Woman Scales in love (24 photos) How to win a girl and who fits her in a relationship, which man needs and how she likes, best partners


Woman Scales in love and relationships

Woman Scales in love and relationships

The girl born in the period from September 24 to October 23 is influenced by the control element of the air. Cute Sign Sign Representative Like everyone without exception. Easy and serious, doubting and targeted at the same time, it seems to be worn out of contradictions. However, they do not interfere with it to build harmonious relationships with a suitable partner.


The representatives of this sign of the zodiac usually cause interest to their person not only among representatives of the opposite sex. They are smart, open and pleasant in communication, have many interests and hobbies. Men manits her extraordinary character and unsigned femininity. Woman scales as if fluttered in life, so it is not surprising that they are often in love with her first sight. Her tender attractive smile longwested in the soul.

She always monitors himself and can pay care for several hours a day. Moreover, an externally, the result looks very natural, as if scales and do not make efforts to exhaust its beauty. In their clothes, their preferences are changing. Love for the refreshment of the wardrobe at this sign is just amazing. The girl can walk in a stunning dress and on the hairpins on Thursday. And the next day will put on a free T-shirt with trousers and comfortable shoes.

It is difficult to designate all the qualities of these versatile women, so interesting and unpredictable. With all the external light, the girl born under the constellation of the scales has a male type of thinking, not alien to the logicality, often takes part in disputes for the process itself. It is characterized by rationality and prudence even at the very young age.

Woman scales are interested in many things and has a wide range of topics for discussion. In her head, large amounts of information are always stored, which it can be used at a convenient case. In others, such a special appreciates and sincere interest to it. And from a man will always wait for care and loyalty.

With the youth itself, such a girl knows what it expects from life and surrounding. Choose a profession when the peers are still moving in doubt, it is not difficult for it. In life, she goes boldly, with optimism and unchanged faith in itself. Sometimes there are doubts about the correctness of the choice, but this concerns only minor things. In the global sense, it enters unmistakably. In general, the scales are almost immaculate in all and prefer harmony in all spheres of life. Personality and emotionality are also inherent in this sign, but they are qualitatively different than, for example, under the influence of the element of fire.

Woman scales usually have many acquaintances, as it is easy to converge with everyone. She is appreciated for the ability to keep the tongue of their teeth, and therefore they trust many secrets. Colleagues without fear of being incomprehensible to appeal for help. And relatives can gladly trust her their children.

What kind of man is needed?

Such an unusual and beautiful woman needs a calm, reasonable, who has everyday wisdom partner. He must have outstanding progress in some kind of area. It is worthwhile to behave quite reservedly, not to rip the rapprochement, otherwise you can simply move a seriously tuned girl. At the same time, you need to try to be constantly unobtrusive next, showing your willingness to support at any time or simply split together the joy of success.

The best partner for her - a person is somewhat older in age which will be able to appreciate her mind, natural beauty, versatile interests and a unique look at everything. He will lead her in life and will be ready to listen to rational advice, because it understands much. It is suitable for a person who is ready for partner relationship, because the woman's scales will not be able to tolerate, dictatorial tone and pressure.

The perfect satellite was born under the sign of the zodiac Aries, Taurus, Leo, Scales and Capricorn. With a man, autherch will be a very harmonious relationship, if the satellite will restrain his alentability and do not bring workers to home. When winning the lady of the heart, it will be necessary to show the inherent Aries perseverance, otherwise the woman will think that you are not sufficiently interested in it.

Taurus with his luck and ability to get sufficiency literally from all will become a wonderful pair of purposeful, loving successful men woman scales. Their family honorable will admire everything around. All small misunderstandings among themselves are wisely able to solve lovely.

Bright man Leo - just a dream girl scales. He will be able to give her a decent position in society and become an interesting companion, which will be sincerely admired by the spouse. The only problem can be the hot spirits of the lion. It is worth it to be softer to your second half and not disturbing loud disassembly her spiritual comfort, which she tries to spread on all home.

With men's weights will bind common interests, goals, lifestyles and views on the world. It is difficult to present two people who are more suitable for each other. If they meet, the union will arise for life.

Woman weighs the attention of the ever-busy, hardworking Capricorn. She will be able to create a family comfort of a homely focus for him, to which he will strive after labor feats. This couple can work perfectly together. The main thing at the same time is not to transfer work relationships into the house, and in the service does not compete and do not fight for the championship, because both, in essence, are in one big boat.

With a frivolous twin, it is hardly formed at least some kind of relationships, despite the relationship of the elements. Such a man is too inconsistent, unreliable and, in general, does not have the qualities that the woman appreciates the scales for a serious relationship. But simply good friends for nothing obliging conversations they may well become.

With cancer, conservative and enough closed, there may be very complex relationships. To succeed a pair, you need to learn more to talk to each other. And the man of cancer is more likely to go out of his cozy shelter, because the tactful and cautious companion does not at all threaten his peace of mind.

Aquarius and scorpion possess medium compatibility with a woman with scales. To be together, both spouses will have to do a great job on themselves. It will be necessary to learn restraint. Less manifestations of egoism, caustic comments and unreasonable aggression and a large degree of confidence in each other only strengthen relations.

Fish will be able to become a good friend for weights, like Virgo. An acceptable will be this combination of pair of signs and in work. Such colleagues will be able to support each other and replace mutually without prejudice to the workflow.

Signs of love

It is easy to understand that such a woman is quite simple. If she is confident in his sweetheart, he will not be shy to demonstrate his attitude. She will not play "Cats-mouse" and play complex prey from themselves. Although it may arrange some checks. If you deserve her trust, then you will get a faithful woman who surrounds care and attention in love.

She will try to please their object, will give advice and ask for help. Award and fervent gratitude, of course, will be a response to the knight's deeds of a strong man. To pave a path to the heart of a loved one, she can try and cooking his favorite dishes, because she is a good mistress and strong in cooking.

Love behavior and relationships

In love, a woman scales manifest itself as the most charming representative of a beautiful sex. Will try to please and please your man. In turn, also will require care and understanding of their numerous needs. It is quite demanding to the partner and will evaluate many qualities: from appearance and friends to intelligence and material security.

It will not immediately reveal the girl scales his heart. She will need persistent, attentive and patient guy. Most likely, he will have to withstand a number of tests and checks. This representative of the sign quite appreciates itself and will not waste his precious time on a unworthy man. It may be possible to pull the moment of proximity to the wedding, as it refers to intimate relationships very seriously. It is not worth afraid of low libido or the coldness of the future wife. She is just all right. It just manifests her next checking of the future satellite on seriousness of intention and respectful attitude.

She is very purposeful with his youth and knows what he wants. Therefore, it is not ready for half-term in choosing a satellite, because it will be for it once and for life. If she has not yet decided, then you can see the flirt from her side with other men. It is her ordinary manner of pleasant communication and nothing more. Such a woman is very faithful and prefers confidence in a married couple.

Her house will be a real fortress, protected and at the same time grocery. There is not a shame to bring friends. At least in the family there will be one child, because without the heir, in her opinion, the couple cannot be full.

What gifts loves?

It is best to know about women's hobbies, before giving a gift. It will appreciate the attention. Often such good owners do in their free time with needlework or prepare. An excellent gift will be a good sewing machine or a modern gadget for the kitchen.

Parfumes of the scales also love, but they have too refined taste for fragrances. To please certainly give a cash certificate and provide an opportunity for such a complex choice being beloved.

If you decide to choose a jewelry, then this should not be jewelry. Only natural stones and precious metal in the form emphasizing your good taste. If the preferences of the companions are unknown in this, it is better to stop your choice on a modest gold ring with a small diamond of the classic cut shape.

Practical woman Scales Flowers, of course, loves, but will not appreciate as an independent gift. A small elegant bouquet will be able to become a pleasant addition to the main presentation and pleasant words.

It is better not to give gifts immediately, and gradually, and not only on holidays. Your lady of the heart will appreciate the present without reason, presented with the sincere intention to please her. The main thing when choosing is to pay the maximum of the attention of the individual being believed. You should show generosity and consistency, as well as attention to her hobbies and interests. The scales are moderately romantic, so they will not be pleased with the sunset on the river with a bottle of cheap champagne.


How to conquer?

Ey to this girl can be strong, endowed with intelligence, confident and firmly standing on the legs man. It should be wise and kind, to have a good sense of humor and able to allow his woman to live in prosperity.

The girl scales itself is very well maintained, so you can conquer it only by a man who follows him. She can't tolerate union. To fall in love with her can be gallant with light aristocracy in manner young man. She probably will notify one who is easily communicating, produces a good impression on others. The formation of a man and the level of intelligence also play a big role in meeting.

Although material wealth is very important for women of weights, it is impossible to seduce them with alone money. She is smart enough and everyone considers it very seriously as a potential husband. Therefore, it will be able to keep a worker for a long time, checking the seriousness of intentions. In addition, she will not be able to be with a secured person if he has rude manners or low intelligence. Such a girl loves to communicate on a variety of topics, discuss the latest news.

To achieve such a girl, pay attention to her and make gifts better without reason. And the compliments she wants to hear not only on holidays, because, like most of the most beautiful sex representatives, the scales have the "love ears" property. Successful compliment its appearance or acute mind will add weight in the eyes of the interlocutor. If you have enough close relationships, and you live together, then thank you more often for the care of you, delicious dinners and comfort in the house.

Women weighing leaders who are successful in any area of ​​a man. She wants to have a ridiculous satellite shoulder nearby. And the best manifestation of such quality is public success and financial security of a man. It is also important for her to have a love man showing his care ready to fulfill everything without exception to her request. So she checks the truth of the senses of cavalor. The girl will always demand a lot of attention to himself, but will repay you the same.

The path to the heart of a woman scales can be paved with the help of gifts. It is very important that they were expensive and high-quality, selected with great love and attention specifically for the girl. Purchased mischievous things or baubles will not please her, although the tactful lady of the scales and will not show the appearance that something did not like something. With the same favor, these women take any gifts. But if they did not like, then we will not wear it or use them.

The best recognition in love will be your interest, support and readiness will always come to the rescue, attentiveness and understanding. Girl scales will not appreciate the sprayed phrases and ardent recognition. I will not like it in the behavior of the worker and rudeness, unceremoniousness, the increase in the voice is not even at her address.

How to keep?

Woman scales as an air sign, very impressionable and in love. It rarely brings relationships before rapprochement and with the disappearance of the man in a short time it can easily switch to another. This does not speak at all about her frivolity. It just does not feel the connection and attention to himself, and therefore, forgets about the person. After all, this rational person cannot afford relations without reciprocity. In addition, not bound by marriage obligations (the only ones who consider seriously), she also considers himself free.

To keep this light girl next to you, you need to pay a lot of attention to her, surround care and solve all the vital difficulties. Patient, friendly character and balanced behavior will help. It is worth remembering that in the relationship the girl scales are quite diplomatic and flexible, but at the same time it will always be for their convenience and interests in the first place.

How to return?

The only reason is perhaps the woman's scales will not be able to forgive it. In principle, the sign has a rather flexible character, and his representatives rarely part with a permanent partner. Therefore, if your companion leaves, there must be a pretty good reason for this.

To make up after a quarrel, you should not wait too much time. Otherwise, your half may seem that you forgot about it. Apologies should not be formal. And it is better to make a banal bouquet of flowers, and some important thing for both things. Your companion must understand that you really realized your guilt and repented deeply. In any case, with proper perseverance and desire, you will most likely be able to establish contact and restore mutual understanding with a beloved born under the sign of the scale.

On the compatibility of a woman Scales with other signs, see the following video.

Scales are the second air element sign. Their main characteristics are intellectuality and sociability. All beautiful and sublime attracts them. Woman scales allocates charm, softness and femininity. At the same time, she has a flexible mind and logical thinking. She is so sophisticated, elegant and attractive, which is able to charm every man.

Feature Women Libra

Woman scales are distinguished by developed intellectual abilities

The psychological characteristics of women scales is its duality. She is typical of the combination of male and female began. It can be defenseless and affectionate when wears dresses and shoes on heels. However, such a special feels harmoniously and in a shirt with pants. Sometimes the image of her thoughts is strongly reminded by male. She can support any conversation not female themes when communicating with representatives of the opposite sex.

Woman scales from nature is endowed with wisdom that indicates to her how to behave in the society of men. It will not demonstrate his superiority over them, but it will always save tact and politeness. In addition, if a representative of this zodiacal sign is experiencing sympathy, it will certainly show his strong female sides. She is aware of his own power and understands that he can scare the man liked.

A woman-scale is distinguished by magnificent erudition, developed intelligence and excellent sense of humor. She is a careful interlocutor who exists participation and interest in conversation. The arguments given by it are always concrete and convincing. This nature is endowed with striking oratorical abilities.

Due to the duality of the Woman scales all the time prone to doubt. She is never sure that he takes the right decision. Nevertheless, it tends to expose everything in deep analysis and evaluate the risks. Such behavior is caused by the need for justice towards itself and other people. A representative of the zodiac sign of scales is irresponsible with his indecision. However, they can always be confident in the correctness of the final choice.

According to the horoscope of women-scales, it represents the wise adviser in each question. However, this is not surprising. Conclusions and conclusions of such a particular are always based on facts. She will not rely on feelings. She does not intend to believe that her opinion is the only true. A woman will try with all his might so that a person takes advantage of its recommendations. She is interested in a weighted solution. In addition, it relies on his wisdom and is able to do everything in the right way. As a result, a person decides that he independently came to such conclusions.

The surrounding scales may seem in need of protection and approval. However, this will change as soon as it encounters unexpected problems. In such situations, it demonstrates the strongest characteristics. We are talking about decisiveness, unshakable and excerpt. Native and close in the event of difficulties can always count on this person. She will definitely hand out help. From her should not expect betrayal.

Woman scales really like decorations. She is extremely difficult to refuse to buy another ring or bracelet. And in its collections you can find kits for all occasions. Among the representatives of the signs of the zodiac only this nature wears jewelry with an amazing grace.

In addition, fashion and style play an important role for women scales. Its wardrobe is made up of various outfits, which are designed to emphasize the sophistication of their mistress. She adores perfume and under each image selects a certain fragrance. This nature is watching his appearance, often visits the cosmetologist and has nothing against plastic surgery.

Of great importance for women-scales has an environment in the dwelling. It pays attention to choosing furniture, clothes and accessories. She wants the air to be impregnated with pleasant and fresh flavors. The representative of this zodiac sign loves sophisticated dishes. In addition, she is delighted with art and classical music. It is attracted to expensive and exceptional things. Of course, such a life implies the investment of large money. Woman scales under power to pay their needs. She may well do without the help of a man. If it is surrounded by ugly and inconspicuous objects, it begins to experience severe suffering.

Woman scales in love

In any way, the Woman Scales appreciates its partner

For women scales, feelings play a significant role. She dreams of strong and strong love from a young age. This is a skillful seducer who can attract any representative of the opposite sex. Such special is in the search for a decisive and self-sufficient partner, which can always be rejected. It is peculiar to tenderness and a subtle spiritual organization. That is why it needs a man who will protect against life adversity and independently cope with the solution of emerging difficulties.

In love, female scales exhibits demanding. She wants to take care of her. Partner will need a decent amount of money as it is counting on expensive gifts and gorgeous attention signs. Among other things, this nature expects a galanta satellite. Although her requests and very high, she always has a lot of fans. Moreover, each of them really wants to satisfy the whims of such a person.

A partner of woman scales will be for her spouse, lover and comrade in one person. She, in turn, will give him his love, attention and tenderness. In each endowment, it will help his chosen one. In any conditions, a representative of this sign of the zodiac will support it. She does not accept insults and will never bring offense to the spouse. Relationships for it are very important. For the sake of a partner, this nature can abandon everything and even move to another country.

There is no desire to become a leader in the Union in the Libra. However, she tries to imperceptibly keep family life under control. For this, she imperceptibly and gently sends a spouse to the adoption of the necessary solution. Intellect, turnout, kindness and positive worldview are characteristic of this person. Such features help her to achieve conceived. Supplement and femininity mask the strength of her spirit. Thanks to the natural wisdom, a woman can easily build relationships with a partner. He, in turn, is ready for all for her.

In the raising of children, a woman is distinguished by a rigor. At the same time, it becomes a fair mother, which teaches the younger generation to respect the father and not question his authority. She will not pour children. But the sign of the sign will not and overly patronize them. As a result, they grow up self-sufficient and freedom-loving personalities who are able to solve problems themselves.

Woman scales in bed

Woman scales in sex does not tolerate rudeness

In bed, the Woman's scales does not endure hasty and fuss. Before sex, she certainly thinks its own image. It will work every detail to make an indelible impression on a partner. During proximity, such a person tries to catch all his reactions. When the process is completed, it will certainly ask what the beloved like it.

Woman's scales really like to devote for some time pre-caress. She adores dusty kissing and whisper to the partner on the compliments. In her opinion, the seduction is art, and not a set of physical actions that are directed only to the result. In bed, a man will never face confrontation from the representative of this zodiac sign. She knows perfectly that it is endowed with sexuality and attractiveness. She wants to attract the beloved by the most unexpected ways.

A woman scale can be surprised by a mirror ceiling and light effects. In the end, she will remain under great impression. She wants a partner to caress her body, and slowly and gently. After the night spent, he should certainly describe his feelings and feelings. You can go together to the bathroom to have sex and confirm your own words actions.

If a man wants experiments in an intimate life with a woman, he should refrain from rudeness. Then she will answer agreement to any suggestions. She herself wishes to diversify sex, but needs a true approach.

Woman scales prefer translucent outfits. In bed, it refuses underwear. Such behavior is due to the fact that she adores her body. When a partner is looking for the favorables of a representative of the zodiac sign, he needs to admire its sexuality and attractiveness. If he gets to keep all its requests and requirements, then intimate life will bring everyone in a couple unforgettable and vivid emotions.

Woman scales are always looking for beauty, surrounds herself aesthetics. Everything should be beautiful: man, furniture, view outside the window. The rest doubts. The main difficulty of weights is to make the right choice.


general characteristics

The sign of the zodiac, the scales include people born in the period from September 24 to October 23. Element of air in the skill horoscope gives sociability, friendliness, intelligence.

For air people, more thoughtful actions are characterized than the actions under the influence of intuition.

Planet patron - Venus. In the sign associated with the goddess of love responsible for beauty, eroticism and romance in the psychology of women-scales.

The best talisman is considered pure diamond. Stones will not be superfluous: pink quartz, rhinestone, moonstone.

→ General science characteristics

Woman scales - what is she really?

In the nature of the scales, dislike for conflicts.

A woman will try to please everyone immediately, if only there was no quarrel.

Among other signs is highlighted by a soft, feminine character.

Women scales despise vulgarity, avoid immoral, ugly in essence of the actions and are experiencing for a long time if they had to make them.

We are thinking about the choice of anything. Weigh every decision for a long time, if you do not manage to shift responsibility to another. For this reason, independence do not like. Do not object if another person will receive decisions for them. Libra girl always takes into account the opinions of others, listen to the advice.

Sometimes it is difficult to understand the course of her thoughts, she is trying to please everyone, always doubts.

Negative qualities of women scales:

  • inconstancy;
  • search for approval from the side;
  • unworthy;
  • Requirement.

Minuses of scales are able to hide, exposing the strongest sides of the nature:

  • Charm;
  • non-conflict;
  • Justice, looking for truth;
  • nobility.

Therefore, it is not so difficult to communicate with weights with scales as it may seem at first glance.

Compatibility Women Libra With Other Signs

Combining his life with twins or aquarius, it finds a sea of ​​creative energy, energetic and determination. In relations with a male sign of weights, romanticism doubles. People of one sign understand each other, their pair is filled with harmony.

The horoscope promises two scums filled with sex life.

The compatibility of Women-Libra and Men-Leo is almost perfect. They are both polite, causing. Quarrels and disagreements rarely happen, both partners are not alien to a relative person. Lion more than other signs is suitable as husband, defender and head of the family.

Not an easy, but a sudden and bright union, capable of causing surprise, can happen between a woman-scales and a man's sign. Both appreciate the beautiful. Fish is able to conquer unobtrusive tenderness, surround a woman with love and caress. If the scales are ready to answer for wealth, the relationship will be long.

Unsuccessful combinations await the woman-scales with earthly signs .

Virgin and Capricorns are members of emotions and beautiful words that we need. The coldness in love is the main characteristic of the signs of the Earth. Only if the man is not typical for his sign, does not correspond to the description, the couple will have a chance.

Woman scales in love

I can like the opposite sex. The idleness of the weights was sophisticated, without a shade of vulgarity. Could and love to care for themselves, deftly pick up an elegant wardrobe. They are easy to learn in the crowd, the scales of coquettes and charmingly feminine.

Woman scales prefers men with attractive appearance.

He must increase her self-esteem with one of his appearance. The second quality of a potential partner - should be able to show the initiative.

Scales need romantic hobbies, in love and attention. Meeting a new man, throw things, friends, plunge into love with your head. They are surrounded by the beloved halo of non-existent qualities, their in love quickly fades. Disappointed, instantly become picky and petty, like capricious girls.

Finishing the relationship female scales does not like and does not know how. Having lost all the attraction in a pair, it will be more likely to give the man to leave himself.

Woman scales in bed

Sex by weight has surprisingly little emotional. They get the physical pleasure of sex, without experiencing any morality. In bed, the lover-scale does not show the initiative.

Vulgar rejects, even if the passion boils in the bedroom.

Women scales love long preludes, beautiful entourage. It will appreciate the design of the bed, in the form of a candle, petals, colors.

The appropriate lover is a careful, gentle man who misses the whole body, patiently kisses each cell.

Scales in relations and marriage

Relationships are rather inconstant. In love, enjoy short, non-binding intrigues. Having met love, put a relationship in first place. This is especially felt in marriage.

His relatively supported, actively interested in his life, pay attention to her man. Even in long-time family relations, they try to maintain their appeal. Affected to idealize not only the image of a husband, but also a family life.

Married, the Woman's scales becomes attentive wife and a fair mother. Wife-scales, even having children, the mainstream is the interests of her husband.

She strives for harmony in all spheres of life.

→ Characteristics of men-scales

Scales are representatives of an extraordinary and interesting sign of the zodiac. Women are distinguished by unsurpassed charisma and a special inner world. It is obliged to planet Venus, which is patronized by them.

General Description Women Lights

This lady is elegant and feminine in every movement. Despite the pretty appearance, it is calculated and smart. Each step will be calculated in advance.

Periods, scales can be stubborn, cynical and even dissolute. You can describe it in the following words: Sophistication, femininity, indecision, calm and the desire of privacy.


Feature Women Scales

Scales are able to create a real masterpiece from scratch, they can rightly be considered the creators of harmony and art. Women possess a big heart and sense of justice.

Seeing them once, it will be difficult for you to forget such people. The list of their advantages can be listed for a long time, girls all their lives will strive for the ideal.


Scales are capable of producing a furor in society and stay for a long time in memory. They are endowed with a sense of tact and are quite diplomatic in communicating with others. Girls seek to find the inner harmony and move to self-development.

By nature, this zodiac sign is gentle, romantic and sophisticated. Scales are easily adapted to situations, a place of stay and surround. But, always wish people to obey them.

The authority in society and the recognition from colleagues is important for them. Websites do not need to apply a lot of effort, since they are already attractive as externally and internally. Any business for which representatives of this sign took, will be brought to the end.

Girls will avoid communicating with people who oppress their emotional state. That is why they are very selective to their surroundings. There is a developed intuition.

Woman scales appreciates themselves and therefore some it may seem that it is selfish. Nevertheless, if you look for a satellite for life and for another other situation, pay attention to the representatives born under the sign of the scales.


What is the advantage of weight can also carry disadvantages. In any situation, a person weighs everything and thoroughly thinking, so the spontaneity is not about the scales. Also, you should not count on friendship if you are not profitable.

Often, trying to take the right decision, the girl begins to doubt that he impresses an indecisive person. Such slowness only hurt both at work and in personal life.

Because of its overestimated requirements and search for an ideal partner, they are not easy to establish family life. They often reject potential candidates, as a result, remaining alone. The position of the scales is that guys must achieve them, and they will choose the appropriate option.


What qualities should be developed

Weighs should learn, bolder to make important decisions. You should also more realistically approach the selection of a partner. Understand that everything on this planet cannot be perfect and fully comply with your requirements.

Do not forget that the desire to achieve equilibrium in each business is definitely fine, but it is necessary to think about it absolutely in everything. Scales spend most of the time and effort to achieve that equilibrium. Sometimes their contribution and the desire does not always share the leadership, not letting go ahead through the career ladder, considering their bore and indecisive.

Learn to distinguish between an important and secondary, and then it will be easier to live, and the time will be misunderstood.

In love and relationships

A woman who on a horoscope scales attracts men not only with its appearance, but also sexuality. Believe me, it is unlikely that someone will be able to resist her shrill look and unearthly beauty. For a girl is important in relationship passion and physical proximity with a partner.

Scales can turn their head to a man, and then easily part with it. The lady thinks primarily about his condition and comfort. Love in a pair will be as long as he will arrange his beloved.

At the first stages of relationships, scales are ready to forget about friends and work, devoting themselves completely second half. But, in fact, for her, it is much easier to move to sexual intimacy than mental. That is why, a man should be initiative regarding their meetings, together or plans for the weekend.

If a man wants to marry with weights, it is necessary to take responsibility to make important decisions. Since the girl can take a long time to doubt and not accepting the final decision. An ideal husband must protect his wife, solve all domestic issues and provide support in everything.

Important! Even having in the family of children, a woman's scales will give a lot of time to his spouse, as he remains for her in the first place.

In bed and sex

For those who have long been looking for a girl with an attractive appearance and mind, the scales will become a real treasure. It is a coquetry, naivety and charm. The girl is often capricious, in particular in their desires.

At the same time, it is inherent in all the habits of a typical woman, namely sat down and chatter with girlfriends, beautiful clothes and romance in a relationship. But, this is only at first glance it may seem that the girl is naive, in fact she comes up with a common mind.


In bed, the woman is completely given to the partner, feeling like a fish in the water. Absolutely any man melts from her caress and tenderness, forgetting about others who were before the scales. Grocery of the Board in Sex, she willingly gives partner.

In turn, a woman wants to see an experienced male, who can also take her pleasure. I am pleased to be tempted and loving experiments in the bedroom.

As a friend

Woman scales are ready to support his friend and will gladly have frequent meetings. Especially they agree to joint campaigns in the cinema, restaurant or billiards. But, provided that these entertainment will be fascinating, not boring.

The girls will avoid unpleasant situations that they strain them, even if a friend turned out to be a friend. The reason why they do not endure negative emotions that can somehow burden them.

Perhaps it will seem to you that you should not start a friendship with weights, as they will slip out with a slight hint of problems. However, just think about how many wrong steps will save you such a friend. Sober mind of the scales and their logical thinking will surely be on your hand.

Of course, the scales can argue about any other situation, but remember, the choice is yours. They will only offer probable outcomes and solutions, but will not be able to decide on the choice.

Note! Scales are able to be friends when everything is fine, but they don't even want to think about it.


Her Health

Most of the ages begin with the kidneys. Interestingly, in many ways the health of the scales depends on their mental attitude and external factors surrounding every day.

Scales are often picked up pain in the lower back, radiculitis and so on. The most vulnerable places are the bladder, uterus, leather and pins. It is also worth noting the problems with the nervous system. As a rule, similar failures begin if the scales are forced to work in the unpleasant company of colleagues or communicate with the enemies.

Poorly removed from the body of slag scales and various toxins. Due to bad blood circulation, women are forced to keep their feet and hands warm. Therefore, it is recommended not to translate, take care of the lower back, make evening walks. Do not forget about the nervous system. In this issue will help soothing drugs or yoga.

In work and business and what professions are suitable

Such employees will find a common language absolutely with everyone in the team. Scales respect each, so only positive feedback about them. Girls will be able to achieve any goal, it is worth it only to want.

In all what is happening, they are trying to find an equilibrium, so they are often sent to problem companies to solve problems. The most interesting is that they are absolutely not surprised by their similar experiments and do not shock.

Scales are able to smooth out any situation. Despite its conservative attitude, women are not afraid to try new work schemes and plunge into it with your head. They manage to combine talent, creative and perseverance.


Thanks to his tranquility, good lawyers, diplomats, administrators are obtained from the scales. Their thinking allows to analyze and compare facts, so they will find their place in archeology, history, mathematics or physics. Among the creative professions it is worth noting actors, artists and designers.

The feeling of harmony often leads women to gardening. But nevertheless, the most suitable places for work are those where we are talking about information and computing technology.

Important! Weighs categorically not suitable profession of teacher.

In everyday life and household

Woman to keep the scale is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. They are extraordinary and free personalities. Men are unable to withstand their attractiveness and charm. The reason for parting can be a minor trifle to which other girls will not even pay attention.

Having done a choice, a woman scales expects her chosen one to solve all the questions, including everyday. They are not inherent to pull home, children and other household problems.

Housing should cause delight and feeling of harmony, otherwise living in it will be unbearable for weights. It should always be clean, so the girl worry about the absence of dust and dirt. But, at the same time, it is not very burning to fulfill all the responsibilities.

Attitude towards children

Scales prefer to tinker with other people's children than their own. His he has to learn to love, no matter how strange it sounds. Often, to acquire children to them under pressure from relatives or generally accepted opinion.

Mother with daughter

As a rule, girls are not always confident whether they want children or stand up. Thus, the continuation of the kind can be somewhat delayed. There are also some exclusions of weights, those mothers who are worried about every scratch, broken the knee and the late return of children.

Such an excessive guardianship only hurt the child, having deprived him of the right to choose and independence. In general, such women in the role of mothers are different, but in any case, there will be extremes.

Woman compatibility Scales with zodiac signs

A man of Aries and a woman scales constantly confront each other, such a relationship will not lead to anything good. Stormy emotions and passion sometimes do not end well.

With Taurus there will be a beautiful relationship. It will be a meeting of two gourmets that can appreciate the taste of relationships and life in general. Such a couple will be durable and durable.

Twins are difficult to call those who seek to family life, and the weights need a decisive man. They rarely understand each other, it requires constant work on relationships.

Union with cancer meets extremely rarely. In such respects, everyone will try to pull the blanket to their side. Most often, loving lion and scales are not a strong relationship. They are ready to scandal for any reason, do not want to look for compromises.

Maiden male Virgo will quickly bother the weights. All that expects this pair is rare meetings for sex or short civil marriage cohabitation.

In a man, scales, a woman sees her like-minded people and a satellite of life. The same goals, love for harmony and coinciding tastes in bed will become a solid foundation of the family.

Scorpio and scales can be perfectly laugh in sexual terms, but not in life. A quick-tempered man will drive a woman into an angle with its outcomes and sharp drops of mood. Jealousy will destroy this pair.


But the Sagittarius, as well as the scales do not hurry to associate themselves with the Uzami marriage, preferring the way to row. Both sign are fine, I understand each other. Parabe there is a passion.

The thrust Capricorn will become the perfect version for the scales. The presence of determination in the partner will attract a girl who independently cannot accept important decisions. In a pair there will be respect and mutual love.

Relations with water can be truly unforgettable, passion, and drama and affection will be present here. Both inherent in the desire of romantic entourage. But a joint life will most likely with treason, since none of the partners are ready to abandon their freedom.

With the fish there will be a difficult union in which the beloved will not be able to understand each other. Because of its indecision, the couple can stretch for some time.

Women's compatibility Scales on the Eastern Horoscope

Emotional rats are capable of harming not only to themselves, but also a partner. Women need to learn the restraint, in particular in communication in a man. You can union with a dragon, monkey, rat.

The bull scales often live in their virtual world. They will be able to achieve success at work, if they stop spraying on trifles. Looking for your only ideal. Can build relationships with a bull, rooster, tiger.

Tiger does not represent his life without love. In the partner, they want to see not only passion, but also devotion. Such girls developed intuition and the ability to analyze the situation taking place. All problems actively bypass with the help of their optimism, which is not inherent in other scales sign representatives. Feed relations with a dog and a horse.

The rabbit woman occupies a leader in relationships. Incorrect communication in the pair will lead to a quick break. They do not know how to analyze and make the right conclusions from situations, character is often blurred, without the main specifics. Compatible with goat, pig and rabbit.

In relations, women dragons are emotional and always straightforward. They look good, assertors and sociable. Capable to attract partners with their attention and surprises. They are suitable for men born in the year of the dragon, rats or monkeys.

Love and relationships

Snake women are able to prevent themselves in the most advantageous light. Relations with them are different, then romantic, then dictatorial. Cancelly know how to tie a man to themselves. Possible couple with a bull, rooster.

Scales - a horse attentive to his partner, prone not to change the direction, going to their goals in life. Basically, their role in the relationship is insignificant, the character traits are priest. Long-term and harmonious relationships can be with a tiger, horse and dog.

The scales born in the year of the goats are distinguished by their oratorical abilities and charm. Purposeful women are ready to work for days to achieve their plans. In relations are compatible with rabbit, pig.

Monkeys inborn leaders. The pair should also be a single leader and it is undoubtedly scales. Women are often tied to a man, based on what relationship is being built. Union turn out with a dragon and rat.

The rooster is acceptable long relationship, therefore it is serious to choose a satellite. Girls are calm, sociable. Compatible with snake, bull, rooster.

Woman dog will look for the golden middle, and in relations a compromise. As a rule, early unions quickly disintegrate, and at a later age, the scales are suitable more reasonably for the selection of the partner. Compatible with horse, tiger and dog.

The pig attracts the communion surrounding his manner and appearance. Often to the choice of men are fully responsible, so early marriages are practically excluded. If we exclude stubbornness and quicker from their character, expressing the partner, an alliance is possible with goat, rabbits, pigs.

It is believed that people born under the sign of the scales are equally balanced and balanced as the symbol of their horoscope. But is it really? Consider what the characteristics of the Women's scales on the sign of the zodiac, and what qualities, the features are inherent in it. The wise men of the oldest astrological science claim that this is one of the most sensory zodiacs. Women weighs inherent inner charm, grace, softness, refinement, romanticism. They are patronized by Venus herself, giving them by the power of love charms. Such ladies are able to in love with men at a glance. They have an exquisite taste and know how to present themselves. Often girls-scales have an attractive appearance and a beautiful figure. Competent and wise by nature, they are good interlocutors and beautiful listeners.

The sign belongs to the air element, so the character of the girl-scales is as changeable as the breeze in a summer evening. And this is the negative side of the zodiac. A person is not always easy to make a choice. Deciding something in the morning, in the evening the lady-scales can change their mind and start to suffer from it. Fair and honest, incapable of betrayal She is very often valid to the detriment of himself, fearing to do painful to other people.

Weighs are inconsistent greedy, mercantility, greed. They are very purposeful and can be prompt in affairs and labor areas. But if they achieve financial success, they make it an extremely honest way, not deceiving and not substituting others.

They are often disliked in the team for straightness and truthfulness

Many people come to such women for tips and support. Their noble essence allows us to correctly resolve many conflicts. But thanks to her mercy and desire to help, scales are often in the center of other people's events, to the detriment of their time and affairs. It is said that the initiative is punishable, and Zodiac often checks the life saying. For their desire to be useful, they sometimes get blows in the back, and the attackers can simply take advantage of their kindness and trust.

Which character woman sign scales
Women weighs inherent inner charm and grace

The injustice, creating in the world, and the bustle around sometimes remove girls-scales from equilibrium. To gain strength and recover they need to be alone , away from noise and urgent problems. The best holiday for the zodiac - walks in nature. But despite the external fragility and vulnerability, the scales have an inner rod. It is he who allows them to rise after any falls and go farther despite anything.

Compatibility in the relationship of women scales with other signs of the zodiac

The lady born under the sign of the scales is the embodiment of femininity. For life, she needs a man who will take care of her and protect from adversity. Then its best qualities are manifested, and it literally flourishes. If the girl has a relationship with a weak man, she takes over Too much concerns And turns into a "frantic horse."

In love, lady-scales tend to idealize their chosen one, and excessive sentimentality sometimes prevents her to see the true face of the partner. Love for such people is the main priority in life. Without it, they do not accept relationships and, moreover, marriage. Finding a "man", a woman becomes not only beloved for him, but also Best friend.

Woman Sign Signs Can Master Balancing Between Home and Career, She is a wonderful mother and good owner

So, with what signs of the zodiac are compatible lady scales:

Zodiac signs Compatibility in Love Marriage compatibility Compatibility Loading
Capricorn Average Low High
Aquarius High High High
Fish Average Average Average
Aries High Average Average
calf Average Average Average
Twins High High High
Cancer Average Low Average
a lion High High High
Virgo Average Low Average
Scorpio Average Average Low
Sagittarius High High High
Libra Average Average High

Women's weights most suitable for a man twin, lion, a good union, it turns out with a fantastic and felt.

Complicated and ambiguous relationships in the scales are folded with scorpions and caperpashers. With men, born as well as a sign of scales, the ladies do not have the best compatibility, although it would seem, they are similar to characters, and it should bring them closer. In such a union, there are really all the advantages double, but also Cons multiply two .

Who is coming in love woman-scales
Women weights most suitable man twin or lion

Women's scales: characteristics and compatibility in bed

Female scales do not at all accumulate the meaning of sex in the relationship. For them, an intimate sphere, where people not only receive physical pleasure, but even more reveal and know each other.

A woman of this sign attracts the intellect and the inner world of a man. It is not seduced by sweet speeches and appearance. If a person is not interested in her, she will not fall into bed with him.

For weights, an intima atmosphere is very important. They love to do everything beautiful, romantic, clean and comfortable. You can not even hope that the lady of this zodiac agrees to sex where it fell. She likes when a man is beautifully causing and manifests care.

The girl-scales are very tender, passionate and sensual lover, but she completely manifests itself in sex, only if it feels reciprocal from his partner. Loving man will not be bored with such a lady in bed , it is open to experiments and will delight, surprise their elect with new images of himself. From the partner, she is waiting for the same return, and if it collides with rudeness, disrespect and consumerism in bed, never will endure it.

If a woman deems a partner with a bad lover, it may well tear with him, no matter how perfect their relationships

The scales are never revealed before the beloved person completely, allowing him to gradually know himself, once again opening something new. Harmoniously combining mental abilities, femininity, soulfulness, such women literally captive men Becoming the most desirable and charming.

For weights, the most ideal male for compatibility in bed - Gemini. Relationships in the intimate sphere with Aquarius, Sagittarius harmoniously develop. With authentic, the weights may have a very passionate novel with stormy sex, but the relationship will be more tied to the "chemistry" than deep love.

Compatibility Women Libra with Other Signs
Charming women scales literally captive men

How to conquer and how to conquer the girl-scales?

The woman of this zodiac knows the price. It will never enter into serious relationships with a man morally weaker than himself, but also prevailing over himself. She needs a person who she could admire.

Having a sense of excellent and subtle taste, the girl will evaluate the guy in all respects, ranging from the ability to dress and gentlemenic qualities, to his manner of speech and worldview. It will not allow the partner to invade his personal space. Those who wish to conquer it must be observed in communication tacticity.

A woman-scale is completely easy to seduce a man, she loves flirting and is not distinguished by timidity. But the man fall in love with such a girl will not be easy. And the point here is more in it itself. Scales do not always know exactly what they want, not always confident in their feelings and decisions. Sometimes they too demanding to men And too climbing.

To conquer the heart of ladies-scales, the guy definitely stands to show more ingenuity. Banality and boredom These girls are not acceptable. They are often choosing in satellites of multifaceted men, with a good sense of humor, charisma, with beautiful manners, good and romantic, and at the same time courageous and ambitious. They entail a certain mystery, the feeling of mystery. If a person is smart enough to reveal himself "in small pieces", supporting intrigue in a relationship, he may not doubt that Will love weights.

Scales always pay attention to the status of a man, his activity, and will never be contacted with unpromising, unsure in themselves

To enjoy such a lady, a man should be exercising halanery and in no way be rude in her presence. The "conqueror" should be ready for the fact that today his chosen is enthusiastic as a child ripped off from someone else's garden to Margaritka, and tomorrow with a swift will throw a diamond ring in the river. Too much desire to please a guy girl can take for weakness.

She will give the heart to the man who will allow her to feel the goddess, but at the same time will not be at her heel.

characteristics born under the sign of girls scales
Girls-scales do not accept banality and boredom in relations

How is a man understand that the scales are in love?

This is not the type of women who immediately "blur" in the presence of the object of their love and Throw to him on the neck. Loving lady-scales is unlikely to reveal himself and their feelings until it is sure that everything is mutually, and the man can be trusted. Women of this sign are mostly smart, and understand that sometimes people manipulate each other, playing strong feelings and affection. We will not allow scales to use yourself, so often be careful. But "prey" will not be mad.

It is possible to understand that the girl born under the sign of the scales is in love, according to her behavior: she flirts, smiles, trying more often, looking for meetings and conversations, but it does it all very thin and double-digit. She always leaves himself Ways for waste back if suddenly something in the relationship does not suit her.

She willingly take care and gifts, will agree on a date. The lady's impregnable beauty will not be built from themselves, she will come to contact. Scales are romantic and ready to give their own object of love. Pleasant moments, touching words, sometimes even writing poems or songs.

how to conquer a woman-scale
Loving girl-scales a lot of flirting and smiling, looking for meetings and conversations

Libra consider love priority in life, they are born in these energies and will never refuse themselves Enjoy beautiful feelings , but only with those men who will find worthy of themselves. Having lost the love and confidence of such a woman, it will be impossible to return it.

Scales will not forgive treason and do not humble with a secondary role

What gift is suitable for a woman scale, what to surprise her and please?

Woman scales are endowed with a good taste and immediately it is worth noting that it is not worth giving her a frank "vulgar rail". She will appreciate a good perfume, jewelry, branded clothing. But this does not mean that all the gifts should be necessarily expensive. To please the "puppy" delight, the girl can be a soft toy, a funny souvenir, a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Golden Ring with Pearl and Diamond Sanlay
Gold ring with pearls and diamonds, SL (price for reference)

If the hobbies and women's hobbies are known, then gifts from these areas will always be by the way. A man who wants to surprise his beloved will reach his goal if she gives her a romantic evening on a yacht or on the roof of a skyscraper, a trip on a trip, unforgettable days in a cozy country house in nature.

what is better to give a woman-scales
An unforgettable journey will become an excellent gift for women-scales.

Websola you can give everything related to beauty and femininity: cosmetics, certificates in beauty salons, stylish accessories. They appreciate comfort and convenience, and modern functional equipment for the house will also be a good choice for them.

Many ladies are on art and will be madly happy to the theater tickets, on a rare concert or a unique exhibition

Scales are very grateful and sincerely rejoice in any gifts, In addition to obvious mandrels and cheap fakes.

Summing up, it is worth saying that in the scales at one level, positive and negative features are balancing. They are masterfully combining ice and flames, strength and weakness, good and evil. What a bowl and at what moment will translate, largely depends on the person in contact with the scales - that it will bring the zodiac to the world, he will receive from him. To see from this sign more than good, good and positive, it is necessary that this is exactly what to project yourself.

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