How to take a spermogram, preparation: the correct delivery of the sperm, how to prepare a man, the terms of delivery

Preparation for sperm and rules for passing analysis

At the average man's man about the possible delivery of such an analysis as a spermogram, two questions arise - why and how. Despite the fact that medicine has already officially proved that at about 40% of cases of family infertility, representatives of a strong half of humanity are guilty of, most men continue to underestimate their own opportunities and even their absence.

The decision to go to the clinic and hand over the spermogram is often assessed by them as a real feat when the family needs salvation. So that the results of the analysis were reliable, unimportant, a man should know the rules for the preparation and delivery of sperm. About this and tell in more detail.

Indications for analysis

Spermogram, which represents a thorough laboratory study of quantitative and high-quality sperm indicators, a man is recommended to pass if the family decided to play pregnancy planning. It is at the planning stage, and not when the couple comes to a doctor with complaints about the impossibility of conceiving a child.

Early detection of deviations in the quality and functionality of spermatozoa will help the family save a lot of time, nerves and money that the couple will spend on unsuccessful attempts to become pregnant in other ways, if the reason for infertility lies in the man.

If the spermogram was not made in advance, it's time to think about the likelihood of such a survey if during the year a pair with unprotected sex and regular sexual relations cannot be conceived.

A couple in which a woman more than 35 years old or a man is more than 45 years old, it is recommended to start "beat the bell" if sex without contraception does not lead to the occurrence of pregnancy for six months.

The spermogram is carried out by a man and in case of infertility to be revealed by a woman.

In that case, If the treatment does not provide a proper result, the pair will be offered modern reproductive auxiliary methods , such as Eco, Ixi, intrauterine insemination. For all these methods, it is important to have a healthy sperm, which can quickly and efficiently fertilize the egg with the mediation of doctors.

The spermogram of a man can recommend as a control diagnostics after the injuries of the genitals, infections, including those ailments that are transmitted by sexual path. After treatment, the doctor will definitely provide recommendations to check the quality of the seed in the laboratory conditions.

Men, whose wives suffered several times in a row to spermogram, and they had frozen pregnancy, especially in the early deadlines . This may indirectly say that the spermatozoid, fertilized the egg, was subject to mutation, and therefore there was no normal healthy pregnancy.

Men must donate seed fluid on the analysis before becoming sperm donors. Also, the analysis is sent to those who decided on the cryopreservation of their genetic material, in particular, sperm. Freezing "For the Future" - a good option to become dads someday later. Cryoconservation is often choosing professional military who work in combat conditions, as well as men whose labor activity is associated with dangerous and harmful production, where the likelihood of toxins and radiation is high.

On the essence of spermogram

A sample of a seed fluid is a thorough study under high-precision modern microscopes, with special devices - spermalizers. During the study, the doctor estimates the number of different parameters:

  • liquids;
  • alive and movable spermatozoa;
  • Healthy and ideal for fertilization of genital cells.

Each parameter has a value - from the counting of live and active cells to the evaluation of the morphological qualities of spermatozoa by the krunel. These criteria allow you to "sort" normal reference cells from spermatozoa, subject to mutations that have ugliness and pathology in their own structure. From such cells of healthy offspring nature does not provide.

Analysis gives not only a complete picture of how much a man is capable of fertilization, but also reveals some pathologies of the male reproductive system, finding signs of inflammation or infection in the seed fluid. So, in the seed fluid, blood impurities may be present, pathogenic microorganisms, a large number of leukocytes, cells-macrophages, antibodies to spermatozoa in immunological infertility can be determined.

Based on the results of the spermogram, hidden infections can be revealed to which a man did not even suspect, for example, mycoplasma, chlamydia, ureaplasm and others.

The accurate diagnoses will help to install other tests, in particular blood tests and smear from the urethra, but here are suspicious of these ailments that proceed asymptomaticly may arise after passing the spermogram. To date, The spermogram is considered the most accurate and informative technique that allows for a man's fertility.


In order for the results to be the most accurate, a man should be prepared as carefully for the upcoming survey. To do this, you need to understand what factors may affect the state of the ejaculate:

  • Factors external - air temperature, cleanliness of dishes, into which the material is collected for laboratory research;
  • Internal factors - they are much more numerous. The state of sperm affects the state of the health of the man, his well-being, the fact that he eats and drinks and even the environmental features of the terrain in which he lives.

To correctly pass the sperm, you need to execute several items that we will tell in more detail.


The food that the man eats is necessarily reflected on the composition of the ejaculate. Therefore, before the surrender of the seed fluid, it follows about 7-8 days to stop eating sharp - pepper, mustard and other spices.

The abundance of salted and smoked products is also considered undesirable. It should be temporarily abandoned the reception of strong coffee and tea, even if a man does not see the start of the working day without a cup of coffee.

Replace the usual coffee can be a drink from chicory - the taste is almost the same, but caffeine affecting the mobility and viability of the genital cells of spermatozoa is not contained. The prohibition is superimposed on the whole fat, on pickled food and canned food.

In order for the number of ejaculate to the moment of delivery was sufficient, and the mobility of the genital cells was at the peak of its activity, the man follows during the week or even a little more to eat balanced.

In its diet, products rich in proteins must be present. Low-fat red meat, a fish cooked for a couple or in the oven, dairy porridge, vegetable puree is an example of the correct power before the spermogram.

It will be fine if the diet goes the baked or stew pumpkin, fresh greens, raw vegetables and fruits. Be sure to take into food cottage cheese, milk, fermented milk products.

Bad habits

Alcohol makes sperm more liquid, reduces the number of movable and healthy sex cells, and the systematic intake of alcoholic beverages causes mutational processes in the structure of spermatozoa, as a result of which the probability of both infertility and the conception of a child with severe genetic pathologies is increasing, since the spermatozoid is a carrier of genetic information.

Narcotic substances act even more destructive. BUT Nicotine reduces the number of movable sperms, and this is also proven medicine fact.

If a man has bad habits, it is advisable to say goodbye to them at the stage of pregnancy planning at least for 3 months. This is how time it is required that the spermatogenesis process is completed, and the sex cells have been updated completely. If this was not done, then before reaching the spermogram from beer and stronger drinks, you should refrain at least 7-9 days.

From smoking, in most cases, men cannot refuse, but at least 2 times to reduce the amount of tobacco consumed, and on the day of delivery the analysis will refrain from smoking at all.

Sexual activity

In about three days before the designated day, a man should limit its sexual activity - not to perform sexual acts and not masturbate. Otherwise, the amount of sperm will be insufficient for the study, and its consistency will be liquid (the amount of spermatozoa will be reduced).

Abstinence exceeding 4-5 days, also undesirable because it leads to a concentration of seed fluid, aggregation, the formation of clots, as well as to a decrease in the number of living and healthy sperms.

Medicines, treatment

If a man acted antibiotics, then between the last day of treatment and the delivery of the sperm must pass at least 3 weeks. If hormonal treatment has been prescribed, then the pause should be withstanding a longer - at least a month.

Anti-inflammatory drugs of non-radon origin, which a man could take recently, as well as painkillers affect the composition of sperm for about 10 days.

Psychotropic drugs and anticonvulsants are derived from the body about 7 days. This should be taken into account during preparation for sperm.

If the treatment continues, and there is no way to temporarily stop the reception of drugs, then the spermogram should be postponed at a later time when the therapy of the main disease will be completed.

If a man is engaged in sports and takes some drugs of hormonal properties, for example, steroids, from them before the analysis should be abandoned by about 2 months.

General health

A man for 5-6 days before delivery should be more attentive to their well-being and signals of the body. Any acute disease, exacerbation of chronic ailments distort the painting of reproductive health. So, with influenza or ARVI, a large amount of spermatozoa on the background of high temperatures dies.

The spermogram made at the beginning of the disease, in its ripping or immediately after recovery, will show deviations in the number of viable genital cells, and the man will erroneously be diagnosed with infertility.

If it is not possible to protect against infection, and there were signs of viral disease or aggravated old "sores", the doctor should be informed about this and postpone the sperm at a later time.

Temperature mode

Before passing a spermogram, you should refuse to visit the baths, saunas, solarium in about 10 days. In these places, the genitals of men are heated, which leads to an increase in the number of dead sex cells in the ejaculate.

Even if a man loves to go to the bath and makes it every week, the next hike should be postponed until better times. It is also not recommended to sunbathe on the beach in the summer and use the car heating of the seats during the cold season.

Physical activity

In general, a man when preparing should lead a familiar lifestyle. However, if its activities are related to severe physical labor, professional sports, the week should be limited to the body.

It is advisable for this week to refuse to work in the night shift and be sure to get enough sleep at night. Excessive physical activity can adversely affect the composition of the seed fluid. Therefore, it makes sense to temporarily refuse to visit the gym.

Psychological setting

Good mood and tranquility largely ensure the normal operation of the reproductive system of man. Before passing the analysis, it is not recommended to be nervous, to be in depressive or emotionally over-excited state.

All the clarification of relations with the bosses, as well as parachute jumps and other classes that can affect the mental state should be postponed.

Mechanical impact on the genitals

Before the spermogram you can not practice the massage of the prostate gland and the scrotum. Typically, these procedures are quite useful, but not before assessing the state of the seed fluid.

The prostate may begin to produce a greater amount of juice, which will lead to sperm salvage. Also should not wear close tight underwear, tight smelting.

How is the material for the study?

The process of passing the sperm itself looks quite traditionally, no unpleasant sensations will experience. There are two ways to collect material for analyzing - in the clinic and at home. The Ministry of Health provides certain recommendations on this, calling the surrender in a medical institution more preferable.

The man gives a sterile container for biomaterials and leave it one in the office with adult magazines. By masturbation, he gets a sample of seed fluid, which should be collected into the container. The material immediately goes to the laboratory.

Big plus such a surrender - in efficiency, because The sperm enters the laboratory technicians just a few minutes after ejaculation, and the study accuracy increases. Minus - in psychological discomfort, which a man may have forced to engage in masturbation in unfamiliar conditions.

At home, the collection of seed fluid completely eliminates the psychological discomfort, because the man atmosphere is familiar to him.

If this option is specified in the clinic in advance, then the man will give a sterile container and a special medical condom, which does not contain lubricants that destructing the spermatozoa. In it, a man can carry out a full sexual intercourse with a partner, after which it is necessary to collect material in the container and deliver to the laboratory.

At home, a man can also receive material for the study and by masturbation, including with the participation of his wife. Cum options are abuse.

It is important to remember that the jar should be sterile, hands clean, and it is necessary to deliver the container to the laboratory no later than an hour, and better - before.

When transporting the ambient temperature should be close to human body temperature. You can take advantage of special medical thermocontuneors for the transport of biomaterials, and it is possible, and it is tested by generations of men, install a tightly closed container with sperm in a bust wife, between dairy glands, and so, together with his wife, deliver it to the laboratory.

Common mistakes

The most common mistake of men who pass the sperm, especially if they take the analysis for the first time, it is that they collect cum into a plastic or glass non-sterile container.

Plastic jars not intended for biological fluids may contain toxic impurities that kill genital cells even before the seed fluid falls into the laboratory. Sometimes men bring sperm on the analysis in a condom. The usual, even the most good condom, is not suitable for saving sperm, and even more so for its transportation.

If the collection is carried out in a medical condom, then it is impossible to transport sperm in it.

Neglecting the recommendations of doctors, men sometimes believe that it is possible to collect material and through interrupted sexual intercourse. Being confident that they will "have time", many in fact remove the sexual member in time and collect the material, as a result of which the sperm is not fully obtained, it is impurities of the vaginal secret, blood cells (for example, with sex tract or cervix Women in erosion).

Having received one negative analysis, many men are in no hurry to rush it and immediately begin treatment.

Specialists recommend that it is necessary to revoke a sperm in 7-10 days after the first analysis if the result of the study was disappointing.

Refusal to pass the spermogram is also a common error. This "sin" men who already have children in this or previous marriage, but faced with the inability to conceive the next baby.

If a man already has children, it does not mean that with his sperm during the past after the previous fertilization, nothing happened that it could affect its properties. Toxins, radiation, nervous stresses, poor ecological situation, harmful habits over time make their indulged, and fertility of a man can decrease.


Prepare for spermogram you need all men who have to have this analysis. Without preparation, it is possible to get incorrect, false results, and often these results are false-negative.

The analysis is not carried out in the following cases:

  • The man has inflammatory processes in the body, regardless of the location of their dislocation on the background of high temperatures.
  • The man has inflammatory processes of the urogenital system in the acute stage.
  • The patient fell ill with influenza, ARVI or other infections.
  • A man is being treated with antibiotics, hormonal drugs, means for the treatment of oncological diseases.
  • In the patient, chronic diseases aggravated.

In all these cases, the examination is postponed at a later time.

The analysis is made from several hours to several days, on average it takes about a day. In the hands of the form with the results made in it without deciphering. Interpretation of the sperm is engaged in the attending physician.

About what a spermogram is and how the analysis is decrypted, see below.

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The sperma analysis refers to the most important methods for assessing reproductive health in men. The examination of the sperm allows you to identify problems with fertility (the ability to conceive a child), as well as diagnose many inflammatory, infectious and hormonal diseases of the genitourinary system in men.


What is a spermogram in men?

The spermogram is a laboratory technique for a sperm study (ejaculate), which allows to estimate the degree of fertility of a man (fertilizing sperm ability), as well as identify various urological diseases.

In the interpretation of spermograms, the mobility of sperm, color, volume and viscosity of sperm, its pH, the presence of blood, bacteria and leukocytes in it, etc.

The analysis material is assembled with masturbation.

What shows the sperm?

The information content of the spermogram is explained by the fact that the entire reproductive system of men is involved in the formation of the ejaculate. Therefore, changes in sperm will appear in the presence of a pathological process at any level of the urinary tract (in prostate gland, seed bubbles, bulburetral glands, testicles, etc.).

When conducting a microscopic examination of the sperm, its volume, color, presence of pus or streams of blood, viscosity, percentage of sperm, shape and mobility of spermatozoa, sperm pH, sperm mucus content.

When should I take a spermogram?

The main indication for the delivery of the spermogram is a preventive marriage. Spermogram allows you to confirm or eliminate male infertility.

Also, the spermogram is surrendered to sperm donation, freezing its own biological material, in preparation for Eco or Ixi.

In case of chronic prostatitis, the spermogram is rendered to assess the severity of stagnant processes and to eliminate the development of infertility.

How to prepare for the delivery of the spermogram

The crossing of the ejaculate for the spermogram is carried out only after special training.

  • From consumption of alcoholic beverages should be refused minimum in 2-3 days (ideally for the week) before the analysis. This is due to the fact that alcohol reduces the mobility of spermatozoa, and also increases the percentage of the "dead" spermatozoa content in the ejaculate.
  • Before passing the ejaculate you can not smoke.
  • For two days before the passing of biological material, it is necessary to refrain from sex contacts and masturbation. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account that frequent sexual contacts lead to a natural decrease in the volume of the ejaculate, and the abstinence of more than 6-7 days - to reset the "old" spermatozoa to seed bubbles and their death. The absence of sex contacts for more than a month leads to the death of young spermatozoa and the appearance of degenerative old spermatozoa in sperm incapable of fertilization. When passing repeated sperm analyzes, it is important to comply with the same abstinence intervals before analysis.
  • The spermographic analysis is not carried out in the presence of sharp inflammatory processes. The pathological changes in the spermogram at the same time will appear not only in the infections of the urogenital system, but also with any systemic infections accompanied by an increase in body temperature. In chronic prostatitis, the analysis can be carried out, but not during the period of exacerbation. With sharp inflammatory processes, the spermogram is rented 10-14 days after recovery.
  • The doctor must be notified of all the preparations taken by the patient, since some of them can affect the quality of sperm and the mobility of sperm.
  • 1-2 days before the analysis, it is recommended to avoid severe physical exertion and emotional overvoltage.
  • For 2-3 days, it is not recommended to visit the sauna and bath, on the eve not to take a hot bath, since overall overheating negatively affects the mobility of spermatozoa.

Material for sperm analysis is assembled into a sterile container by masturbation.

Are there any contraindications for the delivery of the spermogram?

The only restriction for the delivery of the analysis is the presence of acute infectious inflammatory processes, as this may affect the results of the study.

What drugs can affect the spermogram results?

The indicators of the spermogram can influence the preparations of azatiotric, cimetidine, cyclophosphamide, estrogen, ketoconazole, methotrexate, methyltestosterone, nitrofurantoin, vincristine.

Normal spermogram

Normal sperm values ​​are considered:

  • The volume of ejaculate is more than 2 milliliters with moderately liquid consistency;
  • The color of the ejaculate is whitish-gray (without strey of blood, pus, whiten or yellow threads);
  • moderate turbidity and characteristic specific smell;
  • pH from 7.2 to 8.0;
  • with a discharge from 10 to 30 minutes and viscosity to one or two centimeters;
  • without mucus;
  • The total number of spermatozoa in the ejaculate must be more than twenty million in one millilitress;
  • The total amount of spermatozoa in the sample must be more than forty million;
  • The total percentage of active moving sperm must be more than 25%, and the total total number of active moving and seregovy spermatozoa should be more than 50%;
  • Sperm with a normal form of the head should be more than 30%, and normal spermatozoids are more than 50%;
  • fixed spermatozoa should be less than fifty percent in the sample;
  • In the spermogram there should be no agglutination and aggregation;
  • In the field of view, single leukocytes and erythrocytes may be detected;
  • There must be 2-4 spermatogenesis cells;
  • should be detected in a large number of lipoid tales;
  • Summatophages should not be detected;
  • bacteria are not normal;
  • Epithelial cells of the urethral channel and prostate gland can be detected in a single amount.

Schematic representation of the normal and pathological state of spermatozoa

Decryption of spermogram

Result Decoding
Nimosmondimia All sperm indicators are within normal
oligospermia The volume of ejaculate less than two milliliters
Polispermia. The volume of ejaculate is more than 8-10 milliliters or in sperm has revealed an elevated content of spermatozoa
oligozoospermia The content of sperm in millilitrum of sperm is less than twenty million
Asthenozoospermia In the ejaculate, the content of moving sperm (less than twenty five percent) is reduced, as well as the total number of active moving and sedentary forms (less than fifty percent) is reduced (less than fifty percent)
Aspermia There are no spermatozoa in ejaculate, and spermatogenesis cells
Azoospermia Sperm cells are not detected in the ejaculate, however, spermatogenesis cells and a prostatic secret were found.
Hemospermia Eytrocyte cells were revealed in the ejaculate
leukocyotospermia The number of leukocyte cells in millilitress of sperm exceeds 1 million
PIOSPERMY in the ejaculate revealed pus
Teratozoospermia (Turatommia) More than 50% of the abnormal forms of spermatozoa were revealed in the ejaculate

All parameters of the spermogram should be estimated comprehensively. Based on a single deviation in the results of the analysis, the diagnosis does not put. It is also important to remember that for making a diagnosis, the analysis should be passed at least 3 times to exclude the factor of incorrect training.

Additionally, the doctor may prescribe an analysis of the secret of prostate, the corouces (transrectal ultrasound study), sperm bakpospases and the secret of the prostate, an analysis of the smear of urethra, etc.

Causes of deviation of spermograms from the norm

Changes in spermogram can be associated with:

  • genetic diseases accompanied by infertility development;
  • zinc deficiency;
  • chronic prostatitis and prostate adenoma;
  • chronic vesiculitis;
  • sexually transmitted diseases;
  • abuse of alcohol drinks;
  • use of medicines that reduce the activity of spermatozoa;
  • Poisoning mercury or lead;
  • hormonal impairment (change in the level of testosterone, follicularity of the hormone, luteinizing hormone, estrogen, prolactin);
  • the presence of varicocele;
  • violation of the patency of the seed-winning ducts;
  • chronic stagnant processes in the organs of a small pelvis;
  • congenital anomalies for the development of the urogenital system;
  • Transferred previously diseases leading to infertility.

How to improve sperm?

The treatment must appoint a doctor depending on the cause of changes in the analysis.

The basic measures to improve the composition of sperm include the refusal of the curene and the use of alcoholic beverages, a balanced diet, reception of zinc drugs, full sexual activity and regular sports.

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Spermogram is an objective method of laboratory diagnostics to assess male fertility. Analysis is taken with suspected infertility, preparation for Eco / Ixi procedures, sperm cryopreservation, participation in donor programs. The final result is obtained on the basis of comprehensive studies of micro and macroscopic indicators of seminal fluid.

How to hand over spermogram

Cumogram delivery involves a number of conditions that must be performed to obtain the most reliable picture. For analysis, the ejaculate is in full, free from pollution and as soon as possible.

An important requirement! It is necessary to collect the entire portion of the seed fluid, since for further research it is necessary to know the exact volume. This parameter is one of the most important.

Laboratory material is obtained by masturbation in a special laboratory room. It is necessary to collect ejaculate in the clinic, since the material should enroll on the analysis for 40 minutes - 1 hour, since one of the most important indicators is the time of sperm.

Preparation for sperm

In order for the results of the spermogram to be reliable, the doctor's recommendations should be carefully complicated regarding what is needed, and especially what can not be done in the preparatory period. Therefore, it is so important when preparing for a survey, adhere to some restrictions in the usual lifestyle.


A week before the analysis, it is recommended to follow the following diet:

  • abandon fat, fried, smoked, sharp, salt and sweet food;
  • reduce the use of coffee and strong tea;
  • Eat more vegetables, greenery and fruit.

Many are interested, whether it is possible to eat meat during preparation for spermogram. Of course, it is possible, however, preference should be given to low-fat, easily absorbed species - veal, turkey, fish.

Sex life

For three to five days before the analysis, the analysis should reduce sexual activity in all its manifestations. Neglecting this rule can lead to a decrease in the amount of sperm, the liquefaction of the consistency and a decrease in sperm concentration.

A longer period of abstinence is also undesirable because it is fraught with excessive concentration of the seed fluid and an increase in the concentration of defective genital cells. The stagnant sperm is prone to aggregation and agglutination.

Bad habits

Alcohol contributes to sperm salvage, and its long-term reception can lead to mutations in spermatozoa and the formation of a large number of defective and pathological forms.

Nicotine acts in oppressively on the mobility of spermatozoa, so those who plan to become a father are preferably to quit smoking in advance.

Before renting the spermogram, it is necessary to get rid of bad habits of at least 7-9 days, including the use of beer.


When preparing for spermogram, it is necessary to withstand at least three weeks after the end of treatment with antibacterial drugs. After the course of hormone therapy should wait at least a month. Reception of anti-inflammatory drugs should be stopped at least 10 days before delivery.

At the end of therapy, psychotropic and anticonvulsants withstand the interval of 7 days. In the case of long-term drug treatment, the analysis is desirable to transfer to a later period after final recovery.

Temperature mode

Preparation for sperm provides for a refusal to visit the bath, saunas, the beach for 10 days. Also undesirable during this period, use the heated seats in the car.

Physical exercise

Preparation for the delivery of the sperm does not exclude physical exertion, but it is desirable to reduce the intensity of training and go to a more sparing mode. Moderate sports exercises have a positive impact on the overall health.


It should be carefully referred to their health, including during the preparation for spermogram. The results of a study conducted during a period of cold or exacerbation of chronic disease can be distorted, as a result of which infertility may be mistakenly diagnosed.

Psychological setting

The lack of emotional stress positively affects the overall state of the reproductive system. It is not recommended how to excessively excited and stay in the depressed mood. It is advisable to maintain an even emotional background and normalize sleep - sleep enough time in a well-ventilated room.

Prostate massage

The prostate massage and scrotum organs can lead to sperm salvage and a biased assessment of reproductive health, so it is worth refraining from its implementation during the preparatory period.

Indications and contraindications

As with any medical research, there are testimony and contraindications to appoint a spermogram.

The specimogram is performed in the following cases:

  • Preventive examination;
  • pregnancy planning;
  • Preparation for participation in the Program of the VIR;
  • suspicion of infertility;
  • participation in donor programs;
  • injuries of genital organs, varicocele, hormonal disorders, infectious diseases;
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of therapy or completed course of treatment.

The spermogram is not performed under the following conditions:

  • an increase in body temperature above 38 in the preceding two months;
  • Conducting antibacterial therapy in the preceding three months;
  • The presence of urogenital diseases, such as prostatitis, cystitis, orchitis, urethritis;
  • After visiting the bath, saunas, thermal physiotherapy procedures;
  • aggravation of chronic diseases, as well as cold;
  • after taking alcohol, medical preparations, with the exception of appointed vital indications;
  • immediately after intimate proximity;
  • After the massage of the prostate;
  • after a long abstinence;
  • After severe physical work and transferred psycho-emotional stress.

Time analysis time occupies from one to three days, depending on the concomitant studies and on how much the indicators are made by the embryologist.

What does a serpentive room look like

Many men are interested in the spermogram in the laboratory.

The furnishings in the room, where the material for analysis, depends on the class of the clinic. Most often it is a comfortable room, locked from the inside, with a chair or sofa, TV with DVD, logs of erotic content and a bathroom with a set of necessary hygiene items.

The surrender of sperm takes place in a private atmosphere where a man can lead a wife or girlfriend to ensure the appropriate attitude.

The container with the collected sperm should be given a doctor for processing.

According to statistics, only 10% of steam can conceive a child from the first attempt. Specialists consider the norm to conceive during the year from the date of refusal to contraception. But if during this period, pregnancy does not occur, you need to contact the doctors. And this should be done by both partners.

Preparation Rules for Spermogram

Women belong to a visit to the gynecologist calmly, but for a man going to the doctor - a real stress: someone shy or afraid, and someone does not know at all, to which specialist is worth going. However, the visit will not be ignored, since the probability of conception depends on both women and a man. To evaluate male fertility, a man will need to make a spermogram. This analysis allows you to judge the quality of sperm, shows the number of movable and fixed spermatozoa and other characteristics.

How to pass the sperm: preparatory period

Sperm Sperm - Responsible Event: This analysis will show if the men have a problem, and according to its results, the specialist will appoint the therapy. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare for the examination carefully and in advance.

Preparation for granting a sperm requires compliance with a number of recommendations for some time. If a man takes hormonal agents, then its preparation for the surcharge lasts 6 months, in other cases it will take 10 days.

So how to prepare for spermogram? To miss anything, mark the date of delivery of sperm on the calendar. Preparation will be held in several stages. When the study remains until the day:

  • 6 months - cancel hormone therapy.
  • 10 days - refuse to visit the bath, sauna.
  • 5-7 days - refrain from sex contacts, masturbation.
  • 2-3 days - give up alcohol. Contact with toxic substances should also be avoided. If the work of a man is related to the use of varnishes, paints and other harmful compositions, the study is better to pass after the weekend.
  • 1 day - Relax, eliminate overvoltage, large physical exertion, stress.
  • 2-3 hours - do not smoke.

Many men are worried about the question whether it is possible to eat before the spermogram. There are no restrictions here, but it is better not to overeat the day before. In addition, note that throughout preparations for conception from the diet, it is recommended to exclude fried, fatty, smoked products, dishes with a large number of spices, as well as strong tea and coffee.

If you feel bad, especially if the temperature rose, refuse to survey. You can hand over the sperm in a week after recovering.

How is the spermogram?

The material for the study is sperm. It is possible to get it only as a result of masturbation, since sex contacts with a partner are excluded: the data obtained will be incorrect, since the microflora of a woman will be present in the sample.

This gives a man psychological discomfort. Therefore, you can collect the sample both in the clinic and at home. However, note that if you collect sperm at home, then you need to deliver the material to the clinic for 30-40 minutes, otherwise the result will not show a reliable picture.

Rules for collecting material

  1. Empty bladder, intestines, take a shower - this will allow you to get a clean sample.
  2. Collect all ejaculate, because its volume is one of the important diagnostic indicators.
  3. During masturbation, do not use lubricants, saliva, creams - they distort the result.
  4. Use a special container to collect. A common glass jar with a wide neck is suitable - before use you need to wash, boil.
  5. In the process of transporting the material to the clinic, if you collected it at home, observe that the sample does not overheat - its temperature should coincide with the body temperature.

How to improve the result?

Experts explore several indicators: if at least one of them deviates from the norm, this indicates possible problems with conception. To improve the quality of sperm and thereby increase the chances of conception, it is usually required 3-6 months, that is, 1-2 full cycles of spermatozoa ripening. During this period, the following recommendations should be followed:

  • Take vitamin and mineral complexes that are designed to increase male fertility. Thus, the sperm complex (learn more about the product here) is designed specifically to improve the quality of sperm: it increases the concentration of spermatozoa, normalizes their structure, improves mobility.
  • Refuse bad habits (including beer consumption).
  • Avoid overvoltage, high physical stress, stress, overheating.

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There are certain diseases of the male sexual system, in which it is necessary to carry out a deep survey, namely, to hand over the preparation of which is simply necessary, so it is necessary to take into account the rules for preparation for spermogram. This method is considered the most reliable to analyze male sperm for the subject of the ability to fertilize. It is extremely important that the preparation for the delivery of the sperm involves a number of mandatory rules. How to prepare for spermogram? When is it better to start training? Spermogram is conducted on an empty stomach or not? The doctor will be able to answer all these questions. In order to gain reliable results, you need to know how to prepare for the delivery of the spermogram.

How spermogram is held

How to prepare for the delivery of the spermogram? Seed fluid during spermogram is investigated in two stages:

  1. At the first stage, the sperm study is carried out to study its viscosity, volume, acidity, dilution, colors and consistency. Therefore, it is extremely important to learn information about what a spermogram is how to prepare for it.
  2. At the second stage, the total mass of spermatozoa is calculated, their morphology, mobility, the ratio of suitable and not suitable ejaculates is studied. If it is revealed that the level of leukocytes is above the permissible norm, then the sperm is analyzed for inflammation.

How to prepare for spermogram

Many are interested in the question: how to properly prepare for a spermogram of a man. Huming all the rules for passing a spermogram preparation should begin a few weeks before the analysis. To know how to prepare for a spermogram, a man should explore certain rules. Competent preparation for sperm will increase accuracy, analysis and help establish the correct diagnosis.

So how to do if a spermogram is appointed how to prepare for the surcharge?

  1. How to prepare for the delivery of the spermogram? A week before the analysis, it is necessary to adhere to the dietary diet - to limit the consumption of fried and fatty food, as well as reduce the amount of coffee from the drink, since all these factors affect the volume and mobility of spermatozoa. Also, the ripening of the ejaculate is influenced by vitamins, so the nutrition should be balanced by the products enriched with them.
  2. How to prepare for sperm analyzes: sexual life. Two days before the delivery of the sperm, it is necessary to exclude sexual contacts. At the same time, it is necessary to abstain no more than seven days - this is a preparation for a spermogram man. This rule is due to the fact that frequent sexual intercourse reduce the volume of seed fluid, and the abstinence of more than seven days contributes to the ingress of solar spermatozoa into seed bubbles. The abstinence of more than one month is the cause of the formation of degenerative forms of ejaculate, not suitable for fertilization.
  3. If you ask a doctor about how to prepare for the spermogram, he will say that for seven days it is forbidden to use alcoholic beverages, as it worsens the mobility of spermatozoa, they change their shape, increases the mass of dead sexy cells. As a result, the seed fluid becomes not suitable for fertilization even if there are no pathological processes, it is still necessary to know the spermogram to take an empty stomach or not? This is very important anyway.
  4. Photo: Spermogram how to prepare

  5. Spermogram Preparation for analysis eliminates inflammation problems in the urinary system. How to prepare for spermogram a man who has such diseases? First you need to undergo a course of treatment and a week, when drugs will be fully removed from the body, you can diagnose.
  6. How to prepare for the analysis of the sperm with colds occurring with elevated body temperatures? In this case, the ejaculate is not subject to research, since the indicators of the spermogram with this state will be distorted and erroneously can be regarded as pathological. The spermogram is carried out no earlier than ten days after recovery.
  7. Affects the results and overheating of the body. Sperm is carried at 34-35 degrees at a temperature. How to prepare for the delivery of the spermogram if the sauna visits are planned, baths? Of course, it is better to abandon these events.
  8. Preparation for granting a sperm also eliminates heavy physical exertion. The overwork of the body causes cluster in the muscles of lactic acid, which also changes the sperm indicators for the worse.
  9. Stresses, emotional overvoltage indirectly affect the hormonal background, so the preparation for the delivery of the spermogram men prohibits everything that can provoke changes in the seed liquid indicators.
  10. On the quality of sperm affects the prostate massage, how to prepare for a spermogram man with such a problem? Very simple, all procedures should be stopped before passing the spermogram, then the preparation before passing the sperm will be effective for all 100%. If you follow all the rules regarding how to prepare for the delivery of the spermogram, a man and stick to all nuances, the result will be accurate.

Frequently allowed errors

If a spermogram is assigned preparation for the analysis of the analysis simply necessary to all who strive for the correct result. When the preparation before the spermogram is completed, it is possible to start the collection of biological material. As a rule, sperm is assembled by masturbation into a special container. Capacity should be dry and sterile. It is allowed to collect material and at home, but it is important to remember that the spermogram must be maximum in an hour after ejaculation. It is preferable to collect material in the clinic if you want to obtain a maximum accurate result. Another important point is the temperature of the seed fluid - for high-quality analysis, the temperature of the material must be not lower than 20 and not higher than 36 degrees. It is considered an error and insufficient volume of the collected ejaculate. Get a consultation

We guarantee the confidentiality of your data.

You can get the results of the analysis of seed fluid in about three to five days after the spermogram. As a rule, they are issued without decryption, as this is the task of your doctor. When preparing the result, first of all, pay attention to the accuracy of the acidity of sperm, its viscosity, mobility of spermatozoa, the time is the dilution and the MAR-test, it is such a spermogram of the MAR-test. Preparation of which passed correctly the result will show the most accurate. These indicators will allow an experienced doctor to put accurate diagnose the problem and assign competent treatment without the need to carry out additional studies before which it is necessary to familiarize themselves with the rules how to prepare for the delivery of a man's spermogram.

Photo: Preparation for spermogram

Most men face problems associated with the sexual system and many doctors in this regard are recommended to undergo a number of surveys and analyzes, and most often assigned sperm analysis. So, men are interested in the question of exactly how it gives up and what he need it. When the doctor suspected some problems, he prescribes a patient a spermogram. Such an analysis will allow you to determine the composition and components of the seed fluid.

For this purpose, the survey data is as reliable as possible, we will introduce you to some features of preparation for his surrender. It is not so easy to collect ejaculate, difficulties arise from any man if not adhere to certain rules, a change in the composition of the liquid and the main components can occur. The analysis is carried out in several stages and therefore neither the collection nor transportation should be violated. First of all, the appearance of the seed fluid, viscosity, consistency, color, quantity, pH, as well as the rate of decay of the liquid material, the presence of additional components, as well as the biological and chemical composition of the elements are estimated. Subsequent cum is studied by a microscope by defining the main indicators: the shape of the sperm, activity and mobility, the presence of leukocytes and other inflammatory indicators. An analysis of the analysis is carried out no earlier than 5-8 days after delivery, helping to determine the overall health and find a violation in the composition or components of sperm, the presence of atypical spermatozoa. Based on this survey, hidden infections may be identified about which a man in frequent cases does not even suspect, for example, mycoplasm, chlamydia, ureaplasma and much more. Before passing sperm, the doctor needs to decide on the purpose of passing the analysis, there may be a mass of them in order to closely look at the presence of one or another pathology. If a man wants to become a father, but for some reason can not be determined the degree of the possibility of conception for the history of chronic diseases related to the sexual system, a violation of hormonal exchange, injuries of appendages, infectious inflammatory problems are also direct readings for diagnostic analysis.

For no matter how the reason a man was not sent to the analysis, it is very important to properly prepare for this method of diagnosis. The result of the analysis indicates the level of patient preparation.

Preparation for surrender sperm. Doctors are strongly recommended for a week not to have sex, so that the seed fluid is as concentrated as possible, if they ignore this condition, the active ability of spermatozoa will be reduced. But you should not forget that men may not be associated with the sexual act, this process in a man can be involuntary, so, since the last sperm emission should pass at least 3 to 7 days. Men during the period of analyzes do not recommend taking a hot bath, visit saunas and baths. For, Photo: Spermogram ResultsIn order not to break the temperature regime, when exposed to high temperatures, the spermatozoa in the scrotum lose their activity or may even collapse. It is advisable to normalize its psychological health before analysis, since stress and depression can adversely affect the composition of the ejaculate. Psychologists have proven that all men are experiencing before the passage of the spermogram and closes in themselves, experiencing fear before obtaining results. Physical exertion should also be avoided, overwork leads to a decrease in the activity of the seminal fluid. As for the diet for a man during the passage of the survey, alcohol use is strictly prohibited, since under the action of alcohols, spermatozoa becomes less active and movable, losing their ability to actively conceive. It is necessary to adhere to a special diet, it is necessary to abandon the use of acute, salty, oily, fried food, chemical dyes, preservatives, coffee and tea. It is desirable to diversify your ration with light food, vitamins, macroelements. It is better to eat healthy food, fermented milk products, fruits, vegetables, boiled meat and fish, fresh greens also favorably affect the male seed. The use of drugs, especially antibacterial agents, will lead to a change in the concentration of components. Antibacterial drugs change the composition of sperm for a long time, including leading to the oppression of spermatozoa. Some sources write that the quality of sperm can only be recovered several months after taking potent drugs. If even a man is sick with colds, it is recommended to postpone the process of examination to complete recovery of a man, an increase in temperature, decrease in immunity, the overall malaise will cause unreliable results. Opinion expert Before the spermogram, approximately 7 days before the analysis, the patient needs to adhere to a special diet. From the patient's menu you need to remove oily food, canned food, coffee drinks, strong teas. This is done in order to obtain the correct result, since the above-mentioned food contributes to a decrease in the volume of seed, lowers the mobility of spermatozoa.

Abdulina Alina ArturovnaSet a clarifying issue

Medical examination with sperm. All doctors before assigning an analysis conduct an external examination of the genitals of a man in order to have a clear picture of the material under study. Spermogram is a fairly simple set of events, with this analysis more detail you must introduce your doctor. Specialists in detail on medical examination will tell what rules and criteria a man must comply with.

Doctors advise to comply with mental and physical tranquility, observe the regime of work and recreation, if a man is well filled out, the body will accumulate the desired amount of seed fluid, because for the analysis you need a complete portion, the entire volume of eruption is needed.

Preparation for the surrender of sperm on sowing occupies a long time, it is necessary to follow all the recommendations and prescriptions of the doctor. In order for sowing to be conducted qualitatively, it is not recommended to use hygienic tools for intimate hygiene. Before visiting the laboratory, it is very important to take a shower, it is a shower, in no case, not a bath, preferably without the use of soap and gels. As for the clothing, then every man is free to do what he wishes, but experts warn that the ripening of the ejaculate is better in free space, and therefore it is not recommended to wear tight clothes and tight melting. The prostate massage is also worth refraining, this procedure stimulates the creation of sperm, which can act as an involuntary process of seed eruption, which will lead to a distortion of response to the analysis. All these recommendations are quite simple and fulfilled.

A man who is interested in a qualitative examination, who does not indifferent his health, will definitely adhere to all recommendations. Be healthy.

I also draw your attention to the factor that the analysis should be commissioned directly in a specialized institution, and not at home. This is due to the fact that spermatozoa is very quickly destroyed and die with a sharp change of temperature regime. You can get the ejaculate by masturbation, for this, in the laboratory, a separate isolated room is allocated in the laboratory, if a man cannot focus on him, it can offer an erotic magazine, which will certainly help him. Photo: Spermogram ResultsA man must provide sperm in a clean, sterile, disposable container, it is necessary to remember that it is categorically prohibited to overflow the seed fluid. For the analysis, a completely whole amount of seed is needed, which a man will spell, if at least a part does not fall into the container, then the analysis will not be fully informative. Very often, along with the spermogram of urologists, sowing on the microflora are prescribed, so, in order to get a full range of microorganisms, a man needs to be supervised immediately before passing the sperm, then carry out hygienic care for the genital organ and wash his hands with soap. All this is carried out in order to minimize the ingress of unfavorable flora from the hands or organ in the material under study. Only after that collect seed into a sterile container. If a man does not succeed in masturbation, it is possible to use Condom Condos - special condoms, which, unlike conventional condoms, do not have lubricants and are not toxic for spermatozoa, they are used to conduct analysis. It is not worth getting a seed fluid during interrupted sexual contact, since the first portion of sperm may be lost or female cells or bacteria can appear in sperm. A man is recommended to take the analysis several times at an interval of several months, with the goal to make sure that the analysis performed is adequately for comparison with the previous result. The survey results will be ready in a few days well or the deadline after 7 days. All indicators are individual. They depend on the peculiarities of the male organism, from age-related changes, lifestyle, sexual activity and frequency of sexual partnership. If the analysis came far from consolation, it is not a reason to upset ahead of time, it is worth paying attention to your health and repeat the analysis. So, dear men, remember that your health should be above all, very often the cause of infertility is not a female reproductive system, but a male incapable fertility. Infertility is the problem of most pairs of the modern world. It is necessary to relate to health carefully, follow the way of life, diet, is worth paying due attention to sports.

Cum in Moscow. Now there are a large number of qualified clinics in Moscow, in which a man can pass his secret. Only pricing policy differs significantly among themselves, due to the level of service and degree of qualification. Many couples appeal to the cum bank, in order to find a suitable donor to pass the biomaterial. The candidate for surrendering sperm must correspond to the list of criteria. The candidate must be: from 18 to 35 years, healthy and psycho-emotionally and physically, to complete a full course of examination on genetic diseases, including the analysis of the spermogram, be fully normal and comply with physiological criteria and standards. A man who wants to become a donor must collect all the necessary documents and fill out a questionnaire, honestly responding to all questions.

If a man does not want to participate in donation, he can refuse at any stage, only the submissive of all spent funds for his examination. Do not worry, all the appeals are strictly confidential, the clinic is responsible for the quality of sperm, in which you turned.

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