Nutrition in the christmas post. What and when you can eat in christmas post

Orthodox posts are of great importance in the life of believers. This is the time of spiritual and bodily cleansing. It is important to understand that Orthodox parishioners refuse not only from rapid food, but also other earthly goods. When the Christmas post begins, it is forbidden to attend any entertainment institutions, to conduct an intimate life, spending days at idleness. During this period, a Christian should analyze his actions, repent of sins, praying a lot for himself, his loved ones and the whole world, to serve alms and help those who need it. An important is considered the forgiveness of any offense, refusal to sinful thoughts. Meals during the post excludes any animal food, including fish.

Time of christmas post

The Christmas post begins and ends always in the same numbers. Every year on November 27, the church celebrates the Day of Memory of the Holy Apostle Philip. Immediately after that, it begins to refrain the length of forty days. That is why the christmas post is also called Philippov. From November 28, Orthodoxs should refuse to eat former food. Ends post on January 6, with the advent of the first star. Up to the 12th century, abstinence lasted only seven days, but at the Sacred Cathedral of 1166, Constantinople Patriarch of Luka announced the will of the Church to fast for 40 days. This period was counted sufficient to purify the soul and body from the bad, so that it was possible to celebrate the birthday of Christ with pure thoughts and repentance. Since then, the christmas post lasts exactly forty days.

food in christmas post

Products that can not eat during the post

The main forbidden products are meat, eggs, dairy products, strong alcoholic beverages. They can not eat in any day Philippov post. The fish is allowed on Saturday and Sunday, as well as at the time of the Orthodox holidays, for example, the introduction to the temple of the Most Holy Virgin. It should be remembered that the New Year, celebrated from December 31 on January 1, is not a holiday according to the rules of the Church. Therefore, believers comply with the post on this day as strictly as on ordinary days.

But simply abandoning animal food is not enough. The Orthodox calendar shows what food the day should be in the post. In particular, Wednesday and Friday are triation days. These days it is impossible to use not only fish and wine, but even food with vegetable oil. If the Great Orthodox Holidays falls on Wednesday and Friday, it is allowed to add a little wine to the diet. On Tuesday and Thursday, food with vegetable oil is allowed, and on Saturday and Sunday it can be diversified by fish dishes. If the holiday falls on Tuesday or Thursday, fish is allowed.

Food during the post

Hot food and drying during christmas post

It is important and how food is cooked. There is such a concept in Orthodoxy as a drying. This means that there is only that food that has not passed the heat treatment. These are usually vegetables, fruits, nuts, honey. Bread, oddly enough, also refers to drying. Hot drinks under the strict ban. You can drink only water. If a great holiday falls on Wednesday or Friday, it is allowed to add some church wines to your table.

Drying is observed on Wednesday and Friday all over the post. These days, you can only eat unfinished food without vegetable oil. On Monday, hot food is allowed, but also without oil, but not at the very last week post. In general, food in the Christmas post consists of any non-rapid food. It must be used in limited quantities. To comply with the right food by day in the post, you can purchase a special calendar and check the list of permitted products every day.

food by day

What ate in Russia in the Christmas post

In Russia, twice the days of the porridge, mushrooms, honey, berries, vegetables. And in the southern regions, fruit also. From these products you can prepare a variety of and rich dishes. On weekends and holidays, fish is added to them, so the food in the Christmas post can be tasty and nutritious.

Groats were in Russia long before the appearance of potatoes. Therefore, cereals were diverse, tasty and helpful. In the old days, sauerkraut flew from avitaminosis, which contains a large amount of vitamin C. From oat starch and dried berries and fruits cooked delicious thick jestes. Where there were dried fruits, they prepared compotes.

What eating in the Christmas post

People who have never fasted and only plan to do this for the first time, do not know what you can eat. They ask: "What do you eat in the Christmas post?" Meat and dairy products are the basis of the average Russian diet. If they are removed, not so much food remains. But it seems so only at first glance.

Now the choice of products is much more than 100 years ago. Fruits and vegetables are available all year round, appeared in large quantities of legumes, such as lentils, beans. Beans are an excellent source of energy.

what eating in the Christmas post

It is useful to diversify your table in the post of soy products, such as vegetable tofu cheese, it will fill in the body a lack of protein. It is also recommended to add sesame seeds to the diet. They compensate for the lack of calcium in the body arising due to the lack of dairy products. In the days when hot food is allowed, it will be useful to cook cereals. The absence of milk in the cable is easy to replace with fruits, vegetables and dried fruits. So, very tasty to serve a buckwheat porridge with prunes on the table, rice - with raisins, millet - with pumpkin and Kuragoy. The most stringent period in Orthodoxy is the great post. Powered at this time excludes fish food, dry days much more.

Great post, menu

Last week post

Nutrition in the Christmas post at the last week is the stringent. Fully excluded fish. On Monday, the menu is the same as on Wednesday and Friday, that is, it is impossible to eat hot food and vegetable oil. In the Christmas Christmas Eve, complete starvation is prescribed all day and evening before the appearance in the sky of the first star. This is a sign of the birth of Christ. Now you can begin to celebrate Christmas. The main dish on the table is on this day, or rather, the evening, - Wheat grain, lentils, other grain crops, cooked in honey. Nuts, raisins, poppy add to the swollen caress. Other food on this evening do not fall. The next morning, after the service and the communion, it is allowed to eat dairy products, egg, vegetable oil. So ends the christmas post.

Great post, nutrition

Lights during the post

Observe posts - an important duty of every Christian, but there are categories of people for whom disruption of prohibitions is not considered sinful. If the food in the Christmas post for all rules is harmful to health, the daily diet should be changed. It is impossible to refuse the necessary food. The decision on the beginning of the post or his refusal should be coordinated with its attending physician. The use of prohibited products is replenished with pure sincere prayers facing God.

When the christmas post begins

It is impossible to fast for pregnant women and young children. For them, the only ban is established - the use of meat. Dairy products and eggs are allowed. Children are taught to the post gradually. The first restrictions begin with the time when the child already knows and understands why it is important to refrain from one or another meal. References are made for both travelers on the road, people employed by severe physical labor, and those who suffer from certain diseases. But before starting the use of rapid food, it is strongly recommended to take on this blessing of his spiritual father.

Post is not a diet!

Often posts time is used to lose weight. Especially popular in this sense, the great post, the menu of which consists only of vegetable food. In fact, the failure of meat and dairy products rarely leads to weight loss. More often there is some increase in body weight due to the large content of carbohydrates in food. Power during the post must be balanced so that there are no health problems. A person who fastens the first time is very difficult to fulfill all church prescriptions. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare for the Lental posts in advance, and not when the Christmas post begins. The most important thing is to remember that spiritual cleansing is much more important than bodily.

Christmas post 2020: When it starts and what you can not do

From November 28, the Christmas post begins, named French Philippovsky. The people's name is associated with the day of memory of the Apostle Philip, which falls on November 27. On this away day before the post, there is a valve when you can still eat any food, but reduce the portion by 2-3 times. To what date the Christmas post will last and what can be done on it, Read Joy-Pup.

Christmas post 2020: what kind of number will last

Christmas post in Orthodox Christians begins on November 28, 2020 and last to the very Nativity of Christ - January 7, 2021. Conditionally post dedicated to the bright holiday of Christmas can be divided into 3 periods.

  • 1 period - from November 28 to December 19, 2020.
  • 2 period - from December 20 to January 1.
  • 3 period - from January 2 to January 6.
Christmas post 2020: When it starts and what you can not do

The last period of the Christmas post is considered the most stringent. These days, for the exception Christmas Eve (January 6), it is impossible to eat fish and drink wine.

Christmas post 2020: General restrictions in food

For those who practice post for the first time, it is important to start to reduce portions 2-3 days before the start. Food restrictions in the Christmas post is not strict as, for example, in Assumption or Great post . Believers need to exclude fatty and satisfying food and alcohol. Under the prohibitions of the Christmas post, the following products fall:

  • meat and bird;
  • milk and dairy products;
  • eggs.

Christmas post 2020: food by day

Consider calendar nutrition in the Christmas post 2020.

Christmas post 2020: When it starts and what you can not do

As you can see The most stringent days of the Christmas post are Wednesday and Friday . These days, believers are practicing triations, that is, food without seasonings and oil. In these periods of the Christmas post, there is also a bread, salt, honey, fruits, dried fruits, nuts, raw and sauer vegetables, greens.

Christmas post 2020: When it starts and what you can not do

Fish, seafood and wine glass is allowed On weekends, on holidays, as well as on Tuesdays and Thursdays - only in the first period of the Christmas post. In all days of the post, it is forbidden to eat food animal origin. If you hold the post during the winter holidays, see Recipes, how to cook Fish for the New Year .

What can I eat in the Christmas post 2020: list of products

In fact, the Christmas post menu can be interesting, tasty and diverse. Choose your favorite products from the list "Allowed" on Christmas post.

Christmas post 2020: When it starts and what you can not do
  • Cereals and cereals without milk.
  • Bean, peas, beans (and mashed potatoes), corn.
  • Baked vegetables and fruits: potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, apples, beets.
  • Safety and uric vegetables: cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes.
  • Fresh vegetable salads with vegetable oil, nuts, dried fruits, sprouted by cereals (on certain days of fasting - without oil).
  • Fish - (at certain days of fasting) - boiled, baked, steamed.
  • Mushrooms in any form: pickled, salted, fried.
  • Cauliflower and broccoli.
  • Vegetable soups and stew.
  • Casseroles from mushrooms and vegetables.
  • Dried fruits and nuts.
  • Greens, whole grain bread.
  • And also - ginger and fruit tea, lemonade, compotes from dried fruit.
Christmas post 2020: When it starts and what you can not do

If you do not know what to cook, see interesting recipes. Lebid dishes .

Who can not stick to the christmas post?

Do not comply with the post before Christmas is allowed to children, pregnant women, older people. And also - those who are sick, a lot works physically or dwells in military service or on the road.

Christmas post 2020: what can be done

For 40 days of the Christmas post, a believer is going through the path of purification in front of a light Christmas holiday. And it's not just an abstinence from animal food and carnal joy. During the period of the Christmas post, a person tries to make more good and not succumb to such temptations as envy, deception, flattery, talkativeness, etc.

What you need to do in christmas post

  • Pray. Prayer at home and in the temple is very useful during the post.
  • Forgive insults . Try to forgive those who once caused you pain and ask for forgiveness from those who hurt.
  • Go to church. Coming, confessing during this period can be recommended for believers.
  • Read spiritual literature . If the lives of the saints and church books do not like you, read the literature for personal growth.
  • Learn your inner world and fill it with the spiritual Oh Yoga, meditation will be useful to you.
  • Do good actions . Create good, to share with the needy should always be. However, it is during the post that these acts will bring you most of the spiritual satisfaction and blessing from the Lord.

What can not be done during the Christmas post 2020

  • It is impossible to be tempted: it is wasteful, there is a lot and have fun.
  • It is forbidden to have fun and loudly celebrate significant dates.
  • Tell me "no" harmful habits: smoking and alcohol during the post.
  • It is impossible to quarrel, find out the relationship.
  • Even negative and destroying thoughts are prohibited during this period.
  • Cannot swear and pronounce obscene abdomen.
  • Enlighten and wish to others bad.
  • Refuse to others in help, be petty and greedy.

We wish you to withstand the Christmas post and fun to meet the holidays. Read also: Traditions and signs on Andreev Day 2020. .

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Christmas post It begins on November 28 and ends on January 6th. In the Christmas post, believers are preparing to meet a bright holiday of the Christmas of Jesus Christ, the Savior.

Christmas post less strict than Great post and Assumption post.

Calendar nutrition in christmas post

From November 28 to January 2

Post without Meat, eggs and dairy products.

Fish during the Christmas post is allowed on Saturday and Sundays and great holidays For example, on the holiday of introduction to the temple of the Most Holy Theotokos, in the temple holidays and in the days of the great saints, if these days are on Tuesday or Thursday.

Wine In moderate quantities, permissible on Saturday and Sundays, as well as on the days of the memory of the most distortions of the saints.

Patients, children and pregnant women are allowed to light a physical post.

From January 2-5

Post without fish, meat, eggs and dairy products

6th January

Christmas Eve - a day of strict fasting.


The measure of his post is best coordinated with the confessor - remember the same bad as to be misunderstood .

the main thing - In the post, it is necessary to prepare for confession and coming around the Holy Taine of Christ, try to lead a more collected life, do not condemn, do not gloom and do good deeds.

Christmas post

Questions about food in the post

At the beginning of my post, I feel normally and physically I move normally, and by the end I barely withstand. When for the first time I fastened to the Christmas post - the stomach broke out, so the post broke. How to eat in the post, if during the posts are sick?

Yes, if serious health problems arise, the post can be loosen (from the blessing of the priest), but you do not need to bring yourself to such a state. After all, judging by your letter, your problems are not because of health, but due to the fact that you are lazy to prepare in the post. Lenten table can be diverse, and delicious, and useful. For the patient of the stomach, by the way, the oatmeal is very useful, which is cooked on the water - what is the rest here? On our site there are recipes for lean dishes, there are even special culinary books, it would be a desire to cook! Sincerely, the priest Alexander Ilyashenko

Can I use alcoholic beverages in the post?

Replies Archpriest Alexander Ilyashenko

Hello Anna!

During multi-day posts on some days, a more rigorous post is prescribed to others - some relaxation are allowed. So alcoholic beverages in moderate quantities are allowed on Saturday and Sunday days, as well as on the days of the memory of the most distortions of the saints. Fish is allowed on the same days. But these are general rules, and the measure of the post for everyone should be determined individually in a personal conversation with the priest. Help you Lord!

I try to abide by the post, but when I come to visit to relatives or acquaintances, they treat me at all not very feudded dishes. How do I do in this case? And is it true that it is impossible to give up dishes in such cases and openly say that I observe the post? In such cases, I tend to eat a small portion of existence food, and from the next day I continue the post. Do I do right?

It all depends on the situation. If your relatives know that you will fast, then, revealing, you can seduce them. They decide that your faith and post is applied, from which you, if you easily refuse. The Apostle Paul says that "if food seduces my brother, I will not eat meat foresown, so as not to seduce my brother." With the other side, it happens that the refusal to eat something, the more cooked for you, may be perceived by the owners As an insult and cause a resentment. In this case, it is better to sacrifice one day of the post than human relationships. Sincerely, the priest of Anthony Skrynnikov.

Tell me, please, how to determine the Golden Middle in the post - between the gluttony (both inquiry, and the Gundacking), lustive, and the insane fanatical inflection in the post, i.e. How to fast in normal.

Replies the priest of donysius candles

Hello, Eugene! Everyone must define a measure of abstinence, desirable, consulting with the priest. What is for one madness - for another commonness, and what for one lust - then for another life rate. All people are different. And the church shows the ideal post in the charter. You can fast according to the Charter - God to help! Can't - fast as you can, but do not blame the fanaticism of who can. The main thing is not to refuse some food at the time of the post, but to learn to abstinence. Abstinence is not only in food, but also in words, in action, in actions.

Hello. I do not have the power of the will observe the post regarding food. When I do not eat meat, becoming evil and irritable, rough. I know that the main thing in the post is not only abstaining from food, but a more in-depth view of yourself, the effort to fix something in itself with God, and yet ... I probably easier to see the film or TV once again meat :(Well, what should I do, since I cannot read such a disabled person, I can not read regularly, it is impossible ... I can not do anything regularly. Sometimes there are even thoughts that Orthodoxy is not for me, but I can't live without Christ, without communion (even if it is infrequent).

Replies Archpriest Alexander Ilyashenko:

First of all, we should not humble with the fact that we are "spiritual disabled people", and recognize this condition as our only possible to the protrusion of the century. The struggle with their passions and weaknesses, in fact, is the goal of the post. And to go out on such a struggle and to win it is possible only after regular and complex "training", and, of course, with the help of God.

You write about irritability. But this applies not only to you, this applies to many people - this is a fairly frequent reaction. But this irritability does not appear from the post, but manifests itself due to the post - that is, it is not something that comes only during the post, but what is in us always for one reason or another, simply due to some restrictions, this sin is more bright manifests itself. Just one of the goals of the post is the identification of certain sins and war with them.

It is useless to fight weeds, taking away only the leaves to them, but leaving the roots in the ground - weed will grow again, and the root during this time will still strengthen. You can not fight irritability, "driving" with her meat - you need to look for her real reason and fight it. The post exposes our "weak points", gives us more clearly to see them and feel, and therefore the natural reaction should be not a desire to "hide" these ulcers again, but make efforts to remove them forever. Of course, it is a long and difficult path, and it is better to start it with an experienced guide - a priest who will tell you exactly what you should start this way to start, to discuss with you the results of the first steps, tell me where and how to move on. Therefore, I advise you to go to the temple and discuss questions about post in a personal conversation with a priest, tell him about your problems and ask for advice, how to better teach yourself to the post and overcome irritability and rudeness. Helping you in this difficult struggle!

So we entered the period special for each believer - the Christmas post. We got a blessing at the exercises in the post, congratulated the brothers and sisters in Christ with the beginning of this innermost time, and started a feat. What will it be? What will we be during the post? Let's learn how to be ridiculous, patient? Depends on ... us.

"Bless, father, for the post, to stand it." - asked the abbot of the temple one sister. A good-natured priest, smiling, blessed and added: "And to withstand, let's work with himself."

Christmas post (Also called Philipp post) Every year it begins invariably and ends at the same time. He takes his beginning on November 28 after a memorable day of the Apostle Philip (November 27). Ends Christmas post on January 6 before Merry Christmas.

All this time we will post themselves in order for the time of the birth of Jesus Christ to come cleaned, updated, crushed hearts. Days of the Christmas post - special days of exercise in the fight against passions. With the help of God's blessing, we drive away all SMARD from your heart and grow hands in it virtue - repentance, abstinence, prayer, mercy ... And we begin "cleaning" from bodily abstinence.

In the fight against gluttony, we learn to refrain from evil deeds, words and even thoughts. Since the rest of the passion, the decisive struggle with it helps in the victory over all others (fornication, sober, wrath, sadness, sadness, trust, pride) through the glorification.

The outside of the post is an abstinence from some types of food.

^ Food in christmas post

The Christmas post is not so strict in the food abstinence, as, for example, the Great. By rigor, he is similar to Petrov. For the church charter, animal products are prohibited: meat, milk and dairy products, eggs. On certain days, the charter prohibits monasthing to eat fish and fir (vegetable oil). To familiarize the readers, we give an example to the table of the monastery rate of the post. These norms were adopted in the 17th century and are reflected in the Charter taken now in the Russian church - Tipikon.

For laity there are other norms. So, for example, we, worldly people, adhere to the Christmas post, are only in the Christmas Christmas Eve. The laity is discussed by the rate of post with their confessor or with a priest who most often they are confess. On the relaxation or, on the contrary, a more rigorous post, the blessing of the priest is requested, otherwise it is possible to exhaust their forces or fall into poisonous pride.

Now let's get to the most interesting thing - the practical part of the Christmas post.

^ Transition from rapid food to lean

With the beginning of the post, the quality of our food changes dramatically. It becomes less calorie, digested faster. Therefore, the transition from rapid food to a simpler, lean, often unclean. He is especially difficult when a novice Christian tries for the first time. Here it often happens the phenomenon called "jealousy not in spirit." A person takes on a very big measure of the post, for example, it takes to keep it in monastic standards and ... the body announces a "strike", which manifests itself in:

  • Depletion of forces, weakness;
  • Headaches, dizziness;
  • Disorder digestion (more often diarrhea);
  • Suddenly the growing gastritis, due to which severe pain in the stomach.

2011_11_21__12_42_03.Such an unsuccessful postal experience can not only turn away from the post, but even from faith. Therefore Tip First: If you are just starting to fast, do not take on the unbearable burden, feel free to discuss the measure of abstinence with the priest, otherwise the consequences are deplorable and for the body, and for the soul.

Recall the Avtus Dofeeya and his student of Dosfere. How did he teach the wilderness to abstain? Smoothly, gradually, on a small piece, the mentor reduced the student a portion of bread. In the end, Dosfey began to be content with quite a few, and this was enough to support the strength.

This graduality, we must adhere to this, otherwise by the end of the Christmas post, when the abstinence is particularly strict, we will simply exist physical and emotional forces, "Rensess."

The next moment in the transition to lean food is Number of portions . Since the quality of food changes, it is less calorie, then we need it more. Lachy food is quickly absorbed, and accordingly, we faster feeling the feeling of hunger. Many believers oppresses this "Zhor" at the beginning of the post. But we will not be embarrassed, from the point of view of physiological processes it is normal. With the final sigh, the number of servings should be increased. This is especially true of those who have problems with the digestive system (for example, cholecystitis). Drink small portions every 2.5-3 hours. A little later, the body will get used to, most importantly, do not upset it in the first 3 days.

^ Secret to quickly go to the post

Christmas post, like any other, is a great time to learn how to carefully chew food. In a thorough mechanical processing of food lumps, an important secret is chosen: we faster weaning when we eat food 32 times. While jaws chew, and the brain considers the number of chewing movements, the saturation signal has time to walk to the center in the brain. And here is a miracle: instead of two dishes, we eat one! Thus, we also give the size of the stomach to the norm, its stretchability disappears.

^ More drink

Between eating more drink clean water. Our body very often gives strange signals about thirst. It seems to us that we want to eat, but in fact the desire to drink is so masked. Thus, hunger needs to be experienced: if you really want to eat, then after drunk a glass of water, the desire to eat anywhere does not go anywhere. Hunger bitch after the driver? Wonderful, you declassified thirst. And they moved away from the reception of food on later, is it really important, especially in the post?

^ Dangerous "Lean" products

Again wishes an increasing number of people. We will not reason here, for what purpose holds the post. But about new wonderful products, ready to support during the post, mention should be mentioned. We are talking about products that are formally set. In reality, they can hardly be called as such. How do you think the Lord wants you instead of a high-quality piece of meat ate a pack of chips, for example? Unlikely. It is necessary to treat this physical shell to us with love, which is not manifested in the gluttony, but in the care of health. It seems that healthy nutrition should be the basis of the post.

So, what do we take to the harmful foods for the Christmas post?

^ 1. Chips and Potatoes

kojatsts_10tips21Want to get an abundance of carcinogens in the body - Eat chips! Vegetable oil used in the manufacture of chips and froth potatoes is not sunflower at all, but rapeseed and palm, known for their carcinogenic properties, and their heat treatment turns these fats into transgenic. The damage of transgenic fat is proof absolutely accurately - they contribute to the development of cancer cells.

Chemicals that are endowed with these products - flavors, dyes, stabilizers, taste amplifiers, etc. - strike on health. They deceive our taste nerve endings, and we are might of the uniqueness of taste, smell ...

^ 2. Lean mayonnaise

To prepare an ordinary mayonnaise, need eggs, vegetable oil, salt and sugar, mustard powder, vinegar or citric acid. If the factory mayonnaise, then the chemical components to avoid damage (this mayonnaise can be stored in the refrigerator and not deteriorate). With a lean mayonnaise, all the same, only instead of the egg powder is added the so-called plant protein (which origin is unknown). Without salads with a lean mayonnaise on holidays, we already, probably, do not happen. But on the other days of the Christmas post, you need to take care of your health and refrain from this product.

^ 3. Spread of vegetable-fat

This cream oil substitute is often released marked with "Lachy". There should be no animal fat (as in butter), hazardous hydrogenated fats (as in Margarine). In reality, as in Margarine, only in smaller quantities, this spread contains trans-fats obtained by hydrogenation (converting liquid fat in solid). Hydrogenated fats in food - a factor in the development of cancer tumors, impaired walls of arteries, cardiovascular diseases, etc.

^ 4. Lean Cookies

Lebid cookies, as well as simple, contains a lot of palm oil, which we know a lot of bad things (from honeystones to the ability to stimulate the development of cancer).

^ 5. Soe products: milk, yogurts, meat, cottage cheese.

These substitutes we are familiar to us quite successfully as our 0C3270056B1C53AAFCA6EC74841A023F.Taste receptors, but on health are unpredictable. Most of the products from soybeans are genetically changed. The harmful effect of GMO is controversial, but still there is no need to risk. In addition, Soya is one of the largest consumers of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. In this regard, to get involved in soy food in the Christmas post is very harmful.

Here and the spiritual side of the question. We are trying to grow abstinence. Meat and milk substitutes are very similar to the "original" to taste. It is plentiful to have coherent soy products, we are unlikely to win the addiction to taste.


So, it would be extremely dishonest, for example, think that you will be hung and eat soy meat every day. Probably, we all do not like our children when our children eat unpleasant food. It is thought that we need to be afraid to upset the father of heaven intentional deposition of the Russian Academy of Sciences to their body - the use of harmful products - especially during the period of time dedicated to the preparation of a meeting with him during the Christmas post.

It would be more honest to take a blessing to light in the post, at first, than to use harmful substitutes.

The choice of useful, well, or less harmful, products during the post is quite large:

  • All cereals (rice, buckwheat, millet, Hercules, Perlovka, etc.),
  • All vegetables. Do not forget about sauerkraut, seaweed, broccoli and cauliflower, peas and corn, beans, lentils, as well as weathered onions, garlic, carrots, beets, potatoes, rope, radish. Ovoschnaya-Smes.
  • Useful and rapid solution for dinner of a modern man during the Christmas post are frozen vegetable mixes. Choose your favorite vegetables and simply put them in a frying pan. You can add mushrooms to them. Quickly and tasty!

  • Mushrooms;
  • Fish, caviar;
  • bread (see that there is no milk, eggs, margarine);
  • dried fruits (raisins, kuraga, prunes, etc.) and nuts for tea;
  • honey.

^ Christmas post and personal holidays

It often happens that our personal holidays fall out for the Christmas post, for example, birthdays. If possible, it would be nice to move the celebration in the near future after the end of the post. If there is still a long time before the denanthie, then you can note a personal holiday, saving my soul from unnecessary noise, dancing and entertainment, one of Sundays. On the table naturally should be lean products.

If the holiday falls on time from 2 to 6 January, then 81314456_large_294147_125770247518572_125589037536693_158381_5947690_N.

Fellow from the celebration. Very soon there will be the opportunity to celebrate your holiday along with the born Christ!

Idea! Festive lean sandwich: a piece of bread smear the honey, cut the pieces of bananas from above. It turns out the real cupcake!

Let's post a pleasant and helpful and soul, and the body!

The next days the Orthodox, observing the post, will have to refrain from meat, birds, milk, cheese, eggs and other animal products. But the Christmas post is not too strict, so in some days you can use fish.

How to keep the post, which days you can eat fish, and when - only cereals and vegetables, will tell our calendar of the power calendar:

Calendar of Christmas Post 2020
Calendar of Christmas Post 2020 Photo: AIF

The Great Post comes on a sliding schedule, every year at different times, but the Christmas has permanent dates of the beginning and end of the post. It always begins on November 28, and ends - January 6.

If we compare with Great and Assumption, then the Christmas post is much softer. Most of the days can be put on the table fish dishes, the trunk is recommended only at the last week of the post, the day, when you stand it is better to refrain from food - only one, this is the last day of the post.

What can i and what can not

All days are not allowed there is food that occurred from warm-blooded animals. That is, all meat products: beef, pork, meat of various birds, sausages and so on. Under the ban of dairy products and eggs of birds.

But fish and seafood are a lean meal, since these animals are cold-blooded. They are allowed, but not every day. Consider different categories of lean days.

Full feedback. Here everything is clear, you drink only water throughout the day. In the Christmas post such day only one: Christmas Eve, January 6th. Up to evening, there is nothing there, but you need to deal with a special porridge (soching).

Xerophagy. In the monastery tradition, the trunnel is recommended in almost all the media and Fridays of the Christmas post. For the laity, restrictions are not such strict: day days appear only last week, from 2 to 6 January.

These days are permitted cold food, not treated thermally: raw vegetables and fruits, calves and salts, nuts, sometimes honey. The exception is the bread: even though it is preparing in the oven, it can be, but, of course, lean, without sugar and vegetable oil in the composition.

Drying is the most difficult view of the post. Therefore, the church recommends asking the blessing of the confessor to keep it.

Hot food without oil. In the monastery tradition, hot food without oil is served on the table on Mondays all weeks of the Christmas post. For laity, dry on Wednesday and Friday is replaced with hot food without oil, and on Mondays you can afford hot food with butter.

Hot food with butter. The days marked with the "fir" in church calendars mean that cooking vegetables, cereals, legumes can be added to the spoon of vegetable oil.

Fish day. You can eat fish cooked with vegetable oil, with a garnish of vegetables and croup. Also on fishing days you can eat caviar and seafood. With seafood, the question is interesting. So, for example, Greek tradition refers them to lean food, without restrictions by day. But the Russian church does not make such generalizations: seafood is allowed in those days when fish is available.

Wine. To maintain the forces, letting it be allowed to drink some red wine at the weekend. But little is not a pair of glasses, but a small cup of 50 ml. Yes, it is even better to dilute this wine with hot water.

Three parts of the Christmas post

The monastery tradition divides the winter post into three parts.

1 part of the post. November 28 - December 19. The most soft part of the post. On the monastic tradition, the trunk is practiced on Wednesday and Friday, on Monday - hot food without oil, and the fish is allowed on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. The laity is usually a trunk is replaced by hot food without butter these days.

2 part of the post. December 20 - January 1. The middle part of the post is stricter. Fish is already on weekends, and on Tuesday and Thursday - hot food with butter. This is in the monastery tradition, in the worldly most often everything is the same as in the first half of the post.

3 part of the post. January 2-6. The most strict part of the post. Fish can not be completely, there is one hungry day. For the worldly tradition - the days of drying (Wednesday and Friday) appear.


During the Christmas post, two large holidays are celebrated: December 4 - Introduction to the Temple of the Blessed Virgin Mary, December 19 - the day of memory of St. Nicholas. These days can be put on the table fish dishes and drink a glass of wine, even if the holidays come on Wednesday and Friday.

New year's night

The night of December 31 on January 1 is not a holiday for the Orthodox tradition. New year old style begins on January 14th. And the secular holiday during the post is not a reason to violate. So fish dishes can be put on the table only on Thursday, December 31, and on January 1 will have to do with hot laundry food without oil.

Christmas Eve

January 6, day before Christmas, called Christmas Eve. It needs to be abandoned from food until the evening before the appearance of the first stars. Well, what darkens in January is very early. It is necessary to deal with a special porridge, sochying, so-called wheat grain or other cereals, boiled in honey. The simplest version of the flaw is rice with dried fruits.

Rice cochivo

1 glass rice50 g raisin50 g of prunes50 g Kuragi50 g Almonds3 Art. l. Honey

Step 1. Ricked rice, pour cold water and bring to boil. Hasha 2. Fur in the colander and rinse with cold water again. After that, pour 1.5 glasses of cold water and cook until readiness, without removing the covers. Hasha 3. Spread dried fruits in hot water (15-20 minutes). Cut the prunes and dried. Menated almonds. Hasha 4. If all the water has not flipped out, it should be merged, rice cool. Hasha 5. Add in rice dried fruits, honey and nuts.

Christmas (Philipp) post Installed in honor of the holiday Nativity . For Orthodox Christians, this post is always begins on November 28 and lasts until January 6 inclusive. The post lasts 40 days, in rigor, he is inferior to a great post, since hot food with vegetable oil, as well as fish, seafood and wine are quite often allowed.

Waist on November 27, in 2020 this is Friday - the day of memory of the apostle Philippa , Therefore, the post is also called Philipp. National name of the Christmas post - Filippovki. .

In 2020, the Christmas post is read on Saturday, November 28th. In the New Year (on Friday night), the believers are allowed small relaxation. The post with the onset of Christmas, on the night of Thursday, January 7th.

Christmas post 2020: Rules that can and can not eat, calendar

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Christmas post: Traditions and rules

The Christmas post is devoted to preparing for one of the two most important Christian holidays: Christmas Christ. The post was established in the period of early Christianity, representatives of all denominations are observed. In Orthodoxy, the post is stricted.

According to the rules, over the entire post, Orthodox believers are completely refused meat and dairy products, and the eggs are also banned. Some days are allowed fish, seafood, wine. For traditions, patients, elderly, small children, pregnant and nursing women are exempt from the post; It is less strictly allowed to observe traveling, servicemen, as well as those who are in places of imprisonment.

In the Christmas post, believers also strive for the abandonment of worldly entertainment, more time devote prayer, as well as charity.

Power calendar

According to the rules, the most stringent restrictions during posts are valid on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The most rigorous monastery charter prescribes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Support (with the exception of holidays falling on the period). On Tuesday and Thursday you can eat hot lented food with vegetable oil, wine is allowed. On Saturday and Sunday, fish and seafood are allowed, as well as wine. However, softest rules that are reflected in the laity infographics fan Full calendar nutrition of the day in the Christmas post 2020/2021.

The Christmas post is divided into three stages: the first - from November 28 to December 19; The second - from December 20 to January 1; Third - from 2 to 6 January. The stringent is considered the third stage preceding the holiday of Christmas.

At the time of Christmas fasting, two important holidays fall. This is a holiday in honor Introduction to the temple of the Blessed Virgin which is celebrated on Friday, December 4, and Memorial Day Nicholas Wonderworker (Nicola Winter) , noted on Saturday, December 19. These days are resolved food with vegetable oil, fish and seafood, as well as wine. Read more about these holidays in the fan materials.

In the New Year, the Church recommends compromise, especially during family feasts. Shepherds advise believers not to protrude their stay and do not shift for a common table with their holiness. The same one who celebrates the New Year on the Soviet tradition, with drinking and abundant snack, recommend refusing the habit of "learning to live" those who adhere to other rules.

The most stringent is considered the third postgraduate stage of the post. In the Christmas Christmas Eve, January 6, it is accepted generally abandoning food until the first star appeared in the sky, symbolizing the Christmas of Christ. After the appearance of stars in the sky, the standings are fighting with a joint - a special Christmas dish consisting of welded wheat grains, arched with honey, raisins and nuts. After talking, believers proceed to a festive meal, which is very abundant by tradition.

Christmas post 2020: Rules that can and can not eat, calendar

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