local administrator. We recruit CHKDSK C: / F / R, press ENTER. The command starts checking the disk file system for errors. If it is located - automatically corrects errors.
Important! The CHKDSK program checks the system disk until it booted with the operating system.
  • After starting, the screen displays information that the system disk check cannot be performed in the current situation. The utility will offer to check the next time you start Windows. We agree and restart the computer.
The opening time of CHKDSK depends on the condition of the hard disk and the presence of errors. In most cases, the procedure takes only 10-20 minutes.
  • The next step again, open the command line with the administrator rights and enter SFC / SCANNOW.
  • It checks the operating system and corrects errors. According to the result, a file for subsequent analysis is formed. After the inspection is completed, reboot your computer.
  • We now turn to the installation of DirectX. Click on the Right-click distribution, select the "Startup with Administrator Rights" item.
Important! It is understood that the user downloaded the installation file to the local disk. This is told in the "How to install".
  • After all actions, software should be installed without errors.

Problem with video card drivers

Another error that manifests itself during the installation of DirectX is a problem with video adapter drivers.

Error due to driver
Error due to driver

As already mentioned in the "Compatibility Problem" section, you must first check the requirements of the video card to the software. If the conditions are executed, but the error remains, then updating the video card driver. See also: How to update drivers on windows 10 .

Important! As an example, consider NVIDIA GFORCE GTX950.
  • Come on the link to the official website of the vendor:

  • Expose the characteristics of the video adapter.
Loading for video card
Loading for video card
  • Click "Search". A new page opens with the "Download Now" button. The user specifies the path to save the distribution, and then expects the end of the software package.
  • The driver comes as a file in EXE format. After startup, it unpacks the source files on the system disk to the "C: \ NVIDIA" folder and automatically starts the installation wizard. Follow the prompts and wait for 5-8 minutes.
Important! During installation, the screen will flash several times, the permission will change to the minimum, and then restores the usual. This means that the installer deleted the old version and launched the installation of the new one.
  • After installation, restart the computer so that the OS launches new drivers.
The author's opinion of the article: I constantly come across NVIDIA video cards, and I can add the following from myself. Sometimes you have to turn off antivirus solutions and the Internet. Such cases are extremely rare, but they are. But usually after the Internet has turned off, the installation is successful.

Critical error

Occasionally a window appears with the following message.

Critical error
Critical error

It arises due to the conflict between the computer's operational memory and the DIRECT X components. Fixed as follows.

  • Click "Start", go to the Turn off the computer. Click the SHIFT key and select "Reboot".
Item "Restart"
Item "Restart"
  • The computer will restart with the choice of further Windows boot. Select the option as shown in the screenshot below.
Select OS boot mode
Select OS boot mode

Windows will boot in safe mode.

Note Author Articles: Safe Mode is an option in which the minimum set of drivers and system services is launched. It is used to diagnose the operating system, removing viruses, correct errors and other similar actions. In our case, we reduce the likelihood of a "critical" error to zero.
  • Run the Distribution Distx and install it. In most cases, the installation is successful. Restart the computer. After downloading Windows - re-install Direct X.

How to remove DirectX?

If it suddenly needed to delete DirectX manually, it will not work with standard tools. Consider several options for uninstall utilities.

DirectX Killer.

The utility extends to the Freeware license, that is, free. There is no official site to download the network, so you should use the search (Yandex or Google) and download from any convenient site.

The size of the program is 900 KB. It deletes files related to Direct X, and records in the registry. After startup, a dialog box opens.

DirectX Killer.
DirectX Killer.
  • Go to the "Basic Menu" tab, item "Scan". The utility issues the result in the form of a line with the path to the file.
  • Allocate all the lines, activate "Delete".
  • Reboot your computer and set the current version.

DirectX Happy Uninstall

The product is delivered conditionally free. Additional information is available on the official website. Link to download:

The program is loaded as an archive in ZIP format. Unpack it, run the installer. We follow the prompts, and within two minutes it will be installed on the PC.

DirectX Happy Uninstall
DirectX Happy Uninstall

The main window displays information about the current version of DirectX, and the automatic update feature is available.

Important! Some features are available only on a fee. The license cost is $ 19.95. Click on the "Basket" icon in the lower right corner to purchase a license.

The program has an important option - creating a backup. It allows you to return to the previous state if further steps led to errors. Click Backup to open a new window.

Creation of backup
Creation of backup

To create a copy, the Start Backup button is used. Activating it and expect the end of the process.

The Restore feature is used to recover data from a backup.

Option Restore.
Option Restore.

Click Next, select the required backup date from the list, then Next. The procedure will take 3-4 minutes.

Another feature of the utility is the rollback of recent actions.

Rollback option
Rollback option

In case of errors or the problems of the operating system after installing DirectX, use the rollback function. It cancels the latest user actions and returns the component to the previous stable state.

Important! Function "Rollback", "Installation / Uninstall" are available only in a paid version.

Install and Uninstall option is an installation and removal by respectively. The user clicks Uninstall and expects until the program deletes all registry files and records. After the completion of the procedure, the computer must be restarted.

Delete DirectX
Delete DirectX

The Buy / Help item opens access to the logic key and reference information.

I hope that this article helped you install the desired version of DirectX or correct system errors associated with this component.

Material author: Ilya Podgornov

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How to reinstall DirectX on Windows 10

By default, the DirectX component library is already built into Windows operating system 10. Depending on the type of graphics adapter, version 11 or 12 will be installed. However, sometimes users face problems in file data, especially when trying to play a computer game. In this case, it will be necessary to reinstall the directories, which will be discussed.

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Re-install DirectX components in Windows 10

Before moving to the immediate reinstall, I would like to note that it is possible to do without it, if the latest version of DirectX is installed on the computer. It is enough to have an update, after which all programs should work fine. First we recommend determine which version of the components is on your PC. Deployed instructions on this topic are looking for in another our material on the following link.

Read more: Learning the DirectX version

If you have found an outdated version, you can perform its upgrade through the Windows Update Center, following the preliminary search and installation of the fresh version. A detailed guide on how to carry out this, you will find in a separate article Next.

Read more: Update Windows 10 to the latest version

Now we want to demonstrate how to be if the correct DirectX assembly functions incorrectly on a computer running Windows Windows 10. We divide the entire process to steps to be more convenient to deal with everything.

Step 1: System Preparation

Since the desired component is an integrated part of the OS, it will not be able to uninstall it - it is necessary to seek help to third-party software. Since such software uses system files, you will need to disable the protection to avoid conflict situations. This task is carried out like this:

  1. Open "Start" And with the search, find the section "System" .
  2. Go to the Windows 10 system section

  3. Pay attention to the panel on the left. Here click on "System Protection" .
  4. Go to protecting the Windows 10 system

  5. Move into the tab "System Protection" and click on the button "Tune" .
  6. System Protection Settings in Windows 10

  7. Mark the marker "Disable system protection" and apply changes.
  8. Disable system protection in Windows 10

Congratulations, you have successfully disconnected the cancellation of unwanted changes, so further when removing DireCTX should not have any difficulties.

Step 2: Delete or Restore DirectX Files

Today we will use a special program called DirectX Happy Uninstall. It not only allows you to erase the main files of the library under consideration, but also conducts them to restore what can help avoid reinstalling. Work in this software is as follows:

Download DirectX HAPPY Uninstall program

  1. Use the above link to go to the DIRECTX HAPPY Uninstall site. Download the program by clicking on the appropriate inscription.
  2. Download DirectX HAPPY Uninstall program

  3. Open the archive and open the executable file there, after that, then make a simple installation of software and run it.
  4. Open DirectX HAPPY Uninstall program

  5. In the main window, you will see information about DirectX and buttons that run the built-in tools.
  6. Information in the program DirectX Happy Uninstall

  7. Move into the tab "Backup" And create a backup directory to restore it in case of unsigned uninstallation.
  8. Create backups in DirectX HAPPY Uninstall

  9. Tool "ROLLBACK" Located in the section of the same name, and its opening allows you to correct errors that occur with the built-in component. Therefore, we first recommend running this procedure. If she helped solve the problem with the functioning of the library, no further actions do not need.
  10. Restore components via DirectX Happy Uninstall

  11. If the problems remained, make deletion, however, carefully read the warnings displayed in the tab that opens.
  12. Remove Components through the DirectX HAPPY Uninstall program

We want to note that DirectX Happy Uninstall removes not all files, but only the main part of them. Important elements still remain on the computer, but this will not prevent self-installing of missing data.

Step 3: Installing the missing files

As mentioned above, DirectX is the built-in component of Windows 10, so its new version is installed with all other updates, and the autonomous installer is not provided. However, there is a small utility called "DirectX executable web installer for end user" . If you open it, it will automatically hold the OS scan and add missing libraries. Download and open it like this:

DirectX executable web installer for end user

  1. Go to the Installer's download page, select Appropriate Language and click on "Download" .
  2. Download DirectX web installer for Windows 10

  3. Refuse or accept additional software recommendations and continue the download.
  4. Confirm downloads DirectX for Windows 10

  5. Open the downloaded installer.
  6. Open web installer in Windows 10

  7. Accept the license agreement and click on "Further" .
  8. Confirm license agreement in Windows 10

  9. Expect the initialization completion and subsequent addition of new files.
  10. Waiting for library installation in Windows 10

At the end of the process, restart the computer. On this, all errors with the work of the component under consideration should be corrected. Perform a recovery through the used software if the OS operation was broken after uninstalling files, it will return everything to the original state. After that, activate the system's protection again, as described in step 1.

Adding and enable old DirectX libraries

Some users are trying to run on windows 10 old games and face the lack of libraries included in the old version of DirectX, in view of the fact that new versions do not provide for some of them. In this case, if you want to establish the application of the application, you will need to make a small manipulation. First you need to enable one of the Windows components. To do this, follow the instructions:

  1. Go to "Control Panel" through "Start" .
  2. Go to the control panel in Windows 10

  3. Lay there section "Programs and Components" .
  4. Open programs and components in Windows 10

  5. Click on the link "Enable or disable Windows Components" .
  6. Enabling Windows 10 Components

  7. Find the directory in the list "LEGACY COMPONENTS" And tick the marker "DirectPlay" .
  8. Enable DirectPlay component in Windows 10

Next, you will need to download the missing libraries from the official site, and for this, follow these actions:

DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010)

  1. Go to the above link and download the latest version of the offline installer by clicking on the appropriate button.
  2. Downloading Offline Installer DirectX Library for Windows 10

  3. Run the downloaded file and confirm the license agreement.
  4. User Agreement Before installing DirectX libraries for Windows 10

  5. Select a place where all components and executable file will be placed for their further installation. We recommend creating a separate folder, for example, on the desktop where unpacking will occur.
  6. Select a place to save DirectX library archives for Windows 10

  7. After the unpacking is completed, go to the previously selected place and run the executable file.
  8. Starting the installer for DirectX libraries for Windows 10

  9. In the window that opens, follow a simple installation procedure.
  10. Run the installation of all DirectX libraries for Windows 10

All new files added in this way will be saved in the folder. "System32" what is in the system directory "Windows" . Now you can safely run old computer games - the support of the necessary libraries will be enabled for them.

On this, our article comes to an end. Today we tried to present the most detailed and understandable information regarding reinstalling DirectX on computers with Windows 10. In addition, we disassembled a solution to missing files. We hope we helped to correct the difficulties arising and you no longer have questions on this topic.

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Will this article help you?


Without the direct directorh, modern games and even some programs will not be launched on the computer. As many know, it has several versions. And you can not always install the last one. There are two types of restrictions: software and hardware. The first are associated with the compatibility of the library and the OS. And the second - with the technical characteristics of the video adapter. We'll figure it out why you can not download DirectX 10 for Windows 10.

Recommended! InstallPack Standard installer
Official Distribution DirectX
Silent installation without dialog boxes
Recommendations for installing the necessary programs
Batch installation of several programs recommends InstallPack, you can quickly install programs on your computer, more on the site.

Clearing situation

This situation is related to the program restrictions. The "dozen" is the newest version of the OS from Microsoft at the moment, and the manufacturer offers the best solutions for it. And the directors in this case are available in versions with numbers 11 and 12. But dozen even manually put it out. Pre-installed DirectX version in Windows 10

But it is not necessary to worry if this component is needed to run any application. If you set it a newer variation, then everything will work. This is associated with backward compatibility.


Direct X 10 download for windows 10 with all subsequent versions of the library will be released through Web installer . Download the appropriate file on our website and immediately run. On the first page you will be offered to familiarize yourself with the license agreement, just accept it. Start setting the latest version of DirectXIn a new window, remove the allocation from the only point so that the system does not appear in the system. And then just click on the confirmation button until the installation is over.

Solution of problems

With Windows 10 and DirectX 10, everything is clear. But in some cases, when you start a web installer, an error will occur. It looks like the same way as shown in the image, but other options are also possible. In this case, resort to our instructions:

  1. Restart windows.
  2. Go to the folder with downloads.
  3. Click on the downloaded PCM file.
  4. Press "Run from ..." .Startup with Administrators Decalx Update
  5. Installation.

Windows operating system is a complex information microarchitecture, which is a set of a huge number of interrelated applications, services, processes and data packets. The combination of all these components must ensure the correct operation of a personal computer. An important role in this is given to a package of applied graphic via DirectX.

Purpose DirectX

DirectX is a set of libraries for programming applications associated with computer graphics, in particular, computer games. It was developed by Microsoft Corporation and consists of the following main components:

  • DirectSetup: responsible for the correct installation of the entire set;
  • DirectX Graphics: Interface package for 2D and 3D graphics;
  • DirectInput: Feedback support interface between OS and input tools (keyboard, mouse, controller);
  • DirectPlay: responsible for gaming and network communication;
  • DirectSound / Music: interface processing and output sounds and music;
  • DirectShow: responsible for the output of the total audio and video stream;
  • DirectX Media Objects: Data encoding / decoding interface.

As you can see, DirectX responds to Windows Windows for almost all audio and video components, their processing, encoding / decoding and output. Without it, the user will not be able to run any game or an application on his PC or an application using three-dimensional graphic technologies.

Where to find information about the installed version of DirectX

There are two ways to find out which DirectX version is installed on the PC:

  • through one of the Windows system tools;
  • Using third-party software.

Consider both options.

To find out the version, using only internal Windows 10 tools, you need:

  1. Run the "task string" (Win + R keys) and enter the DXDIAG value.
    "Row of tasks" in Windows 10
    "Task string" can also be opened by right-clicking on the "Start" menu and selecting the "Run" parameter
  2. After pressing the OK button, the Diaptx Diagnostics Tool will open, where in the System tab, you can find information about the installed version.
    Information window "Diagnostics DirectX" in Windows 10
    Enter the "System" tab, and at the bottom of the window you will see the number of the installed version of DirectX

You can get information about the installed version of DirectX using third-party software. To do this, use AIDA64 utilities, Astra32, GPU-Z, Sysinfo Detector, Hwinfo and others. Consider an example using the ASTRA32 utility (an actions algorithm for all listed programs similar, with some minimal differences).

  1. Go to the official website of the developer, then in the "Download" tab, where you click on the "Download Now" line.
    Official website developer ASTRA32 utility
    Select one of their two proposed versions of the utility: with or without installer
  2. After the download is completed, run the utility, and then follow in the root directory on the "Astra32 / program / Windows" path, where information about the DirectX version will be available in the information window.
    Astra32 program window
    In addition to information about the version of DirectX, the utility is able to provide the user with full information about PC

Video: How to find out the version of DirectX

Based on personal experience, the author of the article may advise to take advantage of one of the three most well-proven utilities: Astra32 (has both a portable version and installed, the interface is completely in Russian, the number of failures in operation is minimal), AIDA64 (gives deeper and detailed Information about all components of the PC, but takes a lot of space on HDD) and Hwinfo (very "light" utility, practically does not consume system resources, but is available only in English).

How to install / update DirectX

DirectX, like any other Windows 10 system component, is constantly being improved, so it periodically needs to be updated or re-installed.

Installation DirectX

To install DirectX "from scratch" you need:

  1. Go to the Microsoft website, in the "Download Center" tab, find and download the DirectX Web Installer.
    Official site "Microsoft"
    To find the DirectX web installer, use the search site
  2. Download the installer, run it and accept the "License Agreement".
    DirectX Startup Start
    After adopting a "license agreement", you may be offered to establish additional software (this is not necessary)
  3. Wait for the end of checking free space on the HDD system.
    Preparatory stage of the DIRECTX installation process
    During the preparatory phase of the installation, you will provide information about the size of the downloaded files.
  4. As soon as the preparatory stage is completed, automatic download of the DirectX file library will begin.
    Loading DirectX components
    The window displays the course of the DIRECTX download process.
  5. After the download is downloaded, the DirectX installation will begin.
    Installing DirectX package
    Installation time depends on the power of your PC
  6. Finished, it remains only to restart the PC.
    Completing the DirectX installation
    If after installing the DirectX PC did not restart automatically, then it must be restarted manually

Video: How to install DirectX

Update DirectX

If you have already installed DirectX, then it will take to update it:

  1. Press the "Start" button, open "Parameters" and select "Update and Security".
    Settings window "Parameters"
    You can also open the "Update and Security" settings window, using the search bar in the Start menu
  2. Then go to the tab "Windows Update Center" tab and click on the "Checking for Updates" row.
    Window Settings "Update and Security" in Windows 10
    To view the date and time of all the latest updates, you can open the "update log"
  3. If the list of available updates shows a newer version of DirectX, the "update center" will automatically start downloading and installing library packet.
    Windows 10 update assistant
    Before checking for updates, make sure your PC is connected to the Internet
  4. After successful installation, restart the system.

Possible problems when installing DirectX on Windows 10

Consider the most common problems arising when installing DirectX.

Incompatibility of the version of DirectX libraries with Windows version

Microsoft Corporation regularly releases DirectX updates for each new version of Windows. Therefore, for example, when trying to install on Windows 10, the DirectX version below 11.3 users may appear a critical error.

Critical DirectX Incompatibility Error With Windows Version
In the error text window, you will recommend installing a newer version of DirectX

To correct the problem, you will need to download from the official Microsoft website, the DirectX version suitable for your Windows OS.

Table: DIRECTX versions compatibility with different versions of Windows

From the table, it follows that the DIRECTX versions of 11.3 to 12.0 will be suitable for Windows 10.

DirectX installation failure (internal error)

During the installation of DirectX, a critical "Internal system error" may appear.

Internal system error DirectX
DXERROR.LOG and DirectX.log files containing error information are in the Windows system folder

The reason for this error is most often a failure to access "administrative launch rights" . To solve the problem, follow these steps:

  1. In the Start menu, find and run the "Command Line" on behalf of the administrator.
    Running the "command line" of Windows 10 on behalf of the administrator
    "Command Line" can also be launched through the "Task String" by speaking in it the value of CMD
  2. In the window that appears, do the CHKDSK value and press ENTER. Then enter the SFC / SCANNOW command and press ENTER again.
    Running commands through the "Command Line" of Windows 10
    After the process is completed, the record "Check is completed"
  3. After completing the process, close the "Command Line", Right-click on the DirectX installation file and select the "Startup on behalf of the administrator" option.
    Run the DirectX installer on behalf of the administrator
    DirectX installation file Download only from the official site "Microsoft"
  4. Now the installation must pass without errors.

DirectX compatibility error with video card or its drivers

During the DirectX installation on Windows 10, the installer can also issue an error with a message about a conflict with a video card.

DIRECTX compatibility error with video card
In the error information window it will be indicated that the problem lies in exactly the video card

The reason for such a "conflict" can be either a mismatch of the model of your video card with the requirements of DirectX (for example, the absence of the 3D-accelerator of the DIRECTX 12 technology), or outdated device drivers . In the first case, you will need to install the DirectX previous version. In the second - update video card drivers.

For this:

  1. Right-click on the Start menu and select the Device Manager section.
    Running "Device Manager" Windows 10 through the Start menu
    Open "Device Manager" can also be through the Windows search string
  2. In the dispatcher window that opens, locate the "video adapter" string and click on it. Right click on your video adapter and in the context menu, click "Update Drivers".
    Device Manager on Windows 10
    You can also update the driver through the Properties menu.
  3. Select the option "Automatic Update Search".
    Startup Window Video Card Driver Update
    If you have a downloaded driver installation file, you can specify the path to it by selecting the option "Run the driver search on this computer"
  4. Wait for the search, download and install drivers, after which you restart the PC.

"Fatal Error" DirectX

The reason for such an error is a systematic compatibility failure between the DirectX libraries and the RAM of your PC.

"Fatal Error" DirectX
In the "Fatal error" information window, information about the parameters of the PC operational memory is also usually displayed.

To eliminate faults follows:

  1. Go to the "Start" menu, press the "Power" button and holding the SHIFT key, select the "Restart" option.
    Restart the PC through the Power Options
    Hold down the SHIFT key until the PC starts to restart
  2. After restarting the system, the "Download" window will appear, where you want to select №5 "Enable secure mode with downloading network drivers".
    Download Uploads window in Windows 10
    Select the required item is carried out by the F1-F9 keys.
  3. After booting in "Safe Mode", install DirectX.
  4. Now you can boot in the usual Windows mode and without errors to re-install DirectX.

Delete DirectX on Windows 10

Unfortunately, in Windows 10, it is not possible to remove DirectX standard tools. . For this you will have to use third-party software. Below are the most common applications that can solve the DIRECTX removal task:

  • DirectX Happy Uninstall is capable not only to delete DirectX from a computer, but also to restore it;
    Exterior View Window DIRECTX Utilities Happy Uninstall
    You can also create a backup of DirectX by clicking on the Backup button.
  • DirectX Killer - In addition to the main files of the DirectX library, all its "traces" in the system registry also removes;
    Exterior View Window DIRECTX KILLER Utilities
    The utility is able to provide information on the location of all files from DirectX libraries on your PC
  • DirectX Eradicator - does not require installation, intended solely to remove DirectX.
    Exterior View Window DIRECTX ERADICATOR Utilities
    The utility starts the removal process immediately after launch (there is no starting window of the program)

If you do not want to resort to third-party help, you still need to delete DirectX, then the author of the article may advise try to use the system recovery function (through the control panel - recovery panel) for the "rollback" of your OS to the factory settings. However, remember that you will remove not only DirectX from the PC, but also all the previously installed applications, drivers, games, etc.

DirectX is an indispensable tool for playing graphics and video in the Windows system. Thanks to him, users can easily run on their PC not only games, but also any applications that support the latest 3D technology. When installing DirectX, keep in mind that its version must be compatible with Windows version, and also remember: any error occurring during the installation process can be corrected.

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