Korell is talking or not, how to teach a nymph

Parrot Koroell is considered a unique bird, which is raised at home. The nature of them awarded amazing abilities and mind, which allows them to quickly memorize sounds and human speech. Hearing how Koroell speaks, they will immediately be surprised that all the letters and sounds of the bird pronounces correctly and without mistakes. But still makes it difficult to teach it a lot of work and patience. The correct organization of the process is important, which will help the parrot remember a large number of words and proposals.

What needs to be considered before learning

All the owners want their favorite bird not only the peaceful twisted and joyfully tweet, but also could pronounce some words. However, newcomers immediately arises the problem - the complete ignorance of how to teach the parrot to speak, as well as the main features of special lessons.

Parrot Corella Nymph

Talking Corella, not rare among the parrots of this breed. But so that he can pronounce the words he needs to help in this matter. This bird has abilities, great mind, amazing opportunities to memorize. This means that speech training will be carried out quickly.

Optimal age

When teaching parrots, it is important to take into account their age, this requirement is of great importance. Preference should be given to young individuals, they are easier to train. If the parrot Koroell says, it is certainly for him no more than 2-3 months, they quickly remember the speech.

When selecting birds, depending on the age, it is worth considering some features:

  • For training a conversation, it is worth purchasing a bird at the age of 2-3 months;
  • Before buying, it is necessary to listen well to the nature of the scoop of chicks. The capable and gifted parrot, except for the pisculation, will publish other sounds, change their tonality;
  • If you decide to train a conversation with an adult bird, it will be hard. She will not remember even phrases.

Why adult korell parrots can not learn human speech? They have long established habits, morals, and many do not want to perceive and memorize new ones. Therefore, the results from them can not be waited.

Sometimes you can hear how the parrot Koroell is already talking. Perhaps the sellers have already taught him a conversation. In this case, it is worth being prepared for the fact that the bird will cost at times more expensive.

Corella on a branch

Female or mames

It is believed that males are capable of students. For this reason, for training it is worth choosing male individuals. Unlike females, they can memorize and pronounce 2-3 dozen words, easily remember the simplest phrases.

It is interesting! Are Korells talking to man? Unfortunately, no, they do not understand what people ask them. They only mechanically repeat the memorized phrases.

Is it possible to teach the parrot female Koroell to talk? They are led by training, but their vocabulary will be small. Not everyone will have patience, forces for bird training some words. But there are situations where females turn out to be much smarter and more advantageous.

How many words can corrells

Correll's parrot can maximize 30-35 words and a couple of simple sentences. Pronounces their bird is not realized at the mechanical level. But sometimes they can contact the actions, for this reason it may arise that she knows their meaning.

Corell's speaking parrots can learn to sing. Bird with ease to reproduce melodies and can pronounce several lines from repetitive songs.

How to teach Korella talk

How to teach Korörla at home? For this, it is important to explore the rules for the learning process. It must be performed every day. It should not be distracted by objects, toys, it is better to remove them from sight.

Seeing Korörla says, immediately arises a feeling of admiration and interest. But still, this is the merit of the owner, because the success of this case depends on the observance of important principles.

Korell is talking

Tips for learning

The basic requirement of effective bird training conversation consists in constant communication with it. It is required to choose the time when the pennate pet has a good mood - better in the morning and in the evening.

So how to teach the parrot Corella talk? You need to perform tips:

  • Each training should go within 15-20 minutes and at least twice a day;
  • The first words should be small;
  • The beginning of training should be in periods when the bird stays in a merry state;
  • Parrot will be able to quickly remember words that are associated with events - with feeding, awakening, hygiene procedures;
  • At each meeting with the parrot, he needs to ask the question "How are you?";
  • Training of the parrot conversation should be carried out in silence, there should be no people in the room besides the training;
  • Pet need to praise for each spoken sound. The ideal option will be a treat that the parrot should be given after the word uttered;
  • If the bird has no mood, it is not located for communication, it is better to abandon learning for a while. It is impossible to conduct cases forced and forced;
  • The parrot will quickly study the words he hears every day. They are required to speak constantly;
  • It is better to choose the phrases in advance for training and each time to speak their feathered pet. No need to throw different words, so he will not be able to remember them;
  • Classes should conduct only one person. Correll's parrot will not be able to perceive words that are pronounced by a voice with different timbres;
  • The learning of the new phrase should be carried out only after absorbing the previous one. Do not load a bird immediately load, it will not perceive a large amount of information;
  • When classes, show patience. No need to shout on a bird, otherwise you can lose contact with it;
  • Each word needs to be pronounced with one intonation. The feathered pet remembers the word and the tone with which it is pronounced.

What should not be done

Many are wondering if you can teach Korelo to speak? Of course, it is possible, but subject to the rules. There are some conditions that should not be performed when learning:

  • It is not recommended to vote large offers and phrases that are hard to say;
  • No need to say words quickly and unintelligible;
  • You should not repeat the words a couple of times, and then start learning others;
  • It is impossible to swear and say words from obscene vocabulary. Pernaya pets quickly remember the words and passages that speak loudly. They boast of their skills in front of your guests and will demonstrate your low level of cultural development.

Education using technology

How to teach Correll to speak with special equipment? It is worth performing the rules:

  • Decide words for learning. For the initial it is worth using words with letters and sounds - p, w, sh, u, t, k, yu, and, o, o, a, e;
  • Each word is required to pronounce clearly, loudly and slowly so that the bird can disassemble it;
  • Classes should be held every day;
  • Praw the parrot for the progress done, so he will quickly traine in words.

If the house has two parrots

Teach speeches is much easier to lonely bird. But what if there are two feathers in the house? How to teach the two parrots of Corell? In this case there may be difficulties, because in the process of learning the birds will be distracted by each other, interfere.

Corella in Cell

If there are two parrots of Corella in the house, then they are better seeding in different cells and put in different rooms. They need to be trained in different premises, just so they will remember the words faster, and they will not be distracted. And after a few weeks, you will demonstrate to guests that Korlaly's parrots are able.

Training for 1 day

How to quickly teach the Korelo to speak in one day? To do this, you can use a special technique:

  • To study, you will need a computer or smartphone to which words are recorded;
  • With a working device, a bird is required for 1 day;
  • Throughout the day, the parrot will listen to the same words;
  • A featured bird will be able to pronounce 1-2 words by the end of the day.

List of words

There are many words and phrases that can be trained in a pennate pet. But we will highlight the most popular who parrot will learn quickly:

  • Hello;
  • Hello;
  • guard;
  • peach;
  • bird;
  • Piastra;
  • chao;
  • time to sleep;
  • (nickname), good;
  • let `s play;
  • Protect the environment;
  • good morning;
  • good day;
  • I want to drink;
  • give me money;
  • behave yourself;
  • How are you.

If the parrot Correll talks, then these phrases will sound in a special way. Many they will cause a sense of dignification and joy.


Training of the parrot Corella conversation is a complex, but interesting process. After all, it will be nice to hear the first words and phrases from the bird. Let them be pronounced by a pennate pet mechanically and unconsciously, they will still bring joy and warmth into home. And the guests will constantly admire your friend's abilities. You liked the article or there is something to add, then leave your comments, as well as join our group VKontakte.

Parrot Koroell is considered a unique bird, which is raised at home. The nature of them awarded amazing abilities and mind, which allows them to quickly memorize sounds and human speech. Hearing how Koroell speaks, they will immediately be surprised that all the letters and sounds of the bird pronounces correctly and without mistakes. But still makes it difficult to teach it a lot of work and patience. The correct organization of the process is important, which will help the parrot remember a large number of words and proposals.

Corella talks or not?

It depends on what to understand under this term. Nymphs know how to repeat the sounds of human speech, whole words and phrases. They are capable of painting melodies and sing songs. Some birds are taught to utter requests for food or delicacy, when they are hungry, that is, perform a fully conscious action.

But is this a conversation? Technically. These are only acquired reflexes that Korells produce very well.

The second point is the physical ability to pronounce the sounds resembling human. Yes, their voice apparatus can safely generate them. And more barking dogs, singing other birds and imitating the work of machines and mechanisms.

how to teach Korella talk
Corella training say

What else is needed for this ability? Good memory. And again, Korlel (like many speaking parrots, but not all birds at all) there are brain departments that store a large amount of information. Including - sound.

In short, the nymph knows how to make sounds very good and it makes it pleasure.

How to teach a parrot to talk?

Sound resistance of the nymphs consists of sounds resembling chirping. Words can be pronounced more or less detrimental, vocabulary is individual. You can teach a chick under the age of year. The males are considered more talented students.

How to teach talk:

  1. In the morning or in the evening, drive the cage with a cloth that does not pass the sunlight so that the bird calms down and prepared to the lesson;
  2. repeated a certain phrase or word repeated;
  3. Preference must be given words with hissing letters;
  4. Occasionally encourage delicacy.

Training in the first phrases, if the age of the bird is less than a year, takes only 4-5 weeks. The main thing is to learn to speak daily. The trained bird should be absolutely manual. Well, if during the lesson the pet slowly blinks and closes the eyelids - this indicates that he is carefully listens to the owner.

What should be in a corella cage for feeding and care for them

Carella care at home largely depends on its cell. It must be sufficient. Choose a cell at least 60 centimeters in height and 50 width. It is desirable that the rods are located horizontally or had several horizontal rods - The bird loves to climb, and it will not be comfortable for it. The size of the gap between the rods is recommended 1.9 centimeters, and the rod itself should be steel. Lead and zinc bars spoil the health of all birds due to the poisons allocated.

Correll's detention conditions additionally require a special inventory. Be sure to be present:

  • Smoking and 2 feeders. One of them will be for grain dry mixtures, and the second for fresh products and wet feed;
  • Several alarms;
  • Swing;
  • Nest or house;
  • Special toys. It can be ropes, rope, plastic or wooden ladders, special balls and a mirror.

Additionally, you can install a special screen on the cage so that the feed does not fall out beyond the cell when the nymph is eating. It is useful to have in arsenal and special cleaning products. With them, the cell cleaning will be much easier, and additionally such funds are both good disinfectors.

Features of the maintenance of Korlel

Parrot Koroela
Korella - Some of the most noisy creatures in the bird world

Before getting a new pet, you should decide whether it is suitable for you and your family. Still, the features of the nature of this type for some will become a plus, and others will unwind.

Be sure to take into account this before the acquisition of Korells, so as not to create any or a bird extra stress.

    1. Corelons are noisy and active. If you do not know, talking or not a parrot Korörla, then be sure that with the proper training more as. No, they will not be indifferent to broadcast, but get ready for morning singing and evening lullabies. Not all people are well transferring sharp sounds at this time of day.
    2. They love the attention of the family and poorly tolerate long loneliness. If you have a very tight schedule and you are not at home most of the time, then this pet is not for you. Several birds need less attention, but the level of their socialization will fall significantly.
    3. The nymph will be quite a lot of garbage. The bird has their own home, and it will definitely be there to hinder its orders, and everything is unnecessary to throw out the cells. Of course, Pughshka will fall out and fly away. During the free walks of Korell, it may well find something and spray it.
    4. Purchase of birds is far from the last money investment. She will also need a cage with all components, regular purchase of feed, special toys and broken things in a cage, periodic examinations from the veterinarian and even treatment. Corella will be a full member of the family and will require the necessary concern for him in all aspects.
    5. You still need to know how much Korlell lives at home. With a good standard of living, this pet lives for more than 20 years and all these years will be needed! Understand that this is not a toy for several years, the parrot will be with you really long. Korell may well become a witness, as you end the training, find your soul mate and already joint kids energize school.

If nothing of this was disgusted, then soon you will have a wonderful, very fun and incredibly devotee. He will happily welcome, wake up in the morning and get to your finger. It remains only to prepare his future house.

Korella sings the song "My neighbor Totoro"

What are the Corellians

Natural color of these parrots is represented by a gray taper, yellow head and bright orange brushes. In the course of artificial breeding, new, brighter colors were derived. Now the breeders can meet Korell with colors:

Due to the crossing of different colors of Korell, the unusual and original colors are increasingly obtained. But most of them still saved gray. This color is considered natural. The brightest colors are obtained from crossing spotted representatives with other carriers of pigments.

Factors affecting the training of feathers

The main problems that can stand in the way of acquiring Korlaly skills to the conversation, these are those that are laid by nature itself. To understand, your undertakings will be successful or not, you need to look at the pennate student.

How to teach the parrot Correll
Facts that influence the training of a parrot


The most susceptible to the bird training is young feathered. It is unlikely to teach some chicks to say, they only begin to form a voice apparatus. But with the stamped on the wing you can already be practiced in the reproduction of human speech.

The older Korell, it will be more difficult to teach him to speak. Difficulties will add and still the fact if a mature parrot gets to a new owner from the old one, and the former did not try to teach him, or did it wrong.

Non-elderly birds will not show any interest in any tricks of teachers. His lifestyle was established, and dismissed the feathery will not work. Rather, he himself will share with you his wisdom.

Tips and rules

Ok, we decided on the choice, now we go to the practice itself. Learning at home also has its own techniques. You can teach Corell in different ways, and preparatory work is also important.

Pet selection

What is loved by Kororel's parrots
So that the pet is healthy and satisfied - keep his house clean

When we have a ready-made home for Corella, you can choose a bird. Where to choose to choose - personal preference. It is more reliable to turn to breeders who are engaged in breeding precisely this bird of birds. They will have all the nuances of the content at home, clarify that the bird does not like, make a balanced diet and look at the parents. Moreover, it will not be necessary to torment questions how to determine the floor of your nymph. The breeder will accurately respond to this question, because on his own experience knows how to care for Corella at home.

Corel's obvious sexual signs are manifested from 3.5 months, but it is definitely possible to say only after a year. How to distinguish the parrot Karella of the male from the female in the photo is quite possible. The male is usually the color of brighter female. Differences are available in the Khokholka. The female has a kerching wider and shorter, and the boy's boy will be longer, the Khokholok himself - already. Differences are present in behavior. The males are more active, sociable and love to sing. Girls are not so talkative. Even paws males and females in different ways. Boys, when sitting, rising high on their paws, and in girls Pusico is almost on the same level with the paws.

The best Age Korell to move to a new family - 3-3.5 months. Chicks are quite adults to disconnect from parents, and young people are enough to pass socialization with a new family. It is quite possible to learn an approximate age. The peculiarity of each growth period is reflected on the color of the sucping, color of eyes, paws, folds on the legs and smoothness of the beak.

Young Korells have a color slightly brighter and lighter, adults are rich and darker. The junckers do not have such a thick, like ripe individuals. The eyes of young people are almost black, and with the age of the iris brighten. The beak and legs in young birds are pink-gray, and the older the nymph becomes, the less rose and more gray manifests itself on the beak and paws . The smoothness of the beak says about age. At all young birds, he is smooth, but for years of life make him rough.

Separately, pay attention to:

  • Quality of plumage. It is not worth purchasing a chick during the molting period, because the body is now and so stress, and moving can seriously harm health. The first molting is held in half a year to 8 months. The pen must lie one to one, without proper and slippers.
  • Eyes. They should be round, in no case are not surreprenerable. They should not be discharge or peeling. Pay attention to the brilliance of the eyes.
  • Beak condition. It should not be deformed and injured, not to have any growths. Nostrils should be dry and without any discharge.
  • Paws. On the paws in the nymph 4 fingers. 2 "Watch" ahead and 2 backwards. Claws must be smooth and neat.
  • Cloaca. It should be clean, like the tail. The remains of feces on a clock and tail - an explicit signal that Korörla North is.
Parrot feather
Follow the health of birds

In any case, the choice of pet should be independent, because you choose a friend for a very long time. Turn the parrot is better in special carrying for birds. When the nymph is at home, carefully transform it into the main cage and do not touch for a while at all.


The common view is that the parrots are not capable of learning a conversation at all are refuted by the facts confirmed by documented.

Is it possible to teach to speak Kororel
The influence of the parrot floor on his training

The process with them goes much harder, that's for sure. And many owners give up, without achieving the result.

Let's wonder why this happens:

  • The females are more closed for their nature, hidden and reluctantly come to contact;
  • they have frequent hormonal rings that interfere with a calm training process;
  • The nest device, the nearest of eggs, care for the offspring is coming out for a female on the fore and takes all its attention and mental processes.

If you still decided to achieve your own, and you want to teach the Korelo-Girl to speak, then you need to stock up with great patience. And the most important thing is to establish trust contacts (even more than with a boy).

Capable birds

Corell Parrots are perfectly coping with the copying of various sounds: from the tweet of Sparrow to the automotive alarm. For imitation, they choose everything they attract their attention. Therefore, it is not to be surprised if the pet threatens like a vacuum cleaner or a food processor or lick, like a neighbor's dog.

Imitation of sounds is not the only thing that these birds are capable of. They are perfectly given to reproduction of various melodies. Correll singing is an excellent way to tell the world about your feelings of joy and happiness. However, so that the pet is singing, it is necessary to make a lot of effort. In the article "How Parrot Correll sings" we gave detailed recommendations, how to achieve this.

Family Albinos

Today we will tell you how to teach the parrot Corelola talk. We note immediately that the trained parrot Korlel is talking piercingly and loud. Especially the male during puberty - in nine-twelve months. Be careful when choosing words you want to train a bird. After all, they will sound in high colors daily.

How many words can correll

Parrots Koroela

It may seem that Korella enters a meaningful dialogue with you, but it is not

Record indicators of Korlel's parrots in speech - 30-35 words and several simple sentences. The words of the bird says not consciously, entering into a dialogue with man, but mechanically . But at the same time they can be associated with certain actions, so the impression is created that the bird understands the meaning of phrases.

Parrot can be taught to sing. Bird easily reproduces melodies and can repeat several lines from a frequently repeated song. Mostly parrot remembers frequently repeating chorus or a separate phrase from the song.

Control the process of repetition of the song The parrot will not be able to control, so you need to try to remember the unobtrusive melody. Otherwise, the performed motive will later begin to annoy the owner and other family members.

We tame Korlela

Usually, taming does not require something special and complex skills. If the bird was purchased from the breeder, then it is socialized initially. Outcomes from pet stores can be slightly less than being configured per person, but this is also solved for several weeks.

At first, you just be near the nymph cell 20-30 minutes a day and talk to her . Each day you increase the communication time. If the negative reaction is not observed and the bird comes to you, treat it with its delicacy through the cage. A few days later, open the cage and get a snack near the nymph in order for the nymph and approached it. Then put the delicacy on the revealed palm so that the bird climbs you into your hand. When Korell is climbing on his hand without rest, turn your hand so that it is convenient to sit on the finger, and pull the parrot from the cage. So you can start taking a parrot.

Now the pet can be stroking and "Chat". You may not torment that Korölla's parrots love. They love affection very much, attention and yummy. Korlel's parrot is not particularly demanding for care, content and feeding. But very demanding to communicate with his new family. She will need no less than the hour of your attention daily, so as not to lose the level of socialization.

Correll content
Korelola can teach a beautifully singing melodies

These birds are very well trained and various tricks and human speech. They talk, they are dying and sing to a greater degree of males. Girls are more modest and silent, but much depends on how often you will talk to her. Any animal is configured to the dialogue, and the more you talk to him, the more he wants to answer you.

The basis of the right workouts - shed and caress. Never swear on the bird. It only scares it, but she will not understand what exactly you grieved. Systematically minutes to 20-30 per day repeat the desired words or tricks. Any desire made immediately encourage - praise with words, intend or give delicacy.

During training over the teams, always accompany the action with one specific word. Suppose, when teaching, sitting on your finger, say "sit down", spend your finger under your feet (so Korell reflexively rearrange the paws on the finger) and immediately give a snack.

Trust - the path to success

Nymphs - creating active, very sensitively reacting to the situation. If the pet is taken from the store, then from the oldest age he lived in a state of constant stress. The mass passing by people frightened him. A little better things are in birds from nurseries.

The first task of the owner is to provide a newcomer to the most comfortable stay. It is necessary to observe the light and sound mode, take care of the correct feeding, pick up a suitable cell. These household questions are only the first step towards establishing confidence.

At the same time, the owner needs to establish contact with the pet. Constantly communicate with him, offer games, joint pastime. Do not put pressure on Korörla, try to establish forcibly relationships, the effect will be directly opposite.

Parrots Corella talk
To study Korella need to create a trust relationship

Becoming for training is standing after all obstacles have already been removed, and you will feel that the bird is not afraid and accepts for his.

Revolution - mother of teaching

Every day in the morning clock (this is the period of the greatest susceptibility of Korell) approach the cell and pronounce the adaptable phrase. Property clearly several times. Words reinforce action. For example, "Hello!" And nod.

The action will attract the attention of the nymphs. If the bird is a sound response, any - even though a whistle, even a trill, then repeat even. If the tone of the response changes and becomes closer in sound to the Word, then the process goes - Kororell realized that it was required of it.

How to teach Korörla at home
Repeat words for better results

Adaptation to the new place

The place must be fully prepared by the time of settlement. You should not pull the Corelola from carrying from carrying into her new home. Organize the corridor, just opening the carrying door and cells and setting them opposite each other. The bird should go from one place to another.

To get used to the new home, you need time. It will take at least a day, and may also be delayed for a week. The owner in no way should disturb the parrot at this time. A new situation and so scares the animal, and excessive attention will only aggravate the stressful state of the Corella. After adapting to the place, you can adjust contact with your favorite.

Several facts about Corellah

At home and in nature, Korella is very interesting. These birds have complex behavior and spectacular appearance.

Origin of type

Motherland Korell Australia. They were brought to Europe in 1837 and very quickly learned to breed. At first, the birds fell into Paris, from there separated the world. In Russia, the first copies appeared in 1960.

Funny facts

Corell flights in Australia - an unforgettable spectacle. Birds create numerous flocks and seard on branches. At each tree there may be several hundred parrots.

Opisanie Sreda Obitanija I Foto Popugaja Korelly AnimalReader.ru 002 1024x828 1024x828 - How to care for Korlal parrots at home

Australia is a arid mainland, but the nymphs always nest near the reservoirs.

Nymphs are considered to be a fishing bird. Their meat is edible. The success in the hunt contributes to the fact that the nymphs are fearless. Even a wild bird of a meeting with a person does not fly away, but purses from the ground to the branch and from there watching the aliel.

Despite the fact that Korells have long been contained as pets, breeds for the apartment have not yet been bred. There are only variations of the paintings:

  • albino,
  • white,
  • Buttero (Canary with almy pupils),
  • light gray
  • chestnut,
  • intense yellow
  • Sheki (with arbitrarily located white spots).

Reproduction Korlel

At home, the reproduction of Parrots Korlel takes place without any problems and difficulties. Call chicks are not recommended for individuals under one and a half years, even though female and are capable of carrying already at 8 months. In such a young age, the girl only undermines his health with stress, and the chicks will not be able to fully with full.

The reproduction of the parrot Koroela
Egg Koroela

Not always attempts to start offspring will be successful. The egg may be non-secretive or dwell in development at any stage. This happens and it is worth panicing. Often, not all eggs are fertilized, but they do not need to be removed from the nest - they help keep the desired warmth.

In the marriage itself, and after laying out eggs, it is very important to increase the diet by calcium and "fresh" vitamins. The future mother begins a serious calcium deficiency and it needs to be replenished. Sound and care for chicks Corellas will be together. Chicks are hatched through 2.5-3 weeks.

When the kids appear, there should be a lot of wet feed in the trough, so that parents are able to irrigate the young . Chicks develop rapidly and slightly more than in a month they will already be quite independent. However, it is possible to say goodbye to them only at the age of 3.5 months.

Fast method using technology

The developers of this method are promised to teach the parrot for 1 day and even in 5 minutes. Is it possible? I think the answer is obvious.

How it works? Any gadget is taken, at least a smartphone, at least a computer. A special application is set, which repeats phrases and words. And at certain times the program is included, and the parrot listens, remembers and repeats. Or not.

Important moments

Male or female

It is believed that Korlel's males are more talented students. Therefore, for learning human speech, it is better to choose the boys. They are able to remember and repeat about two or three tens of words and several simple phrases. But the parrots do not know how to maintain a meaningful dialogue with a person, and simply mechanically repeat the learned material.

The females also know how to talk, but they have a pretty poor vocabulary. After all, girls are worse than learning, rather than boys. Not every owner has enough time and nerves to make the female repeat words. However, there are cases when females turn out to be agile with males. Much depends on the individual characteristics of each parrot.

Males - Talented Pupils

It is easier to train a lonely bird than a couple. Especially if these are different parrots - they will be constantly distracted from lessons to communicate with each other. If two pets live in the house, it is better to send them through the cells and teach talking separately in different rooms. This will simplify, and will speed up learning.


Age has a huge impact on the training of parrots. The younger Korell, the easier it is to teach him to talk. It is better to purchase a two-three-month bird. Before buying, you need to carefully listen to the pisk of chicks. A gifted baby, in addition to the usual pisc, will publish other sounds, change their tonality.

An adult bird is hard to make the words repeat, and even more so the phrase. Because of the long-established habits, the parrot does not always perceive new ones. Results can not wait.

Parrot must trust the owner

You are ready?

Each pet has a peculiar character and has certain abilities. It is difficult to predict how much time and effort will be needed so that the bird says the first word. At some parrots it turns out in a few days, while the other and several weeks will not be enough.

A universal way, how to teach the parrot Korölla, does not exist - an individual approach is needed for any pet. However, there are generally accepted rules, the execution of which bring you closer to the cherished goal.

Korell clearly repeats the learned words


Grains for parrot
Grains must be present in the diet of the parrot

It is a balanced nutrition that will be the main key to the excellent health of the nymph and their duration of life. An ideal option will be the finished grain mixture for Corell and similar parrots. Do not be afraid that they have a lot of herbal, grain or other granulants. They should be based on (at least 65%) nutrition.

If the main feed will consist of solid green, it can give a complication to the liver. Fully grain feed contains too many fats, which can undermine bird health. Additionally in the diet should be present Fresh fruit or vegetable cooked beans, gentle grained - These are natural sources of microelements, water and minerals. Be sure to install a special chalk as a source of calcium. Especially it is necessary for female.

There is a list of unresolved products for Corell:

  • Almost all heat-treated food;
  • Any sweet, acute and fatty food;
  • Mushrooms;
  • Raw legumes;
  • Onion;
  • Avocado;
  • Mango;
  • Persimmon;
  • Papaya;
  • Cherry;
  • Tomato foliage;
  • Chocolate;
  • Alcohol-containing products;
  • Coffee-containing products.

Daily change the driver, as it is she who most often provokes diseases from Korlel. It is often inherent to food remnants or a litter, which are sources of reproduction of viral and fungal crops. Clean all the raw food in 3-4 hours and throw out, even if the bird is unbounded. Such products are very quickly spoiled and molded. More than one slice of any fruit or vegetable is not worth given.

Each new product is inserted gradually. Do not bother the bird unfamiliar products. First, it can give a negative reaction from the PSTK (liquid chair), and secondly, the pet can abandon unfamiliar food at all.


In general, this breed is not inclined to diseases and refers to long-livers. Any diseases arising from Korlel is the result of a negligent attitude to the pet. Be careful and to the behavior of the bird, because she will not be able to tell that he feels bad

What may be violations of health:

  • Feather falling;
  • Feather and skin parasites;
  • Violation of the structures of bones and beak;
  • Infectious diseases;
  • Violations in the work of the GCT;
  • Obesity;
  • Amyotrophy;
  • Avitaminosis.

Immediately Bates Anxiety and run to the clinic, if the bird is already obviously sick. Most of the diseases are provoked by poor-quality or inappropriate nutrition and stress. Signs of health impairment can be traced in behavior. Korell becomes more aggressive, more active or opposite - very sluggish and constantly sleepy.

Pet can refuse any food and liquid. Check if there are no disorders in breathing, there is no discharge from the nose, eye and clocks. Never treat Korörla yourself! Trust inspection and treatment only by a specialist!

Method of monotonous repetition

In the proposed version, the main emphasis is done on clearly proven sounds. Choose time, remove all toys. Absolutely everything that may distract the parrot from the classes. Start saying the word, once over time. The nymph should understand that its only entertainment for the next 20 minutes will only listen to this phrase.

If you are isolated a cage from an external light source, the effect will be better. The main thing in this method is the good motivation of the teacher, since the previous method involves a playing point, and here is an obvious "cramp." However, such training is more efficient only if you are not lost.

What should not be done

It is impossible to punish the student. In the previous chapter, we talked about the ability of the parrot to understand emotions. So, negative emotions affect the bird is stronger than positive. If you scold a pet, then I will have a desire to take training. And your contact, confidence from the corner will be undermined. In this case, everyone will have to start first, and time for favorable learning can be missed.

In no case do not beat the bird. There are no comments on here.

Pernaya conversations, or how to teach Kororel to talk

Among pets, parrots occupy an important place. They require special conditions of content, communicating with them is radically different from contact with other animals. But the main nuance is the possibility of most breeds to imitate sounds. The parrot Korörla can be trained not only to melodies or whistles, but also human speech, which will make the neighborhood with a bright pet even more fascinating.

What you need to know before starting training

Correll's parrots belong to the family of Kakada, they come from Australia, where one more name is nymphs. These small birds (their body in length reaches 30-33 cm, approximately half of which - tail) like communication, so they react well to the company and are easily learning. One of the most interesting abilities is the ability to imitate the sounds so exactly that even they are clear. Korlel is often settled due to the possibilities of their voice. Unlike other bird breeds, they publish more melodic and pleasant sounds.

Corella in a cage

Parrots of the breed Korlal often roll out due to their learning ability

The learning results are largely dependent on a particular individual, important factors are:

  • Floor. Korella's males are most easier and quickly learning sounds. Many even believe that females do not know how to talk at all, but this is not the case, simply requires more effort and patience. It must be remembered that sexuality is not a sentence, because there are both silent males and extremely talkative females. There are no special techniques in teaching girls, it simply may require more time.
  • Age. The older the bird, the more difficult it will teach her singing and talking. The most prone to imitation of sounds of young individuals aged 2-3 months. In training already adult birds will have to wait for quite a long time.

The possibilities of birds are not limitless. Korell will be able to remember the maximum of 25-30 words and several sentences with their use (but not more than 3-4 members). The pet will be able to play several melodies, perhaps it will even vote for individual words or lines from the song.

It should be understood that the parrot can only reproduce the memorized combinations of sounds, he does not lead to a person of a conscious conversation. The owners usually teach the bird phrases from a particular dialogue, and then loses him - it is also created that they communicate.

The period of study until the first results are also individual, it depends on the bird itself, and from its owner's effort. If you are doing persistently and according to the rules, after 10-14 days it will be possible to hear from an intelligible parrot a clear word. No ways to train pets for 5, in no 20 minutes, it does not exist, since a systematic repetition is required to memorize.

How to teach to talk and sing a parrot Correll

In order for training as successful as possible, it is necessary to provide a bird of comfortable conditions. Before starting classes, it is important to establish contact, the parrot should trust in its owner, ideal if the learning will be engaged in a person who raised the bird.

Man strokes Korlela

For successful learning, it is important that the owner has a good contact with the bird

The training themselves must pass when the pet is in the cage - just so it will not be distracted by more interesting things. Classes must undergo such a scheme:

  1. The first stage is to determine the desired result and choose phrases. Here you need to approach responsibly and all the time to use those words that were selected first. Otherwise, the bird is confused and the result will not be. It is best to copy the words in which there are sounds "Yu", "A", "O", "P", "T", so they are advised to start with them. The learning cycle is repeated for each selected phrase. The first words should be as simple as possible (often begin with the name or the word "bird"). An excellent choice will be words associated with a specific action, for example, a greeting at the beginning of contact ("Hi") and farewell ("while").
  2. It is necessary to catch the bird in a good arms of the Spirit - it should be active, to show a desire to communicate with the owner.
  3. Next, you need to pronounce the selected word or phrase as clear as possible, loud and emotionally - so Korell will be more interested. It is advisable to even use the same intonation every time. During the class should be quiet, there should be no other people and distracting elements in the room.
  4. When the bird starts trying to repeat the sounds, you need to praise. It is allowed to use delicacy as a promotion. If the parrot is not configured to contact, you should not insist. Korell takes a delicacy

    To secure the result, it is important to praise the bird, offering her a delicacy

  5. The new phrase begins to be taught when the previous one is already successfully reproduced by Corella. Too much information will immediately be unbearable for assimilation.

One occupation should take 15-20 minutes, there should be 1-3 per day depending on the mood and state of the parrot.

Best learning moves into the breeding season, especially if it comes to melodies. Usually this period falls on autumn.

My neighbor had parrots, and one Korell was kept in a beautiful cage in the kitchen. The owner tried to teach him to talk, but it was not at all system. Nobody practiced with the parrot, and all the classes were more like boasting - the man repeated the phrases for the bird, only when he had guests, and each time he complained that he paid for a pet, and he see if he did not want to repeat. Now I am not surprised at all that he never received the result.

Programs for learning

Today there is an option to facilitate your task and not conduct classes with a parrot yourself, confident in this technique. To work with Corella, you can apply a few approaches:

  • Install voice or ringtone on the phone as ringtone, leave it at home and periodically call the bird during the day. This is the easiest way, but it requires the owner of a constant thought that you need to not forget to dial the number. Inbox

    You can put a voice record to the ringtone, leave an unnecessary phone home and periodically recruit it so that the bird hears the record

  • Use the program on a computer that will start recording the required number of times (for example, Xstarter). There will have to take care of the settings, including a computer, as many devices are in a certain time go into waiting mode.
  • Install an application for learning on a phone or computer (for example, a "Parrot Teacher", "Conversational Genre"). This is the most convenient way, since a specially designed program will help not only set the frequency of playing sound files, but will also contain ready-made sounds, including sheeps and melodies, well memorable birds.

Given the variety of finished applications, you can choose both paid and free simulator. Consider using the "teacher for parrots":

  1. In the application you need to select the desired action: Enable lesson, open the schedule, open the playback queue. A similar menu is available at a time when some sound is already playing. Teacher for parrot menu

    The menu during sound playback offers to stop it, go to the schedule or disable all tasks

  2. You can see the entire list of sounds used to train the birds with their settings. You can delete them, add or temporarily disconnect unnecessary. Schedule programs

    In the schedule you can see a list of all sounds in the queue for playback.

  3. When you click on a specific entry, it opens its editing page. Here you can set: what kind of sound to reproduce, with which interval, how many repetitions during the day, with what time the reproduction should begin, for which days of the week. The audio file can be selected from the gallery or recorded via the voice recorder. Editing recording in the program

    For each audio file, you can set the frequency, the number of repetitions, days of the week for playback

  4. If necessary, write to the phrase with your voice just click on the microphone icon. Recording in the Parrot Training Program

    To record your voice in the program, just click on the microphone icon

Such an application will be convenient if the owner is at home and is busy with his affairs, without having the opportunity to deal with the bird, or if he leaves an unnecessary smartphone or tablet during his absence. So efforts to train birds are minimized.

The method is very effective, especially if the voice of the owner of the bird or light melodies is used. This is an excellent option for those who are at work all day and does not have the opportunity to find a convenient time to occupy with a bird. But the result of training the parrot Korlals will largely depend on the pet itself. Some are very incredulous and will listen carefully only what the owner says with personal contact. Yes, and the factor of the wrong moment remains - the program will reproduce the set sounds, without being able to take into account the mood and well-being of Corella, which does not increase the effectiveness of classes. With a good scenario, the result of a capable bird will appear as soon as in personal classes - approximately after 2 weeks.

Video: How to teach a parrot Corella talk

Corelons are well learning, especially if the parrot has a close contact with the owner, well-being, and regular and monotonous classes. Males most of them are faster and easier to learn, but also a female with due diligence can please their voice. Training should be daily, duration is about 15 minutes.

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Choosing a parrot as a pet is an excellent opportunity to get a pleasant interlocutor. Friendly and pretty Kororell with a funny cockle on his head can learn to say short phrases, to understand the owner and umnociously expressing on their adverbs. The conversation with the parrot is an excellent emotional unloading for a person.

How to teach to talk to the parrot Corella: Training Features

Features and character of the parrot

Korella - mischievous and sociable parrots, they are so popular for home breeding due to a pleasant appearance. In addition, buyers attract the ability of these parrots to imitate human speech. Each bird has individual abilities, and it is impossible to determine at first glance whether it can repeat the words or will just tweet. Do not think that Corell is talking clearly, like Ara or Jaco. The voice apparatus of the crested parrot does not allow him to clearly articulate sounds, so uttered words only remind the original.

It is easier to teach talking to the teen chick over two months old. An adult person has established habits, her mind is not so moving, so the study will be difficult, but sometimes unsuccessful. If you want to buy a parrot capable of memorizing words, see not on the color, but for behavior. Talented Ptashka is not silent, sticking, but jumps and pinched. In the voice of the gifted parrot, different notes, whistles and singing are heard. Even if he cannot pronounce the words of a person, it will be successfully able to copy the noise of the environment: the buzz of household appliances, bark dogs, howling the automotive alarm.

When accepted for learning

The new inhabitant of the apartment at first is experiencing stress, in the first days he is not ready to communicate with people. Korell can spend most of the time by climbing the corner of the cell. It is not worth starting to train the birds during this period, since conversations will be meaningless and can even scare away from the owner. To facilitate the process of adaptation and help the pet cope with fear, you need to make some efforts:

  • provide comfortable conditions and content in a separate dwelling;
  • During the week, do not clean the cell and generally once again do not disturb the bird;
  • Do not make noise in the room where Koroell lives, observe the day and night mode;
  • It is impossible to produce a ptashka from the cell and to force it to be forced.

As a rule, after two weeks, Korella gets used to the new owner, now it can be allowed walking. Friendly parrot eventually gets so much that the breeder will be sitting on the shoulder or wrist. Consider the contact is adjusted, access to training is open. Next, to teach Korell to speak much easier. A ready-to-communicate parrot slaps with wings, clicks the beak, looks into the owner's eyes. These moments can not be overlooked, this time is the most productive for learning.

How to teach to talk to the parrot Corella: Training Features

How many words can correll

Vocabulary, affordable bird depends on its personal abilities. Talented individuals remember several tens of words and even reproduce lyrics. There should be no meaningful dialogue from Korells: she hears a familiar word from the mouth of a person and pronounces it with the same intonation, that is, copies. Regular lessons are well affected by the result, Ptashka does not have time to forget the learned phrases.

To increase the number of words that Koroell says, follow the recommendations:

  • Bind words with actions. Cleaning the cell, say "purely in the birds" or "Gosha Churaila", the parrot will remember and will repeat during cleaning. At the entrance to the room, say "Bonzhur", and leaving - "Chao";
  • Parrots are well given hissing and rumbling sounds - "K", "T", "H", "P", "P". The vowels should be broachless - "A", "O", "and", "E". The optimal length of the word does not exceed six letters;
  • Speak slowly, clearly and loudly, do not change the intonation for individual words. A vague pronunciation will prevent the parrot to catch and pass the correct sequence of sounds;
  • Suggest learning a new word when Koroell's parrot says the previous one. Fix the material traveled at the beginning of each lesson.

The presence of a speaking parrot in the house stimulates tenants to follow the lexicon. A reasonable bird, although it is not capable of understanding the meaning of words, with ease gras the fading expressions. Then it will be awkward before the guests.

Training features depending on the floor

One of the indirect signs of determining the sex of the parrot is considered voice abilities. Breeders agree that females are harder to be learning, most often cannot repeat words. It is impossible to consider such information confirmed, these are only guesses and hypothesis. Speaking can be any parrots of Korell - and girls, and boys. Sexuality is not as affected by the quality of studies as the individual features of the penate individual.

How to teach the female korella talk

To school with a bird, you need to prepare a little: two hours before the lesson feed, unnecessary items to remove, install the silence mode in the room. Ptashka should be healthy, cheerful, boodra and slightly hungry. The priestly, full or sleepy corner for communication is not located. For successful learning, follow the instructions:

  1. Isolate a female from other birds and animals, establish communication in the format "one to one" with the "teacher";
  2. Do not release a parrot from the cage, otherwise it will attract the surrounding environment, and not the voice of the owner;
  3. Carnate twice a day for 10 - 15 minutes, tracking the degree of fatigue;
  4. The most productive time for studying is the first half of the day, after sunset, the mental abilities of the birds are dulled, the body is configured to sleep.

In order to achieve the recurrence of words and short phrases from Korella, do not overdo: your assistants are patience and affection. Do not scold the bird if she does not work. Better praise and let's treat even for a small victory.

How to teach the male

What is the difference between the talking male corner from females? In the process of learning - nothing, except for greater activity and expressiveness. For the boy are relevant to the same recommendations as for the girl. It is noted that the males remember more difficult words than females. At the same time, the clarity of pronunciation is higher in girls, but, again, this is due to the personal qualities of the parrots. Nobody counted percentage ratio, but it is not necessary. Everyone wants to purchase Correll for the house itself decides how many birds will start and what gender.

To teach the parrot Korörlu speaks humanly perhaps, it is only necessary to understand that it is just a sound resolution. To communicate in the form of a dialogue of a bird with a person will never be able, but this is not required of it. Merry and perky corners themselves are incredibly attractive, with their appearance the atmosphere in the house is noticeably improved.

How to teach Korell to talk and can he talk

Corella - wonderful poultry. The nature of the parrot is given the ability to repeat human speech. Listen, as a parrot Korörla talks, a pleasure. They repeat the words clearly, without errors, "pronouncing" every sound. To teach a bird to such a skill, you will need an incomplete amount of forces, time and patience, as well as observance of tactics of teachings.

We teach bird repeating words

What needs to be considered before learning

Talking Corelons - a frequent phenomenon among the parrots of this breed. They are from nature smart and capable. Many owners manage to teach the bird is not easy to tweet, and say words or even phrases. However, before starting such a teaching, you need to take into account several important factors, with their help it will be possible to draw up tactics of training.

Optimal age

With any animal individual, there is a checkered rule - young learning easier.

Special for the sake of learning a conversation usually buy birds from two or three months. At this age, they better remember the words and sounds. Before buying, it will be nice to listen to his squeak (or tweet). More capable of conversation Corellians even before training besides the usual bird sounds make the sounds of other tonalities.

Adult parrot learning is much more difficult. He will not be able to remember phrases. Still, he has already formed habits and skills, and his nature can no longer change.

Pet Custom

Female or mames

It is believed that the male students know better. Nature allows them to remember about three tens of words and simple expressions, they remember literally "on the fly." In order to acquire a speaking parrot, you need to choose and train males.

Female of course also leaving learning. However, their vocabulary will be more scarce, and time (and nerves) will leave much more for learning. Not everyone has enough patience to teach such a bird. It rarely happens that the females talk as skillfully and agile, like males (but it is also not excluded!).

How many words can corrells

No need to hope that the parrot will be able to memorize a lot of words. His memory is not enough even to remember a short children's fairy tale. Males can pronounce up to 30 words and several simple expressions, for females this figure is significantly less.

And also Korells are not interlocutors. Words they utter unconsciously, they will not be able to participate in the dialogue. Perhaps such that some word will contact the bird's memory with some particular action, and then it will pronounce it (for example, when opening a cell or feeding).

You can also teach Korelo to sing. It is not worth the ideal performance to count on, but the inferred melody and pass the born text of the bird is under power.

How to teach Korella talk

First of all, you need to remember - Korella speak when training classes are held every day. During training, nothing should distract the bird. It is important to remove all toys, mirrors, bright items.

Tips for learning

So, for successfully learning a parrot spelling skill, you need to follow a few simple rules.

  • For learning, you need to choose the time in which the pet is in a good mood. Ideal - morning and evening.
  • It is impossible to start with big words. This is perhaps elementary. In learning, you should always start with simple and gradually move to a complex, especially when it comes to training a pet.

Quickly remember words that are associated with one or another action - for example, the discovery of the cell, feeding, changing the water.

In no case cannot be loaded by memorizing several sounds immediately. When the pet lifted one phrase, then you can already start studying a friend.

Learn pets talking simple words

First, it is necessary that the bird learns his nickname. If the bird has no nickname, then it is necessary to come up with it.

  • Classes should be held several times a day, it is best to restrict ourselves to two times. Lost "approaches" must not less than 15 minutes.
  • Conditions to spend only when the poultry mood has to communicate. If the feathered friend is experiencing stress, scared or sick, you need to refuse. Forcing will lead to the fact that Korell will refuse to talk.

For each spoken sound, the bird should be praised, preferably with her beloved delicacy.

Shouting, scolding and punishing for errors, Korörla is not worth it. It is fraught with a complete refusal of sounds and loss of contact with a pet.

  • Training should conduct only one person, in a room without outsiders, animals and sounds.

Why only one person? This is due to the fact that everyone has different voice timbres and manner to pronounce words, and the parrot repeats the volume, and speed, and timbre. Between different teachers "Switch" will be difficult.

Training must be systematic

What should not be done

Knowing what to do should, you need to pay attention to the fact that it is strictly prohibited.

  • Large phrases and words immediately memorize, especially if they are hard to speak. It is useless, because without "azov" difficult things will not work out.
  • No need to be limited to a pair of repetitions. Training Parrot is a complex and long process, to repeat this or that phrase you need at least a week, and after another often check if its bird remembers.
  • Ozinsente vocabulary, Rugan and Creek - the main enemy in training. It is categorically forbidden to succumb to rage and anger. It so happened that the Correll's talking parrot is a tricky bird that can very quickly assimilate the parangular word and give it to awkward moments - for example, when guests are in the house.
  • Selling words need to be clearly and loud (without screaming). Korell simply repeats what he hears, and if she hears a fuzzy pronunciation, the repetition will be the same fuzzy if it is at all.

Education using technology

In training, the parrot needs a special tactic. Aza tactics consist in several principles:

  • Choose words for learning. They should contain vowel sounds, hissing, sound "P" and "L", as well as "K", "T" and "C".
  • Selling words should be clearly and clear, it is desirable slowly so that the bird understand and disassemble.
  • Classes are held every day, for the success of the owners praise and treat the bird with beloved delicacy.

If the house has two parrots

Take the Corell conversation one by one. In the process of training, two parrots often arise some difficulties, but it is also possible.

You need to train them separately. As an option: Seed in different cells or simply removing another room for the time "lesson". It is necessary to remove so that the birds are not distracted, they did not begin to "play" with each other.

This serves as a problem, because the parrots of Korella are successfully talked only in the good arrangement of the Spirit, and the separation with a different cell can lead to stress. Because different cells are the most successful option. Delete the birds accustomed to each other need gradually, putting a cage a little further every day.

Training for 1 day

The owners who do not like to wait are always asked if it is possible to teach the parrot speaking skill in one day. Oddly enough, this is also possible.

For a quick result, you will need a computer or phone to which some words are recorded. To exclude the overload, the memorization needs no more than five, ideally 2-3. The record of these words is looped, after which the pet leaves with a device that is reproduced recorded on the day. By the end of the day, the parrot is already able to pronounce one or two words independently.

In training, we have patience

List of words

Popular words who are taught by Korell are all sorts of greetings and farewell. For example:

  • Hello.
  • Chao.
  • Hello.
  • Good day.
  • Good morning.
  • Time to sleep.

Easily teach various phrases, expressions and words, such as:

  • Give me money.
  • Guard.
  • [Nickname] Good.
  • Protect the environment.
  • Behave yourself.
  • I want to drink.
  • [Name] Fool.

Capable and properly trained parrots also pronounce other phrases. From the "mouth" of Korells words will not be called unusual and will cause a lot of lunia.


How to teach the parrot Correll?

How to teach the parrot Correll?

The Australian parrot Korörla (Nymph) adapted very well and passed into captivity. For its ability to reproduce, cheerful temper and lifespan until 20-25 years old, this type of parrot became one of the most favorite among the connoisseurs of exotic feathers. Ornithologists, watching the life and hawves of birds, came to the conclusion that it is quite friendly, contact and inquisitive.

Nymph willingly go to contact with people and is able to imitate various sounds, including the human speech. Assessing the ability of the parrot Corella, scientists compare the level of development of the intellect of this bird with the intellectual abilities of the child at the age of five. Parrots of this species quickly remember new information and with maximum accuracy reproduce it.

Does Korell know how to talk?

In the wild, no parrot, of course, does not say, but in captivity, having heard the sounds of human speech, Korell can begin to repeat them. Among their hybrid relatives with gray color, the redist is amenable to colloquial speech. The nymph can simulate not only the conversation, but also other sounds: whistling, barking dogs, phone call melody, sound of a working vacuum cleaner, sounds of other birds.

In experienced breeders, Parrots Korell, their pets can even sing, expressing their joyful emotions. But in order to achieve this, a certain training was carried out with a parrot, without which he himself could hardly sing.

The words of the parrot mimics with high accuracy - so that you can understand them very well. The nature of the sound will be quite loud, and on high sound bands. This circumstance should always be taken into account when selecting words you will teach nymph, you should also avoid non-straining speech revolutions.

An essential point when choosing an individual for training is its friendly character. If the pet is open to communication, I willingly goes to your hands, looks at you with interest - the chances of good results are high. If the parrot does not want to contact with anyone, behaves wary, buggy, while trying to take it in his hands regarding it as aggression to himself and begins to be fiercely defended, then you can hardly have to teach him talk.

Parrot can remember simple phrases, usually they are:

  • "Hello";
  • "go to sleep";
  • "I will swim";
  • "let's play";
  • "good";
  • "Dai to drink";
  • "I want to walk";
  • "You are time";
  • "until";
  • "I will eat";
  • "how are you".

These and any other phrases can be combined with the name of the parrot and study them at the moment when the action is indicated by this word. For example, the phrase "I will swim" must be said to the parrot at the moment when it bathes in a pan with water. The word "Hi" needs to say when you in the morning you see your bird or just enter the room. Word and action create a solid associative communication that improves memorization processes.

Talking parrot is usually the merit of his host .Korell can remember up to 35-40 words. The semantic essence of learned bird words, of course, does not understand and repeats them mechanically, thoughtlessly. When, in the process of learning, the word was combined with the action or type of any object, and at the same time an associative connection was established, the parrot could reproduce the words allegedly "deliberately", although in fact it is not so.

At what age start?

To start learning Kororel to speak, you need to take into account the age of pet. It's believed that Optimal will be age in 2 or 3 months. Among the whole litters of chicks for learning, choose those who, in addition to chickest pisculation, there are also other sounds - this is a clear sign of the good conversational abilities of the bird.

Practice shows that To teach to talk the easiest of the boy - he remembers the words, phrases well, and is located for learning. The girl can also talk, but she is not able to memorize many words and phrases. Although exceptions occur when the girls show the best results, compared with the boys. In this question, everything is very individual and unpredictable.

If you have already bought an adult bird, it will be harder to teach it, as it may not want to reproduce a person's speech. Even if you already have a speaking individual, this circumstance does not mean at all that the parrot makes friends with you to such an extent that he wants to study.

The confidence of the adult bird with the established character and some associative connections to win is extremely difficult, and sometimes impossible.

When you bring Correll to your home, it will experience stress from the change of habitat. Give her a few days to look around, get used to you and your home, to those who live in it. During the adaptation period, do not attempt to establish contact, it is best if you will not disturb the parrot in this momentant for it. A few days later, you can start talking with a pet, referring to a quiet and affectionate voice. It is important to interest Korörla in communication, arrange and teach him to himself. But all this is done gradually, methodically, and with kindness.

After some time, after adaptation, you can open the cage and invite a parrot to sit down on your hand. Gradually, catching the bird to be near you outside the cell, you install a good solid connection with it, it is such an interaction between you and necessary in order to go to teaching spoken speech.

At the parrot, who will have to be trained, there must be only one owner - the bird will play with him, communicate, take feed and care. It was noted that the female voice of the voice parrot is more close and understandable than the male, so the study is more successful if a woman is in the role of a teacher.

To accelerate the bird to reproducing a person's speech should be subject to certain rules that should be strictly observed:

  • It is necessary to start learning only at the moment when the bird feels well, cheerful and active - usually at the Korella it happens in the morning and in the evening;
  • The learning process should become a daily event, the lesson duration is at least 20 minutes, classes must be carried out 2-3 times a day;
  • the first words, and then the phrases, should be short and simple on the sound set;
  • The bird remembers the words that are associated with something nice for her: feeding, bathing, morning awakening, walking with a cell outlet;
  • All the successes of your pet must always encourage praise and delicacy;
  • If the bird fell ill or her bad mood and there is no desire to communicate, it is not necessary to force it at this time;
  • In order for the parrot to remember the words, they need to repeat it constantly, with the same intonation, many times, every day;
  • New words and phrases need to be designed only when your pet remembered the previous material well;
  • Do not overload the memory of the bird, the big volume of words is not forces;
  • During the training, we are patient - do not be nervous and do not shout on the bird, if you do not want to lose friendly contact with it.

Expelments that are bred by Korlel's parrots and teach them to say, argue that if after a few months of study, your bird did not speak, then you taught the girl. The females have a lot of advantages, they can be trained by different game tricks, but to teach talking not all and not always.

How to quickly teach at home?

Teach Korell Repeat words much easier when he is alone with you. It is necessary to exclude any outsiders, flashes of light, noise, outsiders - Remove bright and moving items, mirrors, other animals from the room, kids. The bird is very inquisitive and will be constantly distracted by any, even insignificant stimuli.

In the case when several Korlel lives in one cell, then at the time of occupations, the parrots are seated in different rooms for the greatest concentration of the poultry attention on you and the words you have pronounced. Living parrots can also be trained. Since the female teach more difficult, then the training is usually subject to the male. The male at the time of the lesson is also transferred to a separate room from the female.

In order for your pet to want to learn to talk, it should have proper care, the optimal content of vitamins and minerals in nutrition, no diseases, molting. Active, healthy and curious bird should not be afraid of contact with you and willingly allow you to take yourself to your arms. If you see that your parrot creates wings and makes it with a clock with a beak, is a sure sign that it is now in a good mood and a moment for studying is the most suitable.

I repeatedly uttering phrases or individual words to memorize, pay attention to how the bird behaves at the same time.

If you notice that Corell is carefully looking at you and slowly closes and opens up the eyelids, it means that the pet is all attention and tries to remember what is happening now around him.

Some Koroela owners are trying to conduct a test lesson to find out whether their parrot is capable of learning and memorizing words. For this, during the day, a bird with one and the same intonation repeat a simple and short word in an amount of at least 50 times (the more, the better).

It is believed that it is necessary to start studying from visiting the name of the parrot, for example, speaking to him: "Kesha" or "Kesha good". If in the process of training Koroell gives signs of interest and trying to repeat out loud to the end of the occupation, that is, it makes sense to further study. However, one day to judge the abilities for learning is still not worth it. Natural intellectual opportunities Every parrot may be different, and one who has not spoke in 1 day can give excellent results after several full-fledged classes.

Every day to repeat the same phrase for several tens of times - quite tedious for any person occupation. If you do not have time and the ability to spend regular voice lessons with a parrot yourself, in this case, a smartphone or computer can come to the rescue. To do this, write a voice file and put it on multiple playback. The birds leave in the room where during the day she repels audio recording repeatedly. Thus, the parrot remembers a new word or phrase and can reproduce the learned lesson.

It is believed that this method of learning can be resorted in the case when your pet is already knowing at least one word.

In addition to words, the parrot can learn whistle. The whistle Koroell imitates the best, but it's not quite clean speech. Parrot can be taught to imitate a musical melody, for this you need to paint it in the presence of a bird quite often so that it can remember and reproduce, what he often hears. The parrot, reproducing the melody, as a rule, is in a good mood and thus expresses his joyful emotions. A particularly expressive parrot can perform melodies during the reproduction period, banging in front of the fellowship.

In addition to singing, the male may also make movements that resemble sewers - this is a very interesting and fun spectacle.

The talking parrot Korörla is always the pride of the owner, because for each learned word is a big and painstaking work in which the time and patience is invested. Those breeders who teach their pararians imitation speech, believe that the lessons held with the bird are a pleasant pastime, during which communication and a game with their favorite pet occurs.

Some secrets of training Corells of conversational speech see the video below.

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