Eliteers in Minecraft


ID ELITR. : 443. .

Strength : 432. .

Elytra. - Elitera In Minecraft in English. They are also called: Naccryl , Elertren, Elitron. The word in entomology is translated as a chitinized front wing.

Elitera is a kind of wings in minecraft, allowing players to fly. In real life, their functionality could be compared with deltaplane. In the game it is a unique subject, very rare. It is located in a groodtal slot (kids), but does not have protective properties. Although in real life, the elite of beetles, on the contrary, lose the function of active flight authorities or do not participate in it, and perform a protective role. In the minecraft, elite is wear out during operation, but can be fixed. They can be attached and change the texture. Using gaming tricks, you can achieve a very long or even endless flight.

Eliteers placed in the porridge slot allow you to fly.



Where to get elitras

Without wings, you will not fly away (proverb).

Eliteers appeared in minecraft 1.9 (15W41A) and placed in the aircraft of the cities of the region. Find these "wings" can only be there anywhere else. The city is a structure generated in EDE and consists mainly of purple blocks and stone bricks of the edge.

Ender ship is built, resembling a flying ship. There is a cooking rack with two potions of treatment, obsidian in the hold and there you can also find what interests us here - elitras. They are in the frame. But it is impossible to hurry because of the protection of a shalker, which will fit under the frame with the elites. Only defeated this hostile mob player will be a happy owner of such a rare subject in minecraft.

There are no other ways to find elites at the moment. Elites and Kraft are also incompatible - it is impossible to make them, in any case, up to version 1.13 (18W21A) inclusive. Perhaps something will change in the future.

Eliteers on armor racks
From version 1.11, elite can be placed on armor racks.

Eliteers: how to fly

It does not know how to fly, and wings waving (proverb).

The first thing that will be needed is the elites themselves that must be put in the bib slot. Note that before version 1.9 (16W07A) the player automatically planned when dropping. Later in order to fly on the elites, you need to press the key during the fall from the height space . And therefore, the player will not fall and will not break, instead, the passage will begin in the air.

Flying on Elitrach
Top view during flight using Elith.

Chairs for Elith

Bird for the wings is not prased (proverb).

Sometimes it is recommended to enchant the elite on the anvil on the "repair" and "strength", which will give decent strength, up to eternal, due to a small amount of experience.

Chairs for Elith
Instruments Name What gives
34. Strength Unbreaking With some probability, the strength will not decrease.
70. Repairingmending. Uses experience to fix the subject in hand or in armor slots.
-Binding_Curse Binding Curse Binding Items with entertainment "Curse of attachment" cannot be thrown out. This happens only if the player's death is.
71. Curse Loss Curse Disappearance Vanishing_curse The subject self-esteem at the death of the player who owns them.


For bird wing not burden (proverb).

How to manage the flight? The control buttons on the keyboard do not work. The flight direction is regulated by the mouse: to turn right or left enough to look at the appropriate side.

Affect the flight speed is also possible:

  • To slow down, you need to look upstairs;
  • To accelerate - down.

At the same time, the following dangers lie: the transfer of flight to the upper-vertical will lead to a stop and a drop, and when translating a look down, there is a risk of a set of high speed and, as a result, entrance to the corkscrew. Too sharp exit from the corkscrew will entail the loss of speed and, on the contrary, slow - its set.

If you get into the water, the flight will continue even in an aqueous medium to contact with the bottom. But the speed will be reduced.

Litters in flight
Eliteers: very high in the sky.


And the wings are, but nowhere to fly (proverb).

Speaking about how to fly and manage elites, it is impossible not to focus on landing. This maneuver at high speed head forward or other dangerous cases, without compliance with security measures can lead to sad consequences.

It makes sense to decline in the helix. The landing place is better to choose more or less smooth. At the final stage of landing, when the body is about to touch the earth, you need to look up.

Or, when there is no special difference at what point to land, you need to align the view in the horizontal plane, and in front of the landing, as in the previous method, translate your eyes up.

How best to land?


If you yourself know that the wings are short, so do not fly far and high (proverb).

The usual use of the elite, when their activation occurs in falling from the height without the use of additional funds, will lead to a smooth or not very, but reduction and landing. Therefore, various systems operating on the principle of the catapult are invented, allowing many times to increase the speed and achieve huge speed.

To increase the speed, height and receipt of the "eternal flight" from version 1.11.1, you can use salute. Rockets craft without asterisks due to the risk of explosion. The principle is simple: in flight it is necessary to periodically run fireworks, while getting significant acceleration. So, having enough rockets in stock, you can climb the limit height and develop the maximum speed to 78.4 blocks per second.

Another way for almost the Eternal Flight is the use of the Elite with Conclusion to "Strength" and "Poor", as well as onions, enchanted to "discard" II ('folding' II); But without arrows not to do. During the flight, it is necessary to shoot from Luka, the minimum pulling the theater, in the direction of movement. Arrow, getting into the player, pushes him forward. Regular shooting with folding is enough for a very long flight on the elites. The cons: without "strength" the elite will quickly break, and also - the need to eat very often, even having excellent protection.

Flight Acceleration
The height and speed of flight on elites can affect the use of fireworks.

How to fix

If the eagle often hits wings - wings break (proverb).

During the flight, the elite loses strength. Before they wear, it should be a certain time. With the strength of 1, the elite is acquired by another texture, and they are not suitable for flights, but they can be enraged. The "broken" elitras have a torn texture, but the player looks still on the player.

Eliteers can be restored by merging in the area of ​​the craft without anvil, but with loss of adhesion. This is useful only when combining two worn elites, which then give a less worn out version.

View of elitras
Eliteers: Rear view.

In Bedrock Edition (up to version 1.13), it is possible to repair elite by adding damaged elite and skin on anvil. The spells are lost, experience more experiences every time. From 1.13 for fixing instead of leather, a phantom membrane is used, which is the material obtained by the killing of the phantom player.

How to change the texture of the elite

Without wings and bird - com (proverb).

In Minecraft 1.9 (16W06A), the elites began to recognize the player's cloak and adapt his design for each official raincoat. And in the snapshot 16W07A, the cloak setup menu provides a shutdown of the caste texture of the elite.

Textures for elitra
Different textures for the elite.

Elitera Elitera - This is a rare subject in the world of minecraft, which will help the player flying in the sky. In order to speed up the flight, you can use fireworks.

Wings Elitra


  • Object type: Transport
  • The degree of rarity: Rare
  • Strength indicator: 431.
  • Non-renewable
  • It is impossible to stupid
  • First appeared in the version 1.9
  • You can enjoy on Strength and on Repairing

EliteraHow to find?

To find the elite, the player needs to go to the measurement of the edge. After that, you need to get to the city of the region and explore the ship. Each city of the edge will be located wings Elith in the ship, namely - In the hold . Wings will hang in the frame, from where they can be taken away.

It is worth remembering that in the hold you can meet unpleasant guests, with whom you have to fight! In addition, before the ability to explore the edge will open, you must kill Dragon edge .

In addition, to get wings, you can use the command: " / Give Nick Player Minecraft: Elytra 1 ". Also, there is another way for lazy players - just get them from the creative menu.

EliteraHow to use elite?

  • To start using wings, you need to wear them in the bib slot.
  • Then you need to jump from the height and click the problems. Flight mode will be activated.
  • To control the direction of flight, you need to direct the player with the mouse in the right place.
  • To reduce speed, you need to look up to enlarge - look down.
  • If you look at the top, then the protagonist is simply falling.
Flying on Elitrach

EliteraHow to land safely to land?

Method number 1. . Fix the look horizontally and find a flat place to land. As soon as the flat surface will remain 1-2 blocks, sharplylights look up. So you can land, without having received a large number of damage at the same time.

Method number 2. . Start circling spirals, directing the look just below the horizontal. As soon as 5-7 blocks remain, start watching completely horizontally. The final stage of the landing does not differ from the previous step. This is a more accurate way to land in a specific location.

Method number 3. . Landing at high speed can kill the player, so it should not do that. But, in case there is a totem of immortality - it will help survive with this type of landing.

EliteraUsing fireworks

  • You can make several empty fireworks that will not have gunpowder and other components.
  • During the flight, you can use them, which will get quite a large acceleration.
  • Thus, it is possible to achieve almost maximum speed in survival - about 80 blocks per second.
  • It is worth using on the server carefully because the way can cause suspicion from the administration.
Flying on Elitrach

EliteraCunning with bow

If you use the method that is proposed above, you can catch up with an arrow that was released from Luke. This will get an extremely long flight on the wings of the elite.

What do you need?

First of all, you need to wear the wings of the Elite and start flying, jumping from the height. Then, it is necessary to start shooting from a bow with minimal tension. The arrows will fall in the player, which will additionally accelerate it. If there is a discarding effect, it will help to additionally push the player for even greater distance.

EliteraElitea and Trzzubets

If you use a trident, which is enchanted to "cravings", then during the rain you can move faster, even with fireworks. For this, you need to throw it and move after. This will allow you to score very much.

EliteraHow to fix the elite?

Method number 1. . Need to be folded Wings Elitra и Membrane Phantom Using anvil.

Method number 2. . Use Combinations :

Broken Wings + Broken Wings = Damaged Litters

Broken elitrasDamaged wings +. Broken elitrasDamaged wings = EliteraNew wings


Picture Name Description
Broken elitrasAnd where is the wings? It is necessary to extrude the wings of the elite and use them for flight.
EliteraSuper speed Achieve a speed of over 40 blocks per second, using the wings of the elite.

EliteraInteresting Facts

  • If there will be a raincoat on the main character, then the elite will be with the same texture as used.
  • If you start a flight with a maximum possible height of 256 blocks and fly up to 64 blocks, then the flight length will be 2000 blocks. If you use a similar flight option in the lower world, you can fly more than 10,000 blocks. This is a great opportunity to quickly overcome long distances.
  • Eliteers will be visible even if the player uses the invisibility potion.
  • In fact, the wings of the Elite are the front wings from the beetles, for example, from God's cows.
  • It is worth remembering that when a collision from mucus blocks, you can get big damage.
  • If you get under the water during the flight, then the flight will continue, however, at a lower rate.
  • Broken wings will be a separate item that can be fixed.

Eliteers in Minecraft: how to make and fly

In the version of the game Minecraft 1.9 Added a new object - elitras, often they are called Nescryl or just wings. They are needed so that the player can fly.

Before the flight was only available only with the installation of certain mods, but with the release of Minecraft 1.9 they are no longer needed (at 1.10 and further too). The ability to fly allows you to inspect the terrain from the height of a bird's-eye, overcome obstacles and avoid damage when falling from the height.


This is elite.

Our exhaustive guide will tell why they are needed, how to make the pulp and where to find them, how to use them and how to fly on them. We also describe the characteristics and tell how to repair wings.

How to make elitras

They can be found in the cities of the edge on the soiled ships - on one ship alone wings. Ships there are many. In addition, the pulp can be screaming from two broken parts. So far, only so, there are no other ways to get them in survival mode or hardcore.

Eliteers in player inventory

In creative mode, the wings are in the inventory on the Transport tab. Or use the search.

On the Internet, you can find recipes how to scratch the elite. But we checked all the presented recipes on the Minecraft version 1.10.2 - never worked. Apparently developers fixed bugs associated with the creation of Nacrislov, as their receipt, in fact, is the prize for killing Ender Dragon.

Where to find ready-made elites

They can be obtained in survival mode or hardcore, hitting a flying ship in any city of the edge. We told in detail how to penetrate into the leadership how to get into the edge and kill Ender Dragon.

Once in the edge and killing the dragon, you will open the gates to the islands, on which the city of the region are. But entering these gates can not - they are too small.

Gate of the edge to the island

Throw into these gates Ender-pearls and go on travel around the islands.

Islands occupy a huge space, they cost cities over which ships are hired.

Ship in the city of Territory

Going inside the ship and passing into the nose, you will find the elite hanging on the wall in the frame. There are two chests under them.

Eliteers in minecraft 1.9 and 1.10

Pressing the left mouse button on the frame will remove the pulp out of it, they will fall on the floor. Pick them from the floor before they disappear.

How to get wings through the console

To do this, enter the following command in the console:

/ Give @p Elytra 1 0

How to get elite through the console

The message on the screen will confirm the execution of the command, and the inventory will be replenished with wings.

How to wear elitras

Before flying the pulp, you need to wear. To do this, open the inventory, this is done by pressing the "E" button. When the inventory is open, the image of a character with five execution slots, which displays the reliable armor if it is dressed.

Dress up elitras

Place the wings in the second square from above - they wear in the boost slot and replace the cloak.

After that, the type of your character will change like a raincoat appeared on it:


This is how the cooked wings look like on the player.

Eliteers on the player minecraft

When the player squats, the wings are slightly revealed.

How to fly on elites

To start the flight, you need to fall from a height of at least 4 blocks, and during the fall, press the gap so that the pulples are revealed. A gravity will come further into the case. You can click on F5 to change the viewing mode.

When flying, choose the direction to the left and right, the speed of the descent is regulated by the look up and down. You can fly in three directions - on the broken trajectory, up and horizontally. Eliteers allow you to fly horizontally to the distance, approximately 10 blocks. However, in the end, you still fall, since no one has canceled the attraction.

the fall

During the hand and legs of the player stretched along the body. If your character begins to swing her hands and legs as in the picture above - then you fall, and do not fly. In this case, it is necessary to align the trajectory of flight mouse.

The maximum length of the possible flight from a height of 255 to 64 is about 2000 blocks. Even the pulp reduce damage when falling, not counting the fall at high speed.

Below is a short video, where it is very detailed and clearly shown how to fly on the elites in minecraft. After viewing it, the flight techniques will not be left:

Durability and repair of wings

Players can stay in the air until the period of work will not expire. When flying, durability decreases one point per second. In total, Nescrylyv 431 durability score, which gives 7 minutes and 11 seconds of flight.

broken elitras

Broken elitras.

When durability reaches 1, the elite changes the icon on the broken wings and need to be repaired. There are two options: make two broken hollows alone or repair the pulp with skin.


You can use the following enchanters for the hopper:

  • Repair (maximum level 1) - uses scores for repair tools, weapons and armor
  • Independence (maximum level 3) - increases the durability of the subject.

That's all. As you can see, the elite is quite a good way to fly to minecraft. We hope that the developers will still add a recipe for the crafting of Nacrevillev in the nearest updates. And if not, then the wings will remain a good prize for the destruction of the Dragon of the region and the study of its islands.

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Elitera is a device similar to the wings, make it possible to plan the player. To put the elite, you need to place them in the player's armor. When you fall, the player needs to push the space and it will soar. For turn - to see right or left, to speed up - down, slowing down - up. The eliteers can be found only in the Ender ship. Elitera can be attached.

  • Synonyms: Overcrowders / Elytra
  • Minecraft versions: 1.16.4 / 1.16.3 / 1.16.2 / 1.16.1 / 1.16 / 1.15.2 / 1.15.1
  • ID: Elytra.
Eliteers in minecraft

Where to find Elitras

Here is indicated where you can find the elite in minecraft, i.e. Where can I meet the elite in Minecraft.

How to make an idéer ship in minecraft


Team of receiving Elitr.

Here is the command that allows you to get the elite in minecraft, that is, how to create elites in Minecraft.

How to make a command block in minecraft

Eliteers can be called on using the command in creative mode .. for this you need:

  1. Open chat (key "T" English)
  2. Write a team / Give @P Minecraft: Elytra
  3. Press the "Enter" key

You can also specify the number and to whom the elite will be issued:

  1. / Give @p Minecraft: Elytra 10 Get 10 Elith
  2. / Give MinecraftMax Minecraft: Elytra Elite will be transferred to the player with Nick MinecraftMax

The command can be prescribed to the command unit so that it is performed when receiving a red stone signal.


Elitera is an item for a guy (flight), worn in the armor slot. They can not be created, you can only find in the edge, in the chest chest of the edge. Eliteers have a margin that is lost during use. Broken elites can be fixed in anvil using a phantom membrane, in addition, two elites can be combined in anvil, connecting their strength. In the creative mode of Naughty, you can find in the Transport Inventory tab. To activate the pulp, you need to press the gap during the fall.

ID and issuance team

Full version of the generator

Use of hollows in minecraft

Overcrowders are placed in a boost slot. To soar, the player should climb on a high place, jump from there and click on the gap during the fall, then you need to straighten your position to fly as far as possible. If the legs and hands of the player start moving, then this means the loss of speed, you need to tilt the camera below so as not to slow down and do not fall. If you use any fireworks during the flight, the flight speed will be increased.

Overcrowders have 432 units of strength, which is taken by 1 unit per second of the flight, after landing the player. When strength drops to 1 units, they break, but do not disappear, the icon of the subject changes, it cannot be used to the repair in the anvil. Naughty can also be attached to strength. If when landing look down, the player will receive damage, the same as if he fell from this height without outcrumbs.

If you jump off the block with a height of 256 blocks and fly down to the height of 65 blocks (standard height of the Earth), then you can fly a little further than 1,700 blocks.

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