Lifting gate. Detailed instructions for self-installation

Building Lifting gates For a garage - a great way to arrange entry into the structure. This design is characterized by functionality, convenience, practicality and reliability. In folded form, the system does not occupy free space, in the open - reliably protects the garage or other premises from the penetration of intruders. You can put such a design with your own hands, the main thing is to stock the necessary tool.

Main types of lifting gates

Lifting gate. Detailed instructions for self-installation

The design of the garage gate of the lifting type is easy and simply performs its main purpose, in addition, it has a number of important advantages, in front of other varieties of entrance designs.


  • No need to leave a separate place for the sash, the canvas simply goes into a special place, equipped under the ceiling;
  • The system is characterized by integrity, therefore completely protects against the illegal penetration of intruders;
  • In order for the entire system to fit perfectly in an existing interior, various types of finishes can be applied;
  • The system is allowed to insulate the polystyrene foam, in order not to be inside the cold, to save heat;
  • You can equip the system with equipment for automatic control;
  • It is allowed to apply garages for one or more machines.

It is impossible not to mark several disadvantages of this system:

  • the possibility of installation work only in openings having a rectangle shape;
  • The breakdown of the part or the whole whole canvase requires its complete replacement, a small repair is not possible here;
  • finding the sash in the open form, reduces the level of the height of the opening;
  • The mechanism is withstanding a certain level of load, it must be considered, going to insulate the design;
  • Installation is not distinguished by special simplicity.


Lifting gate. Detailed instructions for self-installation

Lifting folding gates are reminded by their appearance rolled, the only difference is the size of the sections. In such a device, they can vary within 30-50cm, move according to pre-fixed railway rails. Between themselves these elements are connected by the fasteners of the rolling view.

Sectional doors Cannot be installed if there is no place under the ceiling, where the canvas will climb.

Important! The main advantage of the system is the fact that the design of the design does not require any special skills, the main thing is to properly collect the entire system.

Pottime lifting

Lifting gate. Detailed instructions for self-installation

A lifting-swivel variety is a solid canvas that is attached to a special frame. It moves manually or under the influence of an electrical drive.

Such gates have important advantages:

  • high strength;
  • simplicity;
  • Resistance to hacking.

Rama is made from metal products, it does not cross, not thrown. These models are characterized by budgetary, easily mounted by their own hands. The main thing is to correctly calculate the sufficient weight of the web so that the mechanism is easy to cope with its work.

Design and calculation of sectional gates

Lifting gate. Detailed instructions for self-installation

How to make a lifting gate with your own hands? First you need to prepare the drawing. To do this, pay attention to a number of criteria.

  • The number of transport that will be inside the room. If there are several cars, you can make independent flaps for each or a wide design so that several cars could simultaneously drive through it. Both structures are not distinct for technical specifications, the main thing is to provide the reliability of the mechanism in advance, which will increase as well as the strength of the fastener. It must withstand the weight of the web, in statics and dynamics.
  • Dimensions of machines that will enter inside: width, height, length of cars. If the gate is built for two cars, you need to consider the minimum possible distance between them. To ensure the comfort of movement, the width of the opening should be 70 cm more than the same indicator of the car, if the perpendicular entry is planned. When arriving at a certain angle, it is necessary to leave to a meter of free space. If there are several machines, then additionally take half the meter to the distance between them. The height of the opening should be about 20 cm to be greater than the same indicator at the car (taking into account the size of the entire equipment, which is attached to the roof of the car).

Selection of materials for the manufacture of gates

Lifting gate. Detailed instructions for self-installation

When the scheme was built Garage doors It is necessary to move to the selection of materials that will be needed to equip the design. Sections can perform metal or other panels (for example, sandwich), sometimes rakes from wood.

Important! Cloth fabrics are connected by special elements that have the ability to bend, therefore, it is preferable to purchase the finished sectional web, which has the desired parameters.

At the bottom of the sections of the sections is fastened with a terminal profile. On the sides, it is protected by side linings, which give extra rigidity, protect the end from the effects of negative environmental factors. Guides here are metal schvellers. Metal corners are used for fastening vertical angles .. Brackets are also prepared from the profile.

The lifting mechanism includes:

  • spring;
  • shaft;
  • coupling compound;
  • Spring tips;
  • suspension;
  • drum;
  • cable.

Selection of tools

So that the installation process has passed without problems, you need to prepare to prepare such instruments:

  • Drill and drill to it;
  • level;
  • a hammer;
  • pliers;
  • screwdriver;
  • roulette;
  • construction knife;
  • Bulgarian;
  • Spanners of different types.

It is very important to provide for the availability of means of protection, which include gloves, glasses. It is important to prepare a ladder to carry out work at the height.

Instructions for the manufacture and installation of sectional gates

Lifting gate. Detailed instructions for self-installation

The lifting gate of the sectional variety is prepared in stages. Before all the work, the vertical of the opening is checked using the level for this purpose. When, during the inspection, errors are detected, they are eliminated using the surface plaster.

Before installing the guides, you need to attach the panel to the opening so that its edges go to the opening with the same distance from each side. These points are scheduled for a marker.

Now you can start mounting work on the mounting guides, both vertical and horizontal. They are cut by a grinder on the segments of the desired size.

Next, the process goes in this way:

  • do holes using a drill;
  • Profiles located vertically. fasten with anchors, according to the markup in advance;
  • Horizontal parts are fixed by brackets, the latter are attached to the ceiling;
  • So that the design does not twist, the profiles are fixed strictly vertically or horizontally, constantly checking the position of the level;
  • Next, the sectional canvase is installed;
  • Travel rollers are attached to the shakes of the sections, which allows the canvas to move up, down;
  • Next fasten the lifting mechanism if the gate will be opened in this way;
  • Pens (on both sides) fasten the canvas;
  • The lock is crashed into the bottom section of the canvas. To increase resistance to hacking, you should attach two locks around the edges;
  • The latter is fixed with the capturing device, it allows the canvas to be semi-open, the stoppers will limit the movement of the sash during the lifting;
  • Next, tests should be carried out: if the design is mounted properly, it will easily move on the guides. In a lowered position, there should be no gaps, and the castle without difficulty to cope with its tasks.

Selection and installation of automation to sectional doors

Automatic mechanisms for sectional flaps can be two types:

  • The bulk electrical drive: has high power, used to equip industrial structures.
  • Ceiling electric drive: This mechanism is suitable for the closure of the garage opening, it is attached to the middle part of the indoor space. The drive moves the cloth with a cable fixed by the traction lever at the top.

All electrical drives are equipped with a security system. It is necessary to prevent the fall of the canvas if the supply of electrical energy suddenly turns off.

In addition, operation can be facilitated by the arrangement of such functions:

  • remote control;
  • signal lamps;
  • Photo cells that react to movement.

Automatic gate system Mounted as follows:

  • Anchors fasten brackets on the ceiling;
  • The brackets record drives with a torsion, chain mechanism;
  • put levers attached to the goal and chains (cable);
  • From the side of the opening, the installation of electrical wiring is made;
  • The device is configured in a convenient operation mode.

Video: Installation instructions Sectional gates

To facilitate the installation process of the sectional structure, you can explore the video instructions for working.

Production of rotary doors

When going to mount the lifting-turntable doors, you need to prepare the opening in the same way as in the case of the installation of the sectional coating. It is very important to know the exact dimensions of the cars, take into account the angle of entering the transport inside.

Important! Even at the design stage, it is necessary to take into account the probability of changing the car, provide for the likelihood of its passage inside the garage.

For swivel design, a solid panel of the canvas is used. It can use the material of any kind. His movement will be carried out manual or electric way. The last option involves actuating the system with a lever through a cable. According to the horizontal guide, the cable will move along the sliding rollers, which are fixed on the ends. The opening itself must be framed by the frame in order to correctly distribute the load. To limit the opening process, put special springs.

Even at the stage of drafting the scheme, you need to measure the distance from the road to the sash. This distance should not interfere with the transportation and opening of the canvas, which will shrink part of the useful space.

Necessary materials and tools

Material, to create a lifting-swivel structure, is acquired independently. Accessories need to use factory.

To calculate the required amount of the web, you need to consider the height indicators, the width of the opening, to deduct the thickness of the steel frame thickness. Between the frame and the canvas, it is necessary to observe the minimum of the gap so that the latter is easily moved in space.

Choosing a suitable raw material, it is necessary to take into account the degree of heat insulation, resistance to hacking, permissible weight and decorative indicators.

The cheapest, but time consuming will be the creation of a sheet made of a profile sheet, fixed by a rope from metal profile.

The cheapest, but time-consuming option will be the manufacture of a canvas from the profile sheet, which is attached to the metal profile. This option will have a small weight, but will not be able to fully protect against hacking, heat loss.

Wood coating will have an excellent appearance, thermal insulation qualities, but excess weight will make it difficult to operate its operation. In addition, such raw materials are required to periodically process special compositions to protect against the effects of atmospheric precipitation, pests.

To make installation work, you will need such a tool:

  • roulette;
  • marker;
  • electric drill;
  • ladder;
  • screwdrivers of different types;
  • building level;
  • Bulgarian;
  • Drill, drills and bits to her.

We must not forget about your own security during the work. You need to additionally prepare gloves and glasses to protect organs of vision.

Instructions for the manufacture and installation of solid lifting and rotary gates

Lifting gate. Detailed instructions for self-installation

Production of lifting gates involves these steps:

  • Cut with a profile on segments of the desired size to make the framing of the opening. For this purpose, the grinder is used.
  • Anchors to the impeller are fixed with corners, special brackets. Be sure to check the horizon and vertical with the construction level.
  • A frame of a metal pipe is boiled, it should have a rectangle shape.
  • Open the frame with the protective composition to prevent corrosion formation.
  • A profile sheet is fixed on top of the frame.
  • The mechanism that will increase the rise is folded from metal corners. Drill 2 holes to attach the mechanism to the frame. Then - 1 hole to fix the bracket on which the spring will stand.
  • Through a plate of metal fasten the spring (from different sides), fixing it to the bracket and frame. During movement, it will rest in the bracket, compressing.
  • Corner, boil between the central part of the groove and the frame, it will perform the role of the mechanism on the hinges.
  • The metal plate is attached to the lever, in the middle of which there is a hole. The rails, which will move the sash, make corners (metallic). One side of the rail is fixed with welding to the plate, to another fifteen centimeter chaserler is fixed. It is fixed to the horizontally located frame, which framed the opening.

Automation for lifting and rotary gates

The lifting mechanism of the automatic type increases the comfort of using the portal system, allows you to control it with a distance from the distance.

Electric drive choose based on a number of factors:

  • lifting height;
  • Section weight;
  • Garage area.

In detail, the installation process of the electrical drive is studied by reading the instructions attached to this mechanism.

The installation process looks like this:

  • Connect the drive with the stroke guides using the brackets.
  • Install a special carriage on the tire. Secure the guide to the ceiling, the wall.
  • The second element is attached to the ceiling with a distance of fifteen centimeters from the wall.
  • The edge of the rails are mounted to the bracket, another edge - to the ceiling.
  • Frame fixed to the carriage. Traction bracket put on a closed canvas.
  • Remove the lock from the carriage.
  • Connect the carriage with a bracket, canvas, traction.
  • Connect to an electrical power source.

Video: Automatic garage doodles with their own hands

How to properly carry out installation work with automation, you can read in the video below.

Leading manufacturers of lifting gates in Russia

To date, such brands of sectional structures are most common: Norman, Alutech, Dorhan.

Norman produces the most expensive designs that are not less than high quality.


  • high quality;
  • the duration of the operation process;
  • Excellent external design;
  • The rapid repair of the arisen.


  • cost;
  • The need for an additional order of failed spare parts and a long period of waiting for their delivery.

Alutech is a company from Belarus, it is distinguished by the presence of a strict technical control department in production.


  • good quality level;
  • affordable cost;
  • The speed of spare parts.


  • There is not enough long service life;
  • A small selection of design varieties.

Dorhan Manufacturer from the Russian Federation, enjoys considerable popularity among consumers.


  • the lowest cost;
  • simplicity of design;
  • the possibility of independent installation of installation work;
  • Accessibility of spare parts.


  • low quality level;
  • low reliability;
  • It is forbidden to be mounted under conditions of constant low temperatures, high humidity. The material is not distinguished by a large margin of strength, in such conditions, quickly fails.

Each brand has its customer. Therefore, it is necessary to select specific models based on our own requirements, the features of the opening. Financial opportunities.

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Gate lifting is the most optimal way to arrange the entrance space in the garage. They differ simplicity of installation work, high functionality and duration of the operational period. They have a fairly high cost, which is associated with the complexity of the design. To choose the appropriate option, you should study Different models , choose from them optimal.

Varieties of lifting gates

Gate lifting swivels open with raising. They have several varieties that differ in the ways of opening them. They are a swivel or lifting sectional type. Sectional groups are a monolithic structure having the opening lower part. Their main part during the opening goes inside the building, outside can be seen only a small visor.

Rotary mechanisms require a slightly more free space, while they differ significantly lower cost than the previous variety.

Gate of lifting-section type

Lifting do it yourself: how to carry out the installation yourself

Sectional structures Present a number of panels, separately from each other. Each of them is about 50 cm. They can be made of steel, wood, plastics. The panels are connected with each other with a hinge loop. The entire system is equipped with a coupling, rollers, other moving elements. All of them are manufactured by their polyvinyl chloride or steel.

Guides are created from stainless raw materials. The inner part of the canvas can be insulated using polyurethane foam. This will preserve inside the heat for a long time.

The advantages of such a system:

  • Safety of operation;
  • ease of operation;
  • maximum use;
  • High strength characteristics.

Among the shortcomings, users note the complete absence of protection mechanisms for hacking, as well as illegal penetration. Make an independently similar gate is very difficult. The only option will be the purchase of a factory model, subsequent independent installation.

Rotary type gate

Lifting do it yourself: how to carry out the installation yourself

The lifting gates having a turning mechanism differ simply assembly, the possibility of self-installation. When such a design opens, the whole sash climb. Movement occurs through a hinged-lever device.

This entry group is characterized by high characteristics of strength, allows you to reliably protect your own property from intruders penetration.

Some owners prefer to assemble this mechanism, without equipping guide rollers. This allows you to seek a silent movement of the canvas.

The assembly process is simple, does not require special skills, as well as large financial investments.

Two varieties of opening mechanisms are distinguished:

  • Device with counterweight: This device consists of a cable fixed to the frame at its lower part. It passes through the counterweight, fastening on the winch. The device is used when the system is characterized by severity.
  • Hinged-lever: It has simplicity, very popular. Its reliability provides ease of movement, without blocking the device.

Advantages and disadvantages

Lifting gates have a number of important advantages:

  • The canvas is solid, therefore it is distinguished by high strength, reliably protecting property from hacking, penetration of intruders;
  • The material is distinguished by resistance to corrosion, negative factors on the side of atmospheric phenomena (provided that all technological features were observed during the manufacture);
  • The group does not require the availability of an area for opening sash;
  • Cladding is possible using different finishing materials, decoration with the use of panels, inserts;
  • The plane of the gate is allowed to warm using polystyrene panels;
  • Opening of the sash can be carried out by manual or automatic way;
  • Suitable for installation in garages, where they put one or two cars.

The disadvantages of such a system are associated only with the design features of the gate:

  • The ability to conduct independent installation works only when the opening has a strict rectangular shape;
  • decrease in the height of the opening (with the open state) to 20 cm;
  • In the presence of a solid canvase, it is impossible to carry out repair work only on damaged areas. Here the replacement is subject to everything canvas;
  • Possible difficulties with the installation of the insulation, because the gate have a spring mechanism, which can withstand a certain weight. Sometimes the situation requires the installation of opposition;
  • There is a chance of the occurrence of slots between the frame and the web. The problem is corrected by the rubber seal, although experts recommend mounted such systems where there is no permanent heating;
  • The high weight of the device also delivers certain inconveniences: so that the selected system meets the high security requirements, you need to pay attention to the reliability of the frame.

Garage lifting gate

Lifting do it yourself: how to carry out the installation yourself

Sectional type lifting gates is a monolithic design, its lower part is driving while exposure to opening. Most of the entire system is hidden indoors, only a small visor is located outside. Transportation, the installation of such a portion group requires a lot of effort, however, it is the optimal version of self-making. The cost of the device is lower than at the sectional variety.

Lifting section systems, due to the horizontal location of the sections, can function without the need to provide them with a large free space. When there is a limited area of ​​free space, this kind is used most often. As a rule, after the acquisition, the team of professionals is invited to install them.

Rotary groups have a form of construction, where the entire system is hidden inside the visor (in the open form), a little protruding outward. Such a solution has a lot of advantages, which increases its popularity among customers.

Principle of operation of the rotary-lifting gate

Lifting do it yourself: how to carry out the installation yourself

The lifting gate is characterized by an important advantage, they have a simple mechanism of action. The main constituent elements of the entrance group are:

  • frame;
  • canvas;
  • Guides.

By the influence of the movement of these elements, the position of the gate from the vertical on the horizontal occurs.

The basis of the whole group is the frame of steel, mounted in the garage opening or a little behind it. It is this part that plays the role of leading. When it is manufactured independently, pipes made of metal profiles that have a rectangular cross section.

When the system opens, the actively action of the levers occurs, as well as the mechanism containing the rollers. It provides movement along the guide of the canvas, providing its fixation at the top point. The lower part of the canvas is lifted, it allows you to form a semblance of a visor under the ceiling. When the sash is raised, compensation springs are completely free when it is closed, on the contrary, they are stretched.

Allocate such types of the mechanism responsible for opening:

  • Hinged lever: Different with simplicity, reliability. It is quite popular, does not have the danger of blocking the entire system. During operation provides free promotion of the web on a given trajectory. The main requirement for the system is to adjust the tension of the springs, as well as the high-quality installation of the guides. Their installation should be made with high accuracy.
  • Featured: here is an attachment to the lower corners of the frame of a special cable passing through a special block, as well as the presence of counterweights. Block, while mounted on the opposite side of the winch. This system is used when the portal group has a serious weight.

Advantages and disadvantages of lifting gates

Lifting do it yourself: how to carry out the installation yourself

The lifting gate, when comparing them with other types, have explicit advantages:

  • The strength of the canvas present due to its integrity gives reliable protection against illegal hacking and penetration into the premises;
  • The stability of the material from which the system is created, to the effects of corrosion, the influence of other external factors;
  • Being in the open position, the sash occupies a minimum of space, which allows you to mount it even with limited area;
  • When the whole design is installed, it is possible to cladding it with special panels, including rigid inserts;
  • Additional insulation of the system by special panels of their expanded polystyrene;
  • the possibility of equipping the gate manual or automatic opening systems;
  • The device can be mounted in single and double garages.

Lift systems and some drawbacks are not deprived:

  • The possibility of carrying out the installation only in openings having a kind of strict rectangle;
  • Open design reduces the height of the opening to a distance of up to 20 cm;
  • The canvas here is solid, therefore, when it occurs in partial damage, it is subject to only a complete replacement;
  • For the rise and descent of the main part corresponds to the spring mechanism, so the sash may have a certain weight. When it is more intended, an additional counterweight is required;
  • After the installation work has been done, cracks occur in space between the opening and the web. They are closed with a rubber seal. This means that the garage can not be missed.

Standard dimensions of lifting garage doors: prices of various models

The cost of such a design is made up of several factors:

  • The material from which the canvas is made;
  • lifting mechanism (its variety, quality);
  • Automatic or manual control system.

Durability, the quality of the entrance group is determined by the cost. Cheap systems can constantly fail, requiring repair, replace individual elements. Therefore, to save on them is unlikely to succeed, you should not even try.

The thickness of the canvas is very important, it varies in the range of 1-45 mm. When the sandwich panels are used for cold rooms, you can talk about a thickness of 20 mm, all other values ​​relate to insulated variants.

Today is acquired Gate for garage Lifting type having medium quality indicators can be in the amount of 16,000 rubles. The maximum mark will be about 50,000 rubles.

To improve the garage, it is important to pay attention to the fact that the web is constantly moving - rises, goes away. Therefore, this feature should differ in maximum convenience for the owner. Here, the determining factor is precisely the comfort of operation, the reliability of the entire design.

Each client who has decided to acquire a finished model may choose the necessary color, textual design of the panels sandwich (when this type is used). When choosing wood texture, it is better to prefer a dark brown tone, this set is used more often than others.

Independent calculation and standard dimensions of lifting garage gates

Lifting do it yourself: how to carry out the installation yourself

Lifting gates have different costs. It affects it, if it is decided to order a design according to individual parameters, you need to get this data correctly.

Features of dimensions:

  • Standard machine width from 1.8 to 2 meters;
  • The garage opening should exceed the width of the car, allow him to pass inside without any obstacles;
  • There is necessarily a stock of 50 cm with each of the parties;
  • The estimated width of about 3 meters;
  • The height is calculated by a similar principle, the average number is 2.5 m.
Important! When a person has a small car, you should not focus on its size, it is better to choose standard parameters (when replacing the machine, you do not have to change the portal group).

If it is decided to acquire a finished design consisting of sections, then the standards depend here on the manufacturer of such devices. This is due to the fact that different options possess features that allow or do not make some sizes.

For example, Alutech sells models installed where the minimum sizes are from 45 to 51 cm. Other manufacturers hold this parameter at 31 cm.

The applied mechanism is very important: springs of stretching or torsion. Each manufacturer creates its own step, developing a table of possible sizes.

Despite the fact that most manufacturers are preparing gate groups for any parameters, it should be remembered that extra 5 or 10 cm, this is the visible cash savings. The optimal output will be an invitation for Removal of measurements Representative of the company who can take into account all the nuances, requirements and recommend the optimal version of the execution.

Lifting do it yourself: how to carry out the installation yourself

The gate to equip the garage can be made with their own hands. The main thing is to choose or prepare the drawing. In addition, it is important to follow the step-by-step stages of the construction of this design.

Choosing materials for lifting-turning gates with their own hands

Lifting do it yourself: how to carry out the installation yourself

Creating such a device requires the initially correct choice of material. The type of raw materials will depend on which mechanism is planned to be installed.

For independent work, such materials will be needed:

  • Wood bars: their dimensions will vary from 122 cm (box), up to 10 by 10 cm (ceiling);
  • metal stripes;
  • frame corners (parameters 3.5 by 3.5 by 0.4 cm);
  • rail corners (dimensions 4N450.4 cm);
  • chamber bracket (8x4,3x0.5 cm);
  • Spring with a diameter of 3 cm;
  • Metal rod with a section of 0.8 cm, necessary for tension control.

In addition, do not do without a canvas, electrical drive. It will ensure the movement of the canvas during opening and closing the sash.

The canvas happens:

  • Boiled shield covered with metal;
  • Sandwich panel;
  • Whole cloth.

When it comes to independent work, it is better to prefer a boardy shield, it can be covered with leaf galvanized iron from above, also a layer of protective composition. When there is a need to ensure additional thermal insulation, polystyrene foam, foam, insulate in mats.

Important! To give the entire device of an attractive appearance, it is necessary to take care of the cutting of the outer plane with wood or plastic panels.

Before purchasing all consumables, you should familiarize yourself with thematic directories, ready-made options to choose the appropriate type for yourself, as well as the appearance of external execution.

Assembling garage lifting gates with their own hands: drawings and schemes

Lifting do it yourself: how to carry out the installation yourself

Lifting gates are collected using some tool:

  • the level for measuring the correspondence of the existing horizontal plane, vertical;
  • marker to put marks;
  • a hammer;
  • drill;
  • a set of screwdrivers of different formats and sizes;
  • Bulgarian;
  • welding machine;
  • keys for nuts;
  • Drills of different types.

When all the components are prepared, you need to move to the design stage. It is best to collect parameters and find a suitable drawing on the Internet. It can be written up with its own forces, however, for this you need to have special technical skills. Even the slightest error can cause difficulties with assembly work.

When there is a drawing at hand, you can buy materials, then start mounting work.

First, they collect a box of individual bars: they are fastened with metal plates or special coal. It is important that the box is maximally match the size of the opening, fastened with pins.

Important! To increase the strength of the structure, the lower frame is deepened into the ground with a depth of 2 cm.

Installation of the gate canvas

The lifting gate is prepared in stages. When the frame is ready, it is required to cover it with a shield, then shelter is carried out with sheet material.

The process goes like this:

  • The basis is made from the bar, drilling two holes drill, each, with a centimeter diameter. They are fixed to longitudinal racks;
  • Three holes make three holes in the lower shelf, the spring bracket will be attached;
  • For mounting a chamber bracket, three holes make (in that shelf, which is marked in the drawing);
  • Now connect the bracket with the spring with the help of the adjusting plate (it is prepared from the iron strip);
  • the spring is kept through the lower turns;
  • To the bottom of the spring, the tension regulator (rod) is fixed;
  • Now one side has the type of ring, the other requires threading: with angle with a size of 0.85 cm make a hole for mounting a hinge assembly. When there is a need, weld to the frame at the center of the hole, where the mechanism lifting adjustment lever will be supplied;
  • the welding machine is fixed with a plate for the regulator to the lever device;
  • Now the rails are preparing: they constitute 2 corners together, so that there are 5 cm between their vertices. The edge of the resulting figure is welded to a plate having holes.

During the work, all calculations should be strictly observed:

  • There should be a space between the axial guide and the lower edge of the transverse one;
  • When the required parameter is observed, the segment of the channel is boiled to the reverse surfaces of the rail with a distance of 15 cm;
  • Conventional bolts are connected by a channel and a bar located on the ceiling.
Important! To give an attractive type of design, it is painted, and hard-to-reach places are processed before collecting.

Lifting gates for the garage with your own hands: Additional recommendations

Lifting do it yourself: how to carry out the installation yourself

The lifting gate is set according to the general rules, it is important to take into account a number of additional advice from professionals.

  • It is impossible to prefer simple types of fasteners. It is better to use welding, it will give the highest level of fixation, eliminates the need to drill a plurality of holes, but increases reliability.
  • The height of the opening should exceed 2.2 meters, otherwise its use will become uncomfortable.
  • It is important to take into account the distance between the upper part of the opening and the ceiling level, it must be in the range from 0.35 to 0.5 m.
  • If there is too low opening, the drum has a rear.
  • To install the seal, leave a small groove size, on the lower profile of the web.
  • To provide a long, uninterrupted system operation, choose a canvas, whose weight will not exceed 100 kg.
  • It is possible to create a drive on its own, here a reversible winch is used, which has a self-locking function. To make a remote control panel, apply car alarm.
  • To ensure additional lighting of the internal space, make additional inserts, they use light-use materials for them.
  • To prevent the likelihood of pinching, protect the system from unauthorized hacking, you need to apply special locking devices.

Relying on the data above the recommendations, you can independently make an entry group, and its functionality will not give up to the industrial conditions. The device easily protects the structure from the penetration of intruders, the impact of negative environmental factors.

Even independently made mechanisms are able to comply with modern technologies that are used in ready-made factory models. The main thing is to show a sufficient amount of diligence, patience, clearly observe the technological parameters.

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Lifting garageIf there is a shortage of free space before the garage, then the optimal solution will install the gate of the lifting type. Their main feature is that when opening the sash rises under the ceiling. This option is more convenient compared to swing structures. In stores you can find a wide variety of lifting-type designs from different manufacturers.

However, it is not at all necessary to spend money on the purchase of a shopping kit. Having bought the necessary materials and putting some efforts, you can make a lifting design with your own hands. By equipping the homemade gate with automatic drive, you will have the opportunity to easily open the entrance to the garage.

Benefits of lifting structures

When a lifting gate appears on your garage, you can appreciate their advantages. The most important includes the following:

  • Saving space. To lift the flaps, such structures use the place under the ceiling, and the precious meters in the immediate vicinity of the entrance to the garage remain free;
  • The sash of such gates is a solid canvas, which makes it possible to ensure reliable protection against penetration into the construction of unauthorized persons. In addition, you will have the opportunity to warm the curtains to provide a more comfortable temperature even in the cold season. In most cases, the owners for insulation uses such a popular material as polystyrene foam;
  • The owner of the garage has the ability to establish an automatic drive system, which will make it easy to open the gate to the garage. Note that the system of lifting operating in automatic mode can be installed not only in single, but also in double garages;
  • Lifting structures can absolutely any external finish. Here everything depends largely on your preferences. Correctly picking material, you can get the gate of aesthetic species that will become an excellent addition to your garage.

Drawings, device, principle of operation

Production of lifting gatesFrame in the design of such gates It is the main element on which the main load is laid. Along with it, when using the test gate drops out both the guides, as well as the mechanism of moving the canvas. The lifting design opens in automatic mode, provided that the Special Drive System is installed. If it is not, then this process owner has to be carried out in manual mode. The levers are fixed to the bottom of the sash.

In the upper ends, you can find two guides for which the rollers move. Thanks to these elements, the wave lift is ensured. In order for the gate to start climbing, you only need to pull the handle. There are no effort to apply for their opening, since there are springs in a stretched state.

Lifting mechanisms

The gateway of the lifting type uses the opening mechanism of two types:

  • Level-spring. It is the most popular among garages with such gates. One of its main advantages is the simplicity of design, and, therefore, reliability. In the manufacture of metal structures of the lifting type, which are equipped with such a mechanism, the accuracy of the springs adjustment is of great importance. Along with this, the accuracy of the installation of the guides for which the rollers will be moved after the completion of all works will be moved.
  • If the sash is quite significant in weight, then in this case the mechanism provided by counterweight in the construction of lifting structures is optimal. In such cases, the choice is usually done in favor of the winch. The counterweights are fixed with one of the parties, and with the help of a cable there is its connection with another edge of the sash. Selection of a suitable gate mechanism is made in each particular case individually.

Preparatory work

Schemes of lifting gates to the garageBefore proceeding with the manufacture and installation of the gate for its own garage, you must perform Certain set of preparatory activities . The focus should be reversed on the walls and the ceiling. Their surface must be absolutely smooth. In this case, you can configure the guides without any slopes when installing the design.

If dust falls on the rollers or guides, the operation of the mechanism will be broken and you cannot easily open your gate. Therefore, until the start of installation work in the garage, it is necessary to complete all internal finishing works. Floor does not concern and is due to the fact that the radiance garage comes in only 2 cm.

Therefore, to complete the work on the floor device you can already after installing the gate. Before starting work on their installation, the opening should be ready. It is on it that will be carried out all the basic calculations. Before starting work, you must know its dimensions.

Necessary materials and tools

Number of materials required For the construction of the gate for its own garage, it may vary depending on their size, as well as the selected design. However, if you prefer the easiest option in the manufacture of metal-lifting metal, then you will need the following materials:

  • Wooden bars 120 × 80 mm. They will be used to make the box;
  • wooden bars 100 × 100 mm, which will be applied to the ceiling;
  • Metal corners 40 × 40 × 4 mm for rail;
  • Metal rod with a diameter of 8 mm;
  • Spring with an inner diameter of 30 mm;
  • Metal corners 35 × 35 × 4 mm. They will be needed for the manufacture of the frame;
  • Metal pins. They will be needed to secure the structure;
  • 80 channel 80;
  • Waters for sash.

Tools for lifting gatesThese materials will be required to make the gate to the garage with the manual mode of lifting. If you have a desire to install an automatic drive system to facilitate the process, you will have to purchase it additionally.

When performing work on Building and installing such gates in the garage From the tools will be required:

  • welding machine;
  • Drill with drills for metal and wood;
  • Bulgarian.

In addition, it is necessary Prepare a familiar tool kit that is in the arsenal for each real owner:

  • pencil;
  • level;
  • spanners;
  • screwdriver;
  • roulette;
  • a hammer.

Stages of construction

Lifting gates in a garage of profiled pipe Made in compliance with the following steps:

  • preparation and collection of frames;
  • Installation of rollers;
  • making sash;
  • Fastening additional elements.

These stages clearly explain how to make a lifting gate into the garage. Further, each of the listed steps will be considered more.

Making frame

Rama for lifting gatesThe basis on which the fastening of the manufactured structure will occur, Is Rama . It will accounterate most of the load of the whole design. The process of creating such a gate to the garage begins with its manufacture.

In the list, which we led above, wooden bars are indicated. Their use to create a frame is the most inexpensive and simple version of its manufacture. If you have a financial opportunity, you can do not do a wooden structure, and a metal structure that will be more reliable.

Using bars It is necessary to assemble the box . In order to ensure the reliability of their compound, metal corners or plates are used. The lower bar should be opened into the floor for 2 cm. This moment must be taken into account when the assembly process starts. When the box is twisted, it is necessary to carry out its control check. Then the ready frame must be installed in the opening, and then check the position vertically and horizontally.

In the event that the frame is located correctly, it is possible to deal with it with the help of anchors. To do this, use a metal fastener from 30 cm long. Metal pins take on the calculation of one anchor on one mongrel meter. After completion of the frame fixation, you can install horizontal guides that will be located under the ceiling.

Installation of rollers

After completing the frame installation process, you can go to the next step - Mounting brackets for rollers . To keep the gate not cling, you need to go as follows: the upper brackets should be fixed slightly deeper compared to the bottom. For reliable fastening, the rails are used bolts. At this stage it is very important to accurately measure the level. Installation of clamps is made at the edges of the rail. Their main function is to hold the rollers, which allows the structure of the structure in the open position.

Preparation of sash

Shield that will act as a goal sash can be made using a wide variety of materials. For the reason that He will act as a garage protection Also being exposed to atmospheric precipitation, it is best to choose reliable and factors-resistant materials to make it possible.

The sash can be made on the basis of a frame of wooden bars, and the outside to strip it with a metal sheet. A good option will be the creation of a sash of a solid metal sheet. You can also take metal profiles and make a frame from them, which is then trimmed with metal. The finish outdoor layer of the flap can be any material, including plastic. Having covered the shield with a layer of insulation, protection from low temperatures will be provided to your gate.

Lifting do it yourselfIn order for the gate to be more practical and did not have to open them every time you want to get into the garage, You can make a wicket . It can be used to enter the garage, while you will disappear in the need to use the design.

Separate owners of garages in the sash of such gates are still comfortable. If you have such a desire, it will not be very difficult to fulfill this task. After the shield is fully ready, it must be installed on the guides, and then will remain checking the mechanism's performance.

Additional elements

Installation of additional elements - The final stage of the assembly of the gate in the garage. These include handles, locks and shorts used to fix the gate. The handles are necessary in order to be more convenient to open and close the goal sash.

When they are installed, you do not have every time, using the gate, cling to the edge of the sash. The most convenient to open the gate will be in the event that you place the handle at the bottom of the shield. And it can be installed not only outside, but also from the inside. If you provide your gate and enclosure, then inside you can make a cheek. In this case, it will protect the property stored in the garage stained in the garage.

Using this technique, the sash can only be opened from the inside. This solution can be used if the garage is an extension to the house, and the door protrudes between these structures as a connecting element. In case the garage is located separately, but there is no wicket, You should think about installing locks . If you buy special you do not have the opportunity, then you can hang ordinary mechanisms. To accommodate them, it is necessary to establish arms, which are fixed on the canvas and the outer side of the vertical frame.

At the end of the work, the design is performed. The gate must be treated with protective equipment, perform staining and fasten the outer finishing materials to impart the design of an attractive form.


Installation of lifting gatesGate are Mandatory element of any garage. However, not all owners have enough free space in front of it to install swing structures. In such cases, an efficient solution will be setting a lifting type design. Such a gate is simple in terms of their manufacturing, and materials for their creation inexpensive and available for everyone. Therefore, if you want to save money, you can make them with your own hands.

The technology of their creation does not require any complex manipulation and high time. On the Internet you can find instructions with stages and works that they contain. Following the recommendations of the Masters, you can make a beautiful and reliable lifting gate for your garage, which will ensure an easy hit in your own garage and the safety of the car and stored in the garage of the property.

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