How to excite yourself very strongly and how: ways and advice

How much to excite yourself and how it can be done fast

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Sexy life for a woman is as important as for a man. But it is great: it is very difficult to distract from your daily hassle and tune in a romantic manner. Decisions of this problem mass, and we will consider the most popular of them in our article.

Romantic night

Why is it important to be able to excite and enjoy

Unfortunately, most representatives of the beautiful half of humanity cannot abstract from everyday fuss and accumulated problems. And it does not happen even during the classes of love.

Our women are constantly experiencing something: for children, for her husband, for parents, for loved ones and even for work. They do not allow themselves to be simply relaxing and enjoyed, and their partner too.

GirlTo answer the question why it is important to be able to be excited, it is worth considering the psychological and physiological sides of the problem. Women's physiology is as follows: at the time of blood tide to female genitals, muscles relax, while the uterus with increased intensity produces a transparent liquid (secret). It is she moisturizes the vagina.

Psychology in women is somewhat more complicated. In order to really enjoy, a great-start representative needs to be completely forgotten about all its problems and adversity, transferring your mood to a positive and romantic manner. Here you definitely connect fantasy and all your most bold desires.

Unfortunately, not all men are able to set up their partner to the desired way. That is why the woman is recommended to take the brazers of the board in their hands. And how can this be done yourself, let's talk later.

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How to learn to excite before sex: Tips

The situation with the question of self-excitation can be easily solved on their own. But for this it is worth understanding well that the matter is in the brain. And if during intercourse you constantly think about something else, you can forget about orgasm.

Before sexSexually mood can scatter due to thoughts about cooking dinner, prepare children to school, problems and difficulties at work and many other things. The process of self-excitation completely depends on your abilities to get rid of stereotypes.

Although there is another moment: some women identify sex with something dirty and indecent. But in this case, it is simply contraindicated to be constrained with frank conversations and sexual poses.

Do not refuse the experiments in this area, be constantly open to the new and never close in yourself. Catch every moment and enjoy making love.

Several tips, how to self-love:

  1. To begin with, it is recommended to train your brain and body. To do this, it is possible to dream a little and imagine various frank scenes. This is not necessarily the bed. Come up with how it might be in the boring library, just on the way home, somewhere in a dark alley. Just try to anticipate that the pleasure that expects you. It is important here to hone your fantasy skill. Feel the taste of red wine on your lips, which you can soon drink with your partner. Now you can proceed to the preparation of the body. Massay yourself in the place where you would like to have a favorite person. Do it the way you would like. Think exclusively about your pleasure. UnderwearIt is better to wear sexy underwear. You can see an erotic film, and follow its recommendations. Get special books with pictures in your home library. This will also help in visualization of their fantasies.
  2. If the method described above does not help, you can refer to the use of special pathogens. They can be purchased in any pharmacy or on the pages of Internet portals. Viagra is considered the most popular, or a pfezer or generic (for example, Kamagra). With the help of these drugs, you will definitely be able to achieve the desired effect as soon as possible. Terms: Generics are such drugs that, in their actions, completely copy already existing certified drugs, but at an affordable price. This unique tool will increase blood flow to the area of ​​a small pelvis, contributing to the emergence of a secrecy in the vagina. The orgasm will differ by force and enchantment. And what is important, these drugs will not harm your body.
  3. Frigidity is not the end. You can try an erotic massage or watch a frank movie. If such methods do not help, it is recommended to refer to the psychotherapist. There is nothing galloping in it. And after a few sessions, you can feel differently. The psycho-erotic workouts held under the supervision of a specialist will help to find the erogenous zones of a woman. And then, it is their stimulation and engaged. At sexologist

What the most excites a woman

Most women love ears. Therefore, a skillful compliment from the beloved, and the "case is in a hat."

It is the brain that the most sexual man of the man becomes the most sexual organ.

But we are all individual. And before you squeeze, tell the unprecedented and write compliments, it is worth it to prepare well. It is important to understand what exactly your partner wants to hear.

How to excite yourself very much and how to do it

It will not be the news for anyone that the process of self-excitation is poorly regulating and controlled. That is why it is very important to know how to get excited very quickly and adjust the desires of the partner.


Silk bed linenExcellent flight is very difficult instantly excited in the absence of comfortable and providing conditions. Therefore, it is important to approach with special attention to the preparation of the premises, where it is assumed to make love. For instance:

  • If the room is very cold, it is even difficult to imagine that it is necessary to expose. It is recommended to take care of the warmth of the room, put the heaters or to light the fireplace if it is;
  • For women, cleanliness and freshness of bed linen are very important. After all, during the clamping of love, such a clean and special moment, I would not want to overshadow the dirty sheets. It is even somehow not hygienic. Dirty and spontaneous sex is more like a male element;
  • Perfect how to take a shower and feel well-groomed and clean. Especially if the meeting takes place after work, and they do not have to travel home. Tune into an intimate way is very difficult in the feeling of sewage. And then the shave of the legs, most often a ritual for a woman, rather than the requests of men.

ShowerImportant! Comfort and security are most often needed for excellent.

This is the strong world of this, I want risk and extreme.

Most women in this case are simply amenable to bringing away their partners, rather than them wish.

The girl is afraid to be "caught on hot." And in the end, she just wants to relax and do not worry about anything.

Correct setting

The woman most often excited exactly the "head", rather than tactile caresses. An experienced man always knows what to do.

He feels on his partner a mass of compliments, from which she forgets everything in the world. Then how to excite yourself with an erotic film and even suitable music. And what do you like, pornography or erotica, the choice is yours.

Special entourage

For women, much lies in the trifles. Therefore, some items can be reminded and associated with good-sex with good sex.

It can be chic underwear, stockings, straile shoes and even silk sheets.

Some prefer simply freeze candles.

Hot bath

BathIn this case, a very explanable mechanism is working. The excitement is a tide of blood to female genital organs.

And the hot water is actively promoted, especially if you decide to take a bath with your beloved.

But! Specialists strictly forbid love to make love in hot water. It adversely affects the heart. Better in time will move to another place. And nice and harmless.

Perfume with Pheromona

No one is in novelty that some flavors are able to strengthen sexual attraction. And if a man enjoys such spirits, his partner will be able to excite as quickly as possible.

Moreover, there are even aromatic oils that contain the necessary Pheromones, for example, Ilang-Ilanga.

But such a method is very individual and get used to it. And on some women it does not work at all.

Alcoholic beverages

AlcoholA little alcohol can always relax and set up a woman to the desired way. But in this matter it is impossible to overdo it. One or two glasses of red wine or gram fifty something stronger.

Otherwise, the head will turn around, the sensitivity will drop, and even to sleep can pull. Do we need it?

Important! None of the narcotic substances will never help arouse. Their action is exactly the opposite, but such a state is unnatural.

How to quickly shake a woman: drugs

There is a huge number of special preparations that will help the woman quickly arouse. But note that this tool will actually act exclusively when appropriate circumstances.

It was about them that we talked earlier. Plus, an excellent flight should have a regular intimate life. Where if you are hard to want, and your loved one will be near, not the fact that it will be possible to get quickly. And on the contrary, girls who do not have a lack of love classes can quickly and easily tune in to the desired way.

List of most popular drugs: Laveron

  1. Sialis is a drug that helps to activate blood flow to sexual female organs and significantly increases the chances of getting orgasm;
  2. "Women's Viagra" are pills designed exclusively taking into account the female organism, efficiently working in the period of menopause and with insufficient lubrication production in the genital zone;
  3. "Laveron" is a medicinal product based on natural components, which activates the work of the nervous, cardiovascular and endocrine system.

How to strengthen sexual desire

  • Variety in sex. It is important to prevent the love of love to become monotonous. Make a little adrenaline and experiments in your intimate life. For example, try to have sex in the most unusual places for this;
  • Slightly hide with your partner. New bold thoughts and fantasies will help to raise libido;
  • Proper food also contributes to solving many problems, and even relating to sex. Pay attention to products-Aphrodisiacs. It may be seafood, most often mollusks, oysters and salmon.

There is a lot of ways to get a woman very quickly. To do this, it is necessary to constantly experiment, and find all new and new options, how to configure yourself to erotic. Dare! It's worth it!

And more additional information on the topic - in the next video.

Caress yourself - is it bad and dirty? Not? Then why no one speaks of female masturbation openly, while the man has almost written a guide?

We decided to make the world a little more and prepared material about how to delight our own, and why the women's fingers in panties are beautiful, naturally and sexually, and not at all.

The female body is a more complex and exquisite mechanism compared to male: it's not enough to take the clitoris in the palm, to lead three minutes up and down and cum. Girls do not work so much! Female orgasm is rather "psychological" and begins in the head - with sexual desire, erotic fantasies and beautiful pictures of sexual intercourse.

All in our hands: how to delight yourself

Attitude to masturbation

Over the centuries, people regarded this savory process differently: there were times when masturbation condemned, and sometimes self-satisfaction was considered the norm. After the sexual revolution, the number of masturbating women grew from 60% to 80%. Separate gratitude should be expressed by Freud, which showed: Masturbation is completely harmless to health and psyche, and sometimes even useful!

First masturbation

Most often, the first masturbation happens in adolescence, but even here the boys are ahead of girls - they brave themselves with hand in pants and experiment with their feelings from the pubertal age and almost until old age.

The girl is more difficult to let go of himself - the public discontent and constraint affects. Some women are not fundamentally dealing with self-satisfaction. And in vain! Sexologists recommend this method even if there are problems with orgasm in a pair. So - a proportion of constraint!

If you have never tried to deliver a pleasure yourself, let's go through this path together.

Masturbation will be felt more comfortable if it is in a relaxed state and has an atmosphere. Toilet in McDonalds or a bed in a hostel is unlikely to configure the erotic way.

Make sure that in the near future no one distorts you. Turn on relaxing music, burn candles and create yourself an intimate setting.

Having arranged external comfort, proceed to heating the body: stroke the whole body: from the hips to the stomach, from the hands to the nipples, from the neck and waist. Your erogenous zones can be found only experimentally. Some women excite touching in the chest area, others - buttocks or abdominal bottoms. Do not rush to fall below.

Tune in to explore ourselves, try to try each vehicle centimeter and make a map of erogenous zones.

When finally get to the clitoris - gently and gently take on it with your finger up and down - this is the easiest way to achieve orgasm. First, rub gently with one finger, then go to more intensive stimulation.

How to masturbate your fingers

There is no "right" way and hidden for seven seals secrets to achieve orgasm. But there are several working techniques that will be pleasant to every female body!

Up down

This is the most simple technique, it is fine, if you only make the first steps in learning your body.

Place the index or middle finger on the clit and start led to them up and down. Do not rush, explore the area around the clitoris, play with the power of pressure, movement speed and the duration of stimulation.

Long slow strokery

Place one or more fingers on the clitoris, gently slide up and down. Change the direction of movement (bottom-up), the speed of strokes and the power of stimulation.

Perhaps you will not experience an orgasm, but it is investigating all the subtleties of your intimate zones: where you need to push the stronger where you want to barely tangible touches. It will come in handy to you when you want to cum faster or sweetly pull the pleasure.

Fantastic Four

Place the four fingers connected together on the clit and start describing them an invisible circle. Play with a radius value: small circular movements will help to focus on the clitoris, and large circles stretch the sex lips.

This is one of the most effective masturbation techniques!

Technique numbness

Sit on the hand, which is usually masturbating, and sit on it for 15 minutes. When numbness arises in the limb, start to caress yourself. This will give a feeling that someone else touches you, and not you touch yourself.

Compressing beed

Some women are real happy - can experience an orgasm simply squeezing and sprinkling the hips. Suddenly you are one of them? 😉 If yes, try to do these movements in public places or at work - create friction in the clitoris - and the day will not be boring.

How to enjoy masturbation if you have a low / high sensitivity of the clitoris?

The sensitivity of intimate zones, including the clitoris, is different from different women. Some painful even light touch, others need intensive stimulation to sense the slightest excitement.

If you have a high sensitivity - do not touch directly to clutter, and make movements in the area around it - the clitious hood. It will save from pain, but will retain sexual arousal.

If the sensitivity is low - on the contrary, "open" the clitoris, pulling the clitual hood and getting more access to the most "gentle" regions.

How important is the achievement of orgasm?

The more you think that "you need to finish", the lower the likelihood of orgasm becomes. Such thoughts will put pressure on you - and instead of pleasure, you will have to experience a kind of sense of duty.

Relax and attribute to the process of masturbation more calmly: you are not under the supervision of the "fast orgasm" team. Sensual long-term pleasure will give much more pleasure than a lightning finish, after which only a mute question remains: "What was it? .."

Why masturbate yourself is good?

Starting with the first touch of his intimate zones, your global journey into the world of your body began. The first embarrassing clitual orgasm, attempts to forgue the entrance to the vagina, the fingers inside, the feeling that "there" everything is compressed ...

The more you touch and study yourself, the better you feel the body: what touches are exciting, what caress and methods of stimulation bring the most pleasure that you want to try in the future. You can find the most sensitive parts of the body.

The study will help in sex - you will know how to pull the leg sock, which way to turn or even help yourself to alleviate the achievement of orgasm.

Another argument in favor of masturbation: every woman has moments when it seems that there is no strength to fight with excitation.

All in our hands: how to delight yourself

Some go to run five kilometers in an interval way, others go to the nightclub in search of random sex, the third "jamming" sexual desires of chocolate candies and cakes. Although there is a solution - and this is masturbation. Sometimes you need to reset the tension, relax, exhale.

How to delve yourself a pleasure with sex toys?

The sex toy industry offers a variety of devices that help women get bright orgasms and without sex, and without any participation of a man. Clitual chirates, foamimmitators, masturbators, anal plugs, vibrations, vibro-nozzles on the finger ...

And this is not to mention that forms, vibration modes, dimensions and material toys can be chosen for themselves. You can use the devices somewhere, at least during the lunch break at work. No one will notice your slightly reddened cheeks and hips, but the mood will improve!

Do not regret money on your first vibrator: let it be possible to adjust the speed and intensity of vibration, and the material will be high-quality silicone. Toys use water-based lubricant if you feel dry.

All in our hands: how to delight yourself

A pleasant bonus will be the waterproof of the masturbator - sometimes it is sometimes so you want to plunge into a hot bath with foam, drink a glass of red semi-sweet and deliver a pleasure.

But on the fingers and vibrators, the journey into the world of self-satisfaction does not end. 😉

Sexual pleasure in the soul

Masturbation in the soul of women use decades and it will vary significantly with her fingers.

Stay under the crane so that the water pressure is pointing to your intimate organs, or use the soul head. Flowing water will quickly help achieve orgasm. Try and see for yourself - pleasure will be no less than from the language of your beloved man.

Caress during sex

Touching your erogenous zones during sex will not only increase your excitement, but also will lead a partner. Men like it, if a woman in bed is not shy to caress her clit or penetrate the fingers into the vagina.

Play with you especially useful to brighten the wait until the partner puts on a condom or is looking for lubrication.

Engage in virgilding

Imbilding is gym techniques for working with a tone of intimate muscles.

In women after childbirth, the muscles of the vagina are damaged and stretching the muscles of the vagina, which disappears the feeling of "treatment" and elasticity, and the orgasm to achieve harder due to the deterioration of access to the point G.

Buy yourself vaginal balls - they are of different weight. For beginners are the easiest. And we carry them every day, tightening intimate muscles of 25-30 times. In the early stages of pumping muscles, use the balls at home, and only then you can add sharp sensations and walk with them down the street.

The virguilding is useful to every woman, and not only after childbirth - because the muscle tone worsens and with age.

So you can masturbate?

You can and need! Masturbate bolder and more often: in the shower, at home in front of the mirror, during sex and after it. Stop shy your body: it is beautiful and worthy of pleasure. Stop, caress yourself and openly enjoy. Cultivate a gentle caring attitude towards the body and masturbation - you precisely deserve bright orgasms.

Self-satisfaction has ceased to be a forbidden topic, because it helps to improve the mood and even sex life! These recommendations will help you to hone the equipment and achieve new heights of pleasure.

Love yourself: 12 effective self-satisfaction techniques

1. Find out where the point G is

Even if you do not believe in it! It is believed that it is located on the front wall of the vagina about 5 6 centimeters from the entrance, and it can be felt when you are excited. If you do not find your fingers, try to get a vibrator with such a function in the description.

When you have sex with a partner, it concerns your breast, hips and other parts of the body. You can do the same thing!

3. Two legs together in front of orgasm

It is believed that in this case the orgasm will be more powerful. Just do not do it too early.

Masturbation is not only a mechanical action to receive pleasure. Plug into your sexual fantasies to get harder.

Few capable sex in any condition. So before a session of self-satisfaction, you can read the erotic story or watch the video for adults.

With lubricant sensations will be stronger. If you have irritation in the intimate area, it is better to buy water-based lubrication.

7. Try in water and with a sex toy

Feelings are very different from ordinary! As a rule, for the better.

8. Experiment with temperature

If you enjoy yourself in the shower, you can try such a trick: turn on very warm water and pressing the face (and not only) to the cold wall. In contrast, you can get incredible sensations.

Who said you just lie on your back? Try sitting, standing, putting a foot on the edge of the bath, lying on the stomach

10. Wash with you a vibrator

And even better - on yourself, there are models that are perfectly placed in the underwear and are controlled from the smartphone.

Many medicines reduce the severity of sensations. If so, pick up others.

All people react to different stimuli. Do not like toys? Try to take a pillow. Don't you like to touch your chest? Purge hip. Just knowing yourself better, you can get the strongest orgasm.

As a girl learn how to quickly excite

The orgasm is an interesting and difficult thing and how faster excitement to the girl thinks literally every. The overall world statistics are sufficiently sad, that is, almost 30% do not even receive orgasm due to the fact that they simply cannot arouse before the act. Due to the lack of such an increase in the libido, the thrust for sexual playing is becoming more and weaker, a crisis arises in relationships. Self-excitation will avoid further conflicts.

To learn more quickly, it is necessary to solve a number of problems and understand the reason why there is no desire.

In the article:

Why am I not exciting?

How to learn to excite?

How to learn to the girl to excite the house itself?

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Why am I not exciting?

The most banal and traditional cause of this problem is the lack of a sense of love and romanticity in relations. Numerous studies have shown that strong, mutual love helps the girl quickly excite. Conversely - the absence of feelings adversely affects intimate proximity.

The situation with the problem of self-satisfaction can be solved independently, here the main thing is to understand that the desire is born in the brain. It should be remembered - if your brain is in sexual act will be switched to anything other - about orgasm forget ... Sexual mood can escape because of thoughts about work, cooking dinner, morning assembly of children to school. The excitation process strongly depends on the ability to renounce traditional stereotypes. Another reason for the lack of excitation and general orgasm is the identification of sex with something dirty. Here you do not need to shy out of the frank conversations and bold different poses, and should also work more often on the issue of rapid excitement yourself, which is very important for bright and sensual sex, experiment, ask your beloved to help you in this, do not hesitate or close in yourself.

How to learn to excite?

It often meets such a situation when the sex partner of the girl eager to have sex to have sex, and she has a complete lack of desire. This problem is associated with the inability of a man to diversify the relationship. In the current situation, the girl must learn to be excited independently, but you can just learn how easy enough.

1. Cooking the brain and body. It is required to understand that the desire to have sex appears in the brain. Want for sure to be excited before having sex? We recommend to present a variety of intimate sexy scenes more often, it will accelerate the receipt of a good orgasm. I agree to prevent the future pleasure, try to visualize different paintings. Try to present a warm chic bathroom, filled with expensive champagne, surrounded by candles. Touch the personal skill of fantasy strongly, to felt on the lips of the taste of wine, which you will soon drink with a partner.

Are you afraid to disappoint a partner? Use a number of options for quick self-excitation at home. To begin with, we have a personal body: do it exactly as your favorite man is touched. It is recommended to wear an erotic elegant lingerie to ordinary clothes, the corset will undoubtedly help. It is necessary to regularly view sexual films, at the same time, at the same time, as the main film engineering picture. Be sure to buy a variety of sexy toys and constantly use them. We regularly browse literature with sexual stories, visualizing the postures that you most like in sex. This is how you know how to learn to excite, and this is really easily done at a competent approach.

2. What is causative agents of pharmacy? If your problem is not solved by simple and traditional means, that is, sex films or erotic linen, then use other pathogens. The simplest pathns are special diverse devices sold in pharmacies of the city in online stores. The most popular are familiar drugs: Viagra or classic dapoxetine or generic. Modern wonderful preparations contain Sildenafil, which very quickly helps to achieve the desired effect.

Tablets for excitation are characterized by a mechanism of action, they will increase blood volume in the field of small pelvis. The blood concentration provokes clitoral excitation and increases the volume of the secret to the woman's vagina. Thanks to this interesting impact, the desire will definitely appear, while it will be strong, and the orgasm is enchanting. This method is very good and effective, and most importantly, it will not harm the body, only such medicines are not desirable when problems with heart and in pregnancy.

3. Frigidity is not a sentence. Learn to excite yourself at home, first of all using an erotic exciting massage. If this does not help, and the films do not excite, then it is best to seek help to a good psychotherapist. Diagnosis like frigidity is not shameful and is treated in many exhaust schemes. A specialist for starters conducts stories about all psychological and general physical aspects of sexual normal life. The psychologist will definitely offer to undergo modern psycho-erotic training.

In training, you will help find the most sexual erogenous zones that need stimulation first. Try to use a variety of methods of folk and traditional medicine. And a good psychotherapist will tell how to learn to excite themselves and will propose to make different vitamins and a number of stimulating drugs. Wonderful preparations for stimulation will have the right action on the nervous system.

Female orgasm is a moment that is for the treatment of psychological and medicine. Treatment of this type will usually last long, but with proper treatment, the results will be excellent, and you will learn how to excite them correctly.

How to learn to the girl to excite the house itself?

Want to learn to do yourself nice? Collect the technique of self-excitation at home, at least in order to be able to make yourself nice. Let's deal with how to learn to excite yourself. There is nothing shameful and funny in this process, it is the same human need, as it is, to drink, sleep ...

Girls useful to learn how to get excited in the case:

  • When young individual wants to know the ability of his body;
  • If an experienced girl wants to reveal new facets of his sensations, finding additional erogenous zones;
  • When I want to relax or, having received a discharge, fall asleep faster;
  • When not lucky with a partner. This is the case when a man / guy is not very skillful, lazy or selfish, and not much thinking about the feelings of the partner;
  • When there is no partner at least some partner. Sometimes it should be engaged in self-discharge to maintain their own health and mood in good shape.

Girls who know how to get excited independently spend stunning nights with a partner. The main thing is to initiate (excited) in advance: in the evening try to completely turn off the brain, to be a little crazy, receiving a long-awaited pleasure from self-excitation.

So, in what ways the girl can quickly excite the house itself:

1. With the help of intimate sexual fantasies. Such dreams are available in the secret arsenals of each person. Some love to represent some particular person, for example, employee, movie star, just a cute friend, girlfriend guy. Some makes the idea of ​​forced sex or some kind of sado-maso. And the option is possible when the thought is excited about a possible place for intimate relationships, for example, sex in the pool, car, entrance, hotel, toilet, and so on.

2. There are a lot of sexual literature, ranging from the most innocent stories with a description of short intimate scenes, ending with something more frank and depraved. This literature can include the same Kama Sutra, where learn how to learn to excite itself, without the participation of the partner. In Kama Sutra, you can learn something new, mentally to try on your favorite pose or simply admire the plexus of beautiful bodies.

3. Consider your own naked reflection in the mirror. Psychologists are talking about the usefulness of the procedure that helps to love their body, stop shy and smaller criticize the shortcomings. It is not worth it to be shy, your body needs to be taken and loved, remembering that you have one only and unique. In parallel, you can stroke those parts of the body that you like the most or place where the touch is particularly pleasant. You can close your eyes, presenting your favorite guy.

4. No one has canceled erotic films. Try to watch this genre alone, appreciate its effectiveness. Erotic films are of different scenarios: light erotic, pair sex (including same-sex love), threesome, group, with musical voicing or natural sounds of pleasure. Virtually all starts porn, you just need to find "your" genre.

Learn to excite yourself - a good skill that can help you out in various life situations.

"It was the case in the evening, there was nothing to do ..." And I wanted a lady secretly from everyone to relax, to arrange the perfect evening of sex with my fantasies. How to excite yourself at home, if there is no one, besides my beloved? First, choose a comfortable quiet moment, without an outsider. Secondly, turn off the thoughts and preferably the phone, because the interrupted is hard to return.

Here are some methods with which you can initiate yourself and, if you wish to achieve the peak point of the orgasm:

1. Lie down comfortable. Turn off the world. Give the will with sexual fantasies, imagine a sexual history in which you want to participate. Scroll through everything in the slightest details, and when you reach the moment of touch, begin to touch yourself. Most often, girls have the most sensitive place chest, but you can start ironing the tummy gradually going down all below. It is not necessary to immediately touch yourself between the legs, to begin with, substore yourself: stroke the sex lips, and touch clutter when tolerate will not be forces. The main sign of female excitement is a presentation of natural lubrication. To achieve orgasm, repel from the capabilities of your own body, because one will be sufficiently touch to clutter, and the other you need to feel something deeper. In the second option, you can take advantage of special sex toys that imitate a member of a man either find a substitute from the remedies, for example, to use a thick marker, your own fingers, in the end.

2. The excitation method is very common with a jet of water while taking the shower. Send a jet on the clitoris, playing, you can bring it up, reinforcing pressure, or remove, giving yourself the opportunity to stay. By the way, the above-described method is suitable for those who have anyone at home.

3. You can see a lightweight erotic film or tougher porn.

4. Take advantage of the famous vibrator or find a replacement as a mobile phone switched to vibro mode. A electric vibrating massager is suitable.

While at home, you can do a self-discharge not only lying, it can also be done sitting, spreading my legs wide, or even in front of the mirror. The main thing is not to think about, not to imagine yourself from the side, but just to enjoy, especially since now you know, ways to excite yourself at home without additional help.

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