What is Chetmil and why he need

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If you look at the past, you can see a lot of information about the benefits of cow milk, now from each iron shouts about the fact that it contains harmful fat, hormones, proteins that a person cannot assimilate that they damage the gastrointestinal tract and even lead to cancer . In fact, not everything is so unambiguous and, as always, everything is very individual. Let's deal with.

In nature, milk was created to feed the young mammals, so its composition should ensure all the needs of the growing organism.

What is included in the milk:

  • fatty acid;
  • carbohydrates (lactose and galactose);
  • Proteins (casein, serum, immunoglobulins);
  • Minerals (calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium);
  • Vitamins (A, D, K2, group Vitamins B).

Fatty acid

On the quality and amount of fatty acids affects the view of the animal (cow or goat), breed, diet, grazing mode, lactation stage, which time was collected milk and so on. For example, milk cows that feed the grass contains 2-5 times more conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) (useful for many processes in the body) and more than 50% of omega-3 fatty acids. Industrial milk is not the same thing that farming.


Casein is a high-quality protein that contributes to the buildup of muscle mass. Different breeds of animals produce different casein molecules: beta-casein A1 and A2. Casein types can affect health in different ways. Some studies show that milk containing beta-casein A1, worse affects digestion, has a connection with cardiovascular diseases and type 1 diabetes, compared with milk containing only beta-casein A2. Surely you heard about Kazomorphines (obtained from beta-casein A1), causing addiction to dairy products (in particular, to cheese). Other numerous studies do not show any connection between casein and dependence / disease.

Conclusion: There is no sufficient evidence to accuse Kazyin in cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and love for cheese. Pay attention, we are not talking about allergies. About them later.

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In addition to Casin, serum contains in milk. If you ever drank protein cocktail, most likely it was made precisely from the serum protein powder. It not only contributes to the increase in muscle mass, but also can reduce blood pressure and general cholesterol.

Whey proteins (alpha lactalbumin and beta-lactoglobulin), as well as casein, can cause allergic reactions. There are contradictory studies on whey protein. Some of them binds its use with the development of tumors. The other part, on the contrary, shows that it can prevent cancer development and even suppress the existing tumors. It is worth noting that research was either conducted on rodents, or these were visibility studies involving people. That is, it is impossible to make an unambiguous conclusion.

General Recommendation: For most use, breast protein exceeds possible harm provided good tolerability. Calcium

It is important not only for bones. It is also needed that the muscles decreased, nerve impulses were passed and blood coagulated. Milk is an excellent source of calcium. However, there are regions where people without drinking dairy products support the required level of calcium. Want to abandon the milk? Be sure to add more dried duck, whole sesame, garlic, beans, almonds, algae or fish to the diet.

Vitamins A and D

If the cow was on a free grace on eco-friendly fields, her milk should be rich in fat-soluble vitamins A and D. However, with an increase in industrial animal husbandry, the content of these vitamins in milk decreases, and manufacturers are forced to artificially enrich the products with these vitamins. Remember that, since vitamins A and D fat soluble, their digestibility from skimmed dairy products is sharply reduced.

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Hormones in milk

Yes, there are hormones in milk. Just need to understand what.


Cow can give milk only during lactation. The hormonal background of the cow giving milk, differs from the hormonal background of a non-embled individual. It accurately contains estrogens. It sounds scary, especially with regard to the fact that the increase in estrogen levels in humans are associated with breast tumors in women and prostate in men. However, not everything is so unequivocal.

First, research on people on the effect of high doses of estrogen in food on the formation of tumors was not conducted. Secondly, steroid hormones, to which estrogen belongs, are destroyed in the liver after suction in the intestine.

Therefore, only a very high dose of estrogen, with which the liver will not be able to cope, can contribute to an increase in estrogen in the blood. Drinking milk, we do not get such a big dose.

Bovy Growth Hormone (Somatotropin)

Some farmers use a bullish growth hormone (bullish somatotropin) to increase the production of milk cows. But firstly, about 85% are destroyed during pasteurization. Secondly, bovine somatotropin is biologically inactive in the human body. Thirdly, our body breaks down this hormone when he admits into the intestine, as well as any protein fragment. That is, there is a splitting on peptides.

Thus, milk consumption does not affect the increase in the level of somatotropin in the blood.

Insulin-like growth factor 1 (IFR-1 or somatomedin C)

It is produced in the human body in response to eating dairy products. This polypeptide maintains the growth of bones, muscles and other fabrics. On the one hand, this is good if you, for example, build up muscle mass. On the other hand, in the head pictures of the growth of bad cells are drawn.

There are also his moments here: first, no more or less serious studies on this topic on the scale of the human body were not carried out, and secondly, the production of IFR-1 in the body provoke not only dairy, but also any animal products.

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How dairy products affect health

one. The use of high-quality dairy products helps maintain a normal weight. 2. Dairy products perfectly help to build muscle mass athletes. 3. Due to the content of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, protein, vitamin D and K2, has a positive effect on bone health. But you need to understand that at least dairy products help the health of the skeleton, they are not required if the body receives calcium and useful substances from other sources. four. If you are active and adhere to a balanced diet, moderate use of the milk can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and stroke (depending on what you choose). five. Studies show that the consumption of milk products does not increase the risk of cancer. Their contribution to the development of cancer compared with smoking, alcohol, disadvantage of activity or exposure to the Sun is minimal. 6. You should not use dairy products if you are allergic. It can manifest as itching, swelling, urticaria, difficulty breathing after consuming. If such symptoms appear - consult your doctor.

Allergies and intolerance are different things. Allergies are an immune response, while intolerance is enzyme failure, depending on many reasons (genetic factor, age, microbiome health, the presence of friendly bacteria in MP, etc.).

The intolerance may have skin manifestations or in the form of gas formation, bloating, diarrhea, spasms in the stomach, swelling. At the same time, people with intolerance can well react to some types of MP. If you suspect the intolerance, the elimination (excluding) diet will help to figure out.

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Final recommendations: ⠀

In the absence of allergies and intolerance of the MP, an adult is recommended to use 3 portions of MP per day. At the same time, preference should be given:

  • Greek yoghurt (200 gr.);
  • kefir (300 ml);
  • cottage cheese (150 gr.);
  • solid cheeses (Parmesan, Gaud, Grand Padano, etc.) 50g.

You can also drink a glass of milk a day, but only if you are fine with portability.

The following MP it is recommended to exclude:

  • melted cheeses;
  • yogurts with additives;
  • kefir with additives;
  • milk with additives;
  • cream.

There are no good or bad products, as well as there are no uniform recommendations for everyone. If you have read somewhere that everything should be completely abandoned by the milk - turn on critical thinking! Learn to choose from a wide list of MPs that are those suitable for you. Take care of your health! Give preference to fermented dairy products. Be sure to read the labels. Do not expect someone in the store split products for high-quality and poor-quality. And even considering that some types of MP are more useful than others, occasionally you can pamper yourself with ice cream or a sandwich from good bread with high-quality creamy oil. Only sometimes is sometimes, and not every day.

Well, if you decide to abandon MP for any reason, be it intolerance, allergies, or for ethical considerations, do not forget to plan your diet to get all the necessary vitamins and minerals.


Nagima Sechukova, Nutricist, Ranking expert, Member of Rosindp, @Nagi_se

When drawing up a program, we will arrange chetmil once a week. This is the so-called deception of food, which will give us some relaxation. This does not mean that in this one we will eat foods saturated extremely fast carbohydrates. Putting his weaknesses. After all, for some - these are buns, and for others - fried carot.

Many people think that Chetmil is food according to the principle "Everything can!". In fact, it is not. Deception food, which contradicts all the principles of powerful nutrition, is invented for the psychological unloading of losing weight. Who is cheating and why? Let's try to figure out.

What is chitmil

In essence, Chetmil is a diet ethony. With English phrase translates as: "Deception Acidness": Cheat - deceive, meal - food. What is the deception?

A brief break in Tetenoeta for two reasons:

  1. Psychological . Man morally tired of prohibitions. Constant restrictions in food are tired. And the desire to eat normally leads to a breakdown and the abandonment of proper nutrition.
  2. Physiological . During the diet, the same food enters the body at the same time in certain quantities. The metabolism slows down from this monotony. Chetmil helps disperse metabolism. According to various studies up to 10-15% for the period up to 48 hours.

Who invented Cheatmeal

One unloading day in a strict diet came up with professional athletes, in workouts of which requires a special nutrition system. The Cheat Meal system allowed them to shift the weight "from the dead point" during weight loss.

The power circuit looked like this: 6 days a week is a strict sports diet, 1 day per week - unloading. So the athletes replenished the lack of carbohydrates in the diet. After all, it is carbohydrates that give the energy necessary for high-quality training in the hall.

How chitmil works

During the diet, human awakes feeling of hunger. This happens due to the fact that a hormone leptin is developed in the body. This substance takes part in the Energy Exchange. The smaller the level of the hormone leptin, the sharper is harnessed hunger.

Note: Leptin is a peptide hormone, which is synthesized by fat cells and controls the feeling of hunger and satiety.

If the caloric content of food remains at a low level, then the secretion of leptin is knocked down. After that, a person constantly feels hunger, even if he ate the usual portion. To avoid getting used to the body to the low-calorie menu, cheatmyls were invented. Due to which the work of the thyroid gland is improved and hormones are actively produced, in particular leptin.

This meal has the advantages and disadvantages. First much more - seven against one.

Pluses Chetmila :

✅ Acceleration of metabolism (according to some data up to 10-15%);

✅ Increase in glycogen reserves required for successful training;

✅ protection of muscles from their destruction;

✅ improvement of mood;

✅ Harm reduction of a protein diet, due to which the kidneys and the urinary system suffer;

✅ Elimination of the risk of "breaking" during a diet;

✅ The appearance of motivation: now the diet is not so exhausting and boring.

Cons Chitmila :

❎ Psychological affection: a person gets used to Chetmila and exclude it from the regime becomes difficult.

10 rules Chetmila

It would seem, eat what you want, just in moderation. As in any diet, Chetmila has its own rules. Before you, 10 rules that cannot be broken.

Rule 1. Chitmila Day.

This is only 1 meal when you can eat what you want. The remaining food intakes on this day are not knocked out of the common diet.

Rule 2. Conduct no more than 1 time per week .

People with a small percentage of fat are allowed to arrange Chetmil 1 time per week. If the percentage of fat is elevated, then Chetmil can be held 1 time in two or three weeks.

Rule 3. Do not eat .

Although any "yummy" is allowed, but they must be within the usual portion.

Rule 4. Assice Cheat Meal in the afternoon until 16.00 .

Big portion of calories should have time to digest until sleep.

Rule 5. Best time for Chetmila - after training .

Metabolism at this time is overclocked, glycogen stocks are exhausted. Eating even harmful food will not affect your figure. Another ideal time for Chetmila is the first hour after sleep, when you still did not eat anything.

Rule 6. Do not break the power mode .

Food must remain as usual. Just replaced one of the food meals on Cheat Meal. Choose breakfast or lunch for these purposes. Include in it those dishes for which you managed to miss during a diet.

Rule 7. Alcohol in Chetmil is not included .

Sports nutrition and zoom exclude alcohol intake. At the same time, the body does not process ethanol in lipids, that is, it does not get calories from it and cannot turn them into fat. It turns out that drinking alcohol in the days of Chetmila is a bit possible. But remember that alcohol blocks the oxidation of fats and prevents easy to lose weight.

Rule 8. Do not eat reading a book or watching TV .

Otherwise, the long-awaited lunch "Without borders" passes by and will not give psychological unloading.

Rule 9. Think up the menu for Chetmilov .

It is not necessary to consider calories for such lunch, but try to take into account the degree of load. The more intense you led an active lifestyle during the week, it was stretty kept a diet, the more you can afford when the long-awaited Cheat MEAL comes.

Rule 10. No harmful products.

In theory, you can all. In fact, it is not. Avoid products with transgiors, which will lead to a weight gain. This is margarine, refined oil, mayonnaise, crackers, chips, potatoes fries, most cakes and confectionery products.

Psychologically, Chitmila

Cheat Meal was invented primarily for psychological unloading. Diet presses morally on any person. And the complexity is not even that you need to abandon a certain meal. In fact, it is necessary to constantly think about it: do not eat anything superfluous, correctly count calories, buy useful products and prepare them with a "special" way.

Well, of course, the monotony, which is more and more and more, I want to eat something forbidden, and most importantly, -set, for example, hot dog or a cake. Saying something from the "Forbidden", the humanities to torment the "Flour of conscience". That, they say, kept and in the last spent. To facilitate the "fate" of losing weight and was invented by psychological discharge - Cheat Meal.

4 councils that will help abide by any diet

Tip 1. . If you are already sick of dry chicken breast, set yourself up for the idea that at the end of the week you are waiting for a reward - goodies from the prohibited list.

Tip 2. . Sometimes after Chetmila, some losing weight are trying to move to a more strict training schedule or diets. Such a "punishment" is not required by the body. If you correctly fix it, then from one "holiday of the stomach" 1 time per week there will be no harm.

Tip 3. . When you suddenly want something "harmful" from food, put it off at the end of the week. Then the diet will be morally easier, and Cheat Meal will benefit.

Tip 4. . Combining the diet, do not write off it on Chetmil. It must be planned, not messy. After all, by the end of the week it will be difficult to calculate how many cheatmiles were. Try to make a menu for a week, turning on it 1 Chetmil and strictly adhere to your schedule.

Cheat Meal: the right approach and errors

Check if you understand what is Cheat Meal:


❎ Make Chetmil when there is no strength to endure the diet.

❎ All day Chetmila to eat everything that I want in unlimited quantities.

❎ Prepare a dish that first occurred to the head.


✅ Select 1 day per week, thoroughly bypowering the menu.

✅ Once a day to eat something from a prohibited diet.

✅ Listen to yourself and prepare that a dish that the body asks for a week.

Rule save calories

If you want to be sure that the day of "increments" do not have to pay extra folds on the waist, you can use the rule of calorie savings. But then without control of the ipodchuet, it is not necessary.

There is a simple Lifehak: create a calorie deficit every day. As if accumulating bonuses - 150 kcal a day and for 6 days by the end of the week you are making as much as 900 kcal. Pleep them to Chetmil.

Chetmil VS Refid

Chetmila has an alternative -refid. The only difference is that Cheat Meal is a single planned food with disregard of all the principles of proper nutrition. Refeed is a pure carbohydrate loading, which inserting the diet as needed and can last from 1 to 3 days.

Usually, they resort to the refidance when the athlete promoted for a long time on a fleet diet and its glycogenic stocks. In the case of elite bodybuilders, the rephide is needed when the muscles begin to "blown". On time made carbohydrate loading (and only essentials) helps them again "filled".

Simple words, refeed - these are "clean" techniques for carbohydrate food without a self-propeller. Cheat Meal is just a single "gluttony" in the feasible unloading.

"Flexible" diet-alternative to Chetmila

If you are far away from the addiction sport and do not strive to reduce the percentage of fat to the self-annume, then you will be suitable for the so-called "flexible" diet or "80/20". Principles: a strict diet most of the time and a small "backlash" of the forgining unloading. The only difference is that the "flexible" diet is clearly a proportion:

  • 80% - low-carb or carbon diet;
  • 20% - habitual food.

With a flexible diet easier to calculate the number of calories and make an accurate menu compared to the cheatmile. It is also easier to make purchases: 80% are products from the diet list, and 20% are your favorite "yummy". Calorial count is also facilitated. For example, you need to spend 1500 kcal per day. So, 300 kcal you can spend on chocolate.

Pros of a flexible diet :

✅ Flexible diet is suitable for newcomers. It helps it easier to carry sports nutrition with its limitations at first.

✅ Easier to count calories and count your menu. There are no such strict proportions in the Chetmile. Just eat what you want 1 time a week, 1 time per day.

Minuses flexible diet :

❎ Slimming is moving slowly. Suitable for those who at first can hardly refuse the usual products.

As you are trying to the right nutrition and love your new body, the rule is 80 / in 20. To shift to the side "90/10" and even "95/5". And for you it will be enough.

When Chitmil is needed

It's a big mistake to think, I need to do it all right after 5-6 days diet. "Satabeling" Need to those who have "sat" a considerable time on a diet or drying and managed to reduce its weight. But due to the fact that the metabolism slowed down, it is necessary to disperse it. It is possible to "CHATMILE" it is possible when the percentage of fat in the body is not More than 15%.

"Rolling test" or how to check the amount of fat

Determine the percentage of barely. Only laboratory studies can be called an accurate digit. But there is a "folk" way, which will help you to know how much fat you have. In joking, the "shaking test" was called.

It is done simply:

  • Stand in a swimsuit in front of the mirror;
  • bounce several times;
  • Just over myself.

Depending on how the fat fabrics are shaken, you can determine whether you need chetmil or it is too early to move on the retreat from the diet:

  1. Shakes everything . Fat is still a lot, about Chetmilas is too early to think. Return to the diet and strictly follow it.
  2. Moderate-stirring . The result of diet is already visible, and more and more often want to pamper yourself with something delicious, but not too useful. You can include Chetmil in your power system.
  3. Almost something shakes You can cheatmill. It will only benefit your body.

Comu proficocaans Chetmila

No matter how pleasure was the "holiday of the stomach", he has contraindications. It is impossible to deviate from the chitmil diet in such cases:

  1. Weak power of will. . If you are insecure that you can eat one portion of pancakes, and it is limited to this, Tuchuches not to take breaks on Cheat Meal.
  2. Zhktic diseases . The contraindicate "differences" in the diet of people suffering from the ulcer of the stomach, gastritis, colitis, pancreatitis, cholecystitis.
  3. Sugar diabetes deformity to obesity There is nothing to say. Such people constantly need to be followed.

If during the diet you have occurring, nausea, other unpleasant or dangerous symptoms, necessarily a dike doctor.

What can be used on chitmile

There are no stringent restrictions. In this, it is its meaning - to eat everything that is impossible on a diet. Charge from portion of carbohydrates and fats will help to speed up metabolism, which means the efficiency of training. At the same time there are no threats for the figure. After all, such a "calorie blow" is made only once a week and for 1 meal.

In the "deceived" lunch permitted almost everything - pizza, a hamburger (of course, you prepared himself), ice cream, chocolate.

To Chetmil does not harm the body, comply with several recommendations:

  1. Do not eat too fat products . For example, cakes with a large amount of bold cream fried in a battery and fryer food.
  2. Make useful additions to dishes . It may be pieces of fresh vegetables, homemade sauces, fresh greens, sesame, nuts, nuts.
  3. Listen to your inner sensations . In Chetmile, the psychological rest from the monotonous diet than saturation with a nutrient dish.

Approximate Menu Museum Chetmil

An ordinary day of the diet is distinguished by the day with the Chetmile only by the retreat on 1 satisfying dish. I will give an example of rational in which Cheat Meal is enabled.


  • oatmeal on water with pieces of dried fruits;
  • Dried whole grain bread slice with a piece of cheese;
  • Tea or coffee without sugar.

1st snack:

Chitmil :

  • home burger;
  • Portion of ice cream.

2nd snack:

  • 30 g cashews or any other nuts.


  • Vegetable salad with canned tuna.

The dietary menu looks strange and not quite useful. But in this, there is a feature of Chetmila - a little to relax a little from a monotonous diet, improve the mood to disappear with energy.

Recipes dishes Intileva Cheat Meal

Despite the fact that Cheatmeal is almost complete freedom of choice, at first it may occur with the menu. I will give examples of multiple dishes that can be bolder to eat in the CHEAT craft.

Baked chicken

Ingredients :

  • 500 g chicken thighs without skin,
  • 1 green apple
  • 150 g of solid cheese,
  • 2-3 garlic teeth,
  • 100 g sour cream,
  • 1/2 bundle of dill,
  • 200 g Tomators Cherry,
  • 30 g of teriyaki sauce.

Cooking :

  • Grind garlic and mix it with teriyaki sauce, salt and spices;
  • Chicken femur in the resulting mixture, chicken fences;
  • Put the chicken for 1 hour in the refrigerator;
  • Grinding dill and mix with sour cream;
  • sodium cheese on a grater, tomatoes apply cubes, apple - slices;
  • Make cutters and napharschi chicken Cherry, apple and cheese;
  • lubric bastard oil;
  • Lay out the puffed chicken on the baking sheet;
  • fields on top of sour cream with dill;
  • Put it in the oven - about 30 minutes at T-180⁰С.

Juicy burger

Ingredients :

  • 1 bun with sesame,
  • 1 Tomato,
  • 2 slices of cheese,
  • 1 beef chatlet,
  • 1/4 bulbs,
  • 1 sheet salad,
  • 50 g of beloved sauce.

Cooking :

  • cut the bun along the 2 parts;
  • Hands in half the boots in the grill pan;
  • Demgement onions with thin half rings, and tomato thin - circles;
  • Apply your favorite sauce on both halves;
  • Collect a hamburger, put the buns on one half the buns:
  • Salad leaf,
  • Slush cheese
  • cutlet
  • onion,
  • a tomato,
  • Slush cheese
  • The second half of the bun.
  • Problem Burger Skapping so that it does not crumble when eating and hang out!

Roll with Lavashoma

Ingredients :

  • 1/2 Lavash,
  • 50 g of weakly salt salmon (can be replaced with a canned tuna),
  • 2 row of green onions,
  • 50 g of solid cheese,
  • 2 sheets of green lettuce,
  • Sauce for refueling.

Cooking :

  • Lavash sauce 1/2;
  • sodium cheese on a small grater;
  • cut sals on slices;
  • Finely grinding green onions.
  • break the salad to pieces;
  • Lavash layers lubricated by sauce:
  • cheese,
  • salmon,
  • green onions
  • salad.
  • Roll.

Lifehak: how to replace mayonnaise

Many "forbidden" are obscured using mayonnaise. In order not to harm health at the time of time, prepare the Maonez substitute sauce. It is less calorie, but not worse than the science.

Ingredients :

  • 1 boiled yolk,
  • 100 g sour cream,
  • 1/2 Article. Dijon mustard,
  • Salt to taste.
  • Figure make your

Cooking :

  • yolks with a small amount of sour cream;
  • Mix all the ingredients together;
  • Blender with a blender about 30 seconds to get an air texture.


When weight stands still, the items are about to run away, it's time to arrange Cheat Meal. This is an excellent reason to pamper yourself with your favorite "snacks" and at the same time to lose weight. The main thing is to make the "unloading" lunches no more than 1 time per week and check according to the rules.

Translated from English Cheatmeal means "scaldings in food", this is a kind of lifehak for all those located on a strict diet, especially bodybuilders, athletes.

Carbohydrate refid or protein-fat Cheat MEAL, conducted competently and timely, can help achieve good results.

The photo of Cheitmila shows that this is a planned violation of the usual diet, since it implies the use of prohibited usually products.

Operating principle

Over time, the body gets used to starvations and a diet, as a result of which the efficiency of workouts is reduced. The physiological function of Chetmila is expressed in the creation of a "swing", which helps to avoid the complete rearrangement of metabolism and adapt to the hard mode, extend the beneficial effect of exercises.

Psychologists recommend doing Chetmil on a diet regularly, planning it in advance. A positive effect is explained by the increase in motivation, a person becomes easier to endure persistent workouts and all sorts of restrictions when he knows about the upcoming "award."

If you do not arrange a Cheatmeal, the risk is increasing suddenly "breaking down" and stop all the classes that all the results have already achieved to zero.

Some, neglecting chitmil, begin to eat daily on candy, cake and so on, systematically harm to themselves, reducing and postponing the desired effect.

Benefits Cheat Meal:

  • serves as positive motivation, improves mood;
  • contributes to the restriction of daily and one-time volume of food;
  • Allows you to maintain a system of diet, avoid its constant disorders;
  • Reduces the protein load on the organs of the gastrointestinal tract, the urinary system, including the kidneys;
  • It helps to speed up metabolism and thus faster reduce body weight when returning to specialized food with training.

Competently organized chetmil will be very useful.

Main rules

Experts have developed several tips, how to make chitmil correctly and how often it is possible to arrange it.


  • schedule - for 3-4 days and earlier;
  • spend only in the first half of the day;
  • There is no slow, enjoying every piece, chewing thoroughly;
  • It is forbidden to scold yourself for such a reflection in nutrition;
  • It is advisable to coincide the event to any holiday, a memorable event, a personal victory in the sport or other sphere.

It is also important to know how often you can do Chetmil - usually start with multiplicity 1 time in 2-3 weeks.

If you have long followed the diet, and intense exercises are held at least 4 times a week, it is allowed to please yourself in a similar way no more than 7-9 days. It is advisable to avoid stress on this day, as some of the excess emotions begin to overeat.

What can I eat?

On this day, everything that wanted - pizza, shawarma, chips, lemonade, burgers, and so on.

It is recommended to limit the consumption of excessively fatty products, for example, fried food in a grace, cakes with excessive cream. Preferred cooking methods - baking, boiling (including a couple), extinguishing.

Many experienced bodybuilders in their interviews and publications, explaining how to do Chitmil, advise to eat steaks with potatoes, pancakes with meat or omelet, spaghetti or vermichel with a kitlet.

To make a dish useful, you can make cheese sauce, vegetable gravy, sprinkle with fresh greens. It is important to listen to your feelings and there is only something that really wants.

Chetmil on drying and when weight loss

In Bodybuilding, Chetmil on Sushka will avoid breaks at the responsible phase of preparation for competitions. The drying itself implies a protein low-calorie diet, which causes discomfort, mood swings, can provoke the development of some diseases and hormonal imbalance.

If a person pursues the goal of reducing body weight, Chetmil is desirable to organize a single one, that is, in addition to the usual diet to one of the food meals, a certain product is added - bun, roll, chocolate, pie.

As a result, the psychological balance does not suffer, the metabolism and splitting of lipids (fats) are accelerated.


It is not worth making Cheat Meal to people with a weak power of will, which will not be able to limit ourselves to only one afternoon, as well as for diseases of the digestive system (gastritis, stomach ulcer, GERB, colitis, pancreatitis, cholecystitis, and so on), tendency to obesity, diabetes.

During pregnancy, it is necessary to abandon the strict diet and exhausting workouts at all, since it is dangerous for a child.

If you have any doubts, you must consult with the attending physician, fully fulfill all its prescriptions.

Photo Chitmila

Sometimes you can cheat and feel remorse, if we are talking about food. True, it is necessary to cheer with the mind. Let's talk to how to do Chetmil and not suffer.

What is so good Cheatmil (Cheat Meal)? Research from 2017, published in The International Journal of Obesity, confirmed that breaks in a strict low-carb diet gave a more stable result.

People who regularly deviate from the power mode are losing about 50% more excess fat than people with an unchanged diet. Although, according to the results of the observations, both groups scored several kilograms six months later, "cheaters" weighed by 18 pounds (about 8.1 kg) less

Are there any rules in Cheton

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The exact mechanism of this phenomenon is still to find out. It is known that exactly such a power strategy adhered to (forced, by itself), our distant ancestors, who have rare "belly holidays" alternated with nonsense.

Well, we now have to do the same effort of will. So what are the basic rules?

Source: https://medvisor.ru/articles/dieta-i-zdorovoe-pitanie/chitmil/

Essence chitmila

One of the ways of overclocking metabolism doctors call the increase in leptin - hormone level responsible for the transfer of information about the hunger of the CNS. The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology of the American Medical Community has found the relationship between the calorie deficit and the level of leptin. With a reduced level, the body switches to energy saving mode.

If you are all week in a low-carbon diet, having a high density of calories causes the body to think that the period of abundance and can safely burn excess fat. This is the essence of Chetmila.

However, it works only when you stick the diet all week. If you allow yourself a liberty in food too often - the arguments are not in favor of leptin

As a matter of fact, almost all harmful food habits are associated with violation of the power plan and these most liberty.

How many times can you do chitmil?

So, the strategy is the basis of any diet. It is necessary to arrange chetmil, not when you want, but strictly at a certain time.

Most experts converge that one dense meal is enough - on Saturday or Sunday. This, firstly, allows you to adjust it under a weekly schedule of work, secondly, for some events: gatherings with friends, holidays, etc.

But how many times a day Chetmil do - this is a more pressing problem. Jim White, owner of the Jim White Fitness & Nutrition Studios network and a certified coach, is sure that it is enough.

Reserve a dinner or dinner for this if you plan some meeting, and make a breakfast on the contrary.

A nutritionist from New York and a healthy nutrition consultant Emily Shapiro adheres to the same opinion. But at the same time it is also important to choose some kind of dish, and not to push on everything, she says.

It is impossible to starve in front of Chetmil

Some people are guided by the principle: "Well, on the weekend I will break away!" And before that, for several days, they punish themselves on the treadmill and sit the injignment. Probably the same people sit with candles and save on excursions on vacation to leave money for an extra bauble.

Hunger strike in front of Chitmil

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The idea in general is understandable: create a calorie buffer by saving and then retreat at the end of the week. But in reality, this often leads to the opposite result - overeating (and speaking easier, total firing) on ​​the weekend.

How many calories are allowed during Chetmila

Nutritionists made one observation: to lose one kilogram to a week, the calorie deficit in the diet should be from 3500 to 7000.

Study in the Journal of the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics notes that during the Chetmila, the amount of calories on average is 1205. It is easy to guess that with a higher arrival you can negate all your weekly efforts.

Basic rules Chitmila

So, to suffer as much as possible from downloading on the weekend or on holidays, postpone the main calirage for one meal. There are several ways to do it efficiently:

  1. If Chetmil is scheduled for dinner, slide dinner time at a later time;

  2. Do not go dinner too hungry. Before this eat something rich in protein and fiber to slow down the digestion process. Salad with greens and chicken for this is well suited. You can drink protein cocktail to muffle hunger;

  3. Practice on the day of Chetmila - ideally before eating or after easy breakfast. The essence is to spend the whole stock of glycogen (accumulated sugar). The body will not store excess fat until they fill the loss. Even a 20-minute cardio middle pace will be enough to enjoy your favorite spaghetti dish. Need additional acceleration? Drink at breakfast a cup of espresso - caffeine perfectly helps to increase lipid exchange;

  4. Choose wisely. Harmful food so much that eyes are running out. Try to mentally imagine the usual dining room instead of a buffet, where you can choose only a few dishes. Either lasagna or ice cream;

  5. Do not eat to the dump . Stop, what? Isn't the idea not to fill the stomach? Not, ... The essence of Chetmila is to afford a little beloved harmful meal for dinner / lunch. Emily Shapiro with both hands for controlling portions.

    "If you indulge your stomach at the weekend, then do it within reasonable limits," she says. - You do not need to eat the entire circle of pizza entirely, enough only two pieces ";

  6. Eat at the table, and not on the sofa. Resist the desire to fall apart in front of the TV with a pack of ice cream. People often eat not consciously and, as studies show, the monitor is eaten by 10% more than usual. What is mindless, not feeling taste, it is better to enjoy each piece, sitting in a restaurant or cafe;

  7. Do not hurry. In addition to the previous point - do not pay for food. Chew everything carefully to be better learned. In the end, after all, after all, you suffered for a whole week over boiled chicken breast and broccoli, right?

Rules Chitmila

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What can I eat during Chetmila

Even the most harmful dinner should be rich in nutrients. Therefore, it is worth choosing such food in which there will be almost empty calories.

For example, you have a choice between Patch of pistachio ice cream And Burger with a marble beef potato plus little fries and a glass of beer. Squirrels, fats and carbohydrates are better than packaging of dairy fat. Interest with palm oil, flavors and sugar, isn't it? It means that the choice is obvious

The general principle of a combination of food is carbohydrates plus protein. It is carbohydrates that effectively affect the production of leptin, and the proteins are digested longer and help better saturate. Fat food on the contrary is not too effective in this matter.

Here are some options for what you can eat during Chetmila:

  1. Fried potatoes with meat;

  2. Steak with mashed potatoes and peas on the side dish;

  3. Sushi and rolls;

  4. Pasta Carbonara, Lazagany or Bolognese;

  5. Radish soups, like borscht.

Simply put, it is better not to be baked or milk chocolate. If so I want sweet, eat a couple of pieces, and on that

Chetmil without water?

If you order food through delivery services, do not forget about one thing. It always has a lot of salt, that is, sodium. It throws in the blood of Vazopressin - an antidieretic hormone, which provokes the bloating and dehydration.

In other words, Chetmil without water is a bad idea. Do not forget to drink both when eating and after it.


"Everyone has the right to Chetmil, but strictly at a certain time. No birthdays nor holidays during the week are justification, "says Dr. Shapiro. "Some thinks like this: I broke the diet, so now I will eat, whatever." Pretty easy to fall into this temptation. "

So, enjoy the time of your favorite harmful meal and come back to the right path. In the end, infinite scam still did not bring anyone to good ...

Sometimes just want to let go. Do not make efforts, do not try to control everything, but to give in to their desires and gust.

You understand ... just "be a normal person" from time to time. When it comes to a diet, we all understand what it means: ignore all the plans and violate the regime.

In English-speaking sources it is called Cheat Meal.  — "Radiation with food ". From English Cheat - cheat, deceive, meal - food, food . It is such a term and uses most of those interested in fitness people - Chetmil.

Do not count calories. Do not distribute proteins, fats and carbohydrates, do not worry about what you "must" and "do not have".

How to get a maximum of pleasure from diet violations - Chetmilov, and at the same time minimize all the negative moments?

In fact, if everyone is done correctly, "scam with food" greatly facilitates diet compliance, and does not destroy the results. Yes, you can simultaneously "kill two hares": burn fat and sometimes allow yourself to eat anything.

True about Chitmilah

When it comes to the planned violations of the diet, we are not talking about some specific products: sugar, milk, bread or chips, which some experts are considered "unclean." We do not even talk about any products that are not included in our power plan. All that you have to worry is the number of calories and nutrients consumed, because to maintain Body composition Much more important is how much we eat, and not what we eat.

Chetmil is a consumption of more than usual, the number of calories on a diet, as well as ignoring nutritional food.

That is, the "deception" is that you eat a much larger number of food and do not care about the balance sheet of nutrients.

Chetmil - Energy BalanceFor example, if you adhered to a clear power plan for weight loss all day, and in the evening I went to McDonalds and trembled tightly - it's Chetmil. And there is nothing surprising. It is this type of "deception of a diet" delivers the greatest trouble to most people. Another form of "scamphism with food" is the consumption of the planned amount of calories, but ignoring the balance of nutrients and trace elements.

For example, if you avoid fruits , Vegetables and whole grain products to add fast food or sweets into your diet - it is Chetmil. The reason is that from time to time such "deception diet" will not hurt you, but can lead to a shortage of important trace elements if you do it too often. And our goal should not be to burn fat And build muscle due to their health.

Why do you need chetmyls?

At first glance, the idea itself may seem illogical.

Why follow the strict diet during the week, so that everything is ruined in one evening of the increment?

But on the other hand, many argue that Chetmists help them not to get off the way to a healthy slim body, give powerful psychological unloading. And according to modern science, the planned violations in the diet can even faster leading you to the goal.

That's what scientists from THE UNIVERSITY OF TASMANIA Detected in 2017.

In them Research 51 men took part. At first they were all on a diet with a calorie restriction (rather aggressive calorie deficit - 33%) for 16 weeks. The researchers also divided men into 2 groups:

  • The first group remained on the same shortage of another 16 weeks.
  • The second group followed the diet for 2 weeks, then increased calorie intake to a supporting level (when consumption = combustion) for 2 weeks. Then they repeated everything again until they reached the term of 16 weeks on the calorie deficit.

In short, both groups spent the same time at a 33 percent deficiency of calories.

Chitmil - Experiment 1 GroupThe first group did this "squeezing teeth" in one fell, and the second group with breaks for 2 weeks.

Chetmil - Research 2 GroupFor the second group, the experiment lasted 2 times longer, due to interruptions, but they were on calorie deficit exactly as much time as the first group.

One small addition: Fat percentage in the body Most men in this study had 40% in the area, which significantly exceeds normal.

After the end of the study, all participants were allowed to eat as they wish. And after 6 months, the researchers invited them again to watch long-term results.

Here are brief results:

Participants in the group who did break during the diet, lost 50% more fat.

Chetmil - how to lose testsIn particular, the participants in this group lost 14 kg of weight. And the group that was constantly sitting on the diet dropped 8 kg. All participants lost about 1.3 kilograms of muscle mass, which is partly explained by the loss Glycogen . But in a group that took breaks, the slowdown of metabolism was 2 times less.

Participants in the group number 1, which was on a diet constantly, 6 months after the study scored an average of 7 kg. And participants 2 groups scored 4.5 kg, which means that they were 10 kg easier than before the experiment. And the participants of the first group are only 3 kg.

Chetmil - Results after 6 monthsThe conclusion is obvious: the planned diet disorders help burn fat faster.

Due to what?

Regulation of hormones .

Our appetite is controlled not only by what is in our stomach.

Chetmil - Pelmons RegulationTwo hormones Grethin (stimulates hunger) and leptin (suppresses appetite) Play a huge role in our food behavior. During the diet, the level of leptin decreases, and Grethina is rising. After abundant calorie meals - Chetmila, the level of these hormones can return to normal within 24 hours, and you will not feel a feeling of hunger for a long period of time.

Stimulus or award .

In 2014 in The Journal Of The Academy of Nutrition and Dieetics , Analyzed the results 12 studies of the psychological efficiency of various incentives. In 11 studies found that in the short term, food remuneration is one of the most powerful. (They compared such incentives like, massage, warm bath, movies in cinema, trip, etc.) Therefore, if you competently expect calories - Chetmil can be an acceptable and pleasant form of remuneration.

Psychological unloading .

The ability to enjoy your favorite products gives a lot of positive emotions and gives spiritual forces to continue the diet. For many people, this stimulus is one of the most important.

Reducing thrust to some products .

There are people who experience severe food dependence on some products, even when they know that they are harmful. Therefore, timely, regular consumption helps from time to time to enjoy and reduce to them craving.

5 main cheatmil errors

Itself chetmil is not a mistake. In fact, if you do not suffer a severe form of obesity, then you will even use the planned diet violations. They do all process Burning excess fat More pleasant, help it easier to carry restrictions and improve long-term results. But most importantly, how do you do it?

Chetmil - basic mistakesWhat are the most frequent mistakes during chetmiles:

Too frequent chitmiles

This item does not require additional clarification. Violation of the diet implies overeating. And frequent overeats can lead to the accumulation of fat, and not its combustion.

Too large calorie

Many do not understand how many calories are contained in the products they eat during Chetmilov. And shocked when they learn later.

One of the biggest problems with catering restaurants: their main concern is to produce delicious food, which means an abundant amount of oils and sugars.

Chetmil - Calorie Restaurant DishScientists Tufts University Analyzed the number of calories in 360 dishes in 123 restaurants and cafes in San Francisco, Boston and Little Rock for the period from 2011 to 2014. They found that the average dish contains about 1,200 calories. And American, Chinese and Italian restaurants are in this sense the worst: 1500 calories on average on the dish. From the point of view of calorie, most of the finished dishes are not much different from the fast food . You also need not forget that these are just some separate dishes and most people are not limited to this. Add more calories here in additional bread, snacks and dessert, and in front of you chetmil giant sizes, which will drop you far back.

So, the meaning is as follows: if you often eat out of the house, then lose weight you will be much more complicated.

Cheat days instead of Chetmilov

People believe that if they "behaved well" all week, they can afford to "fly from the coils" on the weekend.


For one sitting, you can eat a couple of thousand calories. Just imagine how far you go from the course for a couple of days.

Consumption of too much fat

There is a popular view that consumption of a large number Carbohydrates - The surest way to obesity.

But it is not.

If your task is to increase your fat deposits as soon as possible, you need There are a lot of fat . And, by the way, in combination with alcohol, but a little later.

To understand why this happens, let's remember the physiology of the gas accumulation process in the body.

From a chemical point of view, carbohydrates are very different from molecules that are stored in lipid fat cells. And therefore, to turn into fat, they must pass the line of lipogenesis. And most importantly, what you need to know about lipogenesis is that it rarely occurs in normal conditions.

Calorie products in the cafeIn order for a large amount of adipose tissue as a result of lipogenesis, it is necessary to consume a very large amount of carbohydrates - from 700 to 900 gr per day, within a few days. There are exceptions, for example, with intravenous injection of glucose or people with hyperinsulinemia.

But the aforementioned belongs to healthy people who adhere to a normal diet. This does not mean that you will not be able to gain extra weight, eating too many carbohydrates.

The main reason is that Consumption of carbohydrates, reduces fat oxidation . In other words, our body receives a signal to stop burning fat for energy. Instead, start burning carbohydrates.

This means that when you eat carbohydrates, almost all fat that you consume is postponed in fatty sediments (instead of at least partially burned to get energy).

Since the mass of fat in our body is regulated by the Law of the Energy Balance, it becomes clear what role carbohydrates play in all this. Eat many carbohydrates , and most of the fat you eat will be postponed in stocks.

Too much alcohol

Some believe that even if you drink rarely and on a little bit, you will never get rid of excess weight - the end of history. This is a very strange statement, given the fact that moderate use of alcohol actually leads to a decrease in body weight, and not an increase. It sounds like a complete nonsense, but, as in the case of carbohydrates and fats, everything becomes clear if we consider the physiology of the process.

Chetmil - not a lot of alcoholIn 1985. THE AMERICAN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL NUTRITION Published Analysis of food habits 1944 people aged 18 to 74 years old, which showed that the increase in calorie consumption only due to alcohol, does not lead to any increase in weight, which would have happened when consumed Belkov , carbohydrates or fats.

In fact, due to alcohol, lovers of drinking consumed on average by 16% calories a day more than non-drinking. And with the same level of physical activity, their fat figures in the body did not differ.

It seems that calories from alcohol "do not count."

In 2004 in National Library of Medicine The results of another were published Research With the same result.

During the diet, women were divided into two groups. One of which received 10% of its daily calories from white wine, and the other of the grape juice.

After 3 months, both groups have achieved significant results in weight loss. "White wine group" lost on average per 1 kg more than "group of grape juice."

There are several probable explanations to this phenomenon. It is known that alcohol can reduce appetite, as well as insulin . What positively affects the oxidation of fats.

Another fact: alcohol itself cannot stock in the form of fat. In other words, the body simply does not have any opportunity to turn it into fat molecules (lipids).

So why is the use of alcohol during Chetmila - is it a mistake?

The fact is that as well as carbohydrates, alcohol blocks the oxidation of fats and this significantly increases the speed with which the eaten fats are deposited into fat deposits.

The most dangerous in alcohol is not calories, but all the trash that we eat with him, and from which it is very difficult to refuse when "slightly went over."

How to do chitmil

How to get the most pleasure from cheatmilles with minimal consequences?

Several main points:

Violate the diet once a week and try not to go out 150% of your daily calorie consumption .

This will allow you to enjoy and relax, without losing most of your progress in the week. Please note: 150% of your daily consumption on a diet, and not Cost Calorie per day .

Chetmil - Main error Bruise with calorie

Most people prefer to limit their "scam with food" only one meal, as it helps prevent passive overeating during the day. As a rule, they usually make one big food intake - Chetmil (often this dinner), and not break it on 2 or 3. This allows you to get great psychological unloading and pleasure.

On the day of the violation of the diet does not exceed the consumption of fat above 100 grams .

This not only helps to control the number of calories (in 1 grams of fat contained about 9 calories), but also minimizes fat deposition in the body. It is better to use more carbohydrates, and not fats.

As we discussed above, fatty food leads to greater fat accumulation in the body than when consuming a large amount of carbohydrates. One of the disadvantages of any restrictive diets is that they reduce the level of overwhelming hormone appetite - leptin, which in the human body is produced by fat cells.

Leptin informs our brain that we have enough energy stored in fat cells and can be consumed at normal speed. Including energy-intensive processes as Muscle growth or pregnancy. You can eat a normal amount of food and maintain a normal level of physical activity.

When you try to lose weight and limit calorie intake, leptin production decreases and the body receives a signal that it is in the state of the energy deficit. He needs to consume more energy, and spend less. The main metabolism is reduced and the feeling of hunger is enhanced.

And increasing leptin level turns back all these effects, so you feel better when you stop limiting calories. That's why many recommend cyclically to increase and lower the amount of food within a week: in some days - calorie deficit, and to others - supporting level (consumption = combustion). This is one of the best ways to cope with negative side effects during a diet.

But he has one very serious drawback:

The process of getting rid of excess fat can be very strong.

If 3 days a week you are at a supportive level, the time you need to achieve your goals is almost doubled. Instead, it is better to apply a rephide strategy that involves consuming a large amount of carbohydrate once a week.

The reason for which it effectively works is that carbohydrates do not strongly affect the fat deposition process in the body, and also cause an increase in leptin level to a greater extent than proteins and fats.

"Write" calories if you want to eat tightly.

If you, like most people, you want to eat a couple of thousand calories at once, you have a simple advice: Do not eat almost nothing before and after Chetmila (except for a protein cocktail) and accumulate calories for large meals. For example, if you plan to break the diet during dinner, eat a batch of protein every few hours without carbohydrates and fats that you usually eat. Thus, during dinner, you will have a large stock of calories, carbohydrates and fats, before you even achieve supportive level.

If you are planning Chetmil for breakfast, the strategy is the same.

You eat all carbohydrates and fats for one sitting, and only a few servings will be taken in the remaining time. Protein cocktail .

Expect the worst when eat outside the house.

For example, a piece of meat with a palm size, prepared in a cafe or restaurant, usually contains at least 120-150 fat calories, which absorbs during cooking. The portion of macaronium or potatoes will be from 180 to 200 feces, but with the addition of various sauces, this amount can be safely multiplied by 2. Even Vegetable dishes May contain a large number of "hidden" calories in the form of such additives like oil, mayonnaise or cheese. As for desserts, most of them contain approximately 30-50 calories on one tablespoon.

So, the essence is as follows: you must be very attentive when eat outside the house. You will not have time to blink, and several thousand calories are already "sits" in you. Thus, first of all, you need to get acquainted with all kinds of products that you prefer to eat during Chetmila.

Chetmil - Calorie of finished dishesYou can find detailed information on most dishes on it. Site.

Some establishments indicate calorie and bidges in their dishes. If so, then it is still worth adding 20% ​​to the specified calories. Many cafes and restaurants actually underestimate the calorie content of their dishes to increase their attractiveness. If you can not find exactly the same dish, look at the same and again add 20% to the general core. It may seem quite laborious, but, the more often you do it, the easier it becomes. Our main goal is not to track each caloria during Chetmilov, and not to destroy the entire progress of the previous week on the diet.

How to consume alcohol during a diet for weight loss

  1. Do not drink more than one day a week.
  2. Limit fat consumption on this day.
  3. Do not eat greasy food.
  4. Stay away from the beverages saturated with carbohydrates, such as beer, fruit spirits and cocktails (stick dry wines and strong alcohol).

Main conclusions

Coarse mistakes with cheatmilas is one of the main reasons why people cannot lose weight "despite all their efforts." They simply do not understand what can be hungry all week, and over the weekend completely destroy all their progress. But if you break the diet correctly, you can immediately hit two goals: enjoy plentiful tasty meals and avoid unwanted fat growth.

Bon Appetit!


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What is Chetmil and how to do it

Published: 11/15/2019 Reading time: 5 minutes 4706.

Chitmil (Cheat Meal) is a systematic, planned violation of the installed diet diet when weight loss. In other words, this is a controlled breakdown. Many people sitting on hard diets are resorted to this reception. Chetmites help easier to endure restrictions in food during the rest of the time, give psychological unloading and good shake in the body that gets accustomed to a certain meal.

Why need chitmil

What benefits is the scheduled breakdown?

  • The use of "harmful" food, which is eaten with the method, allows to activate the work of the thyroid gland.
  • Chettmis help improve the activity of the digestive system. The fact is that most of the products and dishes allowed with diet for weight loss are favorable for burning fatty deposits, but can harm liver and pancreas. When breakdown, the body receives rich in fats and carbohydrates food, which allows the digestive system to relax from heavy amino acids.
  • As mentioned above, the controlled breakdowns is salvation for the psyche. Understanding that there are days when you can eat food forbidden foods in any quantities, facilitates limitations in the diet and products on the other days.

Interesting fact: the reception came up with bodybuilders and in practice they proved its expediency.

Rules Chitmila

The breakdown is called controlled, since the use of this method with diet has a number of rules and recommendations that must be followed.

  • Chetmil requires a relaxed atmosphere. No need to eat on the run, nervous, rushing. Otherwise, the psyche will not even notice what happened and continues to stay in a tense state.
  • Chetmil is an additional meal. It is impossible to replace them.
  • Forget when breaking about scales. The indicators will probably exceed the norm, but the next day the results should be positive.
  • In Chetmila, you can have anything, however, preference is recommended to give to products rich in carbohydrates and proteins. Such a choice should have a positive impact on the acceleration of metabolic processes.
  • For breakdown, you need to take the most suitable day. It is possible to arrange it at the weekend or for a holiday. Deterprised to a specific event, Chetmil will bring more pleasure.
  • Avoid overeating. Your digestive system gets used to diet to low-calorie products, therefore, a sharp receipt of surplus high-calorie food can cause indisposition.
  • Chetmil applies only to food. Carbonated and alcoholic beverages are not included in it.
  • You can only arrange breakfasts until five in the evening. All eaten carbohydrates and fats should have time to recycle before sleep. The optimal time for Chetmila is lunch. There is harmful food for breakfast is also undesirable because there is a risk on an empty stomach.
  • Chetmil does not require special training. It is not necessary to reduce calorie before him, and after - to arrange unloading days. The controlled breakdown is part of the diet, and it is impossible to punish yourself.

What you can eat

Despite the fact that Chetmil seems to be allowed to eat almost everything, in practice it is not quite so. There are products that are desirable, and there are those on which you should not watch. What can be touched during a breakdown? You can safely have:

  • pizza
  • paste
  • bread,
  • flakes,
  • potato dishes
  • candy,
  • marmalade
  • Any other products containing rapid carbohydrates and a small amount of fiber.

What you don't need to eat

You should not eat fatty foods as they do not affect metabolic processes. Fats quickly settle on problem areas, which negates attempted to lose weight. Dishes with high tissue content should be avoided, as they slow down the digestion process. On the day of breakdown, an excessive load is given to the digestive system, so it should not complicate the work of the gastrointestinal organs. Fructose and protein products will also be useless in chitmile, so it is not recommended to do on them. To remove the craving for sweet, you can apply "yellow pills" Herbalife. They contain chrome, helping to control the feeling of hunger, and Garcinia Cambodian, which is a source of hydroxylonic acid, stimulates the burning process of fats. To find out how to purchase a product, look at the site Herbalife.ru.

How often can you arrange chetmil

The frequency of disruptions depends on how many kilograms are required to throw, for what time, on the lifestyle and daily physical activity. There are three CHEAT MEAL Repetition Strategies:

  • 90/10 . With such a chart, 90% of the time you need to stick to the diet, and 10% decay to cheatmilas (breaks across nine days for the tenth). This download is recommended to those who lead a low-power lifestyle and burns little calorie daily.
  • 80/20. . With such a graph of 80% of time, receiving dietary food, and 20% - to breakdowns. You can allow Chetmila every four days to the fifth. The mode is suitable athletes, people leading an active lifestyle. You can also resort to it at the beginning of a diet to those who find it difficult to rebuild on the chart of 90/10.
  • Cheat-day . So called full-fledged boot days when you can eat a harmful food, forbidden diets. The method is suitable for professional athletes and sports oriented people who have at least 4 workouts per week.

How to do chitmil

  • Avoid breaks at home. Better go to a cafe or restaurant. This will allow greater pleasure and psychological unloading.
  • If Chetmil is arranged at home, it cannot be combined with the seat at a computer or TV, watching movies or TV shows, games, work. The breakdown is to satisfy the need for the forbidden food, and not the thickening of hunger. Plus, watching the same films of food eaten more, which can lead to overeating.
  • It is necessary to slowly, not in a hurry, enjoying every dish and eaten by a piece.
  • Optimally to drink in front of the cheatmile more fluid. This will avoid overeating.
  • Chetmil after a good workout is considered a good option, since intensive physical exertion accelerate metabolism, resulting in harmful food fasterly digested.

Errors to avoid

  • Fear crossing or scorelessly a lot of unnecessary grams provokes many to arrange unnecessary "clean" cheton. In other words, even at the time when the forbidden food is possible, it is avoided, refuse to themselves. Even an option is possible when the usual portion of food is increasing. But as a result, it simply increases the amount of calories eaten. Do not deceive your own body.
  • Chetmil is a diet on a regular day. Before it, and after it should be powered as usual. In other words, at night at the day off in the company of friends and with alcohol to Chetmila do not belong. Especially if it's not all day before that.
  • Regularity is very important. Forget about it, shoot down the schedule and the mode is also a mistake.

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Reviews Victoria | 02/29/2020 15:49.

Twice improved its health with herbalife. The second time was prepared and gave birth to an absolutely healthy girl in 41. And now for 8 months without special severity, sometimes breaking, threw off 15 kg of weight. Health improved, acquaintances are interested in my diet) Thank you, Herbalife! I continue! Julia | 12.12.2019 10:59.

Very healthy article! It is always difficult to decide on the diet, the thought of full restriction for a long period is simply a murderous. Chetmil with a slimming like a sip of fresh air, now I know how to do it correctly and I will be happy to apply it! Tatyana | 11/21/2019 4:39.

I used to know this before ...

The diet implies restrictions from which the shakes can start. The reason for this may be sailing nerves or feeling of hunger. At this moment I want to eat something forbidden: Fast Food, fatty food, a few desserts or flour - all this is not part of a strict diet or a healthy lifestyle, but who cares about such moments? And if we assume that the "Prohibit" can be part of a plan to achieve the goal? Fiction? By all, for this you will use Chetmil and Refid!

Everyone is familiar with feeling when it starts sucking under the spoon. At such moments, it is simply impossible to think about anything. It says hunger, which overtakes athletes during drying and losing weight. The nature of manifestation is episodic, but every time the strength becomes more. Favorite fragrances of food are beginning to be immediately beginning, and those surrounding as if they were talking and speak only about food.

In fact, there is a method that will greatly facilitate the life of those who observe the diet and is hunger. Recently, in the context of professional sports and nutrition, they spoke in Chitmile - the power scheme proposed by Western experts. With it, it is possible to powerfully stimulate metabolism, making fat burning processes more efficient. The method is also an excellent way to psychological unloading, which will avoid breaking even on the most rigid diet.

In this article you will learn:

  • What is Chetmil and why he is needed;
  • pros and cons approach;
  • The basic rules and strategies of Chetmila;
  • Cheatmy, Refid, Chetmil - What is the difference;
  • Suitable products for Chetmila.

What is chitmil

The term Chetmil (in English Cheat - to cheat, sick, deceive; MEAL - meals) implies a planned nutritional impairment during a diet, and in the literal translation means "cunning with food / reception write."

As it looks like: For several weeks, the athlete keeps a strict power mode, being on a low-carbon diet without the slightest disorders. The time is planned when the possibility of receiving any harmful or calorie food is once a day. It may be pizza, dumplings, milk cookies, condensed milk with gingerbread, pasta or pies, chocolate, etc., but the time interval is limited.

Some athlets use of harmful food stretch for the whole day, so Chetmil turns into Cheatda (what it is already clear, and the effect on the body will be told below).

Unfortunately, not everyone knows what chitmil is, and the method is only beginning to enter into the practice of low-carb diets, therefore many principles and frames are quite blurred and in different ways are interpreted. But doubt in his benefits for the body, weight loss and psychological state does not arise.

By the way, Chetmil is actively practiced by representatives of Russian bodybuilding - Evgeny Mishin, Denis Burmistrov, Valentina Mishina, etc. Also on the Internet are famous photos of Duin "Rocks" Janson with pancakes or pizza. In the Personal Instagram, the star often lay out his diet to Chetmil.

Why need chitmil

While maintaining a diet for the purpose of weight loss, it is necessary to consume less calories than the body consumes. The exchange of substances in the body begins to slow down in order to adapt to life in the framework of the created amount of energy costs. At that moment, when the energy reserves from glycogen depleted, the phase of active slowdown metabolism begins. So why do you need Chetmil on a diet?

  1. We summarize the information regarding glycogen: the replenishment of stocks is necessary for a full exercise for a full exercise, be it power exercises or cardio load. Consequently, there will be more calories in the process, and the muscles will remain safe. When the stock of carbohydrates in the body is low, then the body begins to spend the muscle protein to maintain the necessary level of energy. At this point is the risk of muscle loss.
  2. The deficiency of calories and carbohydrates forces the synthesis of hormones of the thyroid gland T3 and T4 in smaller quantities, and they are responsible for the level of human metabolism. And Chetmil becomes necessary, since the benefit is to increase metabolic processes.
  3. The diet is accompanied by a decrease in leptin hormone and an increase in Grethin, which are responsible for feeling hunger and saturation of food. Systematic low leptin rates also slow down the metabolic processes, and the load will help stop the negative process.
  4. With the help of Chetmila, it is realistic to obtain high insulin jumps, which will have an anti-boliac effect - the disintegration of proteins does not occur, the muscle mass is not so much destroyed, even a favorable anabolic medium appears.
  5. Separately, it is worth noting the psychological unloading, because the stability of a psycho-emotional state affects the lack of disruptions. The planned violation raises the level of self-discipline on the other days of the diet.

"Pros and cons"

Planned diet disorders are considered from two points of view:

At a certain point, the diet metabolism slows down, which leads to low production of Grelin hormone - this explains the strong attacks of hunger. Immediately after the cheatmila, the mining of hormone increases by 30%, which smoothes further attacks of hunger and controls appetite.

How to do chitmil

To understand how to make chitmil properly, first of all it is worth paying attention to the physical form. The correct algorithm will help to cope with the task in full. If the process is incorrect, it is fraught with intelligible sensations in the area of ​​gastrointestinal tract, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, as well as a breakdown with a diet. That is why Chetmil needs to be planned in advance and take into account possible risks.

To properly spend Chetmil, it is necessary to comply with a number of rules:

  • For 1-2 days before the planned violation of the diet, it is better to give preference to cardio training, reducing the use of carbohydrates. On that day, when the download is carried out, before starting it is recommended to hold a circular training in the gym onto the whole body. This will increase the depot of glycogen, so that the energy supply from carbohydrates came to the muscles, without laying off in fat;
  • It is recommended to practice on diet with low carbohydrates and fats in the diet;
  • The number of cheatmilles depends on the quality of the form;
  • When the diet is long, then in order to increase the level of self-control, it is better at the same time to carry out such events at the same time - for breakfast or lunch, on a specific day of the week;
  • It is necessary to meet in one meal;
  • Do not include alcoholic beverages;
  • Used products must bring pleasure for maximum psychological comfort.

It is worth noting that the receipt of a large amount of carbohydrates can improve the appearance. For this reason, bodybuilders eat sweet before reaching the scene, so that the form is the most filled and volume.

Chetmil and Cheatda - What is better?

As part of a diet disorder, the frequency of food intake can also vary. It is worth noting that one-time meal with a high calorie and carbohydrates will slightly appear at the level of leptin hormone. Ideally, it is better to arrange cheatdea with 2 - 4 techniques of such food in moderate portions with an output to the surplus from the daily calorie norm.

The key difference factor is the role of duration of food intake: a single reception of a harmful meal is not able to provoke a sufficient jump hormone jump for a complete acceleration of metabolism. Roughly speaking, the body will not notice this with a long deficit of calorie content and exhausted glycogen reserves. Of course, you can eat 300-500 g of carbohydrates at once, but it will be more like torture. Consider differences:

Any approach must be chosen in accordance with individual needs and comfort.

How often can you arrange chetmil

It is critical to know how often Chetmil do, and here is the main rule: the small percentage of subcutaneous fat and the low level of leptin (hormone, which is responsible for the feeling of hunger and affects the metabolism) allow you to more often carry out planned violations during a diet.

Additional factors affecting the frequency:

  • general diet calorie deficiency;
  • level of physical activity;
  • Duration, volume and number of workouts.

The table below is relevant for those who conduct 3-4 power training, 2-3 cardio sessions per week.

Another important factor is a deficiency of calories formed in a week. Subject to the absence of exceeding the energy indicators of the deficit created on other days, it is possible to check without conscience.

for example : daily caloric content normally = 2600 kcal; daily caloric content of weight loss = 2000 kcal. The day is 600 kcal. During 6 days, a deficit in volume is created: 600 kcal * 6 days = 3600 kcalne 7 days used by 3,600 kcal food, which is 1000 kcal above the daily norm. In the end, at the end of the week, a deficiency is formed: 3600 - 1000 = 2600 kcal

What you can eat

Often, the preference is given to Fastfood or Dzhank Fudu (Junk Food, which is translated as "weed food", and in common - empty calories), fried, fat and sweets, "Forbidden fruits" on a diet. Every person has their weaknesses.

In fact, Cheitmil (he is held once a week or once a month - it does not matter) also has its recommendations on the choice of products. It is not recommended to use:

  • Fat production - Fat does not contribute to the acceleration of metabolism and does not affect the hormone leptin, it is not able to replenish the glycogen reserves. The only thing he manages to do is to settle on the stomach and sides, especially in the surplus;
  • Food-containing fiber - This element slows down digestion, which is not relevant in the case of Chetmil. The gastrointestinal tract at this time will experience overload due to food consumed for successful assimilation;
  • fructose - does not affect the replenishment of glycogen reserves in muscle and liver cells;
  • Protein products - Also slightly affect Leptin, so the macroelement is better to leave in the framework of the daily need or reduce at all when there is no goal to preserve or increase muscle mass.

The main goal is to stimulate hormones and energy supply for full-fledged life and training, and this is possible due to glycogen reserves, which is contained in carbohydrates. Priority is fast carbohydrates with a low content of fats and fiber, as well as a high indicator of the glycemic index, since they are capable of calling the instantaneous leptin level. Approximate list of products:

  • Marshmallow and grazing without fructose;
  • marmalade;
  • breakfasts in the form of flakes in sugar glaze;
  • Bakery products and bread;
  • Pasta and pizza;
  • Gingerbread cookies, candy;
  • pasta;
  • White rice;
  • potatoes.

Another important question is the number of calories within the framework of Chetmila. There are two points of view: some believe that prohibitions should not be on calories or products. But on the other hand, the overeating can adversely affect the work of the tract and lead to a set of unnecessary kilograms, which is undesirable.

Chitmil is not just a belly holiday, but an event that makes a person closer to the goal.

Chetmil and Cheatde Strategy

Any technique passes the step of adaptation to a specific lifestyle of a person and individual features. There are several non-standard loading strategies by carbohydrates, which differ from the classic scheme, but also work, so you can choose the most appropriate tactic.

  1. Strategy 90/10 - the ratio consists of 90% of the time to comply with a strict diet with a shortage of carbohydrates, and 10% remains for their replenishment. For example, 9 days diet and 1 day of high calorie carbohydrate food. There is a risk of food disorders and a set of excess weight. The strategy is considered otherwise: if a three-time meal is observed during the day, then 21 meals are obtained in a week. 10% of this indicator with rounding - 2 Chetmila per week. Do not forget that Chetmil is a single eating consumption. If extra weight is more than 5 kg, then nutritionists and coaches do not recommend applying this strategy, because the necessary carbohydrate deficits forbidden to be forbidden to be forbidden to be forbidden on the food diet.
  2. The 80/20 strategy is a lightweight option when the download passes 4 times a week. It is used to stabilize the weight, and not for weight loss. Practiced by professional athletes in highly intense daily workouts. For a person with a seating lifestyle, the scheme does not fit, since the amount of incoming energy will significantly exceed its flow.
  3. Cheatday (Cheatday) - about the approach and advantages already mentioned above. This day can really be considered a holiday, but still there are restrictions in the portion of the incoming harmful meal. Most often used in bodybuilding, triathlon and marathon running.

The above strategies are recommended mainly for athletes and for people with an active way of life.

Does Chetmil need on drying

Under drying is the preparatory process of athletes in the preset period in order to reduce the percentage of subcutaneous fat and water in the body. At this stage, the athletes adheres to an extremely strict and long calorie diet, the diet consists mainly of protein food. Athletes joke at this moment on the topic "How beautiful the world is without carbohydrates."

This period is associated with a high physical and psychological burden, so Chetmil on drying becomes a real salvation for athletes, helping to avoid disruptions. There are concerns in the practice of such approaches due to the psychological barrier associated with fear, do not have time to prepare for the day of the competition or to slow down the fat burning. However, this is a big misconception, because the advantages from Chetmila more than minuses.

Refida as a kind of carbohydrate loading

Such a concept as a refide is also found in the sphere of fitness in the context of a decrease in the subcutaneous fat layer. Under refide (eng. "Refeed" - feeding) Means the intentional violation of the power plan during a diet in the form of an increase in the number of used complex carbohydrates and calorie content of weight loss for several hours or days.

Chitmila and Refida has a general appointment regarding psychological unloading and benefits for the body during a diet, but the principle of carbohydrate loading is in the root. There is also a specific time frame.

The amount of clean or dry muscle mass is determined by analyzing the body composition - this is the most accurate way. The number of proteins and fats remains within the previously defined norm.

The frequency of conduct is also determined on the basis of the initial amount of subcutaneous fat, lifestyle and the characteristics of the training process.

Difference between Refid and Chetmil

At first glance, Chetmil and Refid are similar, but there is a difference between them.

Notes how to do chitmil

To properly organize a scheduled violation of the diet, it is recommended to adhere to several rules:

  • Chitmil is a one-time meal, you should not stretch it for a day;
  • Not held during breakfast, in order to avoid temptation to spend so a whole day. Optimal time - after lunch and dinner;
  • Prepare to prepare enzyme preparations in case of overloading the digestive system;
  • After the cheatmila, the power remains unchanged and additional limitation of the calorie content of the diet;
  • Get the charge of energy from food is better outside the home - food in cafes and shops contains a large number of fast carbohydrates, which will be on hand. But do not forget that it is worth avoiding fats and fiber in the composition.

Chetmila mistakes

Such all two:

Too "clean" food

The diet implies healthy nutrition and some restrictions in a particular product, so often Chetmil is perceived as an enlarged portion of the same food. But how much energy and pleasure can be obtained by using useful products? Unlikely.

Here, an important task will go beyond the standard thinking diet and choose that food that will benefit and joy. Do not forget that such a meal must provide a full-fledged psychological respite.

Weekend program

Often Chetmil is directly associated with a day off, when it is possible to walk with friends and afford to relax. But the weekends are also accompanied by long sleep and low activity, which reduces the available time to eat food.

Be sure to be sure that the Chetmila will also be made one or two techniques of ordinary food, in order to avoid the reloading of the gastrointestinal tract and reduce the risk of temptation to stretch the pleasure of the remaining day.

Now you probably know that during a diet to be harmful to harmful products. Training people can be arranged Chetmil, not afraid for the physical form, as well as not suffer from psychological pressure by restrictions in food.

The charge of cheerfulness and fresh motivation after loading with carbohydrates will accompany you for a long time. Do not be afraid to experiment, make your life brighter, make new discoveries and be healthy!

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