How to draw Pikachu Pokepno Pencil (44 photos) - Light Master Classes Picking Pickach

It is not difficult to draw a well-known character or a cartoon hero, as they have a recognizable and pleasant way. Therefore, this topic finds a response in adults and the smallest artists.

This time we offer some simple ways to picamach images on paper, because it is the most famous pokemon. It has the ability to accumulate energy for a powerful electrical impact, if it is threatened with danger.

Draw Pikachin in the simplest way thanks to the notebooks

To do this, use a pencil, black handle and multicolored markers. Recommend to a clear plan compiled by a artistic art master. In this case, you will not have difficulties. And the process will deliver pleasure. Well, if everything is ready, then start:

  1. Start with an image of oval on the middle of the sheet. However, in the upper part, do not connect the links of the oval. Leave two passes to add ears. Use half-one. Inside this geometric shape, add it a small copy.
  2. Add eyes. We recommend immediately shaking them and highlight the glare. The top of the ears also need to shame. Draw your mouth and highlight rounded cheeks. If you create a drawing in stages, then the image of a cheerful pikachu is gradually formed.
  3. Under your head, draw a torso based on the semi-mold. Add limb: upper and lower legs. On the right side, we highlight the tail.
  4. Circuit the resulting picture with a handle. Add the combination and beauty to paint the body into yellow. Circles on the cheeks to mark a pink tint.

As it turned out, this example is simplicity and does not require special skills. Then suitable for children. The main thing is to rely on the sample and detailed instructions. Then the whole process is easily performed without tension.

Draw Pikachu in the style of minecraft

This lesson is based on the acquisition of the skills of creating a pattern, thanks to numerous blocks. If this technique is not familiar to you, then you clearly stick the stages of the technique and everything will definitely work out. Use a sheet into the cell and multicolored markers. Prepared? Then for the case:

  1. Strike three horizontal cells brown felt-tip pen based on the top of the sheet. Squeeze down five cells and stitch three parallel cells. Now on the left and right to raise up and retreat one cell. Strip all this composition. It should be something similar to the cross.
  2. From the top of the side of the cross, retreat three cells under the tilt on the right and left. Create something similar to the ears directed down. If it is very difficult to continue on the sample.
  3. From the ears, paint in black two cells down. However, not in a row, but move right then to the left, but do not break the chain. Make so left and right. Below, connect two chains for the formation of a holistic pattern. However, at the bottom of the lower part, highlight the legs. To do this, use two rectangles, but do not paint the inner part.
  4. It remains to highlight the tail. In the right side, you will show the triangle, it will emphasize this part of the picamach body. In the middle to highlight the eyes.
  5. Apply yellow color for coloring. Cover the whole body of the cartoon hero. But on the cheek we apply red squares. They emphasize the cute image of Pikachu.

Externally, this method seems quite complicated. However, even a child can cope with such work under the supervision of an adult. It is only necessary to explain some moments and you will not notice how little artist will cope with the task.

Draw a beautiful pickup

In the end, it will be similar to the option from the television project Detective Pikachu. To do this, do not have to strain much, because the instruction will help to figure out the nuances of the picture. Use multicolored pencils and landscape sheet. Ready to try this option, then do not lose time. We will proceed to the exciting process of creating a beautiful Pokemona:

  1. In the middle part, the outline for the isolation of the body. Use an oval image. However, the figure should get a smooth lower part and the narrowed top. Create initial strokes taking into account the preservation of the ability to erase the unnecessary elements due to the eraser.
  2. On the left side, add your ear similar to the sheet. Tilt it down. Other ear should be located on the right with a bias up. Nearby make out the features of the future tail. Picture it in the form of a discharge of lightning.
  3. Detail the top of the outline. Tell your head. Use the bold layer. Divide the head and torso. Highlight eyes, cheeks and nose. Use two arcs for the image of the mouth. A pretty image of Picamach appears. After completing the picture. It can be photographed, transfer to the PC and you will manage to diversify the available desktop wallpaper.
  4. Specify the shape of the body and mark the location of the front and rear paws. In this case, we depict a sedentary pokemon. Therefore, it is necessary to allocate this moment. To do this, use lines on the appropriate parts of the cartoon hero body. See how the master does on the sample.
  5. Highlight all lines due to fatty stroke. Use a black pencil. Remove the extra elements and make the picture coloring. Pain the main part as yellow as it corresponds to the real image of Pikachu. Cheeks for the same reason place in a pink shade. Eyes and upper ears tips Highlight black.

Now you secured the skills to create a picture of this hero. However, Disney has created a lot of high-level cartoons, because come back - continue to study together to depict other well-known characters.

Photo ideas and examples for drawing picking a pencil

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